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Lake Manze aerial photo

Lake Manze with campsite circled

The camp is located in the Selous Game Reserve, the largest game reserve in Africa and is situated on the banks of Lake Manze. On the one hour transit to the camp which can be reached from Siwandu airstrip, one is introduced to the beautiful plains of Selous and its assorted birds and wildlife. The Lake Manze area is one of the richest of game in the entire Selous,

Selous map from Google Earth

Selous Map from Google Earth Selous Impala Camp Lake Manze Camp


Getting there:

Flights are available three or four times a day from Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar and from Arusha, Manyara and Ruaha with Coastal Aviation, to Siwandu Airstrip in the Selous Game Reserve.

How to fly there

Road access is via Kibiti, Mikumi or Morogoro and is difficult and lengthy but may be fun for the adventurous.
If you are driving in from Dar es Salaam the quickest and shortest way is from the north east via Mtemere Gate. Take the Kilwa road out of Dar. The road is good for about 120-130 km's then there is a small stretch which is extremely bad of about 20 kms or less. This is being tarred presently so soon it will be finished all the way to Kibiti, where you turn off the Kilwa road in a south westerly direction, for Selous. There is only one turn on the road, after the petrol station. After that there are signs to Selous Game Reserve and Mtemere Gate. The journey should take about 3 hours Dar-Kibiti and another 3 hours Kibiti-Mtemere. It is also possible to drive in from Morogoro via Matambwe, and from Mikumi via Udzungwa, but this takes much longer.

Road Distances:
Dar es Salaam City to Selous Mtemere Gate. Km 250
Selous Mtemere Gate to Lake Manze Camp. Km 44
Selous Matambwe Gate to Lake Manze Camp. Km 45
Selous Matambwe Gate to Mtemere Gate. Km 75

Lake Manze Camp is a further 1-2 hours drive on from Selous Impala, bypassing lakes Siwandu and Nzerakela, travelling towards the Beho Beho area.

GPS Coordinates:
Lake Manze Camp: 7° 39'51" S - 38° 03'48" E
Siwandu Airstrip: 7° 41'27" S - 38° 08'21" E

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