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Klein Collection Safari Blog Selous Imapala Camp Dec 2013

Klein Collection Safari Blog Lake Manze Camp Selous Dec 2013

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Alan Montgomery Safari Nov-Dec 2012

Dominic Oldridge Safaris in Selous October 2010 and 2011:

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Claire Robertson Safari June 2011

Feb-March Safari Visit 2010



Photos by Ayoub Ngan'gango at Mdonya Old River Camp - August 2016

 Ruaha Leopard by Ayoubu Nyan'gango

Ruaha Leopard by Ayoubu Nyan'gango

 Ruaha Leopard by Ayoubu Nyan'gango


Authentic Tanzania News April 2016


Mdonya Old River News August 2016

News from the Wild Side  - photos by Andrea Pompele, Rebecca Phillips and Ayoubu Nyan'ganga

Ruaha male lion

It’s been an enthusiastic month in Ruaha, wildlife in and around camp is rich and very rewarding.  Sightings of Serval just outside the camp.

Buffaloes in camp by Ayoubu
Photo by Ayoubu Nyan'ganga

Buffaloes in the Mdonya woodland,

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Fanjove Island August 2016 Newsletter

Sundowner at Fanjove Island

This month comes with great progress.
After a long decision made to cut down on the use of plastic bottles to help save our environment and the oceans, we’ve now shifted to producing our own drinkable water using a reverse osmosis to desalinate water.
The operation is a success thanks to all those involved in the process.

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Lake Manze August 2016 Newsletter

Elephant at Lake Manze eating doum palm fruits

Baboon eating doum palm fruit

Our one tusker family has been a hit this month with nearly daily and nightly visits. The baboons have been their constant supplier of the Doum palm fruits that they drop onto the ground for elephants to eat. Exciting to see a brand new addition to the family. So young that the little trunk is still a bit stupid.

Baby elephant

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Authentic Tanzania News Feb 2016 - Ruaha

Baby Impala is no match for a Leopard

- Ruaha Feb 2016 by Sven Liebchen

We were coming back from our evening game drive and heading back to our camp at Kilimatonga when we saw the leopard who regularly visits the camp. He was walking along the road, showing himself off, no care in the world - when he suddenly heard distress noises coming from the taller grass behind the car. We took the binoculars and scanned the area where the leopard’s attention was fixed.

We spotted it! And he had too. He started sneaking from one tree to the other, keeping his body low to the grass so that his presence wouldn't be given away. He was stalking a little impala calf which had been left behind by its mother.

Leopard running with kill

It could be that the mother had seen the leopard and hidden her calf to protect it, but the little one had given herself away with an ill-timed call. lt may also have been abandoned, or become lost after falling behind  by the rest of  the herd.

Leopard with Kill, Ruaha

Leopard on kill, Ruaha

We positioned ourselves to watch the action unfolding as the leopard stalked closer and closer. The young impala had no chance. This leopard has lots of experience with hyrax which are far harder to catch.

Leopard with kill in tree, Ruaha

He pounced on the little calf, and we then watched him take his dinner up a baobab tree. While he sat there having his starters, we opened our sundowner beers and watched for a while.The light was perfect for some pictures, and we then made our own way towards our own dinner. No impala for us, just a yummy roast beef with all the trimmings!

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At Mdonya Old River Camp - Fund the Leopard climbs on a car full of guests

Leopard on car in Ruaha - photo by Bobby Jewell Leopard climbs on Mdonya game vehicle while guests watch

- for the story go to this newspage

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