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Kate Humble's Trip to Mdonya Old River




February 2014
Dear Marco Mokka!
We loved your camp hospitality – grace billione!!
Fiona & Wocter – Belgium – 1.02.14

Hi – Thank you for your excellent services!  Good food! Loved my tent! Will be back.
Cheers – Dorren Eddy – Malaysia

Nature, serenity, good time at your camp – it was a marvellous experience. See you soon.
Cathy Forel

Maulidi & Francis have transplanted us to our idea of heaven and the rest of the staff have made our visit a joy to remember.  What a wonderful few days you have given us, I wish there could be many more. Perhaps we will survive long enough to come back again!  Everyone has been thoughtful and treated us as friends.  Thank you.
Graham and Patricia Hall – U.K.
Thank you for a pleasant time that we spent here. This is an amazing place.
Jan & Kamil – Czech Rep – 7.2.14

We had a lovely stay at Ruaha and the camp made that experience very special. Thanks for the attention you pay to your clients, we really appreciated it. Can’t wait to enjoy that experience again!
Jannot & Nairel family – France

A wonderful and exciting visit. Lots of memories and hopefully good photos to enjoy when we get home.  Heard Fundi in the night........
Thank you for all your kindness.
Rob & Pippa Hutchinson – U.K.

With Rob & Pippa too...............just superb. Many thanks for the hard work and smiles always. Leopard kill as we ate supper was icing on the cake!
Lynda & Ken Osborne, 12.2.14

Arrived yesterday, lovely landscape, great lodge & friendly staff – good food and guide/drivers did a great job.
Sigred Kinn
Arrived with Sigred. A very good and exciting experience with the fireplace and tent. Lovely food and people.
Bjorn, 22.2.14

Thanks to Mary, Marco & all the staff for a wonderful stay. Great picnic lunch and I love Ruaha. I will for sure send clients here.
Best wishes – Craig Kaufman – Audley Travel

Thank you Mary, Marco & all the camp staff for looking after us so well during our stay. Also to Jumane & Francis for fantastic days on safari.  We had a really good time!
Ronny & Georgina – U.K.

Wonderful time! Thank you to Mary and the whole staff, especially for accommodating me on such short notice.
Autumn – USA

Thank you so much Mary & all staff for a fun and interesting stay at Mdonya Camp. Your excellent hospitality and food will be remembered.
Jan Lubey – Canada 

Thank you Mary and all of your professional caring staff. I loved the atmosphere here. Fabulous food, lovely fireplace and I felt so welcomed!
Lynne Lambert – Canada


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January 2014
A truly lovely place!!!!
So peaceful, beautiful and comfortable.  Lovely food, knowledgeable guides and helpful staff. Would have loved to have stayed longer.
Gudrun Karlsson – Stockholm/Brussels, 7.1.14

Wonderful! Fantastic! Peaceful! Exotic! Superlative! Restful! Exhilarating! Educational!
Exceptionally friendly, excellent service, delicious cooking. Thank you, Mdonya for a memorable experience that we hope to repeat soon and often!
The Fielder family – Austin, Texas, 8.1.14

It was very good in this camp. It was a great pleasure to meet all of you and I will miss you so much – I can’t wait to be back soon!
Caputo – Italy, 9.1.14
Such an amazing experience – I can’t wait to be back here again.  Unforgettable!  Thank you so much. Asante sana.
Kali Thorp – Sydney, Australia, 11.1.14

It was just great! Wonderful – full of wonder!
I’ll be back again – someday, somehow, somewhen........
Thanks a lot for everything  -Eisele – Germany

Thank you so much to everybody for a wonderful time.  Tents lovely, food superb, Kahimba is an outstanding guide and Celestino is an excellent driver.  We have had an amazing time......  When you said you had animals round the camp, we did not expect to have lions and elephants at such close quarters.  An unforgettable experience.  A huge “thank you” to all.  
Irene & Andrew Haining – Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K, 16.1.14

You have shown us how beautiful Africa can be!
Everyone in camp has been polite and helpful and eager to please. We have been spoilt and enjoyed every moment of it.  The whole experience has been amazing and we loved the animals. Thank you so much.
Judith, Robert & Carmel – U.K, 21.1.14

Na shukuru sana!
We have loved the peace, green surroundings and friendly staff at Mdonya.  We leave rested and full of lovely stories and sightings.  Who knows, maybe we should see this place again in the dry season?
Oosterom – Belgium/Dar

Wonderful experience!
Asante sana!
Martina & Peter – Frankfurt, Germany, 23.1.14

We loved waking up amidst our Impala friends!  Thank you!  Asante sana!  
Laurie & Michael Barr – WAYO AFRICA, Canada, 25.1.14

Thank you all very much for a wonderful 2 day experience!  Amazing memories!
Svetlana – Senegal/ USSR, 26.1.14

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December 2013
A Travelller, a Vegan! I’ve enjoyed staying in this wonderful place. I’ve loved it and I think I’ll come back. The rooms, the service, the food were excellent.  Our guide and driver were exceptional people. I thank them a lot. Good job!  Keep up the good work.  I’ll recommend this place to everybody I know who wants to visit Ruaha.
Thank you very much – Ahmed Q Ali – U.S.A, 2.12.13
A big “thank you” to all the staff at Mdonya for all their help. An excellent stay.
Shanna & Peter Sheridan-Johnson, Mufindi, 2.12.13
I very much appreciated the courtesy and attention of all the staff to make sure my experience here was memorable. A great staff. Lovely surroundings. Special experience with animals. Thank you so much.
Carole, 3.12.13
A highlight of my trip in Tanzania, The Old River Camp is sublime and so organized. The little touches make all the difference.  Excellent camp guides and even better food! Many thanks, Mary.
Emma Waldock – U.K, 4.12.13
Wow, what a wonderful experience!  Looked after so well, I felt so welcomed. Mary has been excellent and such a brilliant Manager. Prosper & Godson were superb tour guides as well.  I want to bring my family here! Thank you ever so much.
Hannah Mary Goodland (Shetland – U.K.), 4.12.13
I enjoyed very much my stay with beautiful scenery, comfortable tents, good food, wonderful guide and drivers and what is, at the end, most important: a really professional host; Mary. Mary looks strict and respectful but her natural authority is just the very much needed element for being a great orchestra director, very attentive and with a great and unique sense of hospitality. Its difficult to do better. Thanks a lot for the experience.
P.S. The environmental impact of the camp is also very limited, well integrated in the landscape.
Ortelli Vittorio – Italy, 6.12.13
Thank you for a fabulous first safari experience. Prosper & Godson were wonderful guides.
Betty Ann Chung, 9.12.13
Thank you very much.
The Mkula group from Finland, 12.12.13
A very grateful experience. The best safari ever!
Carol and Beatrice, 19.12.13
A lovely friendly camp to stay in with an excellent hostess. Many thanks for a pleasant and relaxing stay – and I got to see the Black Mamba!
Pamela A Chambers – England, 21.12.13
Thank you for a very lovely stay.  Idyllic – Mary is a superb attentive host and the staff are excellent.
Clare Blackledge - England, 21.12.13
It was the best safari ever! Awesome. Cool. Fun. Wonderful. It was my best safari ever – I see cheetah for the first time!  Great!
Ines Coupleux, 22.12.13
Great safari!  Nice memories.  We won’t forget this Christmas 2013!
Olivier Coupleux, 22.12.13
Thank you very much, we had a great time!
Aksa, Ayuko, Chitose, Hidemi, 27.12.13
Its such a lovely place that we’ve been for the 3rd time.  Thank you for all!
Giusy & Roberto from Italy, 28.12.13
Asante sana:  this was such an amazing experience in an incredible Park with an unbelievable staff. Kahimba and Thomas are a power couple as tour guides and I loved that the staff @ the camp put up with my pathetic Swahili. Keep doing everything you’re doing and success will come your way. Thank you to Mary et al for all your hard work and upkeep!
Molly & Greg Block & Carla Goldstein – Chicago, U.S.A, 30.12.12 
We spend a fantastic time in the camp!  Enjoy the delicious food and the amazing atmosphere. It was the best safari we ever had.  Thank you!
The Nachtigall family, 30.12.12

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November 2013
Many thanks for a very enjoyable stay.
Ray – Ireland, 5.11.13

Have had a really great stay. Thanks very much to everyone for making so good.
Chris – Norfolk, U.K, 8.11.13

Had a wonderful time. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.  Great atmosphere.
Linda & Michelle – Calgary, AB Canada, 8.11.13
Grazie, un posto che non dimenticherò mai! Valeria, 4.11.13

Asante sana per questa meravigliosa vacanza, un grazie a Mary e Marco per la calorosa ospitalità e a tutto lo staff. Ezio, 4.11.13 

We had an excellent time, thank you! Staff were friendly and attentive and there was a great atmosphere. We saw so many fabulous things, including leopards!
Jodie & Ruth – London, U.K, 8.11.13 

We have had a fantastic time.  We’ve learned a lot of new things about nature from our guide and driver. The breakfasts and lunches in the bush were fun, the chats around the camp fire and dinner table amusing.  How small the world is when all nations get together to enjoy the same things!  Many thanks to Mary and her friendly team. It has been a wonderful experience. We are quite sad to leave.
Edvis & Heinz (Henry) Kesper, 10.11.13
Grazie mille per l'ospitalità, grazie a Nicola e Marco. Spero sia il primo di una lunga serie! Luigi ( Balozi wa Italia), 11.11.13 

A truly memorable experience. Great guide & driver, all the staff are very friendly. We hope to come back again next year!
Marcus & Jo – Oxford, U.K, 17.11.13
Asante sana!!! Grazie ragazzi per l'accoglienza, la professionalità e la bellissima esperienza, 18.11.13  

Many thanks for a wonderful stay. All was perfect – the tents, meals and most of all – the wildlife! The animals will stay for a long time in our heads and our dreams.  Asante sana to the whole team.
Dora & Francis, 19.11.13
Forse siamo stati fortunati ma in 2 giorni abbiamo visto e goduto tutto quello che ci saremmo aspettati da questa vacanza. Grazie per l'accoglienza e per l'ottimo cibo. Posto stupendo e spero di tornare! Grazie di tutto. Complimenti alla guida e al driver (Hillary e Maulidi)
Lucia e Massimo, 19.11.13 

It will be difficult to top this place. I had an utterly beautiful time here and would like – if I could – to stay much longer! I have been blessed.  Thank you all – Prosper & Francis who cared for my bush experience during the game drives, kitchen staff, maintenance staff, management (thank you Marco – you are a beautiful person), the Masai. I will come back and spread the word.
Steffi Hiller – Berlin, Germany, 21.11.13

Wonderful place, nice guide & staff. Lots of animals, very good game drives.
Eugenis/Catherino – Italy, 21.11.13

We have enjoyed our experience here, we loved to hear the animals eating close to the tents at night – and all those hundreds of elephants in the woodland by the river – for an elephant fan that will be hard to beat!
Anita & Gordon – U.K, 21.11.13

What an amazing experience! We were blown away by the wildlife here (lion, cheetah & a leopard all before lunch!) as well as the warm and accommodating staff. Our guide, Prosper was knowledgeable about all that we saw and was very interesting to chat with. Thank you for such a wonderful stay and we look forward to coming back some day to be serenaded by the lions again!
Tom & Goli, 24.11.13

Had a wonderful time – fantastic guide & driver – we’ve seen everything possible. Prides of lion, cheetah, leopard, birds, herds of elephants. Thank you – 
Sue & Steven – U.K, 25.11.13

Coming here for the 5th time and still great as always. Thanks to Marco, Mary & Moses the service was great and very flexible. Due to the great experience of Kahimba, we saw a lot of animals. See you again – soon.
Andreas & Martina – Dar es Salaam, 25.11.13
Grazie di cuore per ciò che è, per ciò che avete costruito e accomodato nella savana...per la cortesia e per la professionalità. Siete riusciti ( con animali, colori, profumi, sensazioni...) a far commuovere un brianzolo dal cuore di pietra. A presto Ruaha, tuo Francesco Magni
Ps: Marco, sei veramente il N.1!!, 29.11.13 

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October 2013
E’ stata veramente un’esperienza emozionante. Siamo stati bene in questo parco, e’ tutto perfetto.
- grazie alla Tanzania per i suoi paesaggi incredibili
- grazie al personale del campo per la precisione e la gentilezza
- grazie a Marco per la sua umanita’
Arrivederci Africa
Noi di Codogno (LO) Italy
Noi di Fiorenzuola 
Noi di Turano, 2.10.2013

E’ stato bellissimo, siamo stati benissimo, abbiamo visto tantissimo, momenti emozionantissimi, cibo buonissimo, Marco rompissimo, animali cattivissimi, mosche rotture coglionissime, torniamo stanchissimi ma felicissimi
Baci e abbracci a Kipondo!!
Robertissimo, Sonissima, Rosissima, Franchissimo, Claudissimo, Giorgissimo, Camillissima, Pietrissimo, 2.10.13

Wonderful stay.  A place to come back to and enjoy all good things of life!
Janet – Will, Holland.  3.10.13

We very much enjoyed our return visit to Mdonya Old River Camp!  Such a beautiful location, friendly staff, comfortable tents and delicious food!  Thank you so much.  Hopefully we’ll be back a third time!
Tess Drolet, Robin Vicars & Brian Vicarsa
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 6.10.13

My dream since I was a child!  Fulfilled completely!  This place was more than we ever could have imagined.  Awesome!
Everything was great! Thank you so much.
Rob & Colleen (Canada, Courtenay, B.C.) 6.10.13

Definitely the best safari in all regards that I’ve ever gone on!  Such a lovely camp atmosphere (loved eating with everyone), saw a leopard hunting a hyrax and enjoyed the “safari music” each night!  Safari njema sana!
Brett – Canada 6.10.13

Thank you to everyone at Mdonya Camp for making our stay such an enjoyable one.  We saw so much game which was fantastic and the camp itself was lovely.  Excellent food and friendly, helpful staff.  Many thanks.
Kit & Helen (U.K.) 7.10.13

A real Africa experience including lions roaring around the tent at night!  Very knowledgeable guide & careful driver.  Thank to everyone who made this a memorable visit.
Rosemary Gunther
Amazing first safari for me – Jumani an amazing guide – managed to show us two different leopard on a morning game drive plus a multitude of other species large & small.  Thank you. (and particularly to the Masai who guarded us at night- was a bit of a “wuss” about lion roaring outside the tent but all well).
Patience Cooper – 8.10.13

Thank you for making us very welcome, we just loved the 3 day stay.
D. Trainor – 11.10.13

Il ritorno in Tanzania e in questo parco per noi era un desiderio che avevamo da tempo. Tutto e’ stato come lo desideravamo. Esperienza magnifica. Un grazie particolare a Marco (sei un mito) . Il nostro soggiorno nel vostro campo e’ stato, in assoluto, il migliore e noi vogliamo che tu lo sappia. L’organizzazione, il personale, le guide, la cucina, e la tua simpatia e professionalita’ non hanno avuto paragone.  
Mirna & Claudio, 12.10.13

Trascorrere in questo parco parte della nostra luna di miele e’ stata una delle migliori decisioni della nostra vita!! 
Tommaso & Silvia, 14.10.13

Thank you to all at Mdonya for a wonderful time, great hospitality and wonderful sightseeing and a special thanks to all the animals for coming out to see us!
Russell & Regina – 14.10.13

Thank you all so very much.  Amazing time.  So glad we chose to come to the Southern Circuit as so much more to see.  Will recommend to colleagues in Dar.
Susan & Kelly – Dar. 14.10.13

Thank you all for making this a wonderful experience.  The food, the company, the tents have all been great.  The wildlife, inside the camp and the Park have been amazing and formed a memorable holiday.  We hope to come back again and learn more from your excellent guides – Fadilhi’s  knowledge has taught us lots.  Kind regards.
Kate & Richard Phillips. 15.10.13

Esperienza primordiale di convivenza tra quadrupedi, uccelli, insetti ...splendido caravanserraglio di emozioni... W l’Italia!   
Ruggero, 15.10.13

Thank you for this time, it has been a lovely stay! Fantastic!  We saw a lot of animals and the staff are so wonderful!  Great food also!  We are very happy that Mr Tonino convinced us to go to Ruaha instead of Ngorogoro. 
Underbar stalle!  Mycket djur och supertrevlig personal.
Kind regards Frida & Robin from Tuna in Sweden. 15.10.13

We can only agree with all the comments beforehand – wonderful experience, enjoyable camp and fellow campers.  Thanks to you all – especially the staff.........and oh........the animals too!
Veronica & Allan Weselbey - Nottingham, U.K.  15.10.13

Many thanks for a wonderful stay!
Andreas & David

Splendida esperienza nella savana, tanti animali che ti danno grandi emozioni. L’emozione piu’ grande l’ho, pero’, vissuta “vivendo” il campo, dovunque tu vada, trovi animali. Non puoi trovare un campo simile che ti stimoli tanta adrenalina ed emozioni, inoltre lo staff cura amorevolmente i propri ospiti. Complimenti!!! 
Giovanni, 15.10.13

We had a great stay at this fantastic place!  Thanks to the very kind staff!
Family de Boer – Switzerland. 17.10.13
Marco, volevamo tanto ringraziarti per la tua gentilezza. Il nostro soggiorno nel vostro campo è stato in assoluto il migliore e noi volevamo che tu lo sapessi. L’organizzazione,il personale,le guide,la cucina e la tua simpatia e professionalità non hanno avuto paragone. Se nel tuo futuro dovessi passare per Bo sarà un piacere rivederti. Salutaci Maulidi e digli che ogni promessa è debito anche se con un pochino di tempo. Salutisssssssssssssssssimi, Mirna e Claudio da Bologna
P.S Chissà se troverò ancora un cappuccino così buono.. 

Wow, what a fantastic 3 nights!  The site is perfect with a lovely relaxed atmosphere.  The evening drinks around the camp fire are lovely and a great way to end the day.  The food was superb all week.  A huge thanks to Mary & Marco for all their organisation to ensure we had a great 4 days.
Special thanks to Maulidi and Naiti for two full days of fantastic & memorable game drives.  We saw lion, cheetah, ostrich, elephants and so much more but the highlight was our apparent record of 6 leopard sightings in one day!  Another memory which will stay with us forever is Naiti, our driver, having an extremely close encounter with lions at a picnic area whilst setting up lunch for us as we watched a lioness stalking a giraffe!  Both Maulidi & Naiti were absolute starts and really made our stay so memorable.
Thank you – asante sana – kwaheri!
Tracy & Graham Bell – Southampton, U.K.  18.10.13

I will write in French to be close to my feelings:
“Merci pour ce moment authentique, pour le professionalisme des guides, la gentillese et l’attention des serveurs, le service de Mary et la bonne humeur de Marco.
Ruaha etait au rendez-vous – j’aime les paysages sauvage et l’incroyable beaute. J’ai on ne peut pas faire semblant”.
Gwen Mallauran – Paris, France. 18.10.13

Second time in Mdonya for some, first time for others but for all this was a most memorable time.  Food, service, staff all excellent.  Game viewing superb.  We would unreservedly recommend the whole experience.  Asante sana!  Compliments to our guide for finding us Grumpy the Lion and Fundi the Leopard!).
The Crossen Family – U.K. 
This was my first time on safari in Africa and I couldn’t have chosen a better camp.  The staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Hope to return in the rainy season – January 2014. Thank you for your service.
Charlene Tillman-Piery – U.S.A. 

Many thanks for an interesting time – we have liked the wildness, the personal touches & the food!
Lars & Ingegerd Brumer – Sweden.

Our first time in Africa and we loved our experience/adventure here!  We have learnt so much but all great fun as well.  The camp is beautiful and everybody is so friendly.  Thank you!
Thank you Kipondo for helping me with my shuka – James, 11 yrs old.
Richard, Elizabeth & James Hamilton – Aberdeen, Scotland. 20.10.

Fantastic! Wonderful place.  Thanks for everything.  
Magnus – Sweden 25.10.13

Never had such an immensely pleasant stay anywhere in Africa.  Simple refreshing.  Hope to come back for a longer stay next time.  Thanks to all.
Caity – Florida, U.S.A.
Thank you for three wonderful days!  We will come again.  Asante.
Conrady – 29.10.13

Wehh, what a wonderful stay in tent 0 – the best!  Safari at daytime and night time safaris around the tent.  The best guide and driver and we hope to come back.  Great time – we SO enjoyed it.
Wayne & Yvonee – Miami/Ibiza

Brilliant time was had here, no complaints except the cheetah was very elusive which means we will have to come back – damn!  Love Ros & Chris – U.K.
Had a great visit, thanks to everyone in the camp and especially our guides Kahimba & Francis.
Stephan, Richard & Jan Johansson – Sweden 31.10.13

“As good as its gets”- everything wonderful – hope to return.
Glen & Betty – Canada  


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September 2013
We came here as part of honeymoon and have had an absolutely fantabulus time, the Masai and staff at lodge were great, our driver Godson and Guide Albert were exceptional a hard act to follow. We will be back!!!
Chris and Sangita Tebbatt, 2.09.2013 
It has been a really pleasure to be here in this camp for spend our first safari.
We are really happy about all the staff starting with the managers Mary, Marco and of course with our guide and Driver, that they have been really good Albert and Godson!
We will recommend everyone at Mdonya Camp and you always remind in our heart.
Jose Luis Martin Rubio”XURRIS”, ADRIANA JUIZ! 4.09.2013 
This was my first Africa & Safari experience and I’m not sure if could be topped!
Had an amazing time here, I feel very much at home and enjoyed my entire time here!
Thank you!! 
Sonia, 1.09.2013
Our second time at Mdonya which says a lot and it lived up to our expectations and more. Mary and Marco were as welcoming as were all the staff. Maulid our guide and Edmund our driver were so knowledgeable; we could not have had better touches... Thank you all does not sound enough but is a heartfelt sentient. Super five days stay with lovely congenial fellow guests. Thank you again.
Sue and Jeff Bray, Lichfield UK, 4.09.2013
Excellent 3 days safari, super experience in Bush very natural and close to nature, very lovely staff, cook and excellent food, guide and driver did their best, we saw excellent sightings, lions, leopards and all general game. Nights were filled with African sounds and Lion roars-Best up and close
Amit, Anal, Ketan, Anita Patel, 5.09.2013

Thank you so much for a wonderful time here. Staffs are so hard workers and friendly food wonderful. Thank you Mary for such a lovely treat with dinner by candle light cut in the Bush here. I wonder if other couples have such a memory of their golden wedding. Something we shall never forget. 
Elsci and James. 6.09.2013

What a wonderful stay we had for 3 nights @ Mdonya Old River Camp!  We saw almost (except the elusive cheetah) all the game what we could wish to see!  Thanks to all the guides, staff and Mary for making our stay so special and enjoyable!  We will definitely come back when we have a chance!
Alvin & Celina 8.09.2013

We’ve had a wonderful stay at Mdonya Old River Camp.  A wonderful place with very helpful and friendly staff who work hard to make your stay very pleasurable.  Thank you to our guide & driver, Maulidi & Godson for the interesting and memorable game drives.  We hope to return to Ruaha one day!  We would certainly recommend the camp to any our friends.  Thank you to everyone.
Bob & Carol

I had a wonderful time!  Thanks to everybody involved for creating this heavenly place!  P.S.  Mary, you are the best – thanks for lending me your camera!
Nick – Belgium
We really enjoyed our stay here.  Many thanks to you all for your wonderful hospitality.  We hope to see you again soon.  With our very best wishes.
Lesley & Steve (U.K.)

Thank you all for a wonderful tripk, your hospitality and the delicious food make the bush a luxurious place.  Good luck keeping the elephants away from the water supply!
Chris & Vicky

Great stay
Great drives
Great staff
Great guides
David & Louise

Thank you for a totally amazing stay!  Wonderful staff, great driver & guide.  Perfect stay.
Venetia & Alexei

Don & I enjoyed our stay.  It was second, the first in 2007.  The experience again exceeded my expectations.  We even saw a greater variety of animals than last time.  The staff were excellent – thank you.
Connie & Don, 22.9.2013

My stay was terrific!  Great staff, so helpful and caring.  The animals I saw exceeded my expectations.  Many elephants, giraffes, impala and the cats – lion, leopard & cheetah.  Such a thrill!  Game guide & driver were the best!  Thank you all!
Carole Morgan, 23.09.2013

Dear Mdonya,
It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to come back to this beautiful camp and to catch up with all the wonderful staff, smell the bush air and gaze at the incredible wildlife.  My special heartfelt thanks to Mary for all her kindness and indulgence of an old ex-Mdonya Camp Manager.  Asante sana – hope to se you all again one day.
Alex Stewart – New Zealand, 25.09.2013

Thank you all!  This is paradise.
See you soon.

We enjoyed every minute of our 3 full days, wonderful setting and nice tents with great views.  Thank you for your hospitality, the staff were very kind.
Bep & Otto Heitman – The Netherlands, 25.09.2013

Thank you for a great stay.  We had some excellent trips out, good food and friendly, helpful service.  Loved sleeping in the tent and the gathering for drinks in the evening.  I think the setting for the camp on the old river bank is really beautiful.  So thanks to all of you who made the visit so good.
Kate, Jane, Antonia & Phillip, 27.09.2013

A big thank you to everyone for such a fantastic stay in a beautiful setting – we couldn’t have asked for a better end to our safari.  The cheetah and leopards were definitely a highlight!  We’ll be recommending Mdonya Old River Camp to all our friends!
Rob & Louisa – U.K, 30.9.2013

Wonderful adventure trip for our honeymoon!  Thank you.
Selena & Davide

Thank you so much for a wonderful first safari experience!  Hope to be back.
Brad – U.S.A.

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August 2013

Thank you for this wonderful experience, we really enjoyed it!!
From Vens, 01.08.2013

A great experience, we enjoyed the friend atmosphere & professionalism of the staff. And the hostage situation when
we received a special guest who helped us in our tent
Thanks, TOM, 01.08.2013

Thank you for everything, it’s really was most enjoyable. Lions roaring every night-very special
Yours, VAN WYKS, 03.08.2013

Thank you for everything. It was so fantastic, great, no words to explain our sensations these days. Special thanks to our guide Maulidi and our driver, they were fabulous, kind, smart and helpful. Maulid is a fantastic guide, we joke with him and tell him that he has supper powers like super man because he can find any animal no matter how hide the animal is, he must have a six (6) sense for this.
Great experience, thank you,
IRENE Y. ANTONIO (SPAIN), 03.08.2013

Grazie tanto per averci ospitato in questo incredibile paradiso, speriamo di ritornare in questo luogo fantastico e meraviglioso, dove abbiamo lasciato il cuore.
Grazie per l’amorevole servizio e l’amicizia dimostrati.
Grazie per l’amore e la passione che mettete, tutti, per preservare questo posto.
Conserveremo gelosamente le belle emozioni di ogni incontro ravvicinato con gli animali e con tutto lo staff.
Fausta e Giorgio da Novellara RE ( Italy ), 03.08.2013

Thank you for everything.  It really was most enjoyable.  Lions roaring every night – very special.
Dienst van Wyks, 3.08.2013

Thank you for everything.  It was fantastic, great, no words to explain our sensations this days.  Special thanks to our guide, Maulidi and our driver.  They were fabulous.  Kind, smart and helpful.  Maulidi is a fantastic guide – we joke with him and tell him that he has super powers like Superman because he can find any animal no matter how hidden the animal is.  He must have a 6th sense for this.
Great experience.  Thank you!!
Irene & Antonio (Spain), 3.08.2013

To all at Mdonya.  We don’t even know where to start in saying thank you so much for only giving us the most incredible start to our honeymoon but also for giving us the memories of a lifetime!  You have looked after us beautifully – every single moment here has been a pure joy.  Wishing you all the best – truly.  Emma Pierson-Smyth & Damian Smyth, 9.08.2013

Thank you!  Albert & Godson are the bomb.  Sydney and Hal Henderson.  U.S.A. 6.08.2013

Una straordinaria esperienza da ripetere assolutamente. Un ringraziamento peciale a tutto lo staff di Mdonya per gli incredibili moment trascorsi in uno dei parchi africani piu’ belli e selvaggi. Gianluca&Jelka, 8.08.2013

Wonderful experience – lovely staff – laid back feeling to the place.  Kahimba and Francis, talented guide and driver.  Many thanks.  I hope to be back!  Alison Jenkins – Dar es Salaam, 11.08.2013

We had a fantastic 3 days that included our 28th wedding anniversary.  This was our finest safari experience in Tanzania.  Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality.
Rick & Brenda Langdon

Thank you very much for an amazing adventure.  The experience has been fantastic.  The place is beautiful and the staff are lovely.  Maurizo, Franca, Davide & Silvia – Italy

Thank you for a perfedct 3 days – unforgettable!  No time to say more – being delayed by elephant.  Lois, Gemma & Sophie Pitcher – U.K.

Tante grazie per questa magnifica esperienza. Domani partiro’, ma sento un po’ gia’ la mancanza di questo bellissimo parco.
Grazie di cuore alla guida, all’autista e a tutto lo staff del campo.
Thank you very much. Lai Gian Claudio, 12.08. 2013

Thank you so much for your hospitality Mdonya Camp!  It is a magical place and the staff are professional and friendly.  Best to Mdonya, Ruaha and Tanzania. Matt Deaton, 13rd 08

Un’esperienza davvero grandiose, il parco e l’ambiente sono stupefacenti.
Lo staff e’ gentilissimo e molto disponibile, gli autisti e le guide sono bravissimi e molto preparati. L’ambiente e’ molto accogliente per gli italiani, 13.08.2013

Mille grazie per la bellissima esperienza, il contatto diretto con la natura, meravigliosa, dell’Africa, restera’ sempre nei nostril cuori. Un grazie particolare alle persone dello staff per I sorrisi sincere che ci hanno regalato, in questi quattro giorni, i vostri volti resteranno, per sempre, celati nei nostril cuori. Arrivederci Africa! Anto&Co, 13.08.2013

It was awesome.  The tents were beautiful & serene and the safari was even more awesome!  Nothing more to say other than its absolutely stunning and everyone is so nice, kind & generous and well………awesome!  Thank you so much.  P.S. if I could draw, there’d be a giant lion right here but………….alas!
Aireen (Dar/London) & J Njawa, 15.08.2013

Per noi ragazze e’ stata la prima esperienza in Africa…avventurosa, interessante e piena di sorprese!! Ci siamo sentite un’unica cosa con la savana e i suoi abitanti!!!
Un grazie allo staff che e’ stato molto gentile e disponibile con noi. Un grazie particolare a Maulidi e a Naiti che ci hanno fatto incontrare : leopardi, leoni, kudu, elefanti, giraffe, impala, ippopotami…Costanza e Flaminia, 16.08.2013

Thank you for such a special stay. The camp is lovely, the staff are always helpful and smiling.  A special mention for our amazing guide Tuesday (Jumane), so sharp sighted, knowledgeable and no question could not be answered and then the extra detail – superb. Mr C our driver was awesome, again so skilled and sharp sighted.  A winning combination and our lovely meal on our verandah served by the lovely Yusuf!  Many thanks.  Karen & Kate, Rossendale, Lancs, U.K, 17.08.2013

Siamo ormai arrivati alla fine di questo splendid viaggio…ma lasciamo qui un pezzo di cuore!! Gia’ con nostalgia. Stefania e Mirco, 17.08.2013

Thank you so much for the great time I had. I really want to stay for a longer time.  Thank you for letting me sing an Italian song at the camp fire.  The service was great, I loved your food and the rooms/tents were comfortable and pretty.  The showers were great.  So thank you very much for everything. Sincerely Vritika Thadhan, 18.08.2013

One of the best places I have ever been. The experience is completely new and amazing.  The service was outstanding and the food was great.  In one day we saw 3 lionesses, 1 lion, 1 cheetah and 2 leopards.  The safari was great, the guides were informative.  Overall I loved this place and would come back any time. Thank you for a lovely experience and stay.  Sincerely Vinaya Thadhani.  P.S.  The night showers with the hot water was amazing.

Everything was simply “superlative” I have no words to express the wonderful experience – service, hospitality, food, amenities, people, everything………….. A big  
“Thank You” to Marco & Micol & all the staff.  Will definitely come back and bring our friends too.
Thadhani family, 18.08.2013

Thank you for an excellent experience.  Good guide and driver, nice and friendly staff.  It was an experience we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.
Solvsten family x 3, 19.08.2013

We all enjoyed our experience here and the range of wildlife we were able to see. The high point has to be the siting of the leopard but we enjoyed the smaller creatures like the hyrax + mongoose as well.  The food was really good and very enjoyable bonhomie around the fire and dinner. The sounds at night rounded off a perfect day at camp.  Thank you.  
The Sinfield Family, 20.08.2013

…ho la sensazione che questo viaggio sia una sorta di “battesimo”dell’Africa nei miei confronti. Lo spero, lo auspico…e ho anche la seconda sensazione che ritornero’ in questo Camp: bellissimo, con un’essenzialita’ arricchita da cortesia e gentilezza. Un Camp povero e per questo ricco!! A presto, quindi e…grazie!! Giorgio Santambrogio, 22.08.2013

This time in Mdonya Camp gave us such a great time, filling our hearts and minds with kindness, beauty and gratitude for such a beautiful land and people.  We are leaving with a bit of sadness but firm in our plan to come back to enjoy again this place.  We cannot mention all the people who made our stay such a rich experience – a particular thanks to Mary, Marco, Kahimba, Francis and all the others
Mario & Giorgio – Italy, 23.08.2013

We have had a wonderful, all too short stay looked after by all the staff + Mary & Marco.  Many thanks.
Vanessa Jones & Family – Natural High Safaris, Dorset U.K, 24.08.2013

It was so wonderful to be back in Africa.  We had the most wonderful stay at Mdonya and it certainly lived up to all our expectations.  Thank you to the amazing staff for making our stay such a memorable one.  We hope to be back again one day soon.
Julie & Warren Luyt – Dubai

Thank you so much for making my first safari experience so amazing! And thank you to the people that work here who taught me all the Swahili animal names!  I will try to remember them!
Catriona Dunlop, 26.08.2013

Thank you so much for making our stay so good.  The camp was so nice and everyone was so nice and friendly.  We have seen a leopard so many times which has made the trip.  It was also amazing seeing the snake!  Thank you to everyone who made our stay so lovely.
Issy Dunlop, 26.08.2013

Thank you so much or your excellent hospitality, fab food, scenery and service.
Nina & Andrew Dunlop, 26.08.2013

Dear Mdonya, what wonderful people you all are!  Thank you all so much for your personal care, the Masai and waiters especially but also the whole team.  Our wonderful guide + driver found lots & lots of interesting things for us to see from roaring lions to sleepy old baobabs.  Mary & Marco do a fantastic job making sure everyone is well looked after – until next time – Asante Sana!
Bob & Pippa – U.K. 

Thank you so much for a brilliant stay – it was really memorable & enjoyable!  Thanks especially to the drivers and guides!
Dawes x 5
Botham x 3, 27.08.2013

“We have come a long way
Here’s what we have to say
Mdonya Camp is the best
Stands out from the rest
Mary, Marco & Moses
If we could, we’d send you roses
Our tent was ever so neat
The food delicious to eat
Our guide Maulidi & driver Naiti
Found all the wildlife within our sight
Elephants in families, lions in prides
Lots of animals on all of our rides     
The rest of the staff – especially selected
Guarded by Masais – we felt very protected
Our thanks to all for a wonderful stay
Sadly now we must be on our way
We hope to come again some other day”.

Peace & love Ginny & Sandy McComber
Salt Lake City, U.S.A. 27.08.2013

This is our 14th trip to Africa and certainly not our last!  This camp and its staff are outstanding!  We had lion, leopard, kudu etc through the camp every night.  It is rare to find a lodge with so many animals in such close proximity.  Our tent was at the end of the trail but at the start of a delightful visit.  Aldo was very accommodating to our every need.  Marco & Mary went out of their way to make this a very restful stay – dinner on our verandah every night, great service and lovely people.
Tom & Carla Becnel – U.S.A. 29.08.2013

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July 2013

The amazing wonderful days. Thanks for the amazing hospitality and friendship. It was a pleasure and a blessing to spend time with you 
See you next time.
From Massimo and Melissa, 2.07.2013

It has been a wonderful experience. The camp is in a perfect location, we enjoyed our drive time elephant guest joining us. The staffs are so welcoming and friendly. We will never forget this experience; Africa will always be with us.
From Lucy and Howard, 02.07.13

Peaceful, calm, delightful staff and atmosphere. Close enough to the nature to appreciate the symbiosis, interaction of weather, plants, and insects. We must come back.
From Willstone and Twigg. 04.7.2013
What a wonderful experience for someone who was originally a “city boy” from East London. Such a lovely environment from the camp itself through to the whole park. The staff have been truly wonderful, so friendly, warm, but also so very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you, 
Bob. 08.07.2013

This has been the most inspirational, exciting, wondrous experience of our lives!  The camp should remain the same forever. It is friendly, comfortable and has everything you need & none of the things you don’t need!  We have learnt so much from Kahimba our guide who is a wealth of information and enthusiasm.  We cannot speak highly enough of these two short days and will return – no doubt.  With many grateful thanks to everyone.  Stephanie & Geoffrey Willis, 08.07.2013

Thank you so much for a wonderful and educational 3 days!  Jumani and Francis were everything and more and the staff so kind and helpful.  The cheetahs, lions and wild dogs weren’t too bad either!  
Love Annie, Jon, Linda – Canada, 09.07.2013

Thank you Mary and ALL the staff at Mdonya for another wonderful stay at the “second home”.  Many thanks for your warm welcome, as always delicious food, brilliant wildlife viewing and this year wild dogs!  Thanks to the extensive knowledge of your superb guides we learnt many new things (& re-learnt those forgotten!) every year.  We’re already planning and looking forward to next year.  Grateful thanks to everyone from Babu and Bibi Chai (Roger & Jan) Devon, U.K, 10.07.2013

The dawn chorous, the beautiful and wild landscapes will stay with us forever as well as the wonderful hospitality – thank you.  
Dominique & Alan (U.K.), 15.07.2013

Thank you for an incredible experience.  I never imagined that I would see so many extraordinary animals – leopard, cheetah & lion and many elephants. The guides were exceptional and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming.  I will definitely return to see the elephants.  Grazie mille! 25.07.2013 

Thanks a lot for this nice place in the middle of nature.  The very warm welcome and friendly staff and atmosphere.  It was the right place to start our off days.  
Katie & Dennis. 27.07.13

Thank you very much!  Friendly staff, good food and all that in the middle of nature!  Walter and Karl, 28.07.13

Thank you very much for a fantastic safari.  All my best to the fantastic staff and Marco! Roberto&Sally

This place is amazing!  The staff is extremely welcoming and friendly from the managers, waiters to Masai who walk you around.  Food is also great and I really appreciate the attention to detail in the rooms and housekeeping.  I’ll come back and recommend you. 
Julie Neogy, California

Thank you so much for everything – it was an experience I will never forget!  The staff are absolutely wonderful. 
Merlyn Teepe.  Irene Teepe.  Annich and Rob

SUPER – Paula & Wim

It’s the second time.  Its always the same thing – really good food, it’s the best place in Ruaha.  We had a super time and we will come back one day we hope. We will speak about you.   Many thanks.  Christian. 30.07.1203

Super, nice. Great family experience in the heart of the bush.  I hope we will come back.  Merci beaucoup!  
La famille Peron. Guadeloupe. 30.07.2013


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June 2013

Mr Kahimba is a naturalist and scientist. He can see a mongoose at 100 m.  He knows the social habits, gestation periods and ages of the animals. He knows the geographic areas, the rocks and soils.  He knows what grows where and can identify juvenile or mature species of plants. He identifies the birds in flight or stationary.  The pages where we can read about them are immediately at his fingertips.  He can explain the deforestation of the acacia tree by the elephants, then the termites, then the water intrusion that finally rots them.  He knows which plants are edible for which species, the height of the grass in the different seasons.  He knows which direction a lion’s footprints are going and how to tell a feline spore from a canine.  He knows how the zebra’s stomach work and how the scat of a ruminant will differ from an elephant.  He knows the neck structure of the giraffe and why it makes no sound.  He knows why the giraffe never leaves her young at a distance except to suckle.  He knows why the hippopotamus has a big mouth.  There isn’t anything he doesn’t know and he tells the story with reverence and appreciation.  One feels one has truly been to Ruaha in ones’ heart and in one’s head.  One cannot leave the same as one came.  Thank you to Naiti, our driver, whou was so steady & careful.  He was able to drive us safely over all kinds of terrain.  Thank you both for loving your country and imparting their love to us.  This is what will save Africa for many generations to come.  In all gratitude.
Jane Bialoski May 2013.

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful Park with me. 
Charnia – 7.6.13

An amazing honeymoon destination. Thank you so much to each and every one for making it so special. 
Krystal & Stuart Smith – England + Canada 8.6.13

An amazing place – says it all!  Moses loves elephants now!  Albert and Ayoubu were amazing – our game drives were the best!  Staff amazing!
Brett & Maureen 8.6.13

Thank you for an amazing adventure, wonderful hospitality and Tanzanian smiles! We look forward to joining you again soon! 
Trevor & Katya, Australia – June 2013

What can I say? I’m so sad to be leaving. The experience has been incredible.  The knowledge and kindness of everyone is wonderful and the setting just magical. 
Sybil June 2013

Amazing camp! Wonderful experience! The staff are so kind. We are looking forward to joining you again!  
Sandrine & Stephane – France, June 2013

What a wonderful safari!  We are sad to be leaving.  Mary, your staff are amazing from kitchen to guides.  We saw everything and more!  Now onto Zanzibar.  We will be back. 
Tracie & Paul – June 2013

A wonderful place to stay and enjoy the landscape, animals, life and of course the people!  We have to thank you for our wonderful stay. We always think of you as great ambassadors of Africa.  We hope that we will come back to your camp.  Thanks for everything. 
Antoinette & Markus – June 2013

Thanks for all, the guides, drivers, staff and Masai!  Its wonderful and a real dream and a beautiful place.  THANKS.
 Corenelly – 20.6.13 – Holland.

What an incredible journey!  Your camp is fantastic, the service incredible, the food exquisite.  Thank you many times for an unforgettable experience.  Special thanks to Kahimba and Naiti who have the eyes of an eagle! 
Jessica & Zoe – June 2013 – Santa Cruz U.S.A.

You guys are good lookouts and have good eyes.
Love Zoe age 6, almost 7

Mdonya Old River Camp
Marvellous staff
Delicious meals
Outdoors in a park.  Cool!
Nice tent
You guys rock!
Amazing wildlife
Asante sana
Addy age 8 – Washington D.C. – June 2013

Thank you for letting  us stay here for 3 nights.  You cook great food.  I had lots of fun with my cousins. You are fun people. I hope you’re people don’t get eaten by lions.  I hope the other people are going to have fun – especially all you kids – have fun!   June 2013

This was a great experience.  The food was wonderful.  I’m going to put this hotel in my top 5 favourite hotels.  I love that I can hear animals at night.  I also love the idea of the family tent – I had a great time. 
Thanks – Hannah age 10   June 2013

Our second stay at Mdonya was again a fantastic one!  It is a beautiful place with kindly staff. Our special thanks to Mary and our guide Fadhili and our driver Ayoubu who made our days unforgettable.  Asante sana. 
Nina & Gunter – June 2013

Ihr habt ein wundervolles land, en sehe sehr schones camp u viele nette leute. Wir kommen bestmmt wieder! 
Steve & Heike – June 2013

Thank you for a wonderful 4 night stay. We loved everything.  The camp is so well run, comfortable with all we wanted and everyone so friendly.  It was lovely to meet you all. 
Adam, Claire, Sophie & Andrew – U.K. June 2013

Thank you so much for a fantastic expeience.  Everyone is so kind, lovely & helpful and full of fun – love it. Africa for us is “WOW” and we can’t learn enough.  We will take Africa and you home in our hearts – love
Mary & Martin Twiggs & Janet & John Bickells – U.K. June 2013


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March 2013
Un safari minunat, multumin stafului pentru zilele de neuitat ce ne-au oferit.
July, 1.03.2013

Il realizzarsi di un sogno, grandi emozioni da condividere con tutt voi. Grazie
Alesia, 7.3.2013


February 2013

A lovely time and beautiful place, made more special by the friendly staff. Thanks! We will remember Mdonya always.
Susan + Jan
Chapel Hill, NC USA, 01.02.2013.

I had a wonderful stay, wonderful people, fantastic guides, great food. The perfect bush experience.
Anchorage, Alaska, 02.02.2013

Thank you so much for a magnificent stay. Your staff are wonderful and welcoming.
Allison Smith (Soldotna, Alaska), 04.02.2013

We spent here our best days of our trip to Tanzania. We thank Steven, Eddie for nice tours in the bushes,
Mary for a pleasant stay, Masai and other staff for keeping us healthy :)
Guys, keep on doing what you are doing, this is awesome.
Good luck and come visit us in Estonia.
Anu, Eva, Taimar, www.welcometoestonia.ee, 07.02.2013

We had one of the best safari we ever had before. We enjoyed the stay very much. Thank you to all of the staff.
Sonja and Helmut of Austria, 15.02.2013

Fabulous camp, fabulous staff, fabulous food, fabulous experience. Special thanks to Mary, Chombo and Ayoubu.
Peter Stubbs, England, 17.02.2013

Thank you!! This was perfect in every way!
Giorgia – Milan, Italia, 24.02.2013

Grazie mille Manu! E grazie mille a tutto lo staff! E’ stato un viaggio incredibile. A presto!
Silvia, 26.02.2013

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January 2013
We had an excellent stay!. The wonderful staff, guide and driver really made our visit pleasant one. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Parch & Stephen, 2.01.2013

Thank you for a great stay 
Best regards
Lisa & Mia, 10.01.2013

Happy, relaxed time. 
Jeremy -England, 13.01.2013

Tusen takle for et flott opphold her Ruaha og Mdonya! Vi har storhost oss!
Thank you very much for a great stay here in Ruaha and Mdonya We have really enjoyed our stay with you!
Hilsen Elisabeth,13.01.2013

Magic Africa forest
Thank you for that incredible rest!
Beautiful staff!!
Asante sana sana sana!!
Cynthia de Canada. 14.01.2013

What an amazing place. I have felt like I was in heaven 
Thanks so much for an amazing time
Swen (Ireland), Jen (New York), 14.01.2013

Thank you very much for lovely time, its great magicial place
Dorat i Tomli, Warsaw Poland, 15.01.2013

Thanks for a great stay. everything is just fantastic! Good luck on the way!
Edward  & Tatyena (KAZAKHSTAN), 15.01.013
And special thanks to Kahimba he is the best!!!

Thank you so much
Joanna and Jenny Campbell, (Australia), 16.01.2013

What an amazing time, the staff is great! Such a pleasure to be here!

Thank you so much for an amazing stay with incredible nature, lovely people & beautiful animals
Siri Ockerman (Sweden), 22.01.2013

We had a fantastic safari experience thank you. Excellent hospitality, driver and guide. An amazing hour with the 4 cheetah!
Niger and Lesley Gough 
Bath,Uk, 21.01.2013

Thank you all for such a magical experience. Hope return soon
Austyin  Chrzanwski  (USA)20.01.2013

Grazie per questo posto spetaculare e per l’eccellente servizio.
Sabina, Italia, 24.01.2013

Splendido e rigenerante. Posto indimenticabile. Grazie Manu.
Giantempo, 27.01.2013, we can return again!
Una vez mas unos dias maravillosos. Gracias por una estancia indvidable
Bego y+ David (SPANISH)

Thank you for  everything .We had  a great time and the setting is amazing
Hopefully. .
-Andrew: Fabulous setting + great amenities.A true bush experience .
 Cheers and say hi To Fundi for us!
 Collen (CANADIAN).30.01.2013

A lovely time and beautiful place, made more special by the friendly staff. Thanks! We will remember Mdonya always.
Susan & Tam, Chapel Hill, NC USA

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December 2012    
Dear all of the camp for making this my best camping experience. The staff were great and our guides awesome. I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends in the future. Best,
Derrick, 1.12.2012

Immersi fra I suoni della natura…Questo e’ un posto incantevole e un esperienza meravigliosa.
From Sicily 
Giancarlo, 3.12.12

L’africa e’ il posto piu esultante al mondo. Tutta, dal nord al sud, da questa Tanzaniania
Zappa, 3.12.12

Lovely to be here! Such a great setting fantastic stars and moon, so wonderful to see the animals come into camp. Thanks for looking after us all so well a wonderful Mdonya experience. …………… 
Marsh, UK, 12.12

Thank you for this lovely stay. We will miss so much our friends Tembo trying to eat a bulb and roots. We truly loved this peaceful place. 
Montel Family, 18.12.12

Ringrazio la passione e gli sforzi di pochi per poter godere molti di questi angoli del mondo assolutamente incontaminati, cosi si sarebbero potuti vedere e vivere.
Con rinconoscenza e affetto
Elena, 12.12

Grazie 1000 sono stato bene, solo mi sono piaciuti piu di tutti l’animali 
Ettore, 6 anni. 17.12.12

Posto fantastico!! Che Natale!!
Sabina e alberto

Wow! E stata un esperienza fantastica, posto e animali belissimi.
Un bacione
Lisa, 27.12.12
p.s. occhio agli elefanti!!! X

We had a wonderful time here and I loved spending my birthday here. On my birthday we saw a cheetah with 3 cubs. That was very special! I am excited to come back soon!! 
Mateo Lundstol, 12 years old, 27.12.12

Wow! What a marvelous lodge and the service was exceptional! We live in Dar, so we will be back! 
Lots of love. 
Rosita Lundstol and Olav Lundstol, 27.12.12

I had such a wonderful time here. I absolutely loved seeing the cheetahs and also the giraffe with the 2-week baby and it drinking from its mother. I loved it here, thank you. 
Juni Lundstol, 27.12.12

Thanks for all the great service! We liked the tents and were especially impressed over the toilet! My favorite animal and experience is looking at the giraffe running.
Marius and Nicholas, Norway, 27.12.12
Vi Ringraziamo per l’ospitalita, la grande cortesia e l’eccellente servizio.
Atmosfera bellissima in ogni momento della nostra permanenza. Tende accoglienti, pittoresche ed in perfetta armonia con il luogo.
Bellissimo il baule nelle tende.
Nuci, feddy, l’omino, Vigi, Mello, From Cuneo (Italy), 30.12.12

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In Hamburg sagt man: “Wir von vorn bis ninten betutelt worden.“ Das ist eigentlich das grosste kompliment, welches ein kuhler Hamburger hervorbringt. Perfekt! Gibt es eine steigerung von perfeckt? Wir wissen es nicht was wire wissen ist , dass wir hier mehr als nur perfekte tage hatten.
Lutz und sabine aus hamburg – Deutschland haben hehr als 100 grunde fur einen erneuten besuch, 1st October
p.s. Unser guide Maulidi und unser fahrer Eddy waren exzellent. Jeden wun sch den sie erfullen konnten, haben sie uns erfullt.

Manu and Pru and team you have made our stay unforgettable; everything has been absolutely fantastic. Wonderful food, wonderful hosts and knowledgeable guides. Thank you so so much for making my birthday safari a day I will always treasure.
p.s. The cake was very good too; what a surprise!
Alison and Alan, UK, 1.10.2012

This is our first visit to Ruaha N.P. our first time in Tanzania and in Africa. I could have never imagined such abundant wildlife and being in a camp in the middle of it all, with a good team like yours it’s an unforgettable experience! Brilliant guides and drivers, perfect organisation and calm / relaxed /easy-going atmosphere makes us want to stay much longer and say that we will come back, time and money permitting!
All the best.
Sophie and Leila, Belgium and Switzerland, 2.10.2012

Es ist hier voll der hammer! Eine coole tierwelt! Ich winsche diesem park weiterhin erfolg! Liebe schweizerische grusse.
p.s. Eintoller guide und einentollen fahrer (Fahili und Auoybu)
Leila Rathey, Belgium and Switzerland.

Three great days and many new species seen for the first time. Leopard and lion a highlight but also the extensive bird life. Everyone at the camp was wonderful and helpful and the triple zip crisis was solved in the end! I hope to return again and explore the ‘hide’ if it has been built!
Neil Thomas, UK, 11.10.2012

I wouldn’t expect more! I loved my stay with you here. 3 nights in tent 0, no lions dancing tango unfortunately but a fantastic feeling of being in the African wild. Thank you for everything to all the staff. I come back to Europe full of beautiful images and moments…
Best regards, Amities.
Pierre W, Paris, 13.10.2012

We have had a fabulous few days being completely spoiled! Wonderful food and perfect hospitality – even profiteroles with candles as 60th birthday cake for my husband. Thank you for everything,
Helen and Ian Anderson, Buckinghamshire, England, 13.10.2012

Un sentito grazie a tutti voi che ci avete fatto trascorrere tre giorni in perfetta armonia con l’ambiente intorno a noi. Con le vostre attenzioni ci siamo sentiti a casa nonostante qualche leone fuori dalla tenda. Vogliamo ovviamente fare anche i nostri complimenti agli eccellenti cuochi. E alle nostre guide e al nostro driver che sono riusciti a materializzare i nostri sogni. Asante Sana!
Manuel and Paola, Italy, 19.10.2012

“Magic! Thanks for everything.” Alan and Hazel Cope, USA, 20.10.2012

“A memorable experience.” Ian and Rosie French, Dublin, Ireland, 20.10.2012

“An oasis, most enjoyable. Sad to leave. Thank you to all.” Ken and Pam Horsham, UK. 20.10.2012

Very special 3 nights. Wonderful camp setting. Thank you very much.
Pena, Olivia, William and Didi Snell. UK, 21.10.2012

Back in Mdonya… again… is always fantastic here and when have I miss so much Ruaha and the camp. So I’m sure I’ll be back. Thanks to Mligo and Ayoubu that have supported us once again around the Park.
Thanks to Manu for his kindness. Hope (but I’m sure) to see you all again.
Anna De Capitani, Milan, Italy, 25.10.2012

Everything is perfect! Animals, amazing plants and nature. Many thanks to Manuel, he’s been very available and kind for every our requests.
Thanks to Zac and Ayoubu, with whom we spent such lovely days,
Mathes, Milan, Italy, 25.10.2012

Thank you to all of you – especially Jumanne, Godson, Pru & Manu for making our stay here so enjoyable. A beautiful place, and so much to see and to learn about. Best wishes for the future & asante sana!
Duncan & Olive, 27.10.2012

Wonderful stay, saw everything we hoped for and more! We will certainly recommend this amazing place.
Maggie & John

Grazie a tutto lo staff per l’ottima accoglienza e gentilezza. Posto magnifico. Esperienza da ripetere!! Speriamo di poter ritornare tutti.
Francesco, Stefano, Anna, Paolo, Molly Montanari, Italia

We had a wonderful stay! We loved the camp so much and all the people!
Thanks for everything!
Philip & Monique, Oeqstqeest, Holland
This is our favorite camp although of course we enjoyed the others. We have had a really wonderful time thank all the staff for being so kind and helpful.
Helen & Stephen Rendle – UK

This camp is magical we hope to be back in the near future. Our thanks to all. Wonderful
Vince and Sue Beale – UK

Thank you. Excellent drive and guides. An elephant wandering pass the tent at night was very special.
Patricia and Mark Davies

What a peaceful night in this wild place. A wonderful stay, even if too short!
Thanks for all the staff to allow us to live such experience!
Audrey, Frank, Irina, Nico,Jeff, BK & Cec from France

We feel so relaxed and comfortable here-great staff-so welcoming. Dinner under the stars is such a treat. How about that shower open to the sky! Chombo & Goodluck made our game drives informative and fun. Your little genet is a camp treasure.
Vicki and Richard Wilford

A wonderful stay & excellent guiding- especially the leopard at the end!
Geoffrey and Cilsen Rhodes

Es var wundershon hier. Kommen es uns weiter empfleten. Das Camp liegt so schon und das Personel is so wasvon freundlich. Einfed was Super.
Irene + Thomas

A wonderful camp with friendly staff and so many animals and birds. We had a fantastic time and do not want to go home!!
Chris + Adrian Townsend – Kent, UK

Even though I was only here one night I had a lovely stay- so nice to be so close to nature & have dinner under the stars. Lovely food, great staff & excellent guide, Thank you.
Angela Griffin - Expert Africa UK

Asante sana to all at Old Mdonya River Camp who made our safari so special – Emmanuel and Ayoubu, Micol and Deo, plus all the wonderful friendly and professional staff! We had a thrilling stay here: lions day (and night J) plus lots and lots of wonderful birds… We hope to come again to beautiful Ruaha
Sarah + Berend Vanbaak – Amsterdam

Absolutely fantastic time at this magical place. Ruaha and Mdonya has it all. Thank you so much for everything to all tour guides, drivers & staff.
Elisabeth & Regina, Austria

We love this camp for its fluidity and informality. This is our second visit and it has been as wonderful as our first 2 yrs ago. Thank you to all the staff and the management for making it so with their warm welcome. Special thanks must go to our 2 guide Zac and Zac and our driver Naiti. Their enthusiasm and effort to show us all the wonders of Ruaha made a great addition to the pleasure of our stay. Thank you all.
Colin & Birthe Clark Hutchison, Scotland
P.S. We spent our golden wedding anniversary here – what a perfect way for such a celebration.

What an amazing place – we’ve enjoyed ourselves more than we ever could have imagined and will take away memories that will last forever. Thank you so much for all – Such a fantastic experience.
Katie & Patrick, UK

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To all the staff, many thanks for another wonderful stay at a magical camp.
Kahimba in particular was as always a world-class guide so knowledgeable about everything and nothing was too much trouble. Ayuobu was also an excellent driver, the two worked as a seamless team. I will be back again for the third time very soon, the only camp to visit in Ruaha.
Helen (UK), 1.8.2012

Many thanks yet again for another wonderful stay at Mdonya- our “second home”
Delicious food as always, amazing bush lunches, breakfast and dinners. Excellent tent staff and waiters, always attentive to our needs. Especial thanks to Kahimba, a brilliant, knowledgeable guide and Ayoubu, a super driver, both great at spotting the most distant objects and explaining every detail when asked for more information. We feel so very privileged to stay here every year.
Thank you. Bibi Chai (Jan) and Babu Chai (Roger) Corlette, 1.8.2012

A great first safari and first time in Africa! A really nice place, just in the wild, simply
Thanks a lot to the crew!!!, 2.8.2012

We would like to thank all the staff for making us feeling so privileged. You all took so nice care of us, that we thought we are very welcome. The driver - Goodluck - and the guide Chombo made a really great job. They have given us a lot of perfect moments and we had the feeling that they were looking to show us animals in a special way. They explained everything to us that we could understand easily. Big thanks for those 2 guys!
All the service staff had also done a very good job – thanks to them! Fadhili (our waiter) has shown me the stars. Because of him I know now the Southern Cross and the Scorpion! Thanks for this very special moment Fadhili!!! 2.8.2012

There would be a lot of things to write down here, but it would need more holidays to write them down. So thanks for the great company you have given to us – you all. And thanks to the kitchen staff – the food tasted very fine everyday! If I could, I would come back to this amazing place.

Take good care of you!
Diana and Thomas
Vielen Dank es war Wunderschön!

It has been a wonderful experience!
Thanks so much to all staff for making it such a pleasant stay!
Vibehe Jensen and Elizabeth Kristiansson, 3-5.08.2012

Thank you for all of your hard work to make me love my trip and for giving me a very helpful lesson on the wildlife and plant life. You are one of the nicest group of people I have ever met, especially Steven!
From Ben (Big Ben), 6.8.2012

Amazing. This camp has been one of the best experiences of my life. The staff have been so kind and helpful, they were funny and some of the most lovely food. I learnt a lot from the safari which will help me in lots of ways but I have to thank Steven our guide, he was fascinating and I loved all the information he gave me! He’s been one of the best guides ever! But it couldn’t of happen without our professional off-road driver!!! I want to say that I thank all the leaders, staff and guides for their hard work, it’s been a pleasure to come and stay at this camp!!
Harry Lewis.

We have had a wonderful time as explained by the boys. Thanks for everything.
Unforgettable!! Fantastic!!
Lewis – Manchester – UK

France & Montana, USA
Thank you for a memorable birthday, my 19th celebration was probably the best one so far, and I am glad to be able to say that I spent it here with all of you!
Do not change a thing.

Nous nous rappeler longtemps de motte de jour ici, séjour parfait, un accueil chaument. Merci pou tout. Fanille Lopes.

Superbe safari dans ce magnifique parc.

Merci pour ce séjour très agréable dans cet endroit spécial.
En voisins d’Afrique,
Bien cordialement
Jean & Vezo (Niamey _ Niger)

E’ stato fantastico, e come essere in un film! Grazie mille….spero di ritornare presto.
Famiglia Rodrigues ITALIA

Thanks for a great stay! Staff is superb, management is sharp, the game was spectacular and the stay, though short, was really nice. I’ll return soon!
Jim (from Dar), 12.8.2012

France/ Nimes
Thanks for great stay – game drive & hospitality –
Susan, 12.8.2012

Now it’s time to leave Old Mdonya Camp… thanks for all and for good luck!

A volte sogni si realizzano, restate sempre cosi. L’africa ha molto da offrire… 13.8.2012

Un Ricordo indimenticabile come la mia vita… anche nel safari… forza lazio!
Fedrico, 15.8.2012

An incredible place, incredible experience, incredible service. Gracious, friendly and enormous fun. Thank you!
Jane (birthday girl) and Paul, 17.8.2012

I don’t want to leave Joe (9)

Can I live here permanently? Billy (12).

Thank you very for this wonderful stay. Perhaps we will come back one day. Who knows? The Frenchies.
Blondine and Michel, 17.8.2012

Qui nel Ruaha National Park ho avuto la possibilità di vedere miei tre animali preferiti: Ghepardo, leopardo e leone! Un’esperienza che mi rimarrà per sempre nel cuore e che non dimenticherò mai,
Alessio e Stefania.19.8.2012

Grazie a tutti per le gentilezze a Manu, sue moglie e tutto il personale – 3 giorni pieni di avvistamenti e tante cose de ricordare un posto straordinario….
Bianca e Gianluca (From Viterbo – Rome), 19.8.2012

Our first safari experiences, done here thanks to Mdonya, will be unforgettable. The welcoming was fantastic, everyone was always helpful and the food was amazing two very experienced guides accompanied us through the park in three beautiful days and we were very lucky to see almost all the animals even from close distances. Really a dream holiday! ASANTE SANA!
Davide and Rebecca, 20.8.2012

Thank you for a wonderful experience! All the staff have been brilliant and we have enjoyed every minute of our stay here.
Em and Dave, 20.8.2012

We had a wonderful time in your camp. Thank you very much.

Yaprak, Dilek and Tustata Cakiccioglu from Turkey
Ku?lar, piller, jorafalar, aslanlar, leopar,…hepsini çıplak göjle, 3m ötede görmek çok güjeldi. Mutfaka bir daha ve daha ujön gelmelijij, 21.8.2012

Wonderful! Grazie! Asante!
Christine, 28.8.2012

Grazie a tutto lo staff per la squisita ospitalità!!! Tutto perfetto…!!! Fantastico!! Grazie per le 1000 attenzioni!! A Presto.
Carlo m. Stecca, Leo e Cory, 28.8.2012

We had a wonderful time at a lovely camp. The host staff and our driver and guide have made our stay enjoyable, thank you to all. The leopard was an extra bonus and the cushion-eating lion was a one off!
Sue, and Jeff, UK, 29.8.2012

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Over 50 lion sightings in three days is amazing! Fabulous.
Janet and David :) London, 30.8.2012

A fantastic experience, so relaxing and yet so exciting. Many thanks to such a warm welcome and wonderful service.
Andrea and James, 31.8.2012

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JULY 2012

Thanks to all for an excellent experience - the very best guides in the business – particularly good at seeing cats.
Paul from UK, 1.7.2012

Non mi sono mai sentita cosi al sicuro come in questi giorni trascorsi immerse nella natura piu indomito e incontominato.
Grazie, 3.07.2012

Thanks for the fantastic accommodation and for the amazing experience! I agree with your slogan “THINK WILD”
Best camp in the world, thanx to Manuel & Pyrou and my guide Maulidi!!!!! I will talk about you with everyone! See you as soon as possible.
Fedico (Pavla, Italy), 6.7.2012

It was lovely to see the elephants. From Charlotte.
It was great to be able to see animals even though you are at camp.
Catriona, 7.7.2012

Un paradise dove l’unco intruso e’ l’uomo. Spero di ritornare e trovarlo ancora cosi, arriverdeci a presto! Tutto lo staff eccellente.
Mirella, Maurizio, Mario, Elisa, Valentina, 4.07.2012

Thank you all, the family had a wonderful time in this truly magical place. Special thanks to Emmanuel, Francis and Prue. Very different from Switzerland!
EADE Family, Basce CH.

The perfect mix of wild nature with hospitality! We did not expect such a wonderful and amazing place. Great hosts, great staff, great animals, great everything! Thanks to all Keurs, 7.7.2012

A great camp, good hosts, good driver + guide and some fantastic game. Pity about not seeing a cheetah, but otherwise surpassed our expectations. Will definitely come back and recommend to friends.
GRAHAM and DENIS PHILL, 8.7.2012

Thanks to the eagle eyes of our guide Kahimba and the patience of our driver Godson, we saw the most amazing things: Cheetah feeding on impala, lions feeding on male greater kudu and a giant owl feeding on a genet. While we were peering through our binoculars like blind mice, Kahimba pointed out the 3 cubs of the mother cheetah who was calling them from across the road to join her, so that she could share her hunt. Absolutely thrilling! Asante sana. Also a special thanks to Prue who organized a special treat for our 20 year old son. Our pictures are amazing and so is this place. A warm thank you very much. Luc, Viviane, Ramses from Belgium,9.7.2012

“Think Wild” is putting it mildly. Thank you so much for the fantastic experience. Showering with the elephants in tent 5 breakfast with Louis – unbeatable! Thank you so much for the extra mile for my son. Your staff “Priceless”.
Noor, Hufal, Sohail and Shiraz, 9.7.2012

What an amazing place Mdonya is! We spent our second night listening to lions roaring and elephants trumpeting while tucked up snugly in bed! We counted 149 elephants on a day safari – how incredible! Our guides were very informative, fun and skillful (driving). We had breakfast watching a world of animals go by - David Attenborough - eat your heart out!! And lastly – the food – delicious, wonderful taste too. We will really miss Mdonya!
Jamie, Lyn and Margie from Australia, 11.7.2012

Nice two days and one exiting night in perfect tent! Today one safari drive more. Thanks to all here. It has been one of the best moments of our life!
Sauli and Maija from Finland, 11.7.2012

We have had a brilliant time in tent number 9. Everyday has been fantastic making us feel extremely relaxed. We have seen beautiful animals and scenery and could not have asked for a better place to stay in Ruaha. We love the fires in the evening!
Chris & Diana Hall – Franzllowiak, UK, 16.7.2012

A wonderful 4 days in tent no 0. We saw cheetah, lion, leopard, everything we came to see. Staff, camp, food were excellent. Asante sana!!!!!
Amanda and Sven Erik Karlsson, New York, NY USA, 16.7.2012

An amazing three days in Ruaha – excellent staff, facilities, fellow guests and of course animals, having seen cheetahs on our game drive from airport, we had too wait a while longer for the leopard while everyone else in camp seemed to see them everywhere. Last day more than made up for it with not one but two!
Thank you to everyone!
Becky and Michael Day, Walton-on-Thames, UK

Due anni fa abbiamo salutato questo posto pensando fosse un addio…invece era un arrivederci! La vita a volte riserva bellissime sorprese…quindi..ARRIVEDERCI e grazie!
Clara e Alberto
P.S. Come due anni fa ribadisco che dire “oggi vedro' un leopardo” non porta sfortuna, 18.7.2012

We have had a fabulous time in this wonderful spot. A perfect introduction for Ellie and Felix to Africa. We could not have asked for more. It is a fantastic camp, charming staff, delicious food and our guide Chombo and Chele have shown us some spectacular wild life and patiently stopped for every bird. We will be back. Mandy, Dick, Felix and Ellie Russel, UK, 18.7.2012

Wow! Cheetah and cubs and that’s even before we to camp! We had a fantastic time, saw leopard, giraffe, fighting, and elephant everywhere!! Loved lying in the tent having the elephants crashing around just outside. Great food, company too, had such a great time, thanks!
Bernadette and David Wollen, UK, 18.7.2012

Amazing camp!! So many elephants, hyenas, lions roaring and elephant chomping was a great way to get to sleep.
Liz and Chissy.
p.s. Apparently elephants don’t like croutons, 18.7.2012

Asante Sana to everybody and tuta Kuonana.
Luc Tack. Belgium, 18.7.2012

We have seen it all! The ultimate was the leopard cubs, but lions and elephants we could never tire of. Thank you everyone at Mdonya for making this such a memorable trip.
We have been extremely spoilt.
Jane Maitland, 21.7.2012

So sad to leave, we had such an amazing one here, but I definitely hope to return in the near future. Thanks for everything especially the food.
Jessica Maitland.

Thank you so much for an amazing 3 days. We saw every animal we wanted to see. The staff was so friendly and the food was delicious.
Thanks again.
Lucy Maitland.

Thanks for an amazing experience staying in a wonderful camp seeing all the fantastic game including the leopard. The staff and food was great. Asante sana. Delicious pancakes!
William and Zac Maitland.

Thank you so much! What an amazing experience, amazing experience, amazing hospitality and love all around. We will be back!!!
Esther + Jonan Erasmus, 22.7.2012

Thanks a lot to all the team, it was a wonderful stay. 23.7.2012

A wonderful place and very nice people. Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you here in the near future.
Maryvonne Le Puloch and Bruno Softa, 23.7.2012

A great setting for a campsite really enjoyed our stay especially all the good animals.
David, Gill and family, Isle of Man, UK, 23.7.2012

Thank you for a fabulous stay! Everything was perfectly arranged great food, great staff and a beautiful setting! May be a return during the wet season!!!!!!!
Ton, Annette & Julia, Holland, 26.7.2012

Grazie per questo fantastico posto fuori del mondo, bellissimo ed accogliente. Grazie per la vostra sensibilita' al rispetto della natura, ma anche nonostante tutto, degli uomini! E’ stato un bellissimo soggiorno.
Roberto e Rossana, 27.7.2012

To all at Mdonya,
We have had the most fantastic stay imaginable!! Beautiful camp, great staff, delicious, amazing, out of this world food!! Our guides were the best ever and worked so hard for us!! Definitely a trip back a define must!! xxx,
From Collette + Mark.28.7.2012

Queridos amigos de la fauna Tanzania: Ha sido un placer compartir aventuras y desventuras con el Mdonya Old River Camp.
Adentrase cu la sabana Africana desde este campamento es como el leon que se introduce en tas entrañas de la jirafa.
El olor de la carne podrida le ve recompensado por el dale arome del fin Tonic a la puesta de sol. Uu most en Tanzania.Por nuestro rincón favorito en Tanzania.
Paola, Ibai, Begona and David, Spain, 28.7.2012

Esperienze indimenticabile, aver visto così' da vicino così' tanti animali, elefanti (persino vicine alle nostre camera…), leoni, piccoli e grandi, giraffe, ippopotami e una quantità' di uccelli!! Unico assente nella lista il leopardo, e’ il nostro prossimo obbiettivo , perché' sicuramente vogliamo tornare!!
P.S. Grazie ancora per la splendida serata di ieri sera, cena sotto le stelle in compagnia degli animali e dei Masai!!! Thank you for everything!!!!
Enrico and Francesca, 30.7.2012

To all the staff at Mdonya Camp,
Thank you very much for your warm and friendly hospitality! A special thanks to Maulidi, our wonderful guide and Naiti, a most adventurous driver, for the great game drives. Keep well and looking forward to another visit one day.
Jeong, Wonnie and Min. South Korea, 30.7.2012

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JUNE 2012

The camp is heaven, the food delicious the staff warm and friendly the drivers knowledgeable and attentive and professional. Ruaha and the animals a treasure. Thank you.
Maureen Abbott, Canada

Thank you to everyone at Mdonya camp my favourite place in Tanzania.
Lisa Woodbury

Thank you all so much. What a wonderful, relaxed, friendly place!
Jim Taggart and Kate Selkirk
Yukon, Canada

Thank you all for a wonderful holiday. Everyone in the camp from Micol onwards went out of their way to make this a memorable part of the trip, looking after guests disability so as to make them comfortable and at ease seems to come naturally to all the staff members, without exception. Always smiling and cheerful is the memory one takes away. Food was excellent and the chief gave us the best picnic lunches we enjoyed anywhere in Tanzania.
Thanks again
Sudanshan and Brinde, Nanarath, Ahmedalal, India

A wonderful camp! A beautiful environment and great staff!
David, USA

thanks to everyone for making our honeymoon so memorable and a holiday we will never forget! All the staff have been wonderful and have gone the extra mile to make use feel welcome. We’ve seen so much and it’s such a beautiful place! Keep up the good work and we hope to return some day!
Best wishes,
Darren and Lisa Goft

Thanks so much! I’ve a very nice moment here; I hope I’ll come back in the future…. Merci beaucoup pour ce bon moment!
Best wishes,

Thanks to all. Everyone has been very helpful and the camp is magic. I feel like I am leaving a new family. A special thanks to Mligo our guide for his patience and continual enthusiasm – even when looking at a lizard with us! Bye for today.
Sue and Chris Scholtz, Australia

I’ve been to many camps but this is the best by far.

Being at Mdonya old river camp has been a magical experience! Thank you for all the kind hospitality and the amazing sights.

We had only two days before going back to Dar, but we enjoyed every hour. The food is good and the staff friendly, especially the flexibility for everything. Coming back soon – hadi badi – asante sana.
Andrew and Matina

thanks for the hospitality. Everyone was flexible and friendly and made this an excellent visit to Ruaha. It was heartening to see excellent conservation at work leading to rich habitat and wildlife. Lots of new bird sightings also.
Steve, Petra, Mark, Nina and Ben, Dar es Salaam

What a wonderful experience is was. Thanks to every member of the staff you were are very helpful. We will always remember this.
Verle and Samuel, Belgium

What a pleasure to enjoy this place. Nice atmosphere and very friendly staff. Many thanks.
Jan, Ton, Martien, and Anneke and Jan Hogervorst Van de Reep, Holland

Thanks for making my birthday so special. All of you Asante Sana!!!
Jan, Namibia

All the best for your camp and really nice staff (all of them!) it was an awesome time! Thank you for the special attention for my son (morning cake:)). Wish to come again and stay with you longer.
Madina and Ruslan from Kazakstan

What a beautiful location, the wilderness and solitude made this a truly memorable experience. The friendliness of the Tanzanian people and the welcome we have felt at this camp has been something very special. Thank you
Sandy Louise Cowan, UK

We enjoyed so much this wonderful place! Thank you for the great experience and the special attention of the staff! And the food was just fabulous! We’ll come back!
Maike, Patricia, Penate and Angelo

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Fabulous few days; lovely camp, great food and fantastic staff. Thank you.
Rob, Malcolm and Anne, UK

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MARCH 2012
Many thanks for a wonderful wild experience. Company has been excellent as have staff. Standard of guiding and driving is the best! The wildflowers and abundant butterflies in the emerald season are to die for! Special thanks to Kahimba for the chameleon which was top of Chrissie’s list!
The Hoggs, Scotland

Wonderful experience. Thank you so much for all. All staff have been excellent. Thanks also to Alex and Sara.
The Travaglinis, Italy

From the Da Silva and Van Veens Clan,
Thank you for a fabulous 2 nights / 3 days. Zac and Goodluck were awesome. Food, accommodation and all the staff were wonderful! We’ll be back – probably in July!

Today we are sad to leave such a wonderful place. Staff and amenities make for a wonderful African experience. The sounds of the night beat traffic and sirens of the city every day. A wonderful African visit, this our second.
Lisa and Graham Pollard, Australia

Thank you all for a fantastic, worry free experience. We will be back I’m sure. So impressed by the knowledge, professionalism and hospitality of your staff, and Ruaha does the work for itself too. All the best to all of you as you close out this season. Great memories!
Steve and Sherri and Abby Pierce, Zanzibar

Thank you for a marvellous experience. Ruaha is great, Africa is great. We have had a wonderful time seeing things we had never thought we’d see. Hate to leave.
Russ and Ann Pierce, Pennsylvania, USA

Viellen Dank fuer alles, es hat uns sehr gut hier gefallen. Ein schoener Platz mitten in der Natur, gutes Personal, Wir werden Euch in gutter Erinnerung behalten.
Gabi and Frans Winters, Holland

Our favourite camp in all of Tanzania. Thank you all for a most glorious time – such beauty, such comfort, such style. Until our return, Asante sana.
Farish and Eleanore Jenkins, USA

I write this with a sad heart as I leave this wonderful place, but with so so many happy memories of an uplifting experience of living with nature for 2 weeks. But nature is not man made: hospitality, kindness, generosity and warmest of welcomes is, and I thank you all at Mdonya for all of this. A special thank you to Alex and Sara, for making it all possible. Not to forget the animals and birds – especially Fundi the leopard for giving me a once in a lifetime experience!! Asante sana to you all.
Memories live forever.
Mary Kirby, UK

Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure!! we absolutely LOVED everything about the experience – the staff was so great, the food amazing, the tent lovely and the animal experience was fantastic. But the very best thing was the camp hosts, Sara and Alex, so accommodating and welcoming ¬ oh, and pretty ¬ We loved our house tent monkeys and antelopes!
Thank you for everything!!!
Mitch Ilum and Barbara Rothenburg, Denmark

Thanks for a wonderful experience. The staff were so professional and friendly and really knew their stuff ! I will certainly recommend Mdonya River Camp to all my friends and family.
Carrie Paine, Australia

Lots of animals – fantastic guide and driver. Great food and hospitality. Met very interesting and friendly people. Everything we could hope for. Really want to come back again – longer next time though.
The Chamberlains, Australia

A memorable safari experience – all the ingredients – drinks by campfires, eating under starlight, dawn chorus, a red sunrise, the roar of lions, and not to mention all the amazing animals. The welcome and service was amazing – wonderful memories. Thank you.
Mike and Carol Bracebridge , UK

Had a great time with Fundi the leopard – guides were fantastic and staff polite and helpful. Hope to come back to this great camp.
Mark Ryrie, Scotland

Wonderful experience. Highlight of our Tanzanian experience. Loved the opportunity to see the animals with great guides. Will definitely recommend this camp. All staff have been excellent. Thank you so much.
Brian, Edna and David Symington, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The most beautiful of all the parks. Thank you.
Jane Lamb, Cook Islands, South Pacific.

What a wonderful peaceful place! The staff is excellent, accommodation was excellent. Loved all the lions, giraffes etc. Really loved sitting in the lounge during the rain and windstorm. Sad to leave but I hope to return.
Jackie Bantle, Saskatoon, Canada

We’ve had a wonderful time staying on the wild side and couldn’h have wished to see anything else out on safari, other than perhaps the lion hunt being a successful one. Thank you for a wonderful stay at Old Mdonya Camp.
Robin Witchell, Derbyshire, UK

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Thank you for a great stay! We really enjoyed celebrating New Year with zebras and local entertainment at the bonfire! You have a great camp!
The Lie’s, Norway

Thank you so much for the greatest experience ever and for the wildest start of the year. It is indeed a place to return man many times, I hope to see you again in the future.
Oana, Romania

Thanks so much for everything! A great stay, awesome experience plus the best way to celebrate the New Year! Can’t wait to tell stories from our stay and make all our friends jealous! We will come back to Tanzania!!
Hannah and John Murray, Oklahoma + Nigeria

We enjoyed very much the fabulous nights in your wonderful camp. We loved the wildlife and the nature. It was very special to celebrate New Year with the local people. Enough stories to tell at home ! We wish you all the best.
Fred + Ellie Arp, Holland

Our first ever safari experience and you made it unique – so special ! We loved the camp, the wildlife, the food! and Alex, what a host! Thank you, Happy New Year.
Ciao, Oscar + Gaia, London UK

What a wonderful way to meet the animals up close and personal. We were so close to a group of ten loins we thought they would object, but they looked back at us as we were looking at them. Thanks for a wonderful experience.
Karen + Stan, Palo Alto California

Jurassic Park eat your heart out. Elephants and zebras on the runway to greet my husband and myself on our very first safari. Mud wrestling adventures in the pampas, dashing leopards and ambivalent lions and cubs. Cosy, comfy clean tents and scrumptious food – hats off to Emmanuel, Eddy, chefs and all working at Mdonya River Camp.
The Tulli’s, Scotland

My thanks and affection to the wonderful guides and staff. Truly a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach ! More than can be captured on film, the animals, people, sights, sounds and conversation will forever be a part of my heart.
Geoffrey Heiple, Pennsylvania, USA

Dear all – I enjoyed a lot this beautiful place ! thank you so much for everything !! all of you were very kind ! – the service excellent, I wish you all, all the best.
Kind regards from
Veronica Marconi, Argentina

Thank you for a wonderful stay. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game in Ruaha and the hospitality of Mdonya, as well as the stay with other guests at the camp. Thank you to our great guides Chombo and Kahimba, who really were great teachers and shared all their expertise and knowledge with us for 2 days. All the best to all staff at Mdonya. Until next time.
The Sorensson, Denmark

Thanks for a great stay ! Loved the bush, abundant green area, our Tent No 10 and the relaxed atmosphere in the camp with all the lovely staff. Keep up the great work ! Fully agree ! Greta game drives, beautiful birds, and sometimes out of the blue a wild cat that comes to say hi. Beautiful place!
Barbara & Filip Tack, Belgium

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Thanks for everything ! We had a great time in absolute wilderness! Happy New year!
Alastair, UK

We have had such a fantastic time here. It's hard to pick a favorite moment-the guides,the wild life (the birds!) and the incredible scenery. Thank you for a very special experience; we all take away some unique memories.
Belle, Oscar and Dale, UK

Thank you for making our Honeymoon so special, we have had an amazing time –the scenery is stunning and we finally saw a leopard!
Thank you!
Suzanne&Rob, UK

Il posto è mervigioso! Nello stesso giorno abbiamo visto 6 ghepardi, un leopardo, un mamba verde e tantissime altre cose! Meraviglioso!
Emanuela Cavalli, Italy.

HASANTE SANA to all the staff! The place is breath taking! Absolutely awesome! Tutaonana muda! Hopefully my Swahili will be better when I come back
Martina, Italy.

Thank you very much for the pleasant and wonderful Safari.
We are honored to be served by you.
Thanks we will come back
Tornkoski, Orava and Kerola, Finland.

MARCH 2011
Thanks a lot for these 2 awesome days, it was just PERFECT.
Ramon y Laya, Valencia, Spain.

We have spend 3 wonderful days in Ruaha NP and the camp. We enjoyed it very much. The park is great and the camp is perfect. The staff is so friendly. And the cool is great! Thanks a lot!

Asante asante asante! This has been an amazing 3 days here and we feel so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to come here. The sights during our drives were incredible. To wake up and drink coffee while watching giraffes and zebras is something we'll be able to tell our kids and grandkids. Also, the service was impeccable. We are very impressed. Excellent! Asante!
Jeff and Mary, Seattle, USA.
Thanks for the adventures - Zach, Naiti, Gilles and the rest. Beautiful country & amazing wildlife.
Dave Scott, U.S. Embassy, Dar es Salaam.

Thank you, everyone, for a really wonderful three days. You all worked so hard to make our stay an enjoyable one. It certainly is a great place to celebrate a birthday!
Mark & Penny, UK.

What a wonderful stay. Great game, delicious food, a magnificent camp and the best staff. Thank you all for making this safari unforgettable. And what a treat to have so well learned guides that they showed us a cheetah mom and her three cops. Thanks a million.
Max & Lucienne, Germany/Suisse.

Thank you everybody for a truly special safari in this magnificent park! Excellent guiding with Kahimba and Ayoub and wonderful laid back hospitality in this comfortable friendly camp. The birds alone are reason enough to spend a full day in camp. We?ll have to return to that! Best wishes, tutaonana.
Suz & Jan, Namibia.

Wow! We thought we could not get any sleep because of the animals, but we slept 12 hours. Best sleep in months. Beautiful place.
Nicky and Carolina.

Great staff, food & surroundings! What a beautiful place!
Jeff Hollister, Arusha/USA.

A holiday in paradise. We will come again. Everyone has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you.
Excellent staff in beautiful park. Good guides & driver in wet conditions.
Allison, Geoft, Heather & Ash, Manchester, UK.

Beautiful location, excellent staff, amazing animals and scenery. Thank you everyone.

Thank you very much for a fascinating stay, we enjoyed it very much!
Jorun and Stein, Norway

JUNE 2011

Great spot with lots of excellent spotting, and a very knowledgeable guide Kahimba. Take care about the little leopards please?
Thank you and all the best.
Britte and Jan, Germany

Thank you for the great service and accommodation. We love your park and the game guide (Enoch) and driver / tracker / birder (Naiti) are fantastic. The camp service is superb and friendly. Asante to the cook too - food is delicious. We will recommend your camp. Asante Micol and Sara.
Glen and Dee, Justin and Toni, Jenna and Tamsin.

We have really enjoyed our time here. We are really pleased t o have seen so many animals, especially the leopard, while out on drives and in the camp. The food has been wonderful and everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.
Jennifer and Matthew Blaza
It was our first trip to Africa, to Tanzania and our first safari. For us it was very exciting, interesting, some times a little bit strange but we liked it. Thank you all for your kindness, you were also friendly. We enjoyed staying here!
Karen and Trudel, Germany.

Thank you for the great time here, we saw many animals and everything was organized perfectly. Good place to come back! ...And thanks for letting us know about the small five?

Lovely few days. Great staff and guides and the lovely location. Thanks for the great stay ? look forward to sending some photos back.
Adam + Jeremy Whitby

Thank you for an amazing time here in Mdonya ? it was truly a pleasure to stay here. Special thanks to Sara and Alex. Thank you all for a memorable 4 days, will be back for my honeymoon one day. We have all had the most wonderful and amazing time and have thoroughly enjoyed all of our safari. The camp is exceptionally well managed and Alex and Sara have really looked after us and been great company. Many thanks to everyone.
Caroline, Alex and Nick Ash, Lowes, Sussex, UK

Our short safari with you was the best part of our trip to Tanzania! We had a wonderful, great time ? even if it was only 2 nights, we saw so many wild animals which we never saw before ? the baby lions and elephants were the best. About the camp ? could't be better. Stay like you are ? all of you. Thank you so much ? asante sana !

What a great finish for our family trip to Tanzania. We saw a lot of animals and enjoyed our time in your camp. This was our first international trip from North Carolina USA. We could not ask for more.
David, Stephanie, Katie, Reece Mc Duffie.

Thank you so much for the fantastic adventure. We had a wonderful visit, there were so many animals to see. The guides were great, the food was wonderful, and the hospitality extraordinary. I hope to return soon and heartily recommend your camp to everyone.
The Battys, USA

Mario "the legend" was in Old River Camp. He said "terrific", "wonderful". Thanks thank thanks.
Mario Odorisio, Mafia Island

Absolutely stunning and great laughs.
John Hays, UK

JULY 2011

We have had a wonderful time here and seeing a cheetah was the icing on the cake !Alex, Sarah and all the staff have made our stay here so comfortable and enjoyable. We would love to come back soon. Many thanks
Andrea and Tony Neilan, England

My very first safari and I don’t want it to end ! This is a lovely camp with fantastic staff. I will heartily recommend it to the folks back home. Thank you,.
Monica Shirley, USA

A lovely setting and great to have animals wandering through camp. Lovely softly spiced food + welcoming staff. We enjoyed our stay.
The Moneys, UK
We had such an amazing experience. The best game day ever the first day and then a day of pure adventure, followed by brilliant moonlight dinners. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all here at Mdonya.
Sally and Gerard Lynch. USA

It’s a great place, wild and lost in the bush !The nights are busy and noisy and it’s great to awake at 5am with lions roaring close to the camp or hyenas howling. Elepehants are crossing through the camp as do the buffalo too.A great experience, close to nature, and we loved it !Amazing and very different landscapes in the park, beautiful! Sounds for me like true Africa ! Thanks to all the staff and the guides who made our stay wonderful.
The Prinas, Geneva, Switzerland.

Fantastic 3 nights at Mdonya, amazing experience living in the tents with lions and elephants so close. Friendly staff and brilliant service everyday, and really
good guides spotting lots of incredible wildlife. The highlight was the leopard dragging an impala up a tree ! Thanks for everything.
The Thrussel Family, UK

What a fantastic stay, all we could have wished for. The children saw 4 of the big 5 in less than 4 days. Wonderful food, location and friendly staff always. We will be back.
The Highams. UK

We loved being here. We’ve been some times to Africa to enjoy wildlife, but this was the top ! We’re really in the bush, living here. Seen many animals, nature is beautiful and variated. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Guide and driver really the best, safari car comfortable. We’re very thankful to have experienced all this here. Keep the memories in our hearts and the photos and films at home. A bit sad now to say goodbye, especially to the elephants and giraffes (my two favourites). Asante sana !
Ps we even spotted some UFO landing places. For details you can ask Kahimba.
Ps – do not forget the delicious food. It’s really is a miracle how the kitchen staff manage to do this, especially the vegetarian food = excellent. I’ll come back as soon as all the guests are vegetarians – makes it easier for you guys – ha ha.
Love from Hans and Elisabeth Wessem. Holland

We had an amazing time here, seen and heard so much. The staff have been fantastic, very helpful, the food was great. Seeing the leopard and cheetah in one day was something very special, a day we will never forget. Thank you to everyone who have made our stay one we will never forget.
Sam and Mike. UK

What a fantastic experience – the camp here is so intimate + peaceful, the wildlife is amazing and the people are all so friendly + helpful. The food is delicious and the tents are comfortable + Alex, a wonderful hostess. I could go on all day but I think all the comments in here sum everything up….awesome and unforgettable. Thank you.
The Fairalls. UK

What a fabulous start to our honeymoon. We’ve had a wonderful time – the perfect combination of activity and relaxation. The food was delicious, everyone has been incredibly friendly and I’ve not even mentioned the wildlife. Thank you so much for making our stay so enjoyable. Just need to catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard on our way to the airport…
Ps Oh, and thanks for the lovely gesture of the veranda private dining for our last night – completely unexpected and a real treat.
Katharine and Raymond. UK

We have had so many highlights but our favourite was the lion cubs. The food has been great and the cooks did well with Patty’s gluten free diet Another highlight – elephant ripping bark by our tent in the full moonlight. The view of the animals in the old riverbed was great while eating. Thanks.
The Hobbs. UK

We just loved our time here. Sad it was so brief. A moment of wild madness. We loved our guide Zac and you have a great team here Alex. Thanks so much.
The lion says, who ownsthis land….me….me
Gerald and Kahie, New Zealand

What an amazing few days ! We came expecting good things but were even more impressed than we imagined. The staff were fantastic, the food incredible and the safari excellent. As I’ve now run out of superlatives, I’ll end by saying that you’ve made our honeymoon the most memorable holiday ever ! Thanks so much,
Dave and Phillippa Pitt, Maidenhead, UK

We had really a great time over the past 2 days here in the camp and an exciting game viewing. We got really lucky to see many many lions and little cubs and were wonderfully guided by Kahimba.The service at the camp is just perfect and Alex and Sarah took really really good care of their guests, many thanks to all of you.

We were bored with diving and snorkelling in Zanzibar and we decided to take a risk and come here at the last minute..and it paid off ! We had a great time, the food and the tent were top notch. The services were just great too and Alex and Sara took great care of their guests. I will be sure to recommend this place to anyone who is thinking of coming here. Thanks a lot to all of you at the camp for the wonderful experience.
The Hadly Family, Dorset UK
Ps – keep it up !

Es was ein shoenes und tolles Erlebnis fuer unsere erste Safari Tours. Alle sind sehr sehr freundlich und so hilfsbereit. Wir haben uns hier sehr wohlgefuellt. Danke fuer diese shoene Zeit!

A wonderful and memorable experience – thank you all for all the kindness and care you have given us.
The Lovedays.

Out last stop on a 2 week safari, definitely saved the best for last. Tents fabulous – great decorating and very clean. Lovely staff and amazing food under the stars !Keep it unique.
Sam and Jeanne. NZ and California

The whole family Smetloved this place – thank you very much for everything. We also had a wonderful guide (Kahimba) and driver (Francis). They spotted for us a leopard hunting an impala – an unforgettable sight !We are off this afternoon, so the quietness will return to this place ¬ Take care. Assenteni sana.
Family Smet. Belgium.

We had a great and lovely time, and wow, what a hospitality and great way to give people a wonderful time.
The Netherlands

Thank you so much for everything. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed it a lot.The tours around the park are just amazing. We saw a lot of wildlife which was great. The lunch is always lovely prepared and we loved to eat in the wild. Unfortunately time flies by and we already have to leave. Bye, and again thanks !
The Mayr Family, Switzerland.


Thank you so much for the most fantastic 3 days. We have had the most wonderful 3 days. We have had the most wonderful time and you have made this part of our honeymoon very special. The luxurious simplicity of your gorgeous camp and the dedication and knowledge of your fantastic staff makes Mdonya Old River Camp a magical place to be. See you again we hope.
The Chesters, UK

Bellissima avventura! Il fascino dell’Africa è grande…. Magica atmosfera, senso di libertà, contatto con gli animali emozionante. Siamo stati benissimo al campo. Ottima organizzazione e staff competente e gentile.
Grazie a tutti.
Giorgio Gandini and family

It was incredible to see they spotted some of the animals and birds that we would never have seen without them both. The food in camp was lovely – it was always something different and I think the chef is fantastic. The tent was lovely and spacious and I slept very well. It was amazing how many animals you can see in Ruaha – on one day we saw at least 79 different animals and birds. Alex is lovely and I hope she is very proud of this wonderful place. I would strongly recommend this camp to anyone with a passion for nature. Thank you very much for a fab, phenomenal stay. I would come again..
Emily Taylor, UK

“Magia dell’Africa”
Siamo stati benissimo: cortesia e accoglienza. Abbiamo visto tanti animali stupendi, meravigliosi e unici. Grazie di tutto, in particolare ad Anna
Daniela e Massimiliano

Thank you so much for an AMAZING stay at the camp – everything has been fantastic – the food, the guides, the drivers, the company and the entire atmosphere of the camp. It made me feel safe and right at home.. It has been amazing to see so many different animals in their natural surroundings and feel privileged to share it with them, which would have been impossible without our fantastic guide, Jumanne, and driver, Eddie.The staff in the camp have all been great, always there when you need or want anything. It was lovely to meet Alex and I really enjoyed all the stories of her travels and adventures! It has made me even more determined to travel, especially back to Africa, so thank you Alex! Overall it has been an amazing and memorable part of my holiday and I hope to come back for longer in the future.
Tess Lari, Lincolnshire, UK
Thank you for making me feel so welcome in this camp. The food and the drivers we had were really nice and fun. Thank you again
Alex Lari, Lincolnshire UK
Many years ago I travelled to Kenya with my husband and was captivated by this beautiful country. One thing once I had had my children was to bring them to Africa – and here we are.Thanks to the expertise of Jumanne our guide and Eddie our driver we have learned so much and taken some amazing pictures on our whizzy digital cameras !
However what I will take home are things cannot be captured on fils - the lilt of the lovely African voice, the infectious smiles, the thrill of watching elephant chase lions, the serenity of watching elephants drinking at sunset, the last glimpse of the sunset and the smell of the air and of course the dust! Many thank for a wonderful experience to all the staff at the camp.
Karen and Kevan Lari, UK

Many thanks to Alex and team – we had a wonderful time and everything at Mdonya Camp (and Ruaha) exceeded expectations – drinks around the fire at night was great ! 10/10 !
Richard et all, the Jewels, UK

…… e finalmente dopo un anno siamo tornati in questo luogo meraviglioso e pur credendolo impossibile è stato ancora più bello. Grazie a tutto lo staff per la disponibilità, cortesia e professionalità e grazie ad Anna per i consigli, le chiacchiere e l’entusiasmo che ci ha trasmesso.
Con la speranza di tornare
Tutta la Famiglia Rossignoli

A wonderful first safari adventure for us. The tents were fun – especially the ‘under the stars’ showering, the food plentiful and the knowledge of the guides excellent. Well worth recommending.
The Barringer Family, Lincoln, England

We had a wonderful stay here – we saw lions and leopard and a cheetah all in one day – amazing ! Thanks to all the staff – it was really welcoming and the kids loved seeing everything and talking to everyone !
The Meeks Family, UK

E’ stata un’ esperienza indimenticabile! Grande colazione e tenda confortabile… eccellente game drive e staff gentilissimo.
Grazie di tutto.
Andrea, Betty e Marco

We do not like to say goodbye to the most beautiful camp we have been to in the past 4 weeks. Having dinner under the stars, together with elephants was wonderful. We want more of this – next time ! Thank you so much – asante sana – tausend Dank!
The Shultes, Germany

We loved our stay here at this beautiful camp. The staff were wonderful and we had wonderful guides, drivers (Nicolaus and Hillary). They found us loads of wonderful animals including a leopard and cheetah on the same day – also a rare glimpse of a honey badger ! We are still waiting to see the aardvark (saw his footprints though). The tents and camp are in a beautiful location, with not many people about but very noisy elephants and lots of wildlife. The food was also lovely. We really hope we can come back in the future. Thank you all !
The Shuffletons, England

E’ stata un’esperienza stupenda dormire in un campeggio attorniato da animali, assolutamente da rifare! L’interno è confortevole pulito, i bagni con il tetto stellato particolari ma bellissimi, stupendo e suggestivo il rumore degli elefanti fuori dalla tenda, ottimo il cibo e il servizio.
Martina (Torino, Italy)

One of the best tent-camps, waking up to elephants every morning was a great way to start the day! Lovely staff.
Best wishes from
Lizzy and Dimitry, Russia

Come prima esperienza in Africa è stata perfetta: tutto è molto organizzato, la cucina è perfetta.
Grazie di tutto.

Tante volte avevo immaginato questa vacanza, ma mai avrei pensato sarebbe stata così stupenda ed emozionante…. mi spiace sia già finita ma penso già a quando ritornare.
Grazie davvero di tutto!
Valentina e Stefano

E di nuovo Africa… e di nuovo noi tre…
Bello, bellissimo! Alla prossima volta.

Una bellissima esperienza a contatto con la natura ma con tutti i confort per un soggiorno piacevolissimo e assolutamente da ripetere!!
Asante per tutto e spero a presto.
Fabiola e Andrea

Alle radici… Se c’era un modo migliore per avvicinarsi all’Africa noi non possiamo immaginarlo. Grazie Mdonya
So this is Africa

Sono stati 5 giorni fantastici! Questo è un paradiso! Nessun animale è sfuggito alla nostra macchina fotografica. Ringraziamo le guide per la loro gentilezza e pazienza.
Un grazie speciale ad Anna che ci ha permesso di scoprire questo paradiso.
The Comi Family (Vittorio, Gianluigi, Alessandro, Gilberto e Beatrice)

Abbiamo passato 5 giorni meravigliosi, che non dimenticheremo mai. Abbiamo visto tantissimi animali, uno diverso dall’altro e ogni volta è stata una graandissima emozione.
Thank you Alex for your kindeness and thank you to all of the staff…. Extraordinary!!!
We never forget tour guide Maulidi (eagle’s eye) and our driver Celestino.
Carississima Anna, grazie per averci fatto conoscere la tua Africa, che adesso è anche un po’ nostra. Ti voglio bene :) Cate!
Tutte le mie paure sono scomparse e se potessi rimarrei ancora qua. Alessandra Thun
The Thun Family (Giovanni, Cinzia, Alessandra e Caterina)

Ci è piaciuto molto questo safari perché abbiamo visto molti animali: 1 ghepardo, 4 leoni, 6 leonesse, molti elefanti, diverse giraffe, tantissimi impala e dik-dik, milioni di uccelli, gli sciacalli e un pitone… Vorremmo raccontare anche del safari che faremo oggi ma dato che quando torneremo andremo direttamente all’ aereoporto facciamo i nostri complimenti adesso, grazie dell accoglienza da
Rocco Rossi, Nicolò Rossi
Mamma e papà confermano! E’ tutto magnifico (per adulti e per bambini)
Famiglia Rossi


Many thanks for an excellent stay here at Mdonya – a very special place. Hospitality has been first class and I hope to return soon.
All the best,
Eddie Dunn, Glascow, Scotland.

After many, many game drives in the last 10 years the 12 hour drive of today was one of the best ever. Thanks to Kahimba, perfect spotter with lots of knowledge.
Jan Lu……Zanzibar
An amazing location made even more spectacular by excellent management and fabulous staff. Many thanks to all, especially the charge-stopping maasai. We will recommend to all,
Cindy, London UK and Pau, Phnom Phen, Cambodia

We had the most wonderful brilliant time. Saw so much it made our brains ache ! Kahimba and driver were excellent and so obviously enjoyed their jobs, that it was infectious and we spent the whole time with permanent smiles on our faces. Scenery is beautiful and the places we stopped for breakfast and lunch were jaw-dropping. Thanks to all the camp staff for lovely food and well prepared tents which were kept very clean and tidy. This was our best holiday ever. Thanks so much.
We have had an elephantine time in giraffe park We’re not lion !! Truly awesome place. Thanks Alex & gang.
Lesley and Alan Shirt, Steyning, West Sussex, England.

What can I say ? our very first experience of anything like this !We have had such a good time. Two great guys driving / guiding us for the whole stay – Chombo / Naiti. Such a good time in the evenings, a really good laugh, and made to feel really welcome by Alex and her team, despite my socks and the odd reference to England’s cricket prowess !!
Martin and Jane Raye, UK

Absolutely great stay at Mdonya, we have really enjoyed the stay. Highlight has been our guide Kahimba who was so exciting to watch. Was fabulous fun tracking cheetah and leopard, and just amazing to track footprints across the bush to lions. Also really great food – don’t know how you do it in the middle of the bush.. Thanks again for a great stay,
Katherine and Stephen Otterell, UK

We have had an absolutely fabulous time here at Mdonya. Our guide Kahimba was so experienced and interesting to watch to track animals from such small clues! The food and hospitality have been fantastic; lying in bed watching giraffe and impala walking by the tent was a real highlight. Thank you all for a great time.
Martin and Caroline Stirling, UK

We’ll only keep good memories and great pictures after our stay in Mdonya. Great game drives (excellent guide Zac), nice accommodation, very friendly staff. Thanks for these excellent 3 days.
Cloe and Stijn, Belgium.

Outstanding experience. So much wonderful wildlife, particularly the friendly leopard! Birds wonderful. What excellent guides and all the staff made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Hope to be back sometime.
Jill Halliday and Bruce Wallace, UK

Thank you very much to all the team!! Really nice and real safari place! To have the elephants, the impala and the lions as part of the team has been great! We hope to come back again and share another lovely stay!
Cora and Carlos (Barcelona, Spain)

Bella esperienza, posto fantastico! Immensa felicità stare qui, altrettanto immenso il dolore abbandonarlo!!
Francesca Baroncini e Enrico Camoli

Thank you for 3 amazing, memorable and adventurous days, as well as the great hospitality. We’ll surely come back one day to this little paradise on earth. Wishing you and the entire team all the best,
Frederike and Maja (Germany / Zanzibar)

L'africa è sempre nel mio cuore! Il campo è fantastico! Grazie
Alessandra del Nobolo
My first time in a tented camp will last forever deep in my heart…. thank you all for everything!
Paolo Comimiti (Italy)

An amazing two days in beautiful surroundings – I love getting back to nature and being out in the half-light early and late. So many wonderful animals and birds. Alex and the staff couldn’t be more helpful and we had a really good guide. Thanks so much for everything.
Janet Johnston, UK

Ruaha, what a gem and wonderful place - animals, entertainment and people.
Malcolm Kensett, South Africa

Alex et une excellente maitresse de maison. Par se presence, el apporte un charme supplimentaire a le ‘tented camp,’ et crie une ambiance tres sympathique qui j’a beaucoup appreciee.
Janine Szczygiel, France.

Asante sana! Never again will hotel room walls feel quite as comfortable, and the sky without the million African stars guiding our way through the bush simply isn’t a real sky. We are definitely getting one of those tents for our backyard! The animal curiosity, the expertise of our guide and driver along with the 5 star hospitality will never be forgotten! Ending a night in front of the fire after a ‘family dinner’ followed by a night with soothing and sometimes surprising noises and sounds was the perfect wrapped bow around this entire experience.
Thank you and ‘tack’,
Stina & Svante Wallmark, Uppsala, Sweden.

Great scenery and wildlife both from the jeep safari but also from the comfort of the lounge. Forget binoculars – the animals and birds arrive at camp and pose for photographs. Guides and drivers are fantastic at spotting. Thank you for everything, especially 4 xs sightings of leopards.
Brian and Pauline Telford, UK

This is such a wonderful place and I loved to stay here.Very nice and relaxed atmosphere. I would love to come back one day. The wildlife is great ! Thanks so much. Take care and all the best.
Vibeke Kleppan, Norway.

Siamo stati in questo splendido luogo che ricorderemo per sempre e chissà che un giorno ritorneremo...
P-S staff molto cordiale e ambienti familiari...tutto perfetto
Dario Bondi e Renata della Vite
This must be heaven on earth! Such great country, people, animals and food not to mention the hospitality. Thank you all for showing me a taste of it and I shall certainly be returning.
Many many thanks
Mary and Edward Kirkby, UK

Quando siamo scesi dall'aereo abbiamo pensato: finalmente siamo tornati a casa. Quando siamo arrivati nel parco del Ruaha abbiamo pensato di essere in paradiso. Quando siamo arrivati al campo abbiamo pensato: questa è la nostra grande famiglia. Baci baci. Grazie
Cosa dire…non ci sono parole, il parco è stupendo e chi lo gestisce è meglio, le emozioni sono infinite, come sempre l'Africa non delude, grazie a tutti.
Ruggero Carpi e Serena d'Amico
What an exciting return to the African savanna. How delightful it was to be so perfectly pampered and fed in the midst of unspoilt nature. Merci vill mall!
Stefan, Barbara, Maw and Alice Zimmerli, Switzerland.

Wow ! what a magnificent adventure- we were made to feel really at home – Zac and Goodluck showed us a new view of Africa, lots of animals and birds, and of course the 5 cheetah. We had a really wild time. We will be back.
Lesley and Stuart Rudgyard, UK

Africa fantastica, campo stupendo! Non potevo chiedere di più!
Francesco di Donna

A true oasis... We have loved every moment, a real adventure and we would love to come back!
The Knivsbergs, Norway

Semplicemente fantastico!!! I love Africa
Rancati Marisa e Galliani Renato


Wow! What a magnificent adventure – we were made to feel really at home – Zac and Goodluck showed us a new view of Africa – lots of animals, birds and of course the 5 cheetah – we had a really wild time. We will be back.
Lesley and Stuart Rudygard, UK

A true oasis ! – we have loved every moment – a real adventure and we would love to come back !
The Knivsbergs, Norway

Dankeschoen fuer die Zeit hier in Mdonya Camp – es war cool, wir warden das nie vergessen. Wir wuenschen euch weiterhin eine schoene Zeit !
Mirro Rawyler + Roland Bramato

What a wonderful place and you make it even more special – we will remember you forever!!!
Many thanks, Chai and Amparo, London UK

Ruaha is a very special place. We’ll treasure out time here always, and hope to see you again. Wonderful staff, especially our intrepid and far seeing guides.
Leslie Ziegler +Michael Staton, San Fransisco, California USA

What an amazing campsite, wildlife on your doorstep, we have seen so much and are very sad that we have to leave – we will be back. Thank you to all the wonderful staff – you made our stay a memorable one.
Irene + Tony Rugby, UK

Terrific camp! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the wildlife (on four legs, and two) and my Swahili is returning fast, with the aid of enthusiastic teachers ! Don’t change the formula here – it’s a winner.
Morag Urquhart, Scotland

I am Luciana from Kananga – I was here for just one night and I had an amazing time! This place is really very nice and comfortable! I hope to be back shortly.
Luciana Pena, Kananga Tours, Barcelona Spain

This is the most beautiful place I have seen in my life. When my husband and I got to this park we were surprised at what a wonderful place, and of course the atmosphere in this camp is nice, incredible stay! We hope to come back! We have enjoyed a lot – thank you and greetings from Spain – Esther Gutierrez and Pedro Palacios

A fabulous spot – ticked all t he boxes for us. Next time I’m coming for a month. Don’t change anything!
Tea and Simon Glover, UK

A wonderful, cosy camp. Fantastic safaris. Our guide ‘eagle-eye’ spotted everything, so it could not be better. Hope to come back.
Helle Bihlet, Denmark

Beautiful, chill and complete. Seen them all. Relax as far as possible. Top honeymoon. Goes over all we expected.
Mary and Arie Uis, Holland / Nigeria

A truly wonderful experience that we will never forget. Amazing scenery, wonderful staff and a great host – what more could we want! We will miss this place and hope to come back very soon.
Fiona (UK) + Annetta (Oz!)

I can use two words to describe the camp and the park…fantastic…incredible!!
Paolo, Italy

We could not have found a more fabulous place to stay whilst discovering the Ruaha. Everyone has been so friendly, the guiding & driving amazing and the game and scenery outstanding. This has been the most wonderful way to spend a birthday – delicious cake and the best present of all, watching a cheetah stalk its prey, strike and take an impala!
Claire and Richard, UK

Lovely camp, excellent guiding and driving (particularly Maulidi and Ayoubu), and game viewing. A wonderful holiday!
Bob and Jill Gilbert, UK

We have had a fabulous time here. Lovely food, fantastic animal sightings including a cheetah stalking and killing an impala in the Mini Serengeti. Ruaha is a hidden gem and the landscape very beautiful. Thanks to all the team for a wonderful time.
Edith, Marcus, Ellen and Jamie, UK

Mdonya Old River Camp is absolutely beautiful. It has met all our expectations and also given us a flavor of the African bush. Out time here was enhanced by the amazing team who looked after us from cooking, cleaning, laundry. Our thanks also go to Emmanuel and Eddie who took us out every day to find game and looked after us as well. Alex, Sara, you have a wonderful place here and we will be telling everyone about it. We go away with the most wonderful memories and photos. Thank you again.
Simon and Mayna, UK

Excellent safari with lots of splendid sightings. ‘Eagle Eyes’ Maulidi was on top form, spotting a cheetah at 200 yd, lying under a shade tree and a leopard at 150 yd, draped over a branch. How does he see them? Lots of birds – 75 or so in 2 full days. Thanks to all.
Jim, Kay, Tom and William, UK

Many thanks for a brilliant stay at Mdonya. All staff are friendly and helpful and the camp is a lovely place to be. We enjoyed 2 full day game drives where we saw elephants, buffalo and many more! On the second day we saw a ‘hat trick’ of cats seeing 3 leopards, many lions and 1 cheetah all in one day. We loved the varied landscape. Thanks to Zack our guide and Ayoubu the driver for your eagle eyes!
Linda and Adrian, UK


Thanks to all the staff at Mdonya who made our stay so comfortable and enjoyable. I t has been a wonderful experience. Kahimba and Ayoub managed to provide us with memorable sightings of a vast range of wildlife. Our only disappointment was that we slept to well we never saw any of the nocturnal visitors to the camp!
Barbie & Mike, Helensburgh, Scotland.

Most enjoyable stay – loved being so close to the real Tanzania. All the staff were most accommodating, friendly and very professional. Our guides Zac and Tuesday were so knowledgeable and were able to answer all our questions from botany , animals, birds, trees and the environment. We’ll certainly recommend the venue. Wonderful visit. Everything first class. Just what we wanted! Excellent and attentive staff. Good game viewing. A really excellent stay. We shall recommend you all to others. Many thanks.
The Padgetts, UK

Excellent stay at the camp! Staff have been wonderful + the wildlife amazing. Saw such a wide variety of animals and our guide has superb eagle eyes for spotting game in the distance. Exceptional food + gorgeous setting amongst nature will be sure to bring us back. Asante for everything. We appreciate all the effort that made our stay great! Please know we will recommend you to everyone we tell our stories to.
The Duffins, Chicago, USA

Great bush camp. Thanks so much for this!
Nicole + Elmar, African Dream Tours, Germany

The camp and the landscape have exceeded our expectations – which were high! Many thanks to the staff – particularly the guides and drivers. It was amazing!
Hillary + Chris Bonsall, UK

We’ve had a superb time in Ruaha. Thanks to Zac and Goodluck we’ve seen everything we hoped to and more. I’m pleased to have survived the toothy visitors in the infamous No 10 and we’ll be very sad to leave. Thanks for a wonderful stay !
The Eatons, UK

Absolutely stunning, what a perfect setting, and waking to giraffes + baboons was lovely! Thanks.
Ed + Mishe, Kananga Tours, Barcelona, Spain.

Alex., thanks so much for such a wonderful weekend. Lovely to hear another Aussie!! Thanks also to the guys for the Ki Swahili lessons! Hope to see you again soon.
Jen Shannon, WA, Australia

To all the staff at the Old Mdonya River Camp. A very very big thank you for such a wonderful stay! Only too sorry that it was such a short one! W shall spread the word to all our Australian friends. Many thanks.
Caroline Nison, WA Australia

An interesting and rewarding experience during the first visit to the Ruaha (baobabs!). Thanks to all the staff for excellent work!
Gregor, Italy

Your wonderful camp combines an impressive high level of luxury with echo friendly sensitivity for the environment. We are convinced that your efforts contribute to preserve Ruaha’s unique nature and benefits the surrounding community. Well done. Alex, Sara as well as the whole staff, thanks so much for giving us an unforgettable stay and spoiling us with friendliness, excellent service, amazing safaris, and exquisite meals. What memories to take home to the oncoming Scandinavian winter!
Krsiten + Lars Ilum, Denmark.

This is a magical place that will stay with us forever. The nature, the sounds, the food, the out-of-a-movie hostess Alex, the child like Joshua. Life does not get any better. Much love,
Frank and Ina, Denmark.

The experience and emotion of being part of the nature for a couple of days has been amazing. This was my first safari ever and I definitely love it. Looking and being with animals in their natural environment is one emotion that you cannot understand until you have tried it. The peace and the animal sounds are incredible. I never thought it could be so emotional to do a safari.
Thank you.
Alessia Palombo, Italy


Great camp, safari and food. Thank you for your hospitality and making us feel so welcome. I had a great time – the sounds at night, the light in the morning, the food and the company. You have created the lost Africa. Thank you,
Joe and Catherine, UK

Unfortunately today we are leaving! This experience is one of the best experiences ever ! I would love to come back anytime...I will miss Mdonya Old River Camp very much.
Marina Mackintosh, UK / Spain
Utter luxury to focus on the natural world for an entire day…………wish it was mandatory for all…………what a different world we would live in.
Pippy, UK/Spain

Thank you for the great time in Ruaha! Sun, rain, warm, cold, all the animals, all the insects,……………what a great time! Many thanks to the guides and all the staff.
The Grass’s, Germany

5 nice days for me, coming from Norway. Nice people, excellent service (including the flying croutons) and many strange animals. Didn’t see leopard, had to settle for leopard turtles. Good sightings of eland, elephant and lions, and many many impalas. Mange tak. Many thanks.
The Robberstads, Norway

We had a wonderful time here: the camp is lovely, the staff friendly and the animals plentiful. Kahimba and Naiti identified lots of interesting finds and we had amazing experiences. We’d love to come back and find the elusive leopard ! Thanks to Alex, Sara and the team at camp for making us feel so comfortable and welcome.
Lindsay and Stephen, South Africa

Nice camp, nice trip, great wildlife viewing – a very pleasant experience.
John Lichte, US

Thank you for a lovely stay. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The sounds at night, the stars – wonderful! Kahimba and Naiti were excellent and worked hard to find us the elusive leopard…twice! Today as we leave we hope to see a cheetah…fingers crossed!
The Beals, UK

Das beobachten der Tiere, die wunderschoene Landschaft und die zahlreiche Stimmen, Gerauecher und Gerueche haben uns tief beeindruckt. Wire denken gerne an diese intensive Zeit zurueck. Danke an Alex und die ganze Team.
Maya + Daniel, Switzerland

Thanks, fantastic viewing – hundreds of elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes…the crown on the top 2 huge prides of lions and the cheetah having his pray for lunch. See you again ! Our guide eagle-eye Maulidi found everything there was to find, on top of everything cheetah and leopard. Asante sana!
Kerola family, Finland

Our first time in Africa and in Ruaha. We loved it very much. Thanks for all your warm hospitality and great service. It was a great experience. We will come back!
Sylvia and Peter Higer, Germany

A wonderful place with the spirit of the old safari days. Roads not blocked by thousands of tourists, game viewing in solitude that all adds to a fantastic experience during the day. The time at the camp is perfect to rest and exchange the experiences with fellow guests – all is topped by the hospitality of Alex. Ruaha is a place we will return – definitely. We start to count down the hours and days to the moment we are leaving Germany to return to Ruaha again.
Rudhardts, GermanyMany thanks for an excellent stay here at Mdonya – a very special place. Hospitality has been first class and I hope to return soon.
All the best,
Eddie Dunn, Glascow, Scotland.

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We had the best time in this camp. It was very
beautiful and we will definitely be back in the
future because of the wedding proposal during
your well managed private dinner. Thank you for a
great time. Marcel + Jona (The Netherlands)

Ralph and Rosalie give you congratulations for
being nice with us on our first time in Africa
and on our honeymoon !! Thank you very much !

This was a truly fantastic time. It was my first
safari and quite some introduction ! Fantastic
animals and a fantastic time in the camp. Cheers ! Torben (Copenhagen, Sweden)

This is a place to come back again and again. I
will come back ! Many thanks for making our stay
so enjoyable. Janet (Zurich, Switzerland)

A truly wild experience with fantastic food,
staff and guiding. My first visit to Ruaha but
certainly not my last. Thank you everyone. Ted Archdale (London UK).

A truly magical discovery – our 10 days in Ruaha
were the best safari experiences in this time in
Tanzania. Many thanks to staff for their high
standard of taking care of us. Greatly
appreciated. Will be back. Imeldo + Fergus (Victoria, BC, Canada)
We really appreciated this stop in Ruaha park and
the hospitality of this camp. Place is peaceful
and staff are very helpful. We will not hesitate
to recommend this place – thanks a lot for
yesterdays special event you made just for us.
Sylvie and Thierry (Beaulais, France).

Thank you so much for your bush hospitality !
What an amazing place and what an experience.
Thank you for treating us so we. My expectations
were far exceeded ! Maybe see you again…Amelia and Jim Twine (England)

You made our stay an unforgettable experience.
The well guided game drives, the superb veggie
food, the interesting ‘night disturbances’ and
your caring staff. Thanks for making us feel so good ¬ Evelyn (Switzerland)

Our stay was absolutely amazing down to every
little detail. All the staff were very helpful
and welcoming. The efforts displayed to take care
of the guests, the quality of the safari
experience and the atmosphere in the camp all
exceeded our expectations. Special thanks to
Naiti and Jeremy ! Veronique + Jean-Francois (Vancouver, Canada).

In this wild, remote and beautiful country we
found a place in which we feel at home…..see you soon. Alexander

Thanks for those days in the wild life of Africa
! Unforgettable moments for our honeymoon. We
will remember you in our hearts. See you soon !
Vilamoro (Barcelona, Spain)

Mdonya River Camp and staff rock !! The Rakow party (USA)

.A great camp in a superb location ! food is
superb and plentiful. The guides were fantastic
and they helped us to see a leopard ! We’ve had a
brilliant time here + will definitely recommend.
Out thanks to Micol and her team.
The Jebbetts (England).

Thank you again for yet another wonderful stay
with you all. We thank every ome of you for
making our stay so memorable, so comfortable, and
so enjoyable – for us it is like ‘coming home’
when we return to Mdonya. Mdonya Camp is unique,
here is the real Africa, please keep it that way
for everyone who is lucky enough to stay with you
including us. Now we dream of our next trip to you next year !
Jan + Roger (Dartmoor, England)

Bonjourno ! Asante sana for EVERYTHING ¬ The
tents were so comfy, the staff so friendly and
the guides and drivers fantastic ! Seeing the
cheetah was the best leaving present ever. The
evenings around the campfire and table will stay
with us forever. You should make all your guests
sing ! This is a very unique place. A short but very very sweet trip. Ciao.
The Munro-Lott family (Cornwall, England)

This was an overall GREAT experience ! Woken up
by elephant in the middle of the night not even a
metre away from the tent, millions of stars above
you while eating or showering, all the animals
that we saw. Everything is so much in balance
here it’s (almost) healing ! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!
Lenny Hoogstarten en Simon Barral (Netherlands)

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6 th Feb 2010

What a wonderful location just right for us all. The drives have been superb we steel have to see the cheetah. Thank you to all the staff you have looked after us very well on compliment to the cook.

Now we move to the selous lets hope it is all as good

Pete and Yvonne


10 th Feb 2010

A wonderful 10 days stay in a remote and marvelous park. Mdonya Old River Camp is really relaxing and magic place. We feel the wild bush surrounding us all time.

We will never forget those 10 days.

Thanks for all and see you soon in the wild bush.


11 th Feb 2010

Thank you for a nice stay.

Mark ( UK)


A wonderful return to Ruaha we will be back

Mark( Zanzibar)


12 th Feb 2010

The beauty of Ruaha will be with us forever. We will never forget this incredible place.

Many thanks

Doug Weis (Canada)


15 th Feb 2010

My first safari and without doubt, not my last 3 wonderful days with fantastic people seeing amazing sights. Thank you so much.

Bills says thanks especially to the cheetah king..


16 Feb 2010

We enjoyed our stay. We didn’t see all of the wonderful animals so we have a good reason to come back soon..

Thank you Naiti, Micol and all staffs

Joy Butcher


17 th Feb 2010

It was very nice to stay here. We enjoyed very much. Thanks to the staff for everything

Bron and Ria ( Holland


18 th Feb 2010

You all formed a wonderful place please hold it in that line. Ecological friendly, sustainable

We have had 3 good days.



19 th Feb 2010

Ruaha is such a beautiful park in the wet season. We have now seen it ``brown + script`` with plentiful animals +wet + green with a tsetse migration. The camp is friendly, relaxed, Micol mages it well. Thank you for 4 days.

Paul and Sylora Shilliam

Plz we will write up our experiences on www.photossnapsshot.co.uk


20 th Feb 2010

Thank you for a lovely stay,too short for us, but a very released feeling here

All the best

Josh and Katherine


21 st Feb 2010

It was a very pleasant stay at the camp. The landscape is beautiful in this time of the year, we will come back in the dry season to see more lions, cheetahs and leopards.

Staff and Micol do a wonderful job, everyone is friendly and helpful. It was great.

Thank you very much, we will come back that is for sure.

Betty and Paul Van Corp


25 th Feb 2010

Thank you all for the memorable trip, in the most memorable natural setting. I appreciate the naturalness of this wonderful camp and the hard work that goes into keeping it in this way. Great place, people and most of all the creatures.

We promise to tell our friends.

Thank you

Loma and Richard


27 th Feb 2010

Wild beautiful and adventure in everyway


27 th Feb 2010

A loudy camp, very wild and worthwhile experience

Rita Cook


27 th Feb 2010

An experience with nature. You are so close to nature as to be part of it


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3 Jan 2010

We had the most wonderful stay. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly, nothing ha s been too much trouble. Richard especially has been a brilliant driver and first class guide.

Thank you so much everyone.

Best wishes for 2010

John B Royce


7 th Jan 2010

We have seen Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngororongoro and Selous in the last 3 weeks. Ruaha is the best I think of all these places. I do not know how you could improve on the experience it was marvelous.

Thank you

Dean La Tray


9 th Jan 2010

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful stay. It has been truly amazing to stay so close to the animals. The food has been so lovely and we especially enjoyed sampling the Tanzania traditional food

Thanks again

Dan and steven


11 th Jan 2010

Thank you for a great stay! We found the staff and service excellent. We had two really enjoyable game drives. The guides were very knowledgeable



11 th Jan 2010

What an incredible experience! We have fallen in love with Ruaha. We had such a great time here at mdonya. The atmosphere at the camp was so warm and friendly and our game drives were perfect.

Thank you so much

Victoria UK


12 th Jan 2010

Tuliwasili adhuhuri na kupokelewa vyema. Nikambi nzuri iliyoowana vyema na mazingira ya asili ya eneo la Mdonya. Hongera kwa kutoa huduma nzuri kwa wageni. Safari ya kuangalia wanyama na mandhari ya eneo hili ilikuwa ya kuridhisha sana.

Ahsanteni n anawatakia heri na fanaka za mwaka mpya.

Lota Melamari


12 th Jan 2010

Nimefurahi sana ugeni wangu kufika katika camp ya Mdonya Old River. Uongozi mzuri wa kirafiki na wafanyakazi wenye bidiii na wema kwa wageni. Nimefurahi pia safari yangu katika ndege yenu.

Nawatakia heri na baraka nyingi sana kwa kazi yeny nzuri.

Scolastica B. Ponera


15 th Jan 2010

Good days in the garden of Eden …..and staff, food, guides and drivers were just perfect.

Ettiene and Gelnadine (France)


20 th Jan 2010

A fantastic experience with comfortable tents and very friendly helpful staff. The safaris were tremendous.


21 st Jan 2010

A beautiful and relaxed place . Very nice staff and a perfect lead of Micol. We vhope to come here again.

French and Eriche- Switzerland

21 st Jan 2010

Great experience everything was fine. Great safaris and great team

Braux (France)


A most excellent experience, the camp its management and staff were same of the best we have experienced in our trips to Africa. Keep it up the great work



My first safari, so beautiful to stay here, perfect and wild. will do it in dry season.

Greetings from Benji ( Germany)

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1st Dec 2009
Amazing place. Had a wonderful time, thank you very much for the all good care.

4th Dec 2009
Thank you Micol and all the other staff for an amazing three days. Your attention to detail this camp sets it apart from the rest
Jennifer & Richard Gann USA

5th Dec 2009
Had a fantastic stay for 3 nights –peaceful and fantastic service. Thank you for the leopard sighting
Good luck
Paula and Thom UK

9th Dec 2009
We had a lovely evening with excellent dinner only. Next morning we are sad to leave this beautiful spot on earth. Thanks for saving the camp in middle of the African nature in the very best way. We strongly recommend the place to friends and family in Norway.

9th Dec 2009
What a brandy, Micol ! The camp too!!
This place gives serenity and composure a new meaning …….
I wish we stayed here a few extra days not just one night. Treated like royalty by the staff needs getting used to…..
Great food
I will be back Nature willing

15th Dec 2009
Such a wonderful place. Thank you so much
Arist. UK

24 Dec 2009
The remote camp in a most remote and beautiful park has been inspirational and allowed body, sound plus legs 9with walking safari) to fly
Thanks to all

26 Dec 2009
We certainly enjoyed to stay at a beautiful place on earth, the excellent food and the kind staff.
Rudolf Meier

29 Dec 2009
Thank you for this wonderful stay. the staff, guides, and drivers thank you. We will never forget that we saw the leopard the first night.
Best wishes.
Piet& Eva

30 Dec 2009
It was a beautiful place. I want to come back again.

31 Dec 2009
It was a good place and I want to come again. I love Ruaha.

31 Dec 2009
A very enjoyable visit thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven on Earth with us
Fred Elizabeth Hodgson


Well first we have to say thank you for a pleasant stay and great service and the staff were great. Everything was more than we expected.
Brigitta from Stockholm-Sweeden

Had a wonderful experience in Mdonya, The staff made us very comfortable and enjoy our experience even more.
Nice big elephant by our tent last night along with a hyena and wild pig (not a warthog!)
Thanks for everything we will see you again son

5 Nov 2009
Well! First we have to say thank you for a pleasant stay and great service and of course the excellent food. The staffs were great
Everything was more than we expected
THANK AGAIN jenny@ahlsen@gmail.com

14 Nov 2009
This has been an exceptional experience, the superlatives dry up even so to summaries-professionalism, skills, knowledge, hospitality and the warmth of welcome prevail. I an all too short stay we have seen so much including a leopard (the 14th November will always remain an ``L`` day for us. we will remember this special place (Ruaha)
Thank you so much
Youne, Margareth, Dicko, Aundy

15 Nov 2009
Thank you very much for all it is a wonderful place, peaceful and great
Maria Glasting

16 Nov 2009
A great experience in two days –good service and god food. I hope to come back my next vacation

22 Nov 2009
What a fabulous, relaxing + endlessly interesting time we had. ayoub and Giovanni job were wonderful excellent we spent many enjoyable days with them.
Everyone took excellent care of us and Sarah is an excellent host
Asante sana
Kathlyn + Arsenault/Cox

23 Nov 2009
Mdonya Old River Camp was excellent in terms of all services provident. The staff was great and helpful. The driving safaris were a great source of nature and excitement. The showers overlooking the stars at night was the height of this trip

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7 Oct 2009
We have had a fantastic stay, safaris were great. Very knowledgeable and friendly guides/drivers. Beatiful setting at the camp. We would have wished to stay longer.
we cant wait to come back.
Anderw and Alison

8 Oct 2009
We had a great time here, you can beat five leopards in 24 hours! Excellent food and well organized camp. We also loved the genet cat.
Andy and Jane

10 Oct 2009
We had an amazing time more animals than we ever dreamed of seeing! Camp was great! Great food! Jeremy, Richard and Rowland are very knowledgeable about Ruaha, people here are so friendly. Hope to come back.

11 Oct 2009
Had a wonderful time –great camp-great staff we do not want to leave. Many thanks to everyone
Gill, Paul and Gemma

11 Oct 2009
Thank you to everyone for making our time here so special! We have had a magical time and really don’t want to leave. It will be strange in Zanzibar not to have an elephant, Giraffe or baboon walking past our room.
We hope to be back as soon as possible.
Many thanks.
Jane and Nick

12 Oct 2009
We had a wonderful time, Thank you we will miss having our evening drinks by the camp fire and the lovely candlelit diners with the sounds of animals in the background. Giovan was great on the game drives and all the other staff so friendly and helpful. Many happy memories to take home with us.

we had a great time in a wonderful place. Hope to be back some day
Thanks for everything
Tahi and Clara

Thank you for the nice stay here. We like the track lessons from the Maasai

17 Oct 2009
Thank you all very much for a lovely stay
Mike and Jane

19 Oct 2009
thank you for brilliant safari. a special thanks to Emmanuel and Naiti they were so good and we enjoyed their company.
All the best for the years to come.
Kathy and Scotty

We enjoyed it very well. It was really amazing
Thanks for all.

Lions, Cheetah with cubs and even a leopard. Everything we ordered great food excellent guides Richad`s stories were almost as interesting as the animals.
Thanks for everything, see you near time.
Thom and Jenifer

25 Oct 2009
Our first experience safari it will not be our last Very enjoyable, much enjoyed everything about it. Good company and food a memory for the cold winters nights a head back home.
Thanks to you all

25 Oct 2009
My first trip to Africa could I have dreamt of a more magical place to spend than here at Mdonya. It is a beautiful natural and authentic camp. Our stay has been 100% enjoyable. Our guide Emmanuel and Driver Ayubu were the business we were extremely

A beatiful camp run by wonderful, helpful people. My first safari was a fabulous experience. Can’t wait to come back with my family. Thank you
Kathleen Penney.

A memorable stay in an amazing location. The attention of all staff is so good. We have seen so much of the local anima life and scenery.
Very best wishes and thanks

Ahasante sana totto ottimo ,relax pace e tempuilita l`emozione

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1 Sept 2009
A very nice time, we are left with great memories. Staff, management everyone helpful We will miss the elephants and lions near our tent

1 Sept 2009
We had a great visit, the baobab and beautiful scenery
All the lions and the cheetah and cubs are memories we will always keep the staff has been wonderful and excellent

1 Sept 2009
Overall we enjoyed our visit one of the highlights is the camp itself. Wild life around the tents is great! Well organized + helpful staff, Great staff. Great food + pleasant evening around the fire

1 Sept 2009
Thanks Asante sana to everyone. Great stay wonderful wild life, scenery and campsite
Safari njema. Phil

1 Sept 2009
To micol and team
Thank you for the memorable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We saw everything we wanted to see including a leopard and cheetah. The safari were excellent and a special thanks to Zacharia and Rowland who made it very special for us
We hope to visit you again soon
Kind regards
Peter + Sophie

2 Sept 2009
Thank you very much micol and team. It has been a very exciting stay here at your camp. We learned many things, one of the reasons we were here . Byebye and se you back soon.
Kind regards
Joan and Isabel Bonny

3 Sept 2009
Thank you for a mind blowing adventure in your wonderful camp incredibly beautiful park. The camp with out fences, the animals passing through the endless beauty of the park the facilities of the camp (the cozy beds, hot shower, delicious meals. The patience and kindness of the staff. Giovanni with seeming endless knowledge about topic-politics history, the park, animals, vegetation, his kind personality, dignity, humor, going out of his way to show us his beautiful world I close co-work with experienced drivers. We will recommend this outstanding place before anywhere else.
In heart felt gratitude
Lotte Bricks

9 Sept 2009
A wonderful stay thank you. Driver and guide particularly skilled, capable and friendly.
We also had a great time and were well looked after and saw lots of interesting animals and birds.
Diana Wingfeld

12 Sept 2009
Our third visit to Tanzania and best yet. The camp is located in a wonderful game area and very well organized and managed. Food is excellent and the fireside and dinner table conversation stimulating
Well done and thank you all
Janice and Daniel

12 Sept 20009
This past month has been one of the most special experiences of my life and I feel so privileged to have spent it here. It is hard to know how to describe it and give it justice but it has been a period that I feel perhaps changed my way of thinking and possibly my life
To everyone who worked here and helped make this such a memorable experience thank you. I cant stress enough how incredible its has been here.
Oxford Enland

13 Sept 2009
For Giovanni fantastic!
Kwa heri

15 Sept 2009
Beautiful setting and a great place to test have some quite and peaceful time

16 Sept 2009
Great Camp beautiful surrounding and super hospitality
Thanks to the staff

16 Sept 2009
We have been traveling since 14 days all over Tanzania. Here in Mdonya camp we have to say that the three nights and days we spent here were wonderful. We enjoyed the food service the good meal and the beautiful landscape. We saw many animals. An a bit suffered a bit of flies attacks
Thank you for your hospitality
Uwe+Villi Dreber
18 Sept 2009
Very nice camp very peaceful lots of animals our fifth visit to Ruaha the park gets better and better every time.

18 Sept 2009
Absolutely fantastic Zacharia is a great guide+all the staff are absolutely friendly
Thank you
18 Sept 2009
A wonderful place to stay we felt looked after so well. Everybody was so friendly and attractive.

19 Sept 2009
Thanks you so much for a wonderful trip. The camp is special place the staff have been excellent and we only hope we can return and maybe see the cheetah.

21 Sept 2009
Many thanks for all your service. We were very happy to have been there with you. I hope to see you soon as possible. Lourdes

21 Sept 2009
What a wonderful place! Thank you for looking after us so well. We much enjoyed everything about our stay

21 Sept 2009
Thank you very much. Wonderful place, atmosphere, staff and food

21 Sept 2009
A truly fabulous place our stay has been perfect and so a very big thanks you. Everyone takes such effort to make it truly fabulous experience.
Nikki and Ben Ryan

21 Sept 2009
Thank for a great safari! We saw all the animals we wanted to see. Thanks for the great meals and hospitality.

Thank you for the wonderful days it has been great
Marga and Javier

We had a wonderful four days we loved the camp and seeing all the wildlife. Thank you very for your care for us

We had a wonderful stay. Thank you all for outstanding food service, atmosphere . the game drives were great. We saw plenty of leopards thanks to our great guides.

25 Sept 2009
What an amazing place to start our honeymoon. Beautiful setting a really wild place we love it. Everybody is so friendly and helpful.
What a bonus seeing honeymooner lions
Phil and Kim Jenkison

We really enjoyed our stay here very friendly staff and the guides .
Thank you.
Sophie and Robin

30 Sept 2009
Dear Mdonya camp
Thank you very much for a great time. You are such a nice camp
All the best for the baby lions.

31 Sept 2009
You have looked after us brilliant what a fantastic way to end our safari honey moon
Your staff are real credit to you friendly and caring and extremely knowledgeable and the camp is lovely. We hope to be back one day.
Thanks for everything
Great food too

4 Oct 2009
We enjoyed our stay very much everything was well organized and the food was excellent. Thanks for everything and we hope to join again

6 Oct 2009
Fantastic stay –brilliant guides-lovely food. Exciting animals an excellent camp

6 Sept 2009
Great camp, wonderful food, so wild in camp many interactions, leopard for breakfast, genet cat and hyenas + jackals for diner

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05 August 2009
Thank you for a very pleasant stay here in Ruaha. The park is very beatifull and we saw many interesting animals including two lions hunts. Thanks to the staff I the camp who made us feel so much welcome and to Kahimba and Naiti for making the game drive fantastic.
Hope to vit agai
Thomas and Marianne

05 August 2009
We spent three wonderful days in old Mdonya river Lodge? We were lucky to see a wide range of animals from tsetse flies to elephants. Thanks very much to Kahimba our driver + Micol for the friendliness and for fulfilling all our wishes

8 August 2009
Thank you so much for the wonderful start to our honeymoon Mdonya is everything we possibly wanted. We will take many fantastic memories with us. The staff and service are great and we will be recommending you to all of our friends.
Much love
Carol and Philip carolm78@hotmail.com

8 August 2009
Visiting Mdonya was our first time in Africa this trip has been better than anything we could have imagined! Our father-daughter bonding experience has gotten off to a wonderful start and its hard to imagine it could get better than the sights and sounds of Ruaha. The staff here have made us feel like we were part of a family and not just guests at the camp. Our guide and driver did everything they could to make our game drives extra ordinary
Thank you for a beautiful experience here in Ruaha National Park
Mona and Mark

8 August 2009
Thanks for fantastic stay here at Mdonya camp. The services was absolutely fantastic and
The food equally so. abundance of wildlife is excellent allowing some amazing experience. we managed to see the big 4 there included a leopard which under normal circumstances is very hard to find .thanks to all staff in Mdonya .

perculle and jasper Denmark

08 August2009
Based on our stay at lake manze we knew this would be great. But its truly amazing how great it really is!!! It has been wonderful to see a completely different part of Tanzania, but also to see animals in different environment. as we knew they would be the guides and staff have been more than helpful and really made our stay exceptional –Thank you!
my wife has summed this up excellent also due to my wife not feeling well we missed the fly camp but micol and her team went out of the way and surprised us on the last night with romantic dinner for two. to find a guest experience was guest but the service with people who really cave about you having the hest time is truly unique.
My thanks to the team and camp.
Matt and samy young

10 August2009
Three days of heaven. This is a very special place both due to it. Wonderful location but especially because of micol and the wonderful staff .we were blame with three days. Of spectacular game viewing
David Lebus
London Uk

10 August 2009
Nice place nice, people, fantastic animals over there Micol and all the crew are very kind and friendly specially Jeremia and the man who always see all the animals no matter they are hidden or far The Great Moses.
From Barcelona, Catalonia
Sergi and Maria

Lyngoer, Norway 2009.08.13
We 4 stayed at your Selous Impala Camp and then Mdonya Old River and were extremely pleased with our stays; we had not though that we get so close to the animals - and still feel comfortable. Naturally this was due to the expertise of the guides/drivers.
The best compliment we can give is that they became our "FRIENDS"!
We longed to meet them again each day, and then hear what they had in store for us.
I asked A LOT OF QUESTIONS - and all were answered - I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge they had - Giovanni is best described as a walking "encyclopedia"!!!
If anyone in our circle of friends are looking to go on safari - you can be sure I will steer them in your direction.
Best wishes from Helene, Nora Elise, Nora Wenche and Anders.

15 August 2009
Hope to see you all again may be next year we will see
Ahsante sana

15 August 2009
Its really a fantastic place we enjoyed the nature and felt happy with your familiar staff
Thank you and maybe goodbye
Dand K Horni

18 August 2009
Had an incredible time here. The camp is Fantastic well organized and filled with wild animals. The game drives has give experiences that always will be in my heart.I hope I can come back one day. Thanks to all the staff for the service.
Jan Ore Larson

Thanks for a fantastic stay here at Mdonya camp, the service was absolutely fantastic and the food equally so.
The abundance of wildlife is excellent allowing some amazing experiences. We managed to see the big 4 there included a leopard,which under normal circumstances is very hard to find.
Thanks to all staff I Mdonya
Pernlle and Jesper Dernmark

20 August 2009
What wonderful surrounding, fantastic animals and such kind helpful people. we don’t want to leave.
Nail,Sue and James

22 August 2009
Dear team really wonderful nice camp nice team but too much animals no, no just a joke
We will come back
Jorg and Anna from Zanzibar

23 August 20009
This is my second camp to stay after Impala. I felt already home being here. Very cozy place so close to elephants I really enjoy this and staying here. Although my condition was not very best. I became healthy again with you care and after some rest in the tent. I will definitely come back with family and clients from Japan as soon as possible.
Now off to Ngorongoro via Arusha
Yoko Wastholm

25 August 2009
Outstanding, exceptional far beyond my expectations. All the little touches make a big difference and the staffs are wonderful. A special thank to Emmanuel and our driver for finding so many beautiful animals. Unforgettable. I hope to come again
Hammal Smith

31 August 2009
Thanks for a great time. We even had buffaloes visiting for breakfast
Bob and Warvercy

31 August 2009
Lovely to be at Mdonya again
Sue Stolberger and Rob
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1 July 2009
I have to official remark that Mdonya is a Class Act. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and we could not have asked for a better experience. Some would say that this is a once in a life time event, but due to the excellent of the Mdonya staff a return visit is inevitable.
Christopher walker

4 July 2009
Amazing place with amazing team. Thank you so much for a memorable four days. Zacharia and Athman were eagle eye sharp in spotting. Zacharia knowledge in birds was most appreciated. Micol thanks for the jacket keeping me warm I the morning.
Thank you all can’t wait to return.
Inayal and Conrad

4 July 2009
Thank you all so much for a fantastic four nights – an amazing experience. Wonderful scenery and wild life. We only left foot prints but will have a life time of memories
Carlve and David Chapman

4 July 209
Many many thanks to Micol, all the staff for yet another wonderful stay at Mdonya. We think at you and Mdonya and often when we are back home and dream of our next visit to Ruaha
Jan and Roger

4 July 2009
Many thanks indeed for a truly wonderful stay at Old Mdonya River . You have all been so welcoming+ Zacharia our expert guide showed us some wonderful sights we hope to return one day
Richard Chapman and Sophia

4 July 2009
What a special place this is ! Our first safari experience has been unforgettable and has surpassed all our expectations. Micol and her staff have been great- nothing is too much trouble
Thank you so much.
Caroline and Vickie

7 July 2009
We have had a wonderful time. Back to nature in a very special place. Peace and quite and lovely and people. Wonderful game viewing, excellent food and company
Thanks so much Jones

8 July 2009
What a lovely place this is. Have thoroughly enjoyed the safari experience had a good night sleep

8 July 2009
A wonderful camp. So friendly, so nice

9 July 2009
What a game –best park in Africa

10 July 2009
A fantastic, fantastic place. This was our first African trip and Mdonya we will always remember.
look forward to coming back.
will and kate

10 July 2009
All the staff of Old Mdonya River Camp thank you for making our stay here a most memorable experience. The game drive were brilliant we saw and learned a great deal thanks to the guides who are very knowledgeable Especially the walking safari.
We have never been to a vacation to such a special place. The people of Tanzania are a credit the world and have made our honeymoon more than we expected. We will be back and will hopefully see you all gain.
Thank you so much all
You are all very, very special
Stephen and Veryan Smith

11 July 2009
What a lovely place! Micol your passion for the wildlife is very inspiring. Giovanni was a wonderful guide and all the staff was fantastic. We always felt very welcome. Such a memeorable 3 days and night even found a leopard for us.

12 July 2009
We all had an amazing time here at Old Mdonya River camp. Seeing the cheetah our first day and ending with a really sweet lion kill. We had a really amazing experience. I was so cool to see the genet again! Thanks an amazing time
The Evans Family Miami Florida

12 July 2009
Had a great time very relaxing and wildlife was all that was expected. Leopard great

14 July 2009
Thanks for a very nice stay. This is truly one of the most peaceful places I have seen in the world.
Anders Findsen

17 July 2009
This experience was better than anything I was hoping for the wildlife was incredible, scenery spectacular, all the staff have been very polite and helpful. I enjoyed the company. My only regret apart from my broken camera was not finding more time to relax and soak up the ambience of the camp and the savannah but then there are so many hours in the day and a lot ground to cover. I have no hesitation recommending this experience to all my friends
Many thanks

22 July 2009
Leaving Africa is always painful, only one thing cheers 0ne up the fact that this Godforsaken continent will always be here.
TIA Danny This is Africa Probably the last good place on earth and this is where we belong from the movie Blood diamond
Micol well done, thank you all and keep up the good work

24 July 2009
Dear Micol and Staff
Thank you very much for everything!! It was perfect to stay here and we enjoyed every minute of it
Warmest regard
Hans Andre

25 July 2009
Thank you everyone for a wonderful stay everything was perfect a magical place to start our honeymoon. We couldn’t have asked anything more

25 July 2009
Thank for a lovely stay in the Ruaha. Lovely hospitality. Thanks

27 July 2009
Our stay in Mdonya( Ruaha) has been exceptional. Landscape is so beautiful I will be back again sometime

29 July 2009
Great experience! our first safari and a very good one. We were very lucky to see the cheetah, lion and all the other usual animals. Good guide and drivers very friendly staff. Thanks to Zacharia The Ruaha Park and the Mdonya Old River camp are very beautiful.
Jackob and Nienke

30 July 2009
Thanks for a very nice and friendly stay with fantastic safari (good guides ) calm atmosphere and nice food. You have a beautiful place here that gives quite a different nature and experience. Keep it this way
Henry, Iris, Noah, Olivia, Dorthe and Kristian

30 July 2009
Yet another incredible stay at Mdonya They just keep getting better. Thanks again for rally special few days. Hopefully see you all again
Luke and Michie
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4th June 2009
Absolutely the best experience of a lifetime.
Staff, food, accommodation ere perfect!!
e especially enjoyed the lions at night!
Tami kauradar
Alabama usa

4thjune 2009
this is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy nature it very best .
staff was excellent
John lee borom and fair hope
alabama usa

The trip of lifetime, seeing the big (5) you made it perfect, everything was delightful!
Elianos Rose
ptclear ala usa

what a wonderful experience !thank you all for making it so great .lion, roaring outside our tent
deorganna sin usa

6 June 2009
Thank you for this wonderful experience such wonderful nature and surroundings and great staff and food too this is Africa as in your dreams.
Thank you
Dorothea and Signe

11 June 2009
Thank you for an experience I ill never forget. The friendly faces and the excellent services made our stay memorable. Special thanks to Roland and Emmanuel guide and driver. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen

14 June 2009
Dear Micol and Nick thank you so much for such a lovely for such a lovely time with you. I have loved being here and you have both been kind. I really hope to see you or may be work with you, another time soon Nick good luck with the construction job may in touch with coastal. And Micol soon.
Lots of love and thank yous kalecolsedge@hotmail.com

15 June 2009
Dear Micol and Nick
What a wonderful experience we have had, you have everything planned at the night level for us. Perfect. The care you all take is superb. Our fantastic guide and driver enabled us to see some exciting near death experience. When will become bigger stones as me near home
Such memories
Thank you

16 June 2009
Thank you for looking after us very well. We had a lovely time here.
Bob Annete Daya

18 June 2009
I had an amazing four days here. The atmosphere in this camp is second to none. Zacharia was an excellent guide and the whole staffs were incredible friendly. The food was very good as well and the game drives were really rewarding.
Thank you
Logan Esau
Meadow lake SK Canada

18 June 2009
We were very happy to have stayed at the camp here. It was the best safari camp I have ever done. The staffs were excellent and really contributed to the experience.
We would very much like to return
Vincent Dasilva and Aleish Irving Australia

19 June 2009
It has been an amazing two days stay at Ruaha. Game drives were incredible saw plenty of lions feeding on two buffaloes and had a close encounter with a male lion. The camp the management and the service, perfect. Micol even gave us a free class on Astronomy. We will come back to enjoy the variety of this incredible park
Best Regards
Juan Jorge

19 June 2009
This is an absolute amazing park. It seems to be paradise. Thank you so much for the nice attention, the great guiding/driving/cooking and cleaning
Hope to see you and Ruaha again

22 June 2009
Excellent for night stay. Great hospitality, good guide and driver who worked hard to find the game. Dinner under the stars each evening magical
A very respected birthday cake and bonus
Nite and Judy England

22 June 2009
We loved setting for the camp. It felt very open and friendly. Good food , very hard working guide and drivers.
Monica England

23 June 2009
It as a short but perfect stay. Enjoyed every minute.
Good luck to you all
Rosa and Edwin

24 June 2009
Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! We had a brilliant time thank you so much. Staffs are so attentive. Food amazing and the animals were fantastic to see. Hopefully we can come back very soon
Thanks again
Anita and David Edwards-London

27 June 2009
As usual I spend a really nice week here in Mdonya thanks to Nick and Micol. Thanks to Emmanuel for his special job, he became a really good guide. All the staff here are special.
Thanks and se you on February I hope

27 June 2009
David and I had a fabulous 4 nights here the animals and birds were wonderful, almost as the friendly, attentive staff.
With Thanks
Edith Smith

28 June 2009
Never been so close to all staff and animals. Many thanks for this wonderful safari

30 June 2009
Amazing place. All the compliments for the staff in their serve. hoping all the best for the richest Tanzanian wild life.

30 June 2009
Great camp Great staff Fantastic animals sightings !! A peaceful sanctuary paradise
Marks and Barns
Conservation safaris

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9 March 2009

“Ottimo servizio, ci fermeremmo volentieri per qualche altro girono. Grazie per la bellissima esperienza!!! Davvero indimenticabile.”

Jacopo e Famiglia



“A perfect place and company to celebrate my 50th birthday! A lovely camp and everyone is friendly and efficient. Thank to micol and all staff.”

Linda and Mike Whatmore


12 march 2009

Per gli amanti della natura un vero angolo di paradiso!! Speriamo di tornare in stagione secca.”

Silvia, Ilaria, Paolo, Rudy


12 march 2009

“...Un luogo unico! Ottimo il servizio, e’ stata una gran bella esperienza che rimarra’ dentro di noi a lungo. Ciao!”

Filippo, Barbara, Fiorella, Michele

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08 february 2009

“Spent a most memorable long weekend here and enjoyed very much.

Very well run camp, with perfect setting and warm hospitality

Will be back!”

Andrian Marie. Louser Vailapfer



“We have had a wonderful stay here comfortable tent, good food, & excellent hosts

Thank you”

Janet and Rodney Williams


“Remote wilderness + rarely friendliness = Old Mdonya River Camp, 1000 Thanks.”

Gerhard and Irene Lechner


01 february2009

“Another contrasting camp from others visited-unique, extremely hospitable,

Wonderful location.

Our guide Zechariah and driver Boniface were excellent, as was food.

We have really enjoyed our stay.

Thank you so much.”

Graham and Felicity Hey



?A perfectly pitched bush experience with great personal services.”

James, Christina and Asgar


Febryary 2009

“In questo splendido posto ad osservare wildlife un solo pensiero: “mai tornare indietro, nemmeno per prendere la rincorsa”


12 Febbario 2009

“Siamo stati due giorni, bellissimi, speriamo di tornarci e di trovare tutto uguale.”

Maria e Mizio


14 february 2009

“A wonderful bush experience

Thank you for such personal attention, a joy.”

Mary Kingsbery


15 February 2009

“Un sogno che si realizza al pari delle aspettative. Che spettacolo della natura! A presto! “Mascia


16 Febuary 2009

“E’ stata un’esperienza bellissima. Micol ringrazio te e il tuo staff per la gentilezza, la disponibilita’ per avermi fatto trascorrere 2 giorni che rimarranno impressi nella mia mente…

Grazie di cuore,”



19 february 2009

“Thank you all for a wonderful stay at your camp, we relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. Congratulation for the cure of all the details.

Asanteni na tuta onana”

Marianne+ Giovanni cagnoli


20 Febbraio 2009

“Semplicemente meraviglioso, non si possono esprimere altre parole. L’ospitalita’ e la cordialita’ di tutto lo staff sono state ottime. Il luogo non si discute, sperando un giorno io possa aggiungere un altro pensiero.”



21Febbario 2009

“Tutto grande e straordinario come le iene attorno alla tenda di questa notte. Un grazie al direttore presente e discreto, a tutto il personale gentilissimo, a Salvatore in particolare per l’ottima consulenza ITALIANA. Siamo molto contenti di essere stati qui.”



23 Febbraio 2009

“Mooolto bello. Il pensiero dei leoni che passeggiano tra le tende e’ emozionante. Esperienza meravigliosa. Staff fantastico.”

Valentina e Alberto


23february 09

One of my life most outstanding experience



26 february 09

“This has been a wonderful experience ! fantastic staff and food we have leaned so much in our short stay!

We will come back and stay longer next time

Thank you “

Judith and terry McCabe


02 march 2009

“Wonderful, people ,food, place, everything we come here thinking that we adapt our self

to bed condition.

But no ….words, no 1 word: is perfect

I will bring this experience in my heart for lifetime.

And it will be just the first of a long experience in Africa……mdonya never forget I’m not a simple tourist: 11 years around the word for work but this year….

God bless you “



02 March 2009

“Many thanks for a fantastic four days ina wonderful camp. The guides, the game, the food, the company made it a truly memorable experience. Many thanks to you all.”

David, Andy and Anry



“Thank you every one for making our stay, so enjoyable we hare been very well looked after and had a wonderful time both in camp and in the bush.”

Heather and Roger Perin


6 March 2009

“Ritorniamo sempre voelntieri in questi splendidi luoghi e tutte le volte ci lasciano qualcosa di diverso e magico. Asante sana,”

Simona e Gianni


6 March 2009

“E’ stata un’esperienza meravigliosa, abbiamo visto cose stupende,”

Tino e Anna

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4th Feb 09

“First time back in Africa for 8 years and it has lost none of its magic! The busy animal traffic outside the tent all night is quite exhilarating. Our guide and driver were superb and worked very hard and you have been very welcoming. Thank you all very much! Christopher and Sarah

1st Feb 09

“Lavoriamo in ospedale... ma finalmente abbiamo fatto una grande scoperta… come quale?! La malattia che auguriamo a tutti di prendere almeno una volta nelle vita... ancora non avete capito di cosa stiamo parlando?! Dai ceh ci arrivi... vabeh ve lo diciamo noi: il mal d’Africa. Grazie di tutto, a presto!” Gianna e Carlotta

25th Jan 09

“What a great place to get away from civilisation! Fantastic wildlife, accomodation and service. Zacharia and Moses have been wonderful helpful guides. Thanks for making our stay so memorable.”

6th Jan 09

“It has been a tremendous pleasure to spend three night here. We have thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and thoroughly atmosphere. Our guide and driver Vince nt and Rowland have been great company. We’ll remember the hyena that ate my Parisian sandals” Fiona and Francesca
Gail and Jhon

1st Jan 09

“Beautiful place, great hospitality and cozy, homely atmosphere. We really has a great time. We shall hopefully return to enjoy the cool night breeze from hot Dar es Salaam, Grazie”

8th Dec 08

“Nimefurahi sana kutembelea mbuga hizi za Ruaha, nimependelezwa vizuri sana na hoteli yenu, nimeweza kupumzika vizuri sana, chakula chenu pia ni kizuri sanakwa kweli tumependezwa sana na huduma zenu, tutarudi tena hapa Mdonya Camp mwaka kesho. M,erry Christams and Hamppy New Year.” Heol and Peter
Guido e Naima

7th Dec 08

“Siamo partiti per questa avventura senza sapere cosa aspettarci… abbiamo trovato un paradiso dal quale e’ difficile andarsene, ma possiamo sempre tornare no? Grazie per l’accoglienza e per la pizza! P.s. vedere i leoni e’ stato... non ci sono parole.” Elena e Michele.

28th Nov 08

“It is interesting as a visitor from Kenya to see the different style in which camps in Tanzania are set up as opposed to camps in Kenya. The simple setting of your camp reminds me of camps I stayed at in Kenya 30 years ago. It is pleasant to enjoy the old style of camping once again. Thanks for a very enjoyable stay. Good food, good hospitality.” P. Ransley

15th Nov 08

“Nick, Micol, -Mr. Chui- Emmanuel, Rowland, thank you so much for an other relaxing and exciting stay at my favorite Bush Camp!!! I hope to see you again very soon! Thank you to all member of the staff for making this stay so wonderful.” Cornelia Feiber-Moosbaoer

2nd Nov 08

“Thank you for showing the leopard for the first time! Wonderful stay.” Eva Manebert

5th Oct 08

“what a fantastic time we have had in a stunning location, completely unspoilt. We couldn’t fault a thing. Excellent game drives with our knowledgeable guides. Fantastic all round hospitality. Absolutely perfect, we will definitely be back” Maria&David

18th Sept 08

“I had a special specter yesterday on our day trip: we saw 5 female lions resting under a tree +were able to park within 5 yards to observe them. Then we were able to so the same with a cheetah. Enjoyed a great box lunch + dinner here!!” Babu

31st Aug 08

“A huge thank you all the staff at Old Mdonya River Camp. A wonderful rustic and relaxed camp. We love the animals around the tents (elephants). Great Game drives – our first leopard and cheet! Thank you! Lovely informal meals also- whether in camp or out in the bush. It’s been a wonderful safari experience +have fully enjoyed every minute! Beth and Laurence Barret.

20th Aug 08

“Thank you for a great stay. We really enjoy the safari-saw loads! And were made to feel so welcome and confortable. Even saw leopard twice!” Roger, Joanne, Lucy and Jack Hawes

18th Aug 08

“Per noi e’ stata la prima esperienza di safari davvero indimenticabile e nel campo il safari e l’avventura continuano. Qui si percepisce uno dei veri sapori dell’africa. Il campo e’ curatissimo e i letti comodi, il servizio e la cucina perfetti.” Stefania e Giuseppe.

27th July 08

“I’m asking myself a question: am I going back to civilized world and am I leaving here the Wild World? In my opinion civilized world is where new technology helps you to live better without damage the environment, so I’m sure I’m learning here, in this camp in Ruaha, a civilized world, but I don’t know where I\m going back.” Graziano Giacometti

21st July 08

“Merci beaucoup pour votre accueil. Cette experience ef Afrique ainsi que le safaris ont depasse’ tout ce que nous attendions. Paysage magnifique, beaucoup d’animaux, contact chaleureause. Zakaria et Boniface font une formidable equipe.” Martine Romain Freder.

15th July 08

“Thank you so much for a wonderful 4 nights. Everyone made us fell so welcome. Highlights were pride of lions with lots of cubs and elephants so close to our tent on the last night really got the heart racing! I hope we can return someday.” Sue and Berry.

12th July 08

Another fantastic stay at Mdonya! Many thanks to all the staff for looking after us so well, as usual. We have enjoyed every minute of our stay of 3 weeks, but it’s still not enough time for us. We wish we could live here in tent n.10 for ever. Now we look forward to our return next year for an other 3 or 4 weeks at our “second home”. Please say hallo to wild dogs when you see them and please ask them to come see us in Mdonya next time we are here. Many many thanks to you all” Jan and Roger

12th July 08

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful time. We have seen so many animals and had quite a few shocks (elephants outside the tent while having a shower) We now have some unforgettable memories of Tanzania. Thank you again.” The Sheldricks

4th June 08

“An amazing adventure- sitting up in bed watching zebra, giraffe and impala grazing outside has been an experience. I’ll never forget. The safari have been brilliant and the camp iseasy –didn’t realize tents could be so luxurious. And the meals have been absolutely marvelous, and the stuff so friendly. Highly recommended.” Sue

15th Feb 08

“I had a wonderful time here. This is definitely the only way to camp. The service and ddrivers and guides were excellent and I look forward to coming back in the future (maybe in the dry season next time!)” Wrisley.

20th Jan 08

“Stare qui e’ stato per noi superare acluni nostri limiti e ritrovare una parte di noi ceh avevamo perso: emozione.” Le Romane

1st Jan 08

“Hemos vivido sensaciones, experiencias fantasticas. El contacto con la naturaleza, los animalos. Feliz 2008!!” Familia Garcia-Munte’

20th Dec 07

“Thank you for a brilliant time in your camp-we loved it. Ruaha is spectacular in all aspects, wildlife and scenery. The kids especially loved the water falls. Thank you for looking afterus so well and compliments to the chef.” The Tubbs

30th Nov 07

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and impeccable service!! We will never forget out three days in Ruaha and will highly recommend the camp to everyone we meet!, Asante sana.” Matt + Lori Makowski

15th Nov 07

“Thank you for an impressive stay.
Thank you for the perfect service.
Thank you for the wonderful safari.
Thank you for the lion nearby this night!” Jacken Milnis

“Wonderful spot + great guides. The animals were pretty spectacular as well. 1 leopard and 48 lions in two days. Service was competent + perfect.” M. Guy.

13th Nov 07

“We have had a wonderful few days here, you really get a feel for what Africa is really like. We have seen plenty of animals and have some brilliant views across the landscape. This is definitely a trip to remember. “ Micheal Bond

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November 2007

Hello, this is Conny from Austria,
I was very happy to hear from "my " favourite
lions. I was guest in your wonderful camp one
year ago at the same time. I had the great
fortune to see the lions inside the camp twice
in two weeks. They killed two buffalos, it was
the best experience that I ever had in my trips
in Africa ( and I have done a lot!!!).
Dinner and breakfast with lions, one breakfast
with a leopard, one lunch with a
cheetah.............. what else can you expect ?????

Best regards and hope to see you (and the lions) again next year.

July 2007

By the time we were heading off to Mdonya, in Ruaha, we had become more confident at being in the bush. This was a bonus as Mdonya camp is the epitome of a true bush safari experience, in our opinion. We loved it! We realised very quickly that Selous had been our luxury experience and this would be quite different. We were glad of your advice to do Selous before Ruaha as Selous had 'broken us in' gently. In reverse, neither of us would have slept a wink for fear of what animals might be outside the tent. The service and standards at Mdonya were remarkable in view of its remote location. In particular, Alex and Emmanuel, our driver and guide were fabulous as was Edwin, the park ranger who accompanied us on our walking safari. This was the highlight of our trip as we were within 6ft of huge nile crocodiles. We would also like to thank Nick, camp manager for his attention and welcome. We recommend this camp unreservedly.

Julie Martin

December 8th 2006

Words cannot express how much we enjoyed the trip to Ruaha. Everything was perfect - the flight, the accommodation, the drives, the food, the team at Ruaha, and most importantly the special care and attention to details. On the first night, Nick and Daphne organised our dinner to be served at our tent and had the whole pathway leading to the tent lit with candles. It was almost magical. Also, of all the game drives I have done in Tz (and I have done so many), your team was the only one that organised to set up a lunch table and chairs under a tree by the Ruaha river. Everywhere else, I was given a lunch box and expected to eat in the car. These extra personal touches made it a very special experience and a very memorable one.
Thanks a million.
Best regards,
Munirah and Masood Kheraluwala
East African Movies

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November 10th 2006


Well, what can we say.

If you're looking for mini bars, 24/7 room service or a "trouser press"

Don't go here!

If you're looking for elephant, lions and loads of excitement

Its an absolute MUST !

We loved the whole thing, showers with the stars, moon, sun and sometimes monkeys watching.
Sleeping (or not) with elephant no more than 15 meters from your tent !
Evening meals with candle light and oil lamps watching and listening to the African night!
It was great and this is just the camp!!

The Ruaha Park itself was fantastic, real Africa.So many animals and birds, something new round every bend. The scenery changing after every few minutes. What a wonderful place, we saw and learnt so much !!!

Thank you all
Tracy and Adam, Kent UK

P.S., seeing the Hyena on my last night made my trip, thanks " Pietro"

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January 2005
Absolutely fantastic
Wonderful camp + great people
Thanks for your warm charming hospitality
Couldn't be better
The wildest
Best game viewing yet!
fantastic experience
Love it, love the shower!
Enjoyed everything tremendously
Excellent food, company, shower and hospitality
I'll be back soon!
We don't want to leave

February 2005
Dear Adventure Camps,
We have had the most fantastic five days and I will start with the best and work backwards. It will be no suprise to you that Gary and I found Ruaha to be the most wonderful of all the parks we have ever visited. Its the most wild, the most promising and the most challenging place we have been to.
At first I was taken aback by the simplicity of the camp but it did not take me long to understand and appreciate the ethic and atmosphere that Malcolm has tried, successfully, to create.
Ruaha is a park for those who have a genuine love and interest in the bush, and the camp mirrors that exactly. Only too often the camp and not the environment and its inhabitants are the main feature of a safari. But as Mdonya is so uncomplicated and unobtrusive the emphasis is exactly where it should be: on the experience out of the camp rather than in it. However, this does not mean that the experience within the camp is not a good one - far from it. The staff are nice, the food very good and the tents incredibly comfortable. I loved the fact that it was all candle lit and though I was concerned we would be hot - its was a very comfortable temperature at night. Nothing was missing in the tent and it was very comfortable - I loved the basin, and I would dearly love my shower at home to be under the stars, moon and sun.
Mdonya is simple and authentic,creating an honest product which has a clear and definite market. I am sure you will come under some pressure to change but there are so many camps doing the opposite and as far as I am aware very few who offer what Mdonya does. (In fact I can only think of one other but I have not been there myself.) The camp is very masculine in nature and while much is made of the feminine touch - I really believe any effort to bring about those touches to the camp will change the feel of it and throw the atmosphere of the camp off balance. (This coming from me who loves swags and drapes, and colours and provides my guests with any number of little touches and toys.)
We were all very happy that we had made the effort to drive in and very very happy we had decided to fly out. I don't think I have ever flown with Vincent before - he made an effort to be friendly and warm and pointed out things en route. My one and only suggestion would be that each safari vehicle have a small medical aid kit with bandaids, bandages, antiseptic spray, pain killers, antihistamines and the like - I realise it gets very hot in the car but perhaps kept in a small cooler box would provide the necessary insulation. We loved the camp, cannot wait to return to it in the dry season and will spread the word as much as we possibly can.
We have had many wonderful trips away, been to some incredible places but I know I have never been this disenchanted to leave a place.
Many many thanks,
Gail, Gary, Sunny and Matt
of “ One Ocean”, Zanzibar

Saturday 19th March 2005
News from Denmark

Hello Malcolm and the rest of the staff...
Here in Denmark everything is going just fine. My son is about 9 months, so in 1-2 years he should be ready to go to Africa. In the meantime Helle and I will be saving up some money!! *S*
I just write you to comment on the new website... It is great!! I have missed one for a long time. Watching the website brings a lot of memories back. I really enjoy all the photos and just keep on writing that diary!! It brings me a lot joy to read about all the action.... So thumbs up for the website!! And finally I can tell and show my friends which place they should visit, if they want a piece of Africa as it used to be.... The only thing that the websites lacks (that is just my opinion) is some info about prices..... And if there are any special deals available!! Just to be curious, do you still have the last minutes deals??
Is there a big difference between the camp in Selous and Ruaha? The pictures from Selous looked great and I would just die for a boat ride on the Rujifi... Did you by the way ever get a chance to do the long trip along the Rufiji you talked about when we were in Mdonya in 2003.
It seemed like an excellent idea with a lot of tourist potential.....

Hope to hear from you soon
Best regards
Jes Ronnest

PS: for the first time in over a month it is not freezing in Denmark.
That is so nice.

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"Come and meet the relatives"

Kate Humble at Mdonya Old River camp - June 2007

The pilot turned and shouted above the noise of the engine:
"If those animals start to cross the runway, we'll need to abort the landing".
My husband Ludo and I could only agree - "the animals" were bigger than our tiny plane.
This was our introduction to Ruaha, a little-known national park in southern Tanzania. Those who know it rave, not just about the beauty of its landscapes but about the variety and sheer number of animals that live in and wander though this pristine, unfenced wilderness.

We landed on the dirt airstrip, coasting past the herd of feeding elephants. Ruaha, normally bone dry, had received its annual rainfall in just a month, and was lush and verdant. The drive to camp turned into a game drive. Male kudu with corkscrew horns and masked faces peered out at us. A herd of buffalo snorted and stamped. A lone lioness, the remains of a young giraffe beside her, rolled and stretched blissfully in the grass.
Mdonya Old River Camp is just that. Camouflage green tents are set along the banks of what was once the Mdonya River, and a larger tent serves as a dining room. The whole lot could be dismantled in 24 hours, leaving few signs it ever existed.

The manager, Nick, showed us to our tent and warned:
"Don't leave anything outside after dark; we're having a bit of a problem with a hyena. She'll eat anything. Last night she had a go at one of the kerosene lanterns."
And that really is the beauty of this camp. It doesn't shut out the wildlife - quite the opposite.
A month before, a pride of lions killed a buffalo outside one of the tents.
"We didn't have any guests in that tent at the time," Nick said.
"We just put people in the tents farthest away and left the lions to it. They stayed around for a few days. The guests loved it."

The rain had brought new life to the bush - newborn impala, baby giraffe and tiny vervet monkeys clinging to their mothers. But it also meant that, with food and water everywhere, the game had dispersed. We were at the mercy of chance and every sighting was a treat. Travelling was challenging: vehicles became stuck in treacly mud, and airstrips became unusable.
We flew out of Ruaha, dodging rain clouds, heading west….

This article was printed in the Times on Saturday June 16th 2007

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