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Lake Manze Game Diary August 2016

Elephant at Lake Manze eating doum palm fruits

Baboon eating doum palm fruit

Our one tusker family has been a hit this month with nearly daily and nightly visits. The baboons have been their constant supplier of the Doum palm fruits that they drop onto the ground for elephants to eat. Exciting to see a brand new addition to the family. So young that the little trunk is still a bit stupid.

Elephants in Lake Manze camp

Baby elephant

Elephant mum and babe


Laygos is still hanging around and entertaining our guests and the staff alike with his antics. His quest to shake the living daylights out the Doum palm trees to get to his favorite delicacies, the Doum palm fruit, has everyone in awe.


Selous lion kill
Zebra lion kill - photo by Stef Schliekelmann

Lion kill sightings have been plentiful with many a guest sharing their excitement over the dinner table. Our guide Zacharia was in the fortunate position to provide some footage of the tug of war and showdown between members of the Manze pride and some hungry large crocodiles.

Collared palm thrush SElous
Collared palm thrush in Selous - photo by Stef Schliekelmann

White-browed robin chat
White-browed robin chat in Selous - photo by Stef Schliekelmann

We have been fortunate to have some bird lovers in camp that have managed to break their own records on the amount of different species spotted in their three day stay. All of them in excess of one hundred and a promise to return soon as they would like to get to at least one hundred and fifty different birds.

more photos by our guest Stef Schliekelmann:

talking to driver and guide

Lake Manze sunrise

Powder puff

Shaun eyeballing Laygos
Laygos visits the office at Lake Manze - photo by Stef Schliekelmann

See you all soon

Safe travels

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team

                                                     Guest Comments

Dear Lake Manze Team.Asante Sana !! What a spectacular weekend. Thank you for your expertise, professionalism and warm concern for our every need. I have been on many safaris and this was easily one of the Best. I hope to visit you again.
Sincerely. R J Donovan

Dear Lake Manze we cannot thank you enough. We are sure people tell you this all the time and who spends anytime here will understand – what you have here is truly incredible and we are very grateful to have experienced it for this short time. A wonderful relaxed atmosphere at the same time well organized and professionally run. Thank you to all the staff who can’t do enough for everyone and thank you to the wonders of East Africa – the animals and birds we have seen. Some amazing sights and loved every minute. A great start to married life. We will talk about it forever and hope to return. Asante Paul and Lauren Green

My stay at Manze was above all expectations, beautiful landscape, great to get so close to animals and super service. Thanks for everything.
Frans Buysse

This is the best holiday ever!!! We couldn’t choose a better place to stay for these wonderful three days. Thanks for everything, the best staff, best accommodation, best guides, best drivers, best views. Amazing. You are all doing a great job. We wish to come back one day.
Ehab and Lana

Kudu female

A female kudu running through the camp, followed by elephants marching along the Manze highway - the camp is built on a spit connecting islands in the lake to the land - the elephants love to come to bathe and graze.

Elephants marching through Lake Manze camp

Elephant for lunch

Elephant highway

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Lake Manze Game Diary July 2016

Elephant runs through the camp

Unexpectedly a young Elephant walks straight through the dining area one afternoon. It’s one of those priceless moments when nobody has a camera ready. Luckily we could get some pictures after the fact. What happened to its trunk was a discussion point but without any evidence or knowledge we will never know.

Sitting down for lunch and a young male Lion walks past the dining about 40 meters away next to the Lake. Wow. After giving a loud grunt he dashes off into the brush. Again nobody gets the shot. What an amazing unexpected experience that guests will cherish forever.

Selous Sunset by Tom Arkell
Lake Manze Sunset - photo by Tom Arkell

Winter sunsets are like the finger print of the bush. Everyday is extraordinarily different. You will never have two of the same.

Manze genet painting

Manze zebra painting

Manze elephant painting

We have at last had some time to decorate the guest toilet with some animal images. Hopefully it has added some character to our loo. You be the judge.

Lake Manze lion by Tom Arkell
Lion by Lake Manze by Tom Arkell

Lion and Leopard sightings have been consistent over the month with very excited guests returning from game drives. The Manze pride of lions has been hunting on a regular basis which makes for some great memories and photo opportunities.

Selous Giraffe

Selous Warthog

Selous crocodile by Shaun O'Driscoll

Seslous Pied Kingfisher by Shaun O'Driscoll

Safe travels

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team

Lake Manze tent by night by Tom Arkell

Photo of a tent at Lake Manze camp by night - by Tom Arkell

Guest comments

Thanks for an absolute wonderful time. Waking up to elephants and seeing a male Lion wander through at lunch will be memories I’ll never forget. Everything was fantastic top to bottom. I’ll be back.
Will fitzgerald

Thank you Milli and Shaun for arranging a fantastic holiday. We can leave relaxed and well cared for. The game drives were excellent and met all our expectations. And a big thank you to the elephant who came down to say goodbye as we we were leaving on our final morning. We will certainly recommend Lake Manze Camp to our friends.
Love Helen and Charlie

Thanks to the whole team at Lake Manze, but particularly to Joseph and Ally, our fantastic guides. We are still flabbergasted at how good you guys are at spotting the smallest or furthest of animals. Thanks for making this the very best of honeymoons.
Edward and Catherine

To the amazing team of staff, guides and managers at Lake Manze, What an incredible stay at the camp. Our safaris were stunning and allowed us to see spectacular animals in their natural habitat. Samwel and Zahor were the perfect team for our family and even taught us words and songs in Swahili-such fun. We are sad to leave but hope to be back soon to this special place in the Selous.
Sincerely Catherine Jonash


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Lake Manze Game Diary June 2016

Lake Manze camp boats on the lake

Northern Carmine Bee Eater by Faris Algosaibi.jpg

Black-headed finch  by Faris Algosaibi
Black-headed finch by Faris Algosaibi

Collared Palm Thrush by Faris Algosaibi
Collared Palm Thrush by Faris Algosaibi

African Fish Eagle by Rebecca Benson
African Fish Eagle by Rebecca Benson

The green, green grass of home. That is what greeted us all on our return after the good rains the Selous experienced during the rainy season. Nature does not change and everything felt exactly the same as when we left at the end of last season. There was a hive of activity in camp by all staff for the preparations and maintenance to be done before we could reopen on the 1st of June 2016.

Elephant near a Lake Manze camp tent - photo by Shaun O'Driscoll

Elephant coming for dinner at Lake Manze camp - photo by Shaun O'Driscoll

Selous elephant hiding near Lake Manze camp - photo by Shaun O'Driscoll

Elephant after mudbath in Selous

Laygos made a brief appearance on a couple of occasions but it seems that with the plentiful food and water around he is on the move. The other group of one tusk Elephants have been around a couple of times enjoying what Lake Manze has to offer.

Selous Wild dogs by Stef Schliekelmann

Selous Wild dogs by Stef Schliekelmann

Selous Wild dogs by Stef Schliekelmann

Selous Wild dogs by Stef Schliekelmann

Selous Wild dogs by Stef Schliekelmann

The guest experiences and sightings have been exciting and memorable from two packs of wild dogs in one day to the witnessing of the Manze pride taking down a zebra and a wildebeest.

Lioness with missing Canine tooth, by Shaun O'Driscoll

Manze Lions pride taking down a zebra, by Rebecca Berson

Manze pride takes down a zebra - photo by Rebecca Benson

Manze lion cubs on Kill by Shaun O'Driscoll

Seeing the young Manze pride cubs ripping into the fresh kill is a revelation knowing they have survived without our presence.


Video of Selous Lion Cubs near Lake Manze Camp - By Shaun O'Driscoll.

Vulture Hotel, by Shaun O'Driscoll

Hyenas on the prowl by Shaun O'Driscoll

Many vultures were in attendance waiting for their chance to gorge themselves with a couple of Hyenas lying low in anticipation of the feast to come.

Various Leopard sightings in different areas have had the guests’ tongues wagging with excitement as they relay their stories during dinner

See you all soon
Safe travels.
Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team

Guest comments

Asante sana and nzuri sana are totally inadequate to express the wonderful time we have had here. Your hospitality, the glamping and safaris – brilliant. Our sincere thanks to Kalisti and Ally for showing us the kill by the Lions and showing us so much. Thank you Milli and Shaun for all the thought you have given to the comfort and hospitality of your guests. You are truly great hosts. So sad to be leaving but take amazing memories with us..            
The BensonWallbridge family (Melbourne, Perth Australia + Dar Es Salaam

Asante sana to Millie, Shaun, Eli and Abuu and all the rest of the wonderful team for making our holiday magical and something to remember forever. Your help and kindness has been invaluable to help Paul’s recovery and put a spring back into his step-and all the animals were just the cherry on top. Hope to see you again.
Christel and Paul Norris UK

The most amazing place. Everyone at the camp is so welcoming and service is brilliant. We were made to feel at home. The guides and drivers are incredible at what they do. Our hosts Milly and Shaun are wonderful and this being our honeymoon, they made it very special for us. Thank you. We are going away with so many memories from Elephants in camp to being so close to many beautiful animals. So sad to leave, we will definitely be back.
Carolin and Tom Arkell UK

Selous elephant

Selous elephants

Selous elephant

Selous elephant

Selous elephant

Selous elephant

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Lake Manze Game Diary March 2016

Carmine Bee-eaters

Now that the season is ended, we can reflect on the happenings at Lake Manze camp over the past months.

Walking into the unknown at Lake Manze Camp at the beginning of the season was a revelation as we were greeted with enthusiasm and a well oiled machine. A team that was geared up to satisfy all our guests needs and to exceed their expectations wherever possible. We can all say thank you to the Essential Destinations teams on a job well done.

Laygos through the fence


Laygos napping by the camp restaurant

Laygos has been a hit and his antics and photos will be on all guests lips for a long time to come. Thank you Laygos for gracing us with your presence and may you be around for a long time to entertain us. Hopefully many more naps in camp.

film of lion cubs playing near lake Manze

Selous lioness

Lion cubs playing in Selous

Lion cubs playing in Selous

Male Lions Selous

The new additions to the Manze Pride are showing themselves more and more and are a delight to see when spotted in the open areas with their mother. So cute and adorable. The two male lions responsible have also been spotted on a couple of occasions and can be proud of their new offspring.

We say thank you to all our past guests and those still to come for affording us the opportunity of hosting you here in the Selous. May the memories of your visit linger for a long time. We envy the guests who have never travelled to Africa as they have so much to look forward to.

We bid you a safe lifes journey till we meet again in the month of June for the reopening of the camp.

Safe travels
Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team

more images.....

Guest comments

We had an absolutely wonderful stay. It has been an unforgettable experience. To be honest, I have no idea how I will fall asleep without the comforting rumblings of a Hippo nearby. Thank you all very much for a wonderful time. Every part of our stay was great. Milli and Shaun were particularly attentive and accommodating. Hats off to the chef for always delighting us.
Love from Bahrain. May and Foris

Excellent. No complaints. This was the best safari I have been on. I hope to come back and if given the chance I will. Excellent staff and a great time.
Jim Hopper USA

Thank you Shaun and Milli and all the team. We have had a wonderful experience, much better than any expectations. You did great in all aspects, the atmosphere, the place, the service. We will come back and will suggest that this is the place you need to come at least once in your life.
Pierfrancesco and Stefania from Romel

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Lake Manze Game Diary February 2016

Lake Manze Dining Lodge

We are all enjoying the green season here at Lake Manze Camp.

Lioness climbs down tree

Lioness climbs down tree

Lioness climbs down from tree - video and photos by Shaun O'Driscoll

The safari season in the Selous will end in the middle of next month for the big rains and we reopen with a bang at the beginning of June. We can emphatically say that many a happy and content guest has left Lake Manze Camp since the beginning of the season. So many great memories have been created here and will be passed on and discussed at length with friends and family over time. Until Africa calls you for the next adventure.

Selous Zebra
Zebras in the green, by Tim Resch

Impala drinking in SElous
Impala grazing, photo by Shaun O'Driscoll

PowderPuff Combretum Selous

The rain has finally abated after some spectacular African storms. The plentiful rain at the beginning of the month has left us with this green wonderland and a lake that is brimming with water. This abundance of water should last us until the end of next season.


Lioness with cubs

Great news. After the untimely demise of the grandmother lioness of the Manze pride , her daughter has given us two brand new baby Lion cubs who are now about three to four weeks old. A male and female addition to the pride. We will follow their progress and antics with keen interest.

The wild dogs have been sighted on a couple of occasions but can be elusive as they travel many kilometers a day. The pups are doing well and look very healthy.


Elephants frolicking in Lake Manze - video by Shaun O'Driscoll

With the abundance of food around we have had less Elephants in camp this month but there have been great sightings outside of camp of herds of Elephants indulging in the many delicacies that are plentiful now. Laygos has obviously been in camp a couple of times gobbling up the Marula fruits which are falling this time of the year.

Our first water buck in camp this season was a delight as it ambled past oblivious of our excitement at its presence so close.

Photo by David Liebst

Carmine bee-eaters flock around the cars in this season - enjoying the insects disturbed in the grass.

Carmine Bee-eaters in Selous

Carmine Bee-eaters in Selous

Carmine bee-eaters by Shaun O'Driscoll

White-throated Bee-eater Selous
Bee-eater - photo by Tim Resch

Lilac-breasted Roller Selous
Lilac-breasted roller - photo by Tim Resch

Pied Kingfishers Selous
Pied Kingfishers - photo by Tim Resch

Green tree snake attacks gecko lizard in Selous
Wonderful shot of a green tree snake eating a gecko lizard - photo by Shaun O'Driscoll

As our guests come from all corners of our beautiful earth we wish you all a warm under a blanket winter, a sweet smelling spring, a sun kissed Summer and an awesome Autumn,

See you all soon.

Safe travels.

Shaun , Milli and the Lake Manze Team

Guest Comments

Thank you for a great stay here in Selous. We had a fantastic time in the camp, on the
boat and the drives. Our guides were polite, informative and fun. Our kids will remember
this experience for a lifetime. (Us too) .We will recommend this camp and experience to
family and friends and hope to come back some day.
Karin and Todd Smith, Gareth and Sawyer too - USA

Thank you very much for a great adventure. Very much enjoyed my stay here (although
short)as the entire Lake Manze team were great. Thank you so much for having me.
Zoe Wiltshire UK

This was the perfect safari/Tanzania experience. Everything was absolutely perfect and
leaves two very happy guests. Thank you so much.
Claudia and Jens (Columbia and Germany)

A huge thank you to our wonderful hosts Shaun and Milli for a stay that exceeded my
expectations. The staff is very friendly and really know their way around the Selous and
its muddy roads
Malsh - Sweden

AMAZING ! Thank you for the wonderful service. This place is magical. The dinner was
very good and it felt like a small family with Shaun and his wife. Very happy guest.
Thank you
Hannah Frid Ð Israel

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Lake Manze Game Diary January 2016

Selous elephants enjoy a mud bath

Paradise has a new meaning.

The Selous and surrounding areas have received some very welcome rain storms during the month of January which in turn has transformed the whole area into an absolute heaven on earth to the extent that you can nearly hear the grass and trees growing. This abundance in food has brought about a complete change in the surrounding areas and animals as they feast on the never ending supply.

Davil's praying mantis Selous
Devils's praying mantis - Idolomantis diabolica tanzania

The rain has also brought out an abundance of insects that seem to pop up all over the show allowing the Geckos and birds to join in on the supply of delicacies.

The lake has plenty of water and it is still flowing in. The boat safaris have reported some phenomenal bird sightings. For all the bird lovers out there - a must see.

Elephant and Manze car

There have also been some fantastic animal sightings with one particular duo of guests seeing it all on their trip from the airstrip to camp. Lions mating, two separate Leopards, eighteen Wild dogs and seven Porcupines. Not to mention the abundance of all the other animals. Their comments on arrival at camp were that they had seen it all and can now return as their lust to see as much as possible had already been satisfied. Unfortunately not everyone can be that lucky and have to do more than one drive to satisfy their expectations. The next corner always brings that new surprise.
read whole newsletter with lots more photos

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Lake Manze Game Diary December 2015

Christmas Candle

The festive season is upon us and we wish all our guests, past and future, a Merry Christmas
and a fantabulous new year.

home made Xmas decorations

A big thanks must also go to all the staff at Lake Manze for a job well done and the guys at
Essential Destinations, our head office, for all the support and guidance throughout the year.
May your Christmas stockings overflow with good cheer.

We have had some good rains in December and this has given the animals a reason to celebrate the extra growth of the sweet fresh grasses of the Selous. The lake has finally filled with the fresh rain water flowing into it, to the delight of the many Hippos, Crocodiles and the Catfish that have been buried in the mud. The juvenile Fish Eagles have been bellowing their famous African call in celebration of the many fish around......

read whole newsletter with lots of photos

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Lake Manze Camp Game Diary November 2015


Sightings of the month

The start of the small rains in November. Well, maybe not yet. Although we have had some small thunder storms during the month it seems that the follow up rains are threatening and will hopefully arrive soon to help the new growth of the green patches of grass that are forming.
A much needed source of food for the many herbivores in the area.

Read on with lots of photos.....

Guest Comments

"I had a really nice time at Lake Manze. The food was amazing and the staff were very friendly
. I really liked the attention to detail in the tents"
Samara from London UK, in Manze in November 2015

"Surely one of Africa's last great Eden's - Great staff, great food, and brilliant guides - A perfect safari in everyway.
Thanks for a great and memorable stay."
Steve Walker and Margeret Shaw, in Manze in November 2015

"It was legendary! Just awesome. There are no more words to describe such a wonderful experience. Definitely planning to come back.
Thanks for everything. Keep up with the good work." 
Siva and Flo from Germany, in Manze in November 2015

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Lake Manze Camp Game Diary October 2015

Sightings of the Month

Vervet moneky - photo by Eaton family 

Giraffe photo by Eaton family

Lions snuggle - photo by Eaton family

October saw the start of the Impala dropping the young ones in anticipation of the rain and the new growth of the sweet grasses found in the Selous. Wherever you go they are bouncing and running about celebrating their new lives and the chance at life. Obviously this new crop does bring out the plentiful predators that are able to pick them off due to their inexperience .There have been many sightings of Lions, Leopard and Hyena joining in on this feast of young Impala. The circle of life here does have a meaning.

Hippos near camp - photo by Eaton family  

Elephant mud-bath

Unfortunately in their desperation to find water in these drying up ponds many young Impala are getting stuck. Our guides, drivers and guest have managed to rescue a good couple of them from an untimely death. Thanks guys.

Buffalo by lake near camp

Banded Mongooses by lake near camp

As the smaller lakes and pools of water dry up the animals have moved ever closer to Lake Manze that still has plenty of water.
This in turn has allowed us to have more sightings of animals in and around camp. A new group of eight elephants have made their presence known feasting on the Doum Palm fruits around camp.

Laygos the resident elephant at Lake Manze, having a nap

Laygos the resident elephant at Lake Manze, having a nap

Laygos the resident elephant at Lake Manze, having a nap

Laygos the resident elephant at Lake Manze, having a nap

Laygos our resident elephant is still a major treat with his show off attitude. Having a lie down nap
next to the entrance to the dining area …. again …. priceless.


Sunset on Lake Manze with fish eagle - photo by Eaton family

Thanks to all our valued guests that visited Lake Manze and helped make our days shorter. See you all again someday.

Safe travels.

By Shaun, Milinda and all Manze Team.

Guest Comments

"Oooh!!! Really have no single word to express the good time I had here. First of all nice friendly people , nature expressing itself, so amazing . Keep it up guys cause you help everyone to go into it and to miss it before departure. I really enjoyed the camp, Milly and Shaun's way to make people feel at home without any thought of going back home.
Already miss you guys."
Bernice from Rwanda, in Manze in October 2015.

"Amazing place in an amazing park. Very nice people and excellent food We will never forget our stay here. Thanks for everything" .
Paula and Jan, Jolande and Arno. The Netherlands. In Manze in October 2015

 "Fantastic few days and phenomenal knowledge and kindness by all staff. A wonderful start to our honeymoon."
Mike and Kate, in Manze in October 2015.

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Lake Manze Camp Game Diary September 2015

Sightings of the month

Leopard in Selous
Camouflage! Leopard photo by Tony, Debbie and Jeremy Grace

Lake Manze Sunset

When the sun sets over Lake Manze Camp you will be overwhelmed by the array of night sounds emanating from the surrounding bush. Lying in your bed at night hearing the eerie noises and contemplating where and from what is like doing a jig saw puzzle upside down. The shared conversation during breakfast discussing the sounds makes for some funny comments.

Selous Lions pare their claws

Lionesses drinking

Lion with kill

Hyaena on a buffalo head

Selous Lions

September has definitely been lion month with sightings of up to four different prides a day. Be it a pride of six or just two males lazing about under the shade of one of the magnificent trees in the Selous. The guests were fortunate enough to experience many sightings of lions on a kill with the hyenas and vultures in close attendance. The right place at the right time has paid off and obviously ” we are in the Selous.”

Manze lions at tents

Manze lioness at tent

Manze lion at tent 2

Manze lions and vehicles

We were fortunate enough to have three lions march nonchalantly through camp early one morning with not a care in the world.
The words to “look and listen” when walking to and from your tent with a massai escort has never been illustrated
more than this morning had.

Manze lions at tents

The lions would occasionally lie down surveying the area and then move on. At one stage it looked like they were going for a rest on the verandah of tent two but decided otherwise and eventually paraded between the tents onto the lake area towards the boat entry point. An exciting month that was enjoyed by all our guests that left here with cameras full of memories.
Thanks to Tony Debbie and Jeremy Grace for sharing with us their pictures.

Malachite Kingfisher, Lake Manze, Selous  Selous Woodpecker 

Selous Palmnut Vulture  African Fish-eagle

We hope to see you all again some day.

Safe travels.

By Shaun, Milinda and all the Manze Team.

Giraffe with bird  Selous Giraffes

Lilac-breasted roller    Golden Weaver 

Contented Elephant

Guest Comments

"We have been very well looked after - and we especially appreciate how much trouble you all went to to cater for our vegetarian eating, and to give us flexible and very full and interesting program. Thank you to all.Asanti sana. Kwaheri"
Larry and Carol, in Manze in September 2015
      "This has to have been the very best safari we have been on. The setting is perfect.  Shaun and Milli are delightful hosts. It has been a privilege to stay here and to know that the "wildlife comes first!" Such a humbling experience to live with Laygos and Dundee. Thank you so much you lovely people."
Ian and Carol Knight, in Manze in September 2015

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Lake Manze Camp Game Diary August 2015

Sightings of the month

Buffalo in Lake Manze

Wildebeeste and baby

Selous Waterbuck

Selous giraffes

The thunderous roar of the king of the bush, the grunting of the hippos at night, the snorts from the herds of Impala and Gnu and the whooping of Hyenas. All sounds from the Selous that will linger on in every guest’s memory forever and a day.

Male Lions, Selous

This beautiful male lion was captured on film by our guide Samuele Chambo, who is also responsible for several of the 
other photos in this newsletter.

Selous Lions

Selous lioness

Game drives have gone extremely well with the fortunate few experiencing a couple of kills this month from the various prides of Lions in the area. The camp was lucky enough to have a pride stroll through camp late one evening only to have them disappear into the bush by the next morning. The concerted effort by the guides and drivers who managed to spot them
later in the day delighted our guests.

Selous Jackals

hyaea with skull

Two great finds of Cerval and the elusive Jackal on a morning drive were a talking point around the dinner table that night that led to extensive planning for the next day. A group of guests on an all day safari earlier this month managed to track down a group of five wild dogs, but they seemed to have disappeared into thin air by the next day. The pack of eleven wild dogs were also spotted a couple of days ago close to the hot springs and we are hoping that they will move closer soon.

Sundower at Lake Manze

There is a saying that goes something like this “There are many bugs in Africa that bite but the biggest bite is the urge to experience Africa again.”
Hopefully the Selous and Lake Manze travel experience bites the hardest.

Laygos having shaking a doum palm

Laygos in camp

baby elephant "Dundee"

Elephant in camp

Elephant greeting, near Lake Manze

Our friends the elephants have spent plenty of time in the camp this month.

Selous bird  Ground hornbill, Ruaha

Monitor Lizard

Lion in Tree, Selous

Selous Lions in tree

Thank you very much to all our August guests, for your company and stories we could share. We hope that the bug has bitten and that you will all be back soon.

Safe travels

Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team

Guest comments

Truly worthwhile! Every little thing took my breath away! The service, the food, the tent.- Everything was amazing. I had a wonderful stay and if I could I would probably never leave. Bravo

- Shahz Zanzibar

The magic of Lake Manze Camp has worked once more, under the careful eye of Shaun and Milli and camp staff. I have very happy memories of this place – Selous – and they continue. I already look forward to next time. Asante sana for making this visit so special again

– Cheryl Davenport – Western Australia

We could not have asked for a better end to our honeymoon. Thank you for everything. Alfred and Zahor were the perfect driver/guide with more knowledge that I could hope to have in any subject. My dream was to see a kill actually happen but I genuinely never believed it would happen- more credit to Alfred and Zahor for the knowledge and patience. Thank you Shaun and Milli for being the perfect hosts, we loved every second of it

– David and Sophie Stead

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