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March 2016


Impala in the morning sunlight Ruaha

Ruaha landscape in the rainy season

Ruaha elephant

Ruaha Greater Kudu

Mdonya cars in Ruaha seeing elephants around the corner

News from the wild side - photos by Andrea Pompele and Rebecca Phillips

Best friends - elephant babies Ruaha

Ruaha wild flowers

Ruaha wild flowers

Hyrax in baobab tree Ruaha

Long-crested Hawk Eagle Ruaha

Ruaha European Roller

Ruaha female Grant's Gazelle

Another month offered new surprises in the wild wild bush.
We had a break in the clouds and for a couple of weeks everyone has been enjoying the sun. Grass is growing fast and had reached almost 4 m tall, some grasses are drying up a bit, other ones are making flowers, offering a spectacular pattern of colors across the different landscapes.
In camp the Ana trees (Faidherbia albida) are making new leaves, preparing themselves for a new season and elsewhere the Baobabs are instead losing their leaves showing their characteristic shape of a reverse tree. All indications of an upcoming change in seasons.

Mdonya night sky Ruaha

During the evenings we had the privilege to eat outside again due to the break from the rain and we have been amazed by clear stary skies and a good view of the Southern Cross within a portion of the Milky Way.
Storms have raged on the horizon up on the hills with thunders and lightning offering a good photographic occasion to the guests that wanted to experiment with long exposure technique to capture this dramatic scene.

Lesser Kudu family Ruaha

Ruaha hippo

Ruaha lioness

Ruaha lioness

This has been a very memorable season and we wish to thank all the guests that stayed with us and for the experiences we shared and their support in conserving this untouched environment.
We have closed the camp for the long rains, but we hope to see you again from June onwards for more safari adventures in the bush.

Rebecca, Andrea and the rest of the Mdonya Team

More wild grasses....

Centemnopsis rubra

Ruaha wild grass

Ruaha wild grass

Mdonya camp wild grass

Some Black and White images - nothing can be more dramatic:

Ruaha elephant charging

Ruaha elephant

Ruaha storm

Spider and web Ruaha

Ruaha Greater Kudu

Ruaha Zebra

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