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February 2016


News from the Wild Side  - photos by Andrea Pompele and Rebecca Phillips

Gloriosa Lilly Ruaha

Beauty of light in Ruaha

Rainy season in Ruaha National Park is spectacular. We can obviously affirm that El Nino effects are visible: when it rains it seriously rains. Roads of the National Park have suffered damages by the unexpected heavy rains.

Great Ruaha River in flood Feb 2016

Baboon family with baby in Ruaha

Baboon family in Ruaha

However our guides and drivers are doing their best during the game drives, spotting animals in tall grass and giving great experiences to the guests with an extra little touch of adventure thrown in when driving on the muddy roads crossing streams full of water.

Ruaha lion

Ruaha lioness

Lion disappearing

Sightings of elephants are daily very good, carnivores are more difficult to find but we had frequent encounters with lions, leopard and wild dogs, crossing the roads hanging around the game areas.

Black-headed Weaver birds Ruaha

Birdlife is wonderful and rich in camp with some truely beautiful birds such as the Eastern Paradise Wydhas who are now residing in camp, Black-winged Red Bishops, Lesser Striped Swallows nesting next to the tents, colorful European Bee Eaters, White Browed Coucals and Violet Tipped Coursers are populating the camp as are the Woodland kingfisher and the African Hoopoe.

Sundown at Mdonya

At night on the pathways you can see the Eurasian nightjars resting and on a couple of occasions lions killed impalas just behind the car park and near the common area during the night. Overexcited hyenas stole the prey after engaging in a fight with the king, to the excitement of the managers who were nearby to where all the action was happening providing an exciting conversation topic over breakfast with guests.

Ruaha giraffe Mdonya

Ruaha grasses

Some sunny and hot days are now drying up the waterlogged soil and the vegetation is lush, dense and abundant. Beauty is everywhere in the park.

Guinea grass in Ruaha

Ruaha wild grasses

Rhodes grass in Ruaha

By Rebecca, Andrea and the Mdonya team

Guests comments:

Thank you for everything, it was a perfect place! The food and the tents are good, Masaai and staff are very attentive. All is wonderful! We have one wish... TO COME BACK
Eva, Estelle and Alex, 02.02.16
Fantastic adventure. Hope to return.
Linda, 16.02.16

Thank you for a wonderful time. First time in Africa and our first safari... we will definitely be back!
Gemma and Ben, 24.02.16

Thank you all for an amazing stay! It has been quite fantastic to see so many animals during the day and stay so close to them during the nights. The tents were really comfortable and the food was amazing. First time showering with baboons. We will definitely come back! Greetings from a freezing cold Northern Norway!
Elin, Hanne, Bjoern-Hjalmar, Anna and Tor-Arne, 24.02.16

Abbiamo trascorso due giornate stupende. Grazie.
Rita, Ida, Attilio, Gigi 11/02/2016

Posto magico, persone speciali, la vera Africa, una partenza dolorosa!!
Fabio e Caterina 23/2/2016

Un campement calme et agrŽable. Une bonne cuisine. Un premier safari riche en couleur et Žmotions. Une fois de repas en direct puor des charognards: Voutours, Hynes, Chacals.
Martin et les autres from Belgium 24/2/2016

Ruaha dwarf mongoose

Ruaha dwarf mongoose

Ruaha dwarf mongoose

Ruaha dwarf mongoose

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