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Micol Farinha

Micol Farinha, Italian, is the Senior Manager in charge of both Mdonya and Manze camps.

She was the Manager at Mdonya Old River from 2008-2010
and was previously Manager at Selous Impala camp for over two years.
She in an experienced naturalist and game guide, with a passion for Wildlife.
She speaks very good English, Swahili and of course Italian
and is warm and friendly and quietly efficient.

Rebeca Phillips
Andrea Pompele

Campa Manager, Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca grew up in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania on her parents’ dairy farm.
She first went on safari to
Ruaha National Park as a baby and has frequently returned to the bush ever since with a growing love and fascination for it. From the age of 15 she travelled to Europe for education and studied in Denmark, England and Holland pursuing a career in travel and tourism with the plan of returning to Tanzania to work in the tourism industry.
She obtained a Bachelor degree in International Tourism Management and has worked in camp management on the Tanzanian Coast, in the Serengeti and spent the last year managing Lake Manze Camp in the Selous.
Rebecca has now moved back to her home territory and is managing Mdonya Old River Camp in Ruaha.

Camp Manager, Andrea Pompele

Andrea was born in the West Italian Alps, near Mont Blanc and the Great Paradise.
Growing up he decided to study Biology at University, specializing in Ecology and Behavioural Biology, with some researches conducted in Primatology.
After several years working for big companies in the pharmaceutical market he quitted Europe to study and work
as a Professional Overland Safari Guide in Southern Africa,
then he moved to Egypt training diving instructors and divemasters in Biodiversity of the Red Sea and guiding.
He is a keen photographer and blogger.
Andrea speaks Italian French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Activities and housekeeping team

The Activities and Housekeeping Team, at Mdonya Old River

Most of the Staff at Mdonya Old Riverhave have obtained certificates in the PADI course for Emergency First Response.

Zacchariah Kahimba

Naiti-Masonda - Driver

Zaccariah Kahimba - guide

Ayoub Nyan'gango
Maulidi Hussein, Guide

Ayoub Nyan'gango - Driver

Maulidi Hussein, Guide

Godson Kigudanzi

Francis Nestory - Driver

Godson Kigudanzi - Driver

Celestino Mbutwa, Driver
Edmond Yalimba

Celestino Mbutwa, Driver

Edmond Yalimba - Driver

Jumanne Hatibu
Albert Mtalemwa

Jumanne Hatibu - Guide

Albert Mtalemwa - Guide

Mani Laurent Myaga
Yousuph Chan'ga

Amani Laurent Myaga - Assistant in Camp

Yousuph Chan'ga - Waiter

Oresto Renatus
Godfrey Mashalo, Waiter

Oresto Renatus - Waiter

Godfrey Mashalo, Waiter

Joshua Paulo
Dennis Kihombo

Joshua Paulo - Tent Attendant

Dennis Kihombo, Tent Attendant

Elineema Godwin
Ernest Ngwale

Elineema Godwin - Tent Attendant

Ernest Ngwale – Tailor

Pisto Paulo
John Njeama

Pisto-Paulo - Store Keeper

John Njeama - Waiter

Tiberi Mbalinga

Yohanna-Mgogosi - Cook

Tiberi Mbalinga - Cook

Gervas Mhema, Cook

Gervase Mhema, Cook

Revocatus Lipingu - Staff  Cook

Barnaba Mponzi
Elenas Mgumba

Barnaba Mponzi - Guest Kitchen Cook Assistant

Elenas Mgumba - Laundry

Isaak Chiimbinga
Sadiq Ibrahim

Isaak Chimbinga - Constructor

Sadiq Ibrahim, Mechanic

Terite Lebwanga
Taiko and Kipondo

Terite Lebwanga - Askari

Taiko and Kipondo - Askaris

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