Shaun O'Driscoll
Milinda O'Driscoll

Shaun O'Driscoll,, Camp Manager

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Shaun has managed departments in large corporations and also ventured out on his own.
He has travelled to various countries in Europe and Africa and experienced a vast amount of different cultures, but the call of the bush and wildlife is in his blood.
An opportunity in 2004 sent him on a crusade to build, market and maintain a new camp in the South Luangwa.
A two year stint that ended nine years later. Next stop the Caprivi strip in Namibia.
He has completed a Game Lodge Management course at a leading wildlife campus and joins the management team at Lake Manze in June 2015.

Milinda O'Driscoll, Camp Manager

Milinda was born in South Africa and grew up in the Metro city of Randburg.
She gained her hospitality experience working in three and four star hotels in the vibrant city of Cape Town.
Her first African Safari adventure was in 1998 where she visited the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.
In 2004 an opportunity arose to build market and maintain a camp in the South Luangwa which she grasped with both hands.
She has completed a Game Lodge Management course and has run a very successful camp in the Caprivi strip on the Okavango river in Namibia. Milinda joins the management team at Lake Manze in June 2015.

Leonard Mhande

Leonard Andrea Mhande, Assistant Manager
Born in Mwanza, Loenard is very experienced and has done TA training. He has worked with Aviation services
and was with Adventure Camps from the beginning, at Mdonya Old River, in 2003: before coming to Lake Manze

George Chambika

George Chambika, Assistant Manager
Born in Muheza, Tanga, George was with Adventure Camps
from the beginning, at Mdonya Old River in 2003.
Before that he was with Coastal Steel in Dar es Salaam.
He had training as a guide and enjoys living in the bush.

Abuu Chonanga

Abuu Chonanga, Driver

Ally Malunda

Ally Malunda, Driver

Daniel Clement

Daniel Clement, Driver

Herbert Chambika, Driver

Herbert Chambika, Driver

All Kamkumba - Driver

Ally Kamkumba Driver

Emmanuel Mhande

Emmanuel Mhande, Driver

Emmanuel Mgoma

Emmanuel Mgoma, Driver

Zahor Zaharan

Zahor Zaharan, Driver

Victor Mafumba

Victor Mafumba, Guide

Adam Mfaume

Adam Mfaume, Guide

Samuel Chambo, Guide

Samuele Chambo, Guide

Farao Mwakasege

Farao Mwakasege, Camp Clerk

Bakari Malunda

Bakari Malunda, Guide

Alfred Mzigulah

Alfred Mzigulah, Guide

Hillary Mhondele

Hillary Mhondele, Guide

Elton Lusambo, Boat Operator

Elton Nikodeme Lusambo, Boat Operator

Omari Ali

Omary Ali, Boat Operator

Rashidi Toboke

Rashidi Toboke, Boat Operator

Rashidi Mbago Boat Driver

Rashidi Mbago, Boat Operator

Saduro Sikorei

Saduro Sikuro - Trainee Guide

Rashidi Mtile

Rashidi Mtile, Waiter

Iddy Bashir

Iddy Bashir, Waiter

Boniface Kiwelo, Waiter

Boniface Kiwelo, Waiter

Mohamed Mreto Mudi

Mohammed Mreto (Mudi), Waiter

Jabba Mussa

Jabba Mussa, Waiter


Kunjumba Lekoriyo, Waiter

Everist Lukoa

Everist Lukoa, Chef

Alex Kifunja

Alex Kivunja, Chef

Selemani Mtunwa

Selemani Mtunwa

Salum Ligomba

Salum Ligomba, Staff Cook

Lazaro Joseph

Lazaro Joseph - Dishwashing

Salum Samata

Salum Samata, Kitchen Helper

Kigogo Abdallah

Kigogo Abdallah, Storekeeper

Elias Msapuka

Elias Msapuka, Tailor

Solomon Mongula

Solomon Mongula, Laundry

Hamisi Kiroko

Hamisi Kiroko, Carpenter

Kassim Mangondo, Staff Cook

Kassim Mangondo, Te Attendant

Palingo Tayai

Palingo Tayai, Tent Attendant

Rama Tayai

Rama Tayai, Tent Attendant

Rajabu Tengeremu

Rajabu Tengeremu, Tent Attendant

Kassim Mangondo

Kassim Mangondo, Tent Attendant

Hussein Bombwe

Hussein Bombwe, Tent Attendant

Hassani Njogoro

Hassani Njogoro, General worker

Isa Pazi

Isa Pazi, General Worker


Our Maasai Askaris are very important - they escort the guests to and from the tents, carry luggage, keep a guard for animals wandering through the camp and watch over the camp at  night.

Joseph Lenjeka

Joseph Lenjeka, Askari

Kimajoi Tayai

Kimajoi Tayai, Askari

Moses Lekoriyo

Moses Lekoriyo, Askari

Lemaleka Shelshele

Lemaleka Sheleshele, Askari

Twalo Leyio, Askari

Twalo Leyio, Askari

Voiboke Ngitao

Voiboke Ngitao, Askari

Lion Sakijori

Lion Sakijori, Askari

Sapa Leboy

Sapa Leboy, Askar

Yohana Leyari

Yohana Leyari, Aaskar

Njeku Ngaliyai

Njeku Ngaliyai, Askari


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