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Mdonya Tent

For people wanting the true bush experience, this small camp with only tented structures
fits naturally into the surroundings.

Mdonya tents with zebras

Mdonya tent Evening   

Mdonya tent early morning

The Tents

Mdonya tent 

Mdonya tent with ellies


The tents are scattered in a spacious area under the shade of large sycamore figs and Faidherbia albida, nestled in the curving banks of a sand-river. They are traditional safari tents,
comfortably furnished with double or twin beds and with large verandahs where one can relax and observe the wildlife around.

Mdonya tent in the rains 

Mdonya tent in the rains

Mdonya tents in the rainy season - November to mid December and March to mid June - a wonderland of plants, insects and birds.

Mdonya Tent Interiors

Mdonya tent interior 

Mdonya tent interior

The tents are simply but comfortably furnished. There is no electricity (except in the office, where camera and other batteries can be charged up overnight).
There are candles, a torch and oil lamps are left on the verandas and in the bathrooms, at night
Mdonya tent layout diagram

  Large Ellie in camp 

Masaai askari    Kudu male by tent veranda

view from a tent

Each tent overlooks the Mdonya old sand river, where game of all kinds browses through the day and night.

Mdonya tent veranda 

View from tent

The tent verandas are furnished with chairs - they are a great place from which to watch the passing game. The tents overlook an odl sand river used by game as a corridor.

Mdonya tent shelving

Mdonya safari desk 

Mdonya tent lockup chest

Therei s a wardrobe with shelves and hangers and a safari writing desk and a lockup chest . Candles and matches, a torch and boiled and filtered drinking water is provided.

The Tent Bathrooms

Mdonya shower

Dressing room 

Dressing room

Flush WC and shower 

Mdonya Skylight Bathroom

All the tents have ensuite bathrooms with dressing room, open-roofed shower and separate flush toilet. We do our best to supply biodegradeable soap, and our washing powders and liquids are also carefully chosen thus. If you are bringing personal soap for washing, body wash and for washing socks and undies, we recommend a very nice product called "Lifeventure" - its a liquid soap in a small plastic bottle,
sold in Adventure/Camping shops. It is all purpose, can be used to wash hands, body, fruit, food and clothes.
It is made for Lifemarque Ltd in Aldermaston, Berkshire, RG7 BEN, UK
It is a concentrated pH balanced and very pure soap made from biodegradable organic ingredients.
There may be other products equally good of course.


Mdonya Family Tents

  Mdonya Family Tent   

Mdonya Family tent

Mdonya family tent

There are two family tents, with separate room zipped on in place of the veranda. the extra room contains twin beds and there is a partition with zip between the two chambers.
The central main bedroom has a double bed. At the back is a dressing area with washstand. the bathroom is behind that, with a flush loo and shower open to the sky.

Alternative Energies

Solar power warms up the water and produces electricity for use in the Camp Office. So the sun will give all the power necessary for your camera batteries to ensure best results
on special sightings!  Mdonya Old River Camp decided to minimize the use of disposable batteries in a country where there are no recycling facilities.
Therefore torches, provided in tents, work with rechargeable batteries and kerosene lanterns light up tent bathrooms.
The old-fashioned candles are for us a must for a true safari experience; nothing else can reproduce the same warm and rustic atmosphere!


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