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July 2016


Millky Way from Mdonya by Andrea Pompele

Cool winds have blown reminding us that we are in winter and the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, the nights have been very clear making for wonderful star gazing. The colourful pods from the Apple ring - Faidherbia albida trees have started to fall and the impala, elephants and zebras are often seen at the base of the trees eating the fallen pods.

The water table remains high compared to this time last year, the Mdonya waterfalls are still flowing, scattered waterholes are still holding water and lonely hippos can even be found in some of the bigger ponds.

Mdonya buffaloes

Ruaha buffaloes
Hammerkops flies over a buffalo herd near the camp - photo by Andrea Pompele

The buffalo herd has remained in the Mdonya area and on occasions we have been able to hear them from camp.

Lion in the morning sun, Ruaha

Resting Queen

Mdonya pride king

Carnivore sightings have been fantastic and on two occasions our guests were lucky enough to watch a pride of lions hunt, kill and eat their prey. Only 5 minutes away from camp there was a good sighting of a cheetah, unusual to see in our woodlands.

Ruaha lion feeding on elephant

A new game viewing track that our drivers and guides recently opened has become a popular track providing our guests with interesting sightings of leopards, and 2 male lions eating a young elephant.

Caracal, Eland, wild dog and some other rarely seen animals such as “Mr Porcupine” delighted us as well as a thrilling fight between 2 Egyptian Mongoose and a Puff Adder.

Ruaha Ostriches

Ruaha Elephant stretching high

Ruaha Zebra

Thanks for such a fantastic time! Excellent service, hospitality, guiding and company (and facilities). Couldn’t fault you. All the best and keep up the good conservation work.
Alex and Collene, 05.07.16
Asantissima sana! It has been a great experience from the first moment! The nature, the animals we saw, the location, the food, the people, everything has been great and wonderful! Elisa and Sara thank you all for your kindness and we hope to come here soon. Very knowledgeable guide and staff. We have been very lucky too, lions and leopard, elephants and giraffes so close! Andrea thank you for the welcoming and nice stay, we very much appreciated the Italian style!  Thank you to you all, Rebecca thanks for the ‘sky tour’ and wonderful evening by the fire.
Elisa, Sara, Stefie, Sebastiano 13.07.16
Asante sana, we had so much fun and really enjoyed our stay from the moment we’ve been picked up from the airport to the end. Peaceful and so much attention, details, smooth. We definitely come back! Thank you.
Thuytta, Jocelyne and Esteban, 16.07.16
Dear camp, what a great time we had in Mdonya! Dismass and Sudi showed us so many beautiful places and animals! Every day was different and we enjoyed every trip so much. We’ve seen loads of animals and were especially happy to see lots of lions.  And then the food and your kindness made it complete! Thank you!
Vincent, Marjan, Maud and Jeroen, 19.07.16

Baobab in Ruaha

Ruaha sunset

Ruaha vultures

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