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November 2015

News from the Wild Side

The rains have come!

Ruaha thunderstorm

Mdonya area has transformed from being dry and barren to lush green vegetation with dry waterholes filling up with water once again.

Ruaha Landscape

Elephant in Mdonya camp

Elephant in Mdonya camp

The Mdonya River has not yet started to flow but we have seen an increase of elephants around camp and seen them digging for water in the riverbed once more.

Fireball Lilly, Ruaha

Baobab flower

Pair of pearl-spotted owlets
not one - but two! Pearl-spotted owlets

Ruaha impala with young

With the rains comes new life as the grass grows, flowers start to bloom, butterflies start to reappear in camp and the impalas have all started giving birth to their young.

The resident baby Vervet monkeys that were born last month are growing more independent and becoming very playful providing much entertainment.

African wild dogs

Wild dogs in Ruaha - photo by Jose Duran


Special sightings this month have been of a family of Bat-eared foxes playing near their den
and a pack of 11 wild dogs including 6 pups that have been seen on four different occasions this past month. The wild dogs are a rare sighting and for a couple of our drivers and guides it was their first time to see the wild dogs. Let’s hope the wild dogs stay around!

Greater Kudu, ruaha

Young giraffe drinking, Ruaha

Andrea has taken lots of fab bird pix this monnth:


Steppe Eagle, Ruaha

Ruaha leopard

Photo by Jose Duran

Leopards drinking - Mdonya night camera

Mdonya pride lion - night camera

Mdonya lion cub drinking

Mdonya campfire

So come and join us round the campfire!

By Rebecca, Andrea and all the Mdonya Team.


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