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News from the Wild Side

Mdonya Bush Christmas

Mdonya Bush Christmas   Mdonya Bush Christmas

All the staff at Mdonya Old River Camp would like to wish our readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Buffalo in the Mdonya sand river

Ruaha Buffalo at Mdonya Camp

We started the month with the exciting news that the buffalos had returned to the Mdonya area,
On many occasions we saw small herds of 50 individuals hanging around grazing in search of possible water sources constituted by waterholes formed by the rains, and nutrient growing grass, abundant in the area.
ThIs is really good news because we have not seen any buffalo near camp since the start of the season.

On several occasions this month we have had special dinner time entertainment as the Mdonya pride of lions walked past camp.
On two occasions we have been able to spot them with flashlights while they were passing into the old riverbed just in front of the campfire.

Ruaha mating lions

Ruaha mating lions

Ruaha mating lions

Ruaha mating lions

All the prides are stating their territory searching for possible prey such as buffalos, giving us wonderful exciting moments

Another pride, the Mwayembe pride, not far from the camp, gave the guests very good sightings of hunting techniques: taking down three different buffalo at once! What a wonderful and dramatic scene of lions killing.

see video of the Mwayembe pride taking down buffalo: Mwayembe pride killing buffalos


The Mdonya sandriver flowing

African Fish eagle

The rains have properly set in now with dark and stormy skies, making gorgeous sunsets and stunning landscapes. Thunder and lightning bolts illuminate the dark nights. The Mdonya river started to flow, more or less 30 cm of running water into the riverbed renewing the life processes and giving more opportunities to the ecosystem to prosper and grow. We have on occasion been able to hear from camp the sound of the water crashing down the Mdonya waterfalls. Inspiring.

By Rebecca, Andrea and the staff at Mdonya Old River

Some more of Rebecca's photos:

Elephant in camp

A dummy charge

Elephants in Mdonya camp

Moon with halo

Zebra mare and foal

Guest Comments:

We are from Moshi Kilimanjaro, we stayed for 2 nights and had a most wonderful and fascinating time here. The staff are very friendly and helpful. We had a good time esp in the tents, and with Andrea and Rebecca and the rest around the fire place. The talks we had were amazingÉ and the best is the privacy you get to enjoy yourself in the nature and wilderness. Not to forget the driver and guide Ayoubu and Kahimba. They were too good!!
Shabbir and Farida, 01.12.15

We all thoroughly enjoyed our 3 days in this wonderful camp, full day game drives with splendid bush breakfasts and lunches. All the staff have bent over backwards to look after us and make us welcome. Many thanks to you all.
Margaret, Martin, Linda and Pat, 07.12.15
Andrea and Rebecca many thanks for a memorable stay. The camp fire and lion show last night was extraordinary. Asante sana to all your staff. We hope to be back again someday. Best wishes,
Jennifer and Mark, 09.12.15

We have had an incredible experience here in Tanzania, specifically with our wonderful guides in Ruaha National Park. A leopard, the monkeys, baboons and babies, lions, elephants, impala and so much more. Insightful conversations, incredible landscape and a trip our children will NEVER forget. Many thanks,
Michelle, Andrew, Aiden, William, Caelan and Olivia, 21.12.15

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