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Walking safaris are not offered at Mdonya Old River Camp


Game Drives

Mdonya game drive

Mdonya Vehicle 

Ruaha Game Drive

Our cars have shaded roofs, and either two or three rows, allowing everyone a "window seat" at a good height for game-viewing.

Ruaha in the dry season 

picnic lunch

Mdonya bush lunch

Mdonya bush lunch 

Mdonya bush lunch

The Ruaha National Park is one of the largest and most exciting game parks in Tanzania. It has many different ecosystems with varying types of scenery.
One of the most important is the area along the Great Ruaha River. We therefore offer all day game drives, with picnic lunch - so that larger distances can be covered.

Mdonya Game Drive 

Mdonya Game Drive

Evening game drive 

Mdonya vehicle

Mdonya game drive with lions 

Mdonya game drive with lioness

Lion kill 

Walking Safari

Sundowner  Sundowner

Sundowners can either be at the end of a game drive....

Evening sundowner

...or back at the camp, with a more sophisticated bar.

Eco Anti-Tsetse Flies

tsetse control 

Unlike Selous, where  tsetse flies have been largely eradicated, there are tsetse in the Ruaha.
Some areas - where there is thick bush - are worse than others, but the reason the protected areas exist is because farmers were unable to graze their cattle
where the tsetse flies were prevalent.

Recent research has showed that burning elephant dung keeps tsetse flies away. We therefore carry burners attached to the tyres as above, on all our game drives,
as there are some bush areas of the Ruaha where these insects are prevalent; we have found that this does help keep the flies away from the vehicles.


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