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January 2016


News from the Wild Side

Rainy Season

We have had an unusually wet month causing all the sand rivers to continuously flow and we have been able to hear the sound of the rumble of water running down the Mdonya waterfalls from camp.

Storm approaching - Ruaha

Storm approaching - Ruaha - photo by Rebecca Phillips

Stormy Sky - Ruaha

Stormy sky - Ruaha - photo by Rebecca Phillips

Solanum flowers - Ruaha

Wild flowers, rainy season Ruaha

Foxglove, ruaha

Pretty Lady Cleome flowers, ruaha

Citrus Swallowtail butterfly, Ruaha

Ruaha Butterfly

The vegetation is becoming very dense and this is an excellent time for birding and for enjoying the colourful sights of the many wild flowers and butterflies.

Ruaha Cheetah

Serval, Ruaha

This month our visitors have seen various predators. There have been frequent sightings of two cheetah that have been hanging out along the Mdonya road and a rare spotting of a serval in the same area.

Ruaha male kudu, rainy season

Male kudu in the Ruaha rainy season - photo by Flo Montgomery

Ruaha wild dogs

Ruaha wild dog

Ruaha wild dog

Ruaha wild dog

All wild dog photos above by Andreas Krogh

There have also been good viewings of the wild dogs after they had taken down and eaten a kudu. The wild dogs were all looking healthy and very well fed with bulging bellies.

Lions mating

Ruaha lions mating - photo by Andreas Krogh

Lion hiding, Ruaha
Ruaha lion hidden by thick vegetation - Ruaha rainy season - photo by Andreas Krogh

Ruaha lion, rainy season
Ruaha lioness (blind) - rainy season - photo by Andreas Krogh

Ruaha lions, rainy season

In camp we had an exciting incident where several lions snuck in to camp during the early hours of the day and hunted a young impala right next to the office. The lions quickly finished off the impala which wasn't much of a meal for the hungry lions and hyenas stole the small scraps that were left so that there was nothing left of the impala by first light.

Ruaha Elephants

Elephants enjoying the shade of a baobab tree

Ruaha Elephants in Mdonya River

The elephants are enjoying the rain and the fresh new foliage.

Vervet Monkey


watch a movie of a vervet monkey suckling while rain falls gently down on the large Faidherbia albida trees in camp.

From Rebecca, Andrea and all the staff at Mdonya Old River

Guest comments:
Dear Mdonya Old River Team in front and behind the curtains. I am a repeater(this is my 3rd stay) and I will repeat: this says it all! Thank you very much that I had a memorable time again.
Steff, 02.01.2016
Dear Team, my first stay but not the last one. Thanks for the great time.
Victor, 05.01.2016
Hey Mdonya Guys thank you very much for a very comfortable stay at your place. We enjoyed all the noises during the night and the romantic fire at the camp. We will come again. Thank you.
Shawn and Sandra, 11.01.2016
Thank you so much for an amazing experience and a very comfortable stay. The camp was great and the safari was an experience of a lifetime. One that we will never forget. We will recommend Mdonya and come again. Cheers!
John, Hans and Casey, 13.01.2016
Het was fantastisch hier. Een mooie eruaring zo te slapen in de natuur. De verzorging was prima en alles was goed geregeld. Rebecca is een uitstekende manager. We zullen dit zeker aanbevelen.
Henri and Suus, 19.01.2016

Male Agama lizard, Ruaha

Male Agama lizard, Ruaha

Leopard Tortoise, Ruaha

Brown Parrot, Ruaha

After the rain - dove, Ruaha

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