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Mdonya Old River does not do walking safaris or night game drives.

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Mdonya tent  

Elephant outside tents   Tent with buffalo 

Mdonya tent with kudu

A small but great Adventure Camp , this is one of the newest and perhaps most exciting bush destinations in Tanzania. With just 12 tents, Mdonya Old River is a small camp offering a personal service tailor-made to your needs, in the best place to be - where the animals are!

Mdonya leopard

We even have a leopard - named "fundi" by the guides - around the camp area.

Mdonya Leopard

One day he surprised our guests by jumping down right in front of them - leopards are very curious.

link to article with video, about fundi the leopard

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Sitting Area

The lounge tent

Lounge tent with flaps out in case of rain    Ellie by the lounge.

There is a comfortable sitting area, with interesting wildlife artefacts. and tea and coffee is served here as the game wanders by.

lounge tent interior  Guests viewing game from the lounge tent

zebra in camp  guests watch elephants

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Dining tent and camp fire

The dining tent

Dinner table set for guests  Sundowner area 

The camp fire

Dinner is usually laid up outside, under the stars - for all the guests!   We usually have a drink round the camp fire before dinner, and exchange stories of the day's game viewing.

Breakfast lunch with ellie

Mdonya dining  Mdonya, Elephant and dining

Breakfast and Lunch are in the Dining Tent, under Acacias and Sycamore Figs overlooking the dry river bed, which is used by game as a corridor, so that guests can enjoy the game viewing even while having lunch or relaxing.

Mdonya Dining, Ruaha  Mdonya candlelight dining

The romance of dining by candlelight to the sound of crickets and the occasional hyena or lion, is unforgettable.

Natural Cooking and Contributions to the Community

We bake daily in a wood-fired oven to produce: bread, pizza, cakes and more, all home-made and all with the special flavour added by using local logs. Firewood collection is not allowed in any National Park of Tanzania. So Mdonya Old River Camp buys its firewood from a community outside the Park. The project is called "Mbomipa", whose purpose is to establish a sustainable use of wild resources in the Idodi and Pawaga areas adjacent to the Park.
In the area under their administration, Mbomipa collects fallen logs to be sold to the camps in Ruaha.

Whenever we make a barbecue or grill a fish in Mdonya, we do not feel responsible for the deforestation of the country. The main cause of deforestation in Tanzania
is the felling of trees for the production of charcoal, with 3,000 sq km a year deforested for this purpose. Mdonya Old River Camp decided to use more expensive,
but eco-friendly charcoal, made by "MOTO MOTO", a company based in Iringa, which produces charcoal briquettes made 100% from Bio Mass and free of chemicals.

The Taste of Tanzania

Following an interest in local food doesn't mean we eat baobab fruits and game meat, but we follow a policy of buying locally. The intention is to reduce the environmental impact
of food importation and to give support to local communities. Tanzania is the land of incredible food products and the Iringa region is home of some of them: tea and jam, cheese
and all kinds of meat. None of these products has to travel a long distance before arriving at our table.

Jam: "Vijana Iringa Products"- Iringa Young Women's Project is a project of Imani group and produces renowned home-made jam and marmalade, free of additives and preservatives.

Cheese: "Njombe Milk Farm" is a successful community project that started with the support of an Italian NGO and an Italian-based milk factory.
Thanks to them mozzarella, caciotta and provolone are all available as ingredients to be used in Mdonya Camp recipes. The project is nicely explained at www.africamilkproject.org

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Great Ruaha River

Game Drive on the Great Ruaha River


in the western part of the second largest Game Park in Tanzania, Ruaha National Park,
a few kilometres from the Mdonya Falls and an exciting 1-2 hour game drive from the airstrip, Mdonya Old River in its simplicity, lets you relax into bush life.

Mdonya GPS coordinates:
S 7° 41' 16.8" E 34° 39' 05.2"

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Ruaha Sunset

For those who seek adventure there are many activities at Mdonya:

  • Driving through the bush, accompanied by a guide of course.
  • Dining out in the bush.
  • Plus other activities designed to guests needs.

Mdonya Old River does not offer Walking Safaris and Night Game Drives.

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