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June 2016


Elephants at Mdonya Old River camp

It has been an exciting start to the season here in Ruaha, after the heavy rainy season that we had it was very nice to come back to the start of the dry season. Due to the heavy rains there is still a good amount of water around and we have been pleased to see that the Mdonya river is continuing to flow for longer than it did last year.
With the change in seasons we have seen many elephants returning to the Mdonya woodlands and we have been excited and relieved to see the safe return of our friends the big bulls such as Sikio Mbovu, Charlie, Louis and Kino. Upon Sikio Mbovu’s return to camp he quickly demonstrated that he is still his naughty self by playing with some of the water pipes and testing out his strength on the new grass fences.
The Mdonya pride was around to welcome us back and we were excited to see three new cubs familiarizing themselves with the camp. The pride’s loud and powerful roars informed us that they were staying close by and they even spent a night in our car park admiring the maintenance work that we had just completed. The curious younger members of the pride returned a couple weeks later and kept us company whilst we were having dinner in the old riverbed.
Encouraging tracks and signs indicate that a buffalo herd is hanging around and we look forward to the progression of the dry season where sightings of buffalo and many other animals will increase due to the long grass being knocked down and water sources becoming scarcer.

Ruaha Acacia sunset at Mdonya

Ruaha Baobab at sunset Mdonya

Mdonya bright moonlit night

Elephant bull at Mdonya in the golden hour

Elephant bulls in the Mdonya sand river

Mdonya candlelit dinner

Mdonya Old River camp drinks by the fire

Ruaha elephant dustbath

Mdonya Old River evening safari

Ruaha glowing hill at sunset

Elephant king, Ruaha

Ruaha leopard crossing the road

Ruaha lesser Kudu

Ruaha lion tracks in the Mdonya old sandriver

Mdonya majestic tree

Mdonya Old River Camp with ellies


Ruaha elephant mother and calf

Ruaha leopard passing

Ruaha leopard posing

Elephant with pretty lady flowers, Ruaha

Ruaha croc resting

Mdonya Old River camp bar

Guest comments;
Thank you for a wonderful stay. Not long enough, so will have to come back again. Asante sana J
Claire, 04.06.16
Saw the ‘big five’! Had excellent food and Gin & Tonics. Slept in a tent with a shower and under such a clear sky that we’ve never seen before. And last but not least Rebecca and Andrea and their crew are lovely hosts. Truly awesome.
Claudia and Andreas, 05.06.16
A wonderful experience! Was more than we could ever imagine. Staff was so generous and everyone was well informed and educated on the wild life and animals. Wish we could have stayed for longer, but we will definitely be back. Keep up the amazing work. Until next time.
The Coopers and Dylan, 17.06.16
Absolutely lovely. What a wonderful setting for a camp. Great staff at the camp and great guiding.
Esther, 20.06.16

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