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Visitors' Comments and Stories  I   Lake Manze Camp Game Diary

Guest Comments, Lake Manze from July 2008 onwards


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Lake Manze Guest Comments July 2008

• Thank you for a wonderful time in this wonderful camp! We enjoyed the good food, the attentive service, learning so much about this natural environment and the animals, birds and plants in it – and the friendliness of everyone here!
13-17 July 2008, Silvia and Stephen Richards

• We had a fabulous time at the camp on the game drives. The highlight was watching a leopard hunt. Thank you to all the staff for the lovely food and the walk and seeing all the animals. Good driving! I loved the elephants in the camp.
19 July, Sue and David Taylor

• We had an excellent time here in Manze camp. All the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. We loved the atmosphere and the night time dinners. The boats and drivers were fantastic. We will be sorry to leave. High recommendations to anyone looking for a unique safari experience well run by Paolo and Daja. Fantastic! Thank you to all who helped make our stay superb.
20 July, Lydia and Paul

• Thank you for a nice, nice time. Great animals! Great poo all over the place! There is so much to learn about poo and so little time. Richard was the best guide!
20 July, John DePasquole

• We all really enjoyed Lake Manze Camp and the helpfulness of everyone around us. We all enjoyed the boat trips and the walks, as well as the game drives. Thanks to the elephants for our early morning wake up calls and Richard for his company. Love from William, Hannah, Tara, Bob and Philippa. 21 July.

• Thank you everyone for such a fantastic time at Lake Manze! Thanks to the Maasai for keeping all of us safe. And thanks to all the guides and drivers for all the stories!
21 July, Colleen

• More animals than you could “shake a stick at”!! Largest group of giraffe so far – 9. Hope to top that! Have had a really nice time at Lake Manze, hospitable company and good food, excellent – and I do mean excellent – driver guides. Thank you Ole and Salum. And thank you to the cooks, bar staff and Daja and Paolo too.
22 July, Clare, David, Phillip and Michael

• Thank you for a wonderful stay. We will miss “Rafiki” [the elephant] in the mornings. Great camp, good food and friendly staff. Perfect safari!
24 July, The Slater Family

• We’ve had a fabulous time and everything here has exceeded our expectations. Wonderful staff who made our stay very special and of course Rafiki. Who could ask for more?
25 July, The Shepherd Family

• We have had such an amazing time! Everything has been fantastic and all the staff have made us feel very at home. What a wonderful place – I hope it never changes too much.
26 July, Morag & Andrew Stratton

• WE had an excellent time here in Lake Manze. You made us feel like at home – the staff were very friendly, lovely food and we had the best tent! We have seen all animals – especially hundreds of buffaloes! A perfect safari – many thanks.
26 July, Anne and Philip Forster

• Beautiful, incredibly nice place, I really enjoyed and felt welcome. It’s funny how in 2 days we can get used to live with an elephant at a few metres! And thank you so much for the birthday cake.
26 July, Anne-Sophie Favart

• I had a great time and my family did too. The staff were great as well. I will definitely recommend your camp to my friends. Thanks.
28 July, Mike Rekart

• Beautiful camp, the staff was very friendly and the safaris were all great. We all had a really good time.
28 July, Emma Rekart

• Thank you so much. Everything was just right. Thank you Abu and Samuel for finding all those animals for us. A perfect holiday.
28 July, Jo Rekart

• Thank you for a great experience and to everyone for their contributions. We loved the tasty, healthy food and the very friendly and helpful staff. We saw a leopard!
29 July, Lizzie

• Fabulous place!! We have so enjoyed being here – wonderful staff – nothing was too much problem. Loved the flexibility of the activities. Thank you for an amazing stay.
29 July Deon and BJ Klein

• Thank you to all the staff for making us feel very welcome. The atmosphere in the camp was very friendly. We loved our tent and the bar area in the evening. The game drives and walks were amazing. We have never seen so many animals within a short space of time as our first drive on the way from the airport. Take care all of you.
28 July, Jess and Chris

• Thank you for an amazing start to our honeymoon! We have never been to Africa before, but will certainly be coming back. The beauty of the African bush and wildlife has taken our breath away.
28 July, John and Hannah

  • Thank you for a wonderful time in this wonderful camp! We enjoyed the good food, the attentive service, learning so much about this natural environment and the animals, birds and plants in it – and the friendliness of everyone here!
    13-17 July, Silvia and Stephen Richards
  • We had a fabulous time at the camp on the game drives. The highlight was watching a leopard hunt. Thank you to all the staff for the lovely food and the walk and seeing all the animals. Good driving! I loved the elephants in the camp.
    19 July 2008, Sue and David Taylor
  • Nice to get the newsletter which reminds me of a great stay in your camp in Feb 08.
    Saw your web site pics as well.
    Noted you don't have any snake pictures so attached one I took myself while at lake manze
    Feel free to stick it up if you so wish.
    seeing it on the road gives a good sense of scale :)
    15th July 2008, Mick
  • We had an excellent time here in Manze camp. All the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. We loved the atmosphere and the night time dinners. The boats and drivers were fantastic. We will be sorry to leave. High recommendations to anyone looking for a unique safari experience well run by Paolo and Daja. Fantastic! Thank you to all who helped make our stay superb.
    20 July 2008, Lydia and Paul
  • Thank you for a nice, nice time. Great animals! Great poo all over the place! There is so much to learn about poo and so little time. Richard was the best guide!
    20 July 2008, John De Pasquole
  • We all really enjoyed Lake Manze Camp and the helpfulness of everyone around us. We all enjoyed the boat trips and the walks, as well as the game drives. Thanks to the elephants for our early morning wake up calls and Richard for his company. Love from William, Hannah, Tara, 21 July 2008, Bob and Philippa.
    Thank you everyone for such a fantastic time at Lake Manze! Thanks to the Maasai for keeping all of us safe. And thanks to all the guides and drivers for all the stories!
    21 July 2008, Colleen
  • More animals than you could “shake a stick at”!! Largest group of giraffe so far – 9. Hope to top that! Have had a really nice time at Lake Manze, hospitable company and good food, excellent – and I do mean excellent – driver guides. Thank you Ole and Salum. And thank you to the cooks, bar staff and Daja and Paolo too.
    22 July 2008, Clare, David, Phillip and Michael
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay. We will miss “Rafiki” [the elephant] in the mornings. Great camp, good food and friendly staff. Perfect safari!
    24 July 2008, The Slater Family
  • We’ve had a fabulous time and everything here has exceeded our expectations. Wonderful staff who made our stay very special and of course Rafiki. Who could ask for more?
    25 July 2008, The Shepherd Family
  • We have had such an amazing time! Everything has been fantastic and all the staff have made us feel very at home. What a wonderful place – I hope it never changes too much.
    26 July 2008, Morag & Andrew Stratton
  • We had an excellent time here in Lake Manze. You made us feel like at home – the staff were very friendly, lovely food and we had the best tent! We have seen all animals – especially hundreds of buffaloes! A perfect safari – many thanks.
    26 July 2008, Anne and Philip Forster
  • Beautiful, incredibly nice place, I really enjoyed and felt welcome. It’s funny how in 2 days we can get used to live with an elephant at a few metres! And thank you so much for the birthday cake.
    26 July 2008, Anne-Sophie Favart
  • I had a great time and my family did too. The staff were great as well. I will definitely recommend your camp to my friends. Thanks.
    28 July 2008, Mike Rekart
  • Beautiful camp, the staff was very friendly and the safaris were all great. We all had a really good time.
    28 July 2008, Emma Rekart
  • Thank you so much. Everything was just right. Thank you Abu and Samuel for finding all those animals for us. A perfect holiday.
    28 July 2008, Jo Rekart
  • Thank you for a great experience and to everyone for their contributions. We loved the tasty, healthy food and the very friendly and helpful staff. We saw a leopard!
    29 July 2008, Lizzie
  • Fabulous place!! We have so enjoyed being here – wonderful staff – nothing was too much problem. Loved the flexibility of the activities. Thank you for an amazing stay.
    29 July 2008, Deon and BJ Klein
  • Thank you to all the staff for making us feel very welcome. The atmosphere in the camp was very friendly. We loved our tent and the bar area in the evening. The game drives and walks were amazing. We have never seen so many animals within a short space of time as our first drive on the way from the airport. Take care all of you.
    28 July 2008, Jess and Chris
  • Thank you for an amazing start to our honeymoon! We have never been to Africa before, but will certainly be coming back. The beauty of the African bush and wildlife has taken our breath away.
    28 July 2008, John and Hannah
  • Thanks ever so much for an amazing and enjoyable stay at this camp! The friendliness and service of ALL the staff have been fantastic, and made this a holiday to remember. The game drives, walks and boat safaris have been amazingly interesting, and the knowledge and helpfulness of the guides has made the activities SO good! Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the camp, hope to come back again to this amazing country and camp.
    1 August 2008, Nicolas Winther
  • Super stay, excellent guides – we saw a lion kill, amazing spectacle! Thanks for a great time.
    1 August 2008, Lindsay and Jean Winther
  • Brilliant stay. Lovely people and staff. Cosy, comfy tent and fab activities. Dinners were so enjoyable and the atmosphere here is lovely and comforting. Thank you for a brilliant and warm welcome. Thanks again.
    1 August 2008, Briony Winther
  • Thank you very much for a great stay. The game drives were awesome, the animals beautiful, the staff helpful and the ambience great. A special thanks to Paolo, Daja and Richard for their hospitality, and Abraham and Samuel for showing us everything and teaching us so much!
    4 August 2008, Josien, Sebas
  • These days have been very special and we have enjoyed a lot a very cosy and friendly atmosphere in the Manze camp. Our best meals and welcomes in Tanzania have been here. Thank you for being so nice and just keep on in this way.
    5 August 2008, David Gonzalez.
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful stay! The atmosphere at this camp is very special – warm, friendly, accommodating – I felt like I was visiting family! The camp has an authentic “bush” feel .... from elephants wandering through the camp, to the real lanterns inside the tents, to the outdoor dining under the stars. Thank you for making my last night in Africa a very special one!
    6 August 2008, Dawn Anderson
  • Thank you so much for looking after us. We have had a wonderful time and only wish we could stay longer. The atmosphere is very friendly and we hope to return one day.
    6 August 2008, Nathalie & Daniel May
  • My dad has been looking for leopards since 1984. We finally saw one! Not only that but our stay here was very enjoyable. The food, the elephants and the staff were all very good. Special thanks to Ian and Robert for being amazing guides. Thanks again!
    6th August 2008, The Rawlinson Family.

• We had a truly amazing time and enjoyed the camp, drivers and guides. Its incredible how much we were able to pack into 4 days. Dinner was fantastic, but I want the guacamole recipe.

  • The camp has surpassed all of my expectations. What an incredible experience to be able to stay here. The staff, drivers and guides are fantastic. A class act! See you next year!
    5 September, Monica & Barbara
  • The best holiday we have ever been on. The animals are amazing. Ole was the best guide, full of information and a lovely person! The Maasai are truly amazing, they all deserve a medal. Will definitely come back in the future, has been a fantastic holiday! Only stayed 3 days, but got so much done; we’ve learnt so much about the animals! Keep up the good work.
  • Can’t believe how close the animals came within the camp. Surprised all expectations.
    5 September, Jenny and Joe
  • We have had an absolutely wonderful stay with you. The perfect hosts. The perfect setting. Thank you so much.
    5 September, Caroline and Russell
  • • Top notch experience. Everyone was so friendly and we always felt very welcome. Saw a lot of exciting things and enjoyed all of our guides and all our safaris. You all make it look so easy – but we know it’s not and we sincerely appreciate all you did to make this a most memorable experience.
    Sarah & Gavin Taylor

    • Excellent stay, great trips we know more about dung that we ever thought possible and I finally got the picture of the malachite kingfisher.
    Hardy Family

    • What an amazing place – everyone is so friendly and make you feel part of the family which was fantastic. We settled in immediately’!! Having 4 nights here has meant we have been able to completely relax and do everything we wanted to do. The all day safari was brilliant – 26 lions in one day – that must take some beating. Lunch on the savannah and then up to the hot springs was a perfect way to spend the afternoon – we all had a swim, it was like getting into a bath. We have all decided we would happily stay for ever! So, just to say a huge thank you to Paolo, Daja and all their team and we hope to see you again some day. Keep in touch.
    Janet, Niall, Catherina & Alex, Portsmouth

    • Thanks to all the staff for a high enjoyable three days here at Lake Manze. We had some excellent and varied game viewing and admired the wonderful scenery. Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable and we learned so much! P.S. Thanks so much for all my special food. It was very appreciated, you are all fantastic.
    13 September. Paul, Val, Louise and James LeFrere

    • Many thanks to all the staff. They have been so friendly and helpful with everything.
    13 September. Annette

    • Coming to a safari was a dream for us, but we weren’t expecting such a beautiful place. The staff has made us feel at home and going back to London is going to be hard. See new visitors coming in the jeep with an astonished face brings a smile to our face. We will take home a little bit of Tanzania, but also a little bit of Rafiki, of Emmanuel, of Richard, of Paolo/Daja, of the Maasais and the rest of the staff that we can’t see, but work to make everything run smoothly in Lake Manze. Many thanks.
    13 September, Andrea and Vicent (Spain)

    • Thank you for the greatest honeymoon in the world. You are the best!
    13 September, Pika and Rosli

    • Magic time in this camp with wonderful site on the lake and very close, new friends... the elephants! Thanks for everything.
    13 September, Viviane and Greg

    • Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing time. The hot springs in particular were fabulous and we’ll miss the constant presence of hippo noises and elephants.
    14 September, Alice and Ross

    • We were delighted to spend 3 nights by Lake Manze and we are very grateful to Paolo, Daja and Richard for making our stay highly memorable. Thank you to all of the staff with lots of love from Adam and Nina.

    • Wow!! Awesome!! Really lost for words. A truly amazing 3 nights at Lake Manze. Thank you so much for the great hospitality, all the staff, guides, Maasai, elephants, hippos, birds were all brilliant! See you all again soon. We will spread the word!
    17 September, Andy and Selena

    • What a magical place! Delighted to see so many lions – beautiful. Thanks to all of the staff for looking after us so well. Special thanks must go to Emmanual who took us on many trips and each time taught us something new.
    18 September, Janine and Nathan Steinhardt

    • Thank you very much for a wonderful stay – it far exceeded our expectations. Great camp, lovely people and amazing wildlife. We will be recommending you to all our friends!
    Love from Emma and David, 18 September

    • Thank you for a wonderful stay at Lake Manze. Fantastic end to our Tanzania safari. We were amazed by the abundance of wildlife. It was lovely to watch the elephants from the comfort of Love from Shona & John, London. 20 September

    • Thank you for such an amazing stay! Great food and hospitality. Brilliant guides and so many animals. We wish we could take Rafiki home with us! Thank you to everyone!
    Laura and Gav, London

    • We have had a fantastic time and Lake Manze and have many memories, and photos, to take back with us to London. Everyone has been so helpful and has made our stay wonderful. Thank you.
    23 September, Marc and Margaret

    • What words can describe such a fantastic experience – from the welcome we received on arrival, the wealth of knowledge shared by Richard and his team too many to name!! Thank you, thank you for making this safari so special.
    24 September, Trish and John

    Hello all at lake Manze,
    We just wanted to send an email to thank you for making our time at the camp so special, it was a truly wonderful experience that we will never forget. The guides ( especially Ian ) and all the rest of the team were amazing. The food and atmosphere at night was great, and the tents were perfect. Neither Tim or I had ever done anything even nearly similar to the safari at lake Manze, and it was everything and more than what we expected. We loved meeting the Italian family, and enjoyed our excursions that we spent with them. We were so delighted that we actually saw the leopard on our way back to catch the plane (after joking about it) and we loved being in tent 10 , the elephant tent! We hope we will be able to come back and visit soon. Lake Manze was the icing on the cake of our honeymoon, thank you all.
    We hope all is well there, and we wish we were back there. Its back to reality with a bump here!
    Best wishes,
    Tim and Emily.
    Tue, 23 Sep 2008

    • We had such a wonderful time and are very grateful for all the attention from all of the staff. We will have no hesitation in recommending the camp to everyone. Asante!
    Annette and Trevor Ford, 25 September

    • We have had an amazing experience. The volume of animals is mind blowing. The knowledge of the staff is outstanding plus their English. Loved every minute. Hope to return one day. Thank you.
    Liz and Steve, 26 September

    • We’ve had a wonderful time. It’s great experiencing Africa’s nature first hand. The sightings are tremendous. Our first leopard sighting. The staff cannot do enough for you. Thanks.
    Richard and Joanne, 26 September

    • We had a fantastic time. The camp and its staff were excellent and the guides + safaris were superb – especially recommend the boat safari. Thanks.
    Chris and Leah, 27 September

    • Thanks to all the team from Paolo and Daja to those we rarely see for looking after us so well. You have a super camp and we shall not hesitate to recommend it.
    Peter and Sally, 30 September

    • Such a lovely time. The animals were fantastic to see – we can’t believe how many and such wonderful highlights like the leopard, pride of 8 lions, and hippos up close and personal. Our guides, especially Carlson and Ali, were also unbelievably good. The atmosphere was wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and hope to be back.
    Stacia and Lee, 1 October

    • Great setting and activities. The game drive guides and boat safari guides are excellent. We very much enjoyed our stay. Special mention to Rafiki the born entertainer. [Manze’s “resident” elephant].
    V.Gillard and W.Webber, 2 October

    • We enjoyed the game drives and the boat safari a lot. You have a great setting and outstanding guides. Ali is, in particular, fantastic. Thank you very much. We will definitely recommend you further.
    Nelson and Claudia, 2 October

    • Lovely camp, very busy while we were here, well run and in a great reserve – would love to see it after the rains. We enjoyed “camp elephants” and other visitors; will certainly recommend it.
    Ian and Gina, 3 October

    • We have had a wonderful few days here – all the staff, guides and drivers are brilliant and have done everything possible to make sure we had a great time – and we certainly have. Absolutely lovely – just lovely – unforgettable – and the in-house elephant, thank you.
    Liz and David, 3 October

    • Charming setting and lovely, friendly place. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your hospitality.
    Dan and Alsuko, 4 October

    • A most wonderful experience, saw so many different animals. The leopard chase and sight was unforgettable and such a thrill. We enjoyed the hospitality and friendliness of all the staff.
    Jan and Russell, 4 October
    • Fantastic. Superb setting – had a wonderful experience. Many thanks.
    Jayne and Derrick, 6 October

    • What a wonderful place! Great welcome. The staff were fantastic. Can’t believe how much we did and saw in such a short period of time. Thoroughly enjoyed everything (even the delinquent elephants!) Thank you so much.
    Frazer and Juanita, 6 October

    • Enjoyed our stay immensely. Excellent trips, knowledgeable and helpful staff, comfortable lodging with fantastic views.
    Derrick and Margaret

    • The most exciting holiday we have ever had. The race across the bush to see the leopard was terrifying but worth it. Thank you to everybody seen and unseen for giving us such a wonderful time.
    Guy and Pam, 6 October

    • Thank you for a brilliant welcome to the camp. On our first game drive 2 lioness with a kill each, plus many other animals along the way. An osprey standing sentinel and many other wonderful sightings. What a fantastic place to stay.
    Christine and Nick, 7 October

    • Very warm welcome and a perfect setting in the camp. Everything was lovely. Food is very good. Nice walk! Perfect veranda safari. Have seen lots of elephant! We hope to be back one day!
    Gaby and Alex, 7 October

    • A wonderful first experience of Africa and safari. Everything was great, the accommodation, food, people and the trips were amazing. Thank you for making this so special.
    Julie, 8 October
    • What a great experience – superb wildlife, friendly staff, and the best shower we’ve ever had!
    Jim and Karen, 8 October

    • Lovely camp, excellent game drives/walk/boat trip. Thanks.
    Mike and Joanna, 8 October

    • Wonderful place with all these animals and birds in the camp! We liked the game drives and boat trips very much. Thank you to all.
    Corina and Aad, 10 October

    • The camp was lovely and the setting beautiful. We found our stay very enjoyable and all the safaris added something different. The staff were brilliant and very friendly, and the management team were very helpful! Thank you for everything.
    Niki and Koveh, 10 October

    • We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Lake Manze camp. We loved the “veranda safari” – Rafiki’s many visits. The staff are so welcoming and very knowledgeable – we have learnt a lot – and we have been very well looked after. Setting is beautiful and very peaceful. Look forward to returning!
    John and Rosemary, 12 October

    • Thank you very much for the kind welcome, we loved the place, the people and the special highlight was the group of 12 lions. Hope to come back soon.
    Hanna and Hans-Peter, 12 October

    • Had a fabulous stay here. The place, the tents, the trips and the staff were all superb. Will recommend this lodge. Fantastic hospitality. Thank you.
    Carolyn and Fiona, 13 October

    • This has been a fabulous experience. The safaris have been excellent. The jeep drivers and guides have gone out of their way to find animals we hadn’t yet seen. Their knowledge of the animals and land is so very interesting. The boat safari was relaxing and fun (avoiding the hippos). The walking safari gave us so much insight into the bush, we can now share descriptions of animal dung! Food was great, a great range and very tasty. All staff were warm and friendly. Location fab!! Thank you very much.
    Jenny and Ken, 13 October

    • A big thank you to all the staff who made our stay amazing. Everyone went out of their way to make us have the best holiday possible. It was our first holiday together as a couple, and as a result of such a wonderful experience at Manze we know is won’t be the last! Thank you all. (especially Elia who taught us all the Swahili words for animals).
    Becky and Aidan, 13 October

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    November 2008

    • Truly outstanding. Exceeded our expectations.
    Staff 5 stars.
    Visits to animals 5 stars.
    Choice of activities 5 stars.
    Paolo & Daja’s house warmth 5 stars.
    Food 5 stars.
    Setting 5 stars.
    Can’t fault it. Not sure we want to spread the word though! Keep it the same.
    Signature illegible – could be Reed x4, 14 October

    • Many thanks for an excellent 4 days – lots of game and birds and splendid hospitality.
    Sally and Phil, 15 October.

    • We had a great stay. Found the surroundings wonderful. Very kind and attentive staff. Loved all the trips in the bush abd on the water. The daily elephant parade was extra. Also the pack of wild dogs with 8 puppies. We became Rafiki with Rafiki the house elephant. And Richard was very understanding with all the double dutch plans we presented him with.
    Braak Party x12, 18 October

    • We have had a fantastic 4 days at Manze. All of the staff, drivers and guides have been excellent and very patient with all of our questions and requests to stop for photos. Thank you for a very enjoyable and memorable honeymoon experience.
    Alix and Matt, 19 October

    • Thank you for such a wonderful holiday, it has been truly amazing. The food has been superb and all the staff very attentive. Thank you also for being so patient with all the photo stops! Good luck.
    Andrea and Phil, 20 October

    • Marvellous place to stay. Enjoyed meeting Rafiki. Thanks for all you did Richard.
    Henry Southworth, Africa 21 October

    • My first time to Tanzania and Africa. Absolutely amazing, have seen so much. Had a fantastic time!
    Cathy, 22 October

    • Definitely close encounters of the elephant kind. A fantastically natural place to stay with such friendly animals. They even give you a wake up call. Thanks for the hospitality.
    Lloyd, 22 October

    • Had a very enjoyable stay. Found the surroundings peaceful and relaxing, and the attitude of the staff added to that. All round a lovely atmosphere.
    Kerri, 23 October

    • Thank you to everyone for enabling us to have such a wonderful time! It was a privilege to spend just a few days in this magnificent place. All of the staff helped us immensely to have a really enjoyable time which was much appreciated. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.
    Owen and Cecilia, 24 October

    • Thanks a lot for 6 wonderful days in the bush! This is truly a warm (in all ways) and welcoming place where you don’t feel that you’re a number but rather a “friend of the house”. Great and efficient staff, excellent guides and good management. We certainly hope to come back one day!
    Barbara and Steven, 24 October

    • Just FANTASTIC weekend! Enjoyed walking a lot, and the boat and (illegible) were just cool. Staff very friendly .... keep on going!
    Arnaud, 26 October

    • Thank you for two pleasant days here, which we enjoyed very much. It seems like we’re the first Estonians here, so we with other Estonians a pleasant stay too.
    Thoamas, 28 October.

    • Lovely camp, friendly and helpful staff and beautiful surroundings – not to mention the entertainment provided by the elephant! Thanks for a great stay.
    Emma and Simon, 29 October

    • We have had such a wonderful time at Camp Manze. What a magical place! The staff made us feel so welcome and the diverse activities are excellent. We’ll miss it very much – the dawn chorus will never sound the same again! Thank you so much!
    Anita and Piers, 29 October

    • A lovely, intimate place offering a true African experience. Especially the full day safari was a highlight, showing so many and various landscapes. We’ll definitely recommend this.
    Claudia and Olaf, 29 October

    • Thank you. We’ve had an amazing time. Excellent accommodation, food, activities and staff. Richard and the guides really knew their stuff. Extra entertainment provide by Nicola (elephant) was a bonus.
    Vicky and Dave, 30 October

    • A wonderful place with warmth, hospitality and great opportunities to see wildlife. Will recommend without hesitation. Many, many thanks.
    Ashim and Jessica, 2 November

    • Thank you to Richard and the crew for a wonderful safari! All of the guides and waiting staff were great. Guides were very knowledgeable and personable! Best of luck with the camp.
    Claude and Lynne, 2 November

    • What a great way to start our honeymoon! We saw so much and our first sighting of hunting dog was great. Thanks to Richard and all the staff for a great stay.
    Dave and Becs, 3 November

    • Had a wonderful time. Lodge excellent. Staff very attentive and polite. Very good wildlife viewing. Nice to see animals close to the lodge. Excellent food and very good environment. Richard is a very good host, nothing is too much trouble for him. We would definitely recommend to others.
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Barker, 4 November

    • Thank you all for a really wonderful and memorable three days. The boat trips were particularly special as were seeing lion cubs playing close by. Wish we could stay another week! All the best and asante sana.
    Olivia and Charlie, 5 November

    • Thanks everyone for the relaxing and amazing safari here. The tent is very beautiful and the food is fantastic.
    Dario and Ale, 4 November

    • Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing stay – everything has been fantastic, the safari, the accommodation, the food and the staff. We couldn’t have hoped for anything better. Sure we’ll be back again.
    Shonagh and Alan, 5 November

    • Thanks so much for this experience. I can recommend the vegetarian food and the odd verandah safari. Even the wild dogs have a certain charm.
    Paul and Joe, 6 November

    • Thanks for four wonderful days at Lake Manze Camp with your excellent staff, good food and the game around the camp including the wild dogs.
    Joergen, 6 November

    • Saving the best for last – 20 hunting dogs on the final morning drive! What more could we ask for. Thanks to everyone at Lake Manze Camp for an excellent 3 nights in Selous.
    Lyn and David, 7 November.

    • Thank you so much to Richard, George, “Mr. Wilddog” Salum Msese and the rest of the crew for another wonderful, “boring” week in paradise.
    Conny, 7 November

    • It was my first stay in a game reserve. I had luck to see wild dogs – there were 21 of them. Thank you all for 7 wonderful days in your camp.
    Michaela, 7 November

    • My first trip to Africa and Sara’s first to the plains of the east – never expected to see so many animals and learn so much on a first trip! An amazing experience to see the hunting dogs doing what they do best, and a herd of elephants trumpeting through the camp (perhaps they saw a frog?). Thanks especially to Richard, Ian & Ally, our loyal guides. Will certainly be back.
    Roly and Sarah, 7 November

    • Great experience, Richard. Thanks to you and yours. We’ll be recommending the camp to all our friends.
    Peter and Sue, 9 November

    • Words are inadequate – so good it’s almost surreal. Great atmosphere, guides and accommodation. Perfected by the staff’s wonderful kindness.
    Gina and Ian, 9 November

    • Thanks guys – exceeded expectations .... and there really are wild dog here!
    Rob and Di, 10 November

    • Perhaps it has been our last safari [elderly couple, after many visits to Africa]. 3 days with Ian and Ally – fantastic! A lot of animals – but no leopard! At last an elephant family crossing the lake. Thanks to everyone who made our visit here so wonderful.
    Christel & Gert, 11 November

    • What an amazing way to start our African adventure. Great guides and great hospitality. I’ve never been so relaxed! Waking up to the sunset (sic) and elephants outside the tent will be a memory never lost. And thanks to you “caribou” will take on a whole new meaning.
    Connie and Isabelle, 12 November

    • Thank you so much for an amazing safari experience. Fantastic hospitality and friendly staff. I have never slept so well!!! We will be recommending Lake Manze to all our friends – especially those who want to learn good Swahili and find out about the tiger!!!
    Nicola and Ian, 13 November

    • We had an experience that exceeded our expectations. We saw all the animals we hoped to see.... My friend filled three pages will all the different animals, birds and reptiles (and insects). The guides (especially Victor and Abuu) were prompt, friendly and patiently answered all our “tourist” questions. Our accommodations were clean, comfortable and appropriately blended into the surroundings. I liked the hot showers and the fact that the water was heated by solar panel. The and management were courteous and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely recommend the camp to others! Thank you.
    Paul and Monica, 14 November

    • Although we have already been in Mdonya, we discovered here a camp like paradise with those big palms trees, the bush and lake: completely different! [guests have been many times to Africa] Everyone is so nice and very professional. Thanks, thanks to all our you! Thanks also to the passing elephants and to Rafiki! Thank you very much Richard for your kindness. May things continue to go well at Manze. Leonard it was nice to meet you here! [had met him 2 years ago at Mdonya] Goodbye Rafiki, thanks for coming this morning!
    Jacques and Paulette, 15 November

  • A beautiful spot – with views and sounds of the bush all around. In-house ‘ele’vision too! A great place, wonderful staff, everyone so friendly and helpful. Thank you for making my first stay in Selous so enjoyable. Would love to come back. Best wishes to all.
    Sandra, 16 November.
  • Thank you very much for a truly magical stay. I had a wonderful five days here and my dream of seeing hunting dogs came true –and how! I feel incredibly privileged to watch a hunt and then have it stolen by lions. Everybody was so welcoming and it was truly memorable.
    Victoria, 16 November.
  • We had a truly enjoyable experience. We have never been so close to lions before. The wide and diverse wildlife was fantastic o see. Thank you very much for your warm hospitality.
    Mark and Bev, 16 November
  • We have had a marvellous experience staying in Selous. So close to the wildlife made our trip very special. Thanks to all the staff for being so attentive.
    Graham and Paulette, 17 November.
  • Wonderful wildlife. Guiding and food very good. Sarah loved it.
    David and Judy 17 November
  • It was a wonderful stay. Great impressions. Friendly people.
    Barbara and ? 18 November
  • Wow! What a magical experience. Thanks for a wonderful time. The camp is a little piece of heaven. Hope to return. Already started saving. Thank you.
    Rob and Linda, 18 November.
  • Anywhere you can wake up and see 5 elephants standing outside your tent is definitely fantastic in our book. Brilliant, friendly staff (thanks Carlson, Salum and Rashidi!!), excellent food and more animals than I thought I’d see. Very much hope to see you again soon.
    Linde and Ollie, 19 November.
  • Thank you very much for this very enjoyable and interesting safari here in the Selous! That was our first time for us to walk in the bush surrounded by so many animals, it was so great!! Thank you to all the staff, very professional and very friendly. You always had answers to all of our questions on animals. And thank you to the hippos, lions, elephants and all the amazing animals we saw during these three days. Thank you once more for the amazing stay we spent in this camp, our safari was really perfect !!! And this is due to the large number of animals seen but also for a large part due to the friendly environment you create in your camp.
    Emilie and Laurent, 20 November
  • We had a nice stay at the camp. Friendly staff. We saw a lot and enjoyed it a lot.
    Alain and Sandrine, 20 November
  • It’s been an amazing trip – the wild dogs were incredible, and the last minute leopard sighting was the highlight of our trip. Selous will always have a special place in our travels – definitely worth the 30+ hour trip from Canada. Kudos to all the staff who made our trip so special.
    Caroline and Chris, 25 November
  • Thanks for a truly rewarding experience! From the staff, to the guides, to the accommodation, to the fabulous meals, it was a safari that far, far exceeded our expectations. We had a tremendous time. Thank you.
    Marjorie, 25 November
  • Friendly staff, beautiful surroundings, all said an unforgettable experience. We will always cherish it. (The wildlife needs no comment).
    Richard and Maisa, 26 November
  • It’s been our first time in Selous – but definitely not the last! We enjoyed every minute! Thank you very much. Everyone was great!
    Erik and Anja, 27 November
  • What a wonderful experience! We have been looked after by most attentive staff who have spared no effort to make our stay here as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Particular thanks and congratulations must go to the management who ensure that attention is given to all those little details which can be so important to individuals. An especial mention to Richard who took us under his wing and was a mine of fascinating information and, dare I say, a perfect gentleman when it came to assisting us when we needed help. Thank you. In all “unforgettable”. We wish you every success.
    Peter and Graham, 28 November
  • A truly amazing experience from start to finish. All the staff were extremely helpful and very friendly. The meals in the evening were a delight and our compliments to the chef. The management were always on hand to make sure we had everything we needed and Richard is a most fascinating man. We would have liked to stay for longer (if I could sleep!) Thanks to everyone for a trip we will never forget.
    Natalie and Paul, 29 November
  • A magnificent stay immersed in nature, the peace, and the pleasure of meeting such agreeable people. An unforgettable experience. Exceptional!!! Long live Corsica.
    Erik and Genevieve, 30 November

    • To all the staff at Lake Manze Camp, thank you for what has turned out to be an amazing experience. You have all provided such a relief from the chains of our London lives. Wishing you all the best in the times to come.
    Justin and Cristina, 9 December.

    • Thank you very much to all the staff and the management for the enjoyable time we had at Manze. Food was delicious, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.
    Monica and Judith, 9 December.

    • What a beautiful spot! A lovely, relaxing placed to enjoy wildlife and the bush at its best. Thank you for looking after me so well.
    Susannah, 9 December.

    • Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing few days. It was just what we needed. The staff are very friendly and helpful.
    Natalie and Francois, 11 December.

    • Well. Our second stay here. Brought some very dear friends from Addis for their first safari in Tanzania. What more can you say? Lots of high points – if you really want to taste Africa in all its splendour, there is no better place to come. Thanks to all for such a great experience.
    Tim and Anne, 12 December.

• Thanks to Tim and Anne we had a unique experience on our first safari to Tanzania. Manze Camp was all we had heard of: peaceful, rich in animal life, with wonderful staff, etc. It was all true. We thank everyone including the animals or a wonderful experience.
Kirsti and Niko, 13 December.

• It has been a wonderful experience to spend time here. All of you were just amazing. Thank you very much for making this a memorable experience. Thank you very, very much x 10!
Mahir and Aysha, 21 December

• We have had many lovely experiences in many of our travels and this has been one of the most pleasant! Thank you very much. We enjoyed the delicious food, the beautiful surroundings, the wonderful safaris and the gracious staff! We will definitely tell our friends to come and see it for themselves. Many thanks to Richard, Paolo and Daja and the wonderful guides!
Dave, Cheryl and Sue, 23 December.

• We have enjoyed 3 great days here at Manze. We looked forward to the game viewing and we were not disappointed! Lots of giraffes – our favourite! The two boat trips were lovely, very peaceful and the scenery was superb. Two of us caught fish, something we had never done before. We would certainly recommend this camp to anyone wanting a friendly and relaxing stay. Thanks to all the staff.
Susan, Nick, Henry and Victoria, 24 December.

• A very unique adventure camp! Great guides and wonderful food! Thank you for a great time. Wishing you a wonderful 2009.
Diane and John, 25 December.

• Lovely lake, lovely people, very friendly (mostly) animals. Appreciated help of knowledgeable guide and driver, and Richard’s bird expertise really made a difference. Catfish was great too. Loved it!
Joy and Iain, 29 December.

• A truly authentic African safari. Wonderful game drives with plentiful sightings of lions, elephants, giraffe, hyaena, crocodiles and hippos, without mentioning the birdlife, amazing variety. The guides were very informative and our host welcoming and helpful. We have enjoyed our stay very much.
Peter, Rosemary and family, 29 December.

• Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, professional – great. Two days felt like a week.
Karen and Mike, 31 December 2008.

• Thank you very much for this unique adventure. It was very exciting watching wild animals so close. And many thanks for your kind hospitality. Everything was wonderful!
Kriga, Tibor and Gabriella, 31 December 2008.

• Thank you so much for an amazing trip! The service has been fantastic, especially from our guide and driver. We’ve seen all the animals we hoped to, except for a leopard! We’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again and Happy New Year!
Sally and Jonathan, 1 January 2009

• Thank you for a fantastic stay in the most beautiful setting – all the staff have been exceptionally friendly and helpful, and the service has been superb. Special thanks to our guide and driver who always found the wildlife we were searching for, apart from the elusive leopard! The “sundowner” by the water was the icing on the cake of a very memorable stay. Thank you so much and a very happy new year to all. Wishing you a prosperous and successful 2009.
Caroline and Richard, 1 January 2009

• Thanks for the fantastic welcome in Tanzania. We will advertise your place to our friends.
Jan, 2 January 2009

• Thank you very much for an amazing time. We enjoyed every minute of it. The hospitality shown to us was 1st class. Lake Manze Camp is a very special place and will definitely recommend it. Good luck for 2009.
Em and Rob, 3 January 2009

• Thank you so much for making our first ever trip to Africa so memorable. The whole team were excellent and we found the guides very informative. We enjoyed the flexibility which enabled us to go on varying trips. Seeing all the wildlife especially the leopard was amazing! We did find it very hot in the tents for sleeping but all in all the facilities and food were excellent. Thanks once again.
Kylie and David, 4 January 2009

• Lake Manze is a magical place and one of the best kept secrets in Africa! We have seen an abundance of wildlife both on the water and in the park. But the real treasure here has been the quality of service and the personal touch that the whole team have added. Paolo, Daja and Richard, you have created something very special here. Thank you.
Simon and Brenda, 4 January 2009

• Daja, Paolo and your wonderful team. Thank you! We have had the most amazing time. You have ensured that our first safari will not be our last and I will definitely be recommending Lake Manze on Trip Advisor. Best bits: Great Team. The drivers and guides just superb. Food great and of course the animals – how amazing. So thank you for an amazing experience.
Resh and Alexej, 6 January 2009

• We did a lot of safaris in Africa and this place is really nice to see the animals and wildlife. Great weather, also. Thanks especially to the guides because they really do their best.
Gilles, 7 January 2009

• A really excellent camp with a very friendly and relaxed way. Everyone was enthusiastic and helpful to make our safari trip great. Good food and good company also helped. The trips out were all good and the drivers and guides really showed us the land and the animals. A wonderful place to be and well worth visiting here. Best regards,
John and Margaret, 7 January 2009

• We had a fabulous time from start to finish, excellent safaris with abundant wildlife, informed and good-fun guides. The welcome and hosting were warm and friendly. We will be recommending Lake Manze Camp to all who will listen. Thank you to Richard and all the staff.
Adrienne and Rory, 8 January 2009

• Wonderful staff. Great. Well looked after. Holiday brilliant. Thank you.
Phil and Lynn, 15 January

• Short and sweet! Wonderful staff. Great environment and good food. We loved everything.
Sandra, 15 January

• Thank you for great hospitality. The place is wonderful, its special value being its naturalness, both in the environment and in handling the guests. We had a really enjoyable time here. The food was great, the staff are helpful and the management is caring about all the details. Best wishes for a great future for the camp and its people.
Esther, 17 January

• What a place. What a magical experience and the hospitality has been outstanding! The game drives have been something to treasure and the encounters with the “locals” unexpected but most memorable. This is how much of the world should be and we hope that such reserves are kept as they are and not “developed”.
Gail and John, 21 January

• The attention to the guest is special. We have enjoyed our lovely stay.
Barry, 22 January

• Excellent lodge, well run, comfortable, great staff. Paolo and Daja were wonderful. Highly recommended.
Robert, 22 January

• Thanks for a very good four days. Very good service and experience. Excellent.
Bill, 22 January

• Many thanks for the fantastic opportunity to get to know this part of the world and this part of life. It was a true experience. Keep it up.
Esther, 23 January.

• Our two days stay in the camp was good, and we experienced good service from all the staff. We were happy, and enjoyed, the accommodation, sight-seeing and food.
Illegible signature, 25 January

• A wonderful place to enjoy the real unspoilt Africa with a very special combination of Afro-Italian warm hospitality. Thank you for many things.
Robin and Aileen, 25 January

• Absolutely awesome!! So refreshing and really great. Thanks for everything. Hope we’ll be back. Asante sana!!
Timo and Megan, 25 January

• A restful and pleasant stay. We especially liked the elly who frequented our tents at night! Lovely food and even better boat and walking safaris. Thanks and million.
Christine and Kikki, 25 January

• We have had a really wonderful time and take away many good memories. It was great to experience so many different types of safari.
Tom, Charlotte and Carolyn, 26 January

• It was a very hot place and a wonderful camp, with a young bull elephant very close to the tent. Many interesting birds. Boat safari is great!
Christa and Kurt, 26 January

• Lake Manze is a wonderful place, very peaceful and relaxing. All the staff were friendly and looked after us. We feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic place to spend our first safari. Would recommend this place to friends and family. Thank you for your hospitality.
Zoe and Lianne, 29 January

• It’s been so nice, so wonderful seeing all these animals in this place, and knowing the people from Selous and talking with Richard. Three unforgettable days. Thank you Richard, and thank you to all the staff.
Franco and Ann, 30 January

• Thank you very much for a wonderful time in this camp. We enjoyed everything.
31 January 2009

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February 2009

• We didn’t expect to pass by here in Selous and knew almost nothing about it. When we came to Kisaki it turned out difficult to do anything. Thanks to you here at this beautiful camp. We’ve had the most memorable part of our trip here. The food has been good, the staff very nice and professional, the tents really, really beautiful and well equipped. And of course the wildlife you have here is incredible. Thank you very, very much.
Hans-Christian, 7 February

• I had my best day in years and just made me realise what it is we really miss in the busy city life. The place was beyond imagination, service GREAT, food very nice and the surrounding nature just put the cream on top. @We will remember these 2 days and pity that we came only for this short time. Absolutely fantastic time. Thank you.

• Our stay here surpassed what we expected. The staff could not do enough for us, and made our stay here fantastic. Thanks to everybody.
Gareth and Suzanne, 13 February

• Wow, absolutely fantastic. This was the best start to our holiday and we hope our other venues will all live up to your hospitality and friendliness. Thank you to you all for everything.
Paul, Vicky, and Georgie, 14 February

• Finally found the ever elusive hunting dog to complete the super 7. We had a great safari.
B.Rassmussen, 15 February

• We had a wonderful stay at Lake Manze with impressive safaris and lots of animals. Highly recommended! Thanks to all guides and the camp people.
Tim, 15 February

• Beautiful camp. That was the most wonderful trip I ever did and so said my group.
Bashy Astor, 15 February

• It’s a paradise. Nice country and very nice people. Thank you.
Alex, 17 February

• Amazing birds, hippos, crocs, lions, giraffes. The boat safari was incredible and we saw a hippo on land and two hippos playing! We saw lions in the rain and lion in the dark! Great accommodation too. Asante.
Darcy, George and Jemma, 17 February.

• We all had a fantastic time and will remember this place forever. A really good time at Lake Manze Camp but didn’t get to see the hyenas (next time!) Kwaheri.
KRS Dhetalia, 20 February

• A fantastic time: beautiful country, amazing wildlife and terrific staff. Rafiki was our favourite.
Paul and Barbara, 20 February
• Lake Manze was a lovely place to stay and the safari was just great. We had visited the Serengeti already and preferred Lake Manze. The hospitality was very good also. Hope to come back one day. The best part was the crocs eating the elephant. We loved Rafiki. Thanks to the Maasai for their protection.
Raj, Sameer and Vaneeta, 20 February

• We would like to thank you for the wonderful stay in your camp. The staff was very kind, and the chef a superman. Thank you!
illegible signature, 21 February

• We had a fantastic stay here at Manze, fully meeting our dreams about an unforgettable stay in the bush, with animals just outside our tent, quiet evenings in candle light and great safari by car, boat and foot. Walking and boating bring another dimension to the safari. The staff has also been fantastic. Great organisation, service, food and very knowledgeable staff, so we have learned a lot. The Maasai made us feel very safe, and had to clear the path of elephants and hippos to get us safely home at night. Asante sana!
Illegible signature, 21 February

• A fabulous thank you to Richard and all his team for a magnificent and extraordinary place that you helped us to discover. This was the first time for us, but certainly not the last. Nature is so beautiful. Again, a thousand thank yous.
Illegible signature, 21 February

• Thank you for the very wonderful and beautiful time in Camp Manze.
Reinhard and Helga, 25 February

• Absolutely brilliant time. Wonderful staff, very helpful and knowledgeable. Made welcome 24 hours a day. Thank you for a very good experience.
Lorraine and Gordon, 25 February

• Thanks to the whole team for a great stay at Lake Manze Camp. Great experience, loved every minute of it.
Sandra, 25 February

• Thanks for a great time here. Fantastic camp, wonderful food and service, and superb game viewing. We will be back.
Steve and Joan, 1 March

• This has been an experience of a lifetime! Great place, great staff, and lots of animals. A special thank you to Richard, Calson and Herbert.
Amita and Rune, 1 March

• We have had a wonderful 4 days here at Lake Manze – fantastic wildlife, wonderful company, superb food. The staff were brilliant and Ian and Abraham were particularly excellent. Thanks for having us to stay in such beautiful surroundings. Best wishes,
Stephen and Beth, 18 March

• I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay and the variety of activities that this place has to offer. Thanks especially to Samuel and Ally for doing such a great job finding all the animals. 2 leopards in 2 days!!! That’s unheard of.
Cecile, 5 March

• We absolutely loved our stay here. A very friendly staff, and we’ve been extremely lucky with all the wildlife we saw. It was wonderful to enjoy the quietness and intimacy of this place during the low season with few people around. What an incredible experience – thanks to all who have made it possible!! Asante sana.
Jeremy, 18 March

• Thank you so much for a superb stay, the staff were excellent, knowledgeable and friendly, and camp a pleasure to stay at. We look forward to coming back! Best wishes.
Adam & Felicity, 4.6.09

• Beautiful, peaceful. Would love to be back. Thank you for a lovely stay.
Bill and Olga, 4.6.09

• It has been a great experience to be greeted by elephants, hippos and lots of birds. The people here were extremely friendly, we enjoyed the game viewing, especially the leopard and the lion, and the boat trip was much more interesting than expected. Thank you Micol and Richard for your warm welcome. We had a great time.
Ursula and Marlene, 4.6.09

• Our first visit to Tanzania has been a wonderful beginning. Will remember Manze fondly in the concrete jungle of the lower East side of Manhattan.
John and Melissa, 6.6.09

• It was wonderful to finally visit Tanzania. I had a wonderful time in your beautiful camp. Looking forward to visiting again. Thanks a million.
Carlos, 6.6.09

• My first real experience of Africa: something I’ll never forget! Thank you for showing me so many animals!
Erwan, 7.6.09

• Excellent stay, really enjoyed the company, excellent food and service, plus the wild dogs! Many thanks.
David, 7.6.09

• Hey now! Great place and the staff are wonderful!
Erika and Mateo, 9.6.09

• “Go raibh rule maith agat”. That’s Irish for a hundred thousand thanks. And still that doesn’t cover it!! We had an amazing 4 days here, don’t think you’ve seen the last of us!
Sarah and Connor, 10.6.09

• On a 30-hour trip, I saw a lioness and her 2 cubs, Rafiki (the elephant) spying on me as I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night from a distance of 1 metre, and an impala kill by 2 dogs while having tea in the morning, as well as scores of other wildlife and one of the most beautiful sunsets I can remember. The Selous will be forever engrained in my mind. Thank you kindly.
Oliver, 10.6.09

• Wonderful place, and particularly welcoming and friendly staff. Many thanks to all, and I’ll pray for rain.
Rupert and Kirsten, 13.6.09

• I have had a wonderful time. I have seen many animals. I have eaten excellent food and made friends. Enjoyable, educational, relaxing – all this and more. Thank you to everyone.

Mama Rebecca, 15.6.09
• Many, many thanks for a truly memorable three days. A fantastic mix – boat safari, walking safari and some great game drives. Lovely food, fine drinks and very helpful and attentive staff. Thanks to Richard and all the staff for making us so welcome. Special thanks too to Abuu for his great driving and Samuel for some marvellous game drives. Best of luck.
Chris and Fiona, 16.6.09. P.S. Thanks for the 40th birthday cake.

• Here for 4 days. Absolutely superb – saw over 20 mammals and a similar number of birds. Had the pleasure of seeing Rafiki (the elephant), hippo, wild dogs, baboons, genet and others actually in and around the camp - do everything – drives, walks and boat down the river and in the lake. Food superb and good attentive service throughout! Wonderful!
Roger and Debby, 11.6.09

• We have all had the most fabulous time in Selous. The camp is superb and you have all made us feel very welcome. The food has been amazing, much better than I can make at home! The game drives have been excellent and we have seen everything we came to see. The perfect start to our celebratory holiday. Asante, asante, asante!!
The Strongmen, James and Stewart, 12.6.09

A truly wonderful time spent here at Selous. Staff superb and our host Richard welcoming and so knowledgeable. Our thanks to you all to making a perfect celebration holiday.
Gill and Mzee, 12.6.09

• Thank you all for the very nice and peaceful days on the Lake Manze Camp. We enjoyed our honeymoon very much and we won’t forget the nice birds, the elephants around the camp and the delicious food. It was just perfect. The service of the whole staff was friendly and very good. We hope we can come back. It not often you have a chance to take a shower with an elephant at your side! Best wishes
Cornelia and Christian, 13.6.09

• It’s been an incredible experience full of peace, good food and incredible safaris. The camp is incredibly well managed and the service perfect!! Boat safaris in the afternoon are unbeatable. They are full of hippos and the light is magical. We won’t forget this place and we’ll try to come back (after a couple of years of hard work.) Our best wishes to all of you.
Juanje, 14. 6.09

• Thanks so much for a lovely stay and an amazing experience! We’ve had a wonderful time and will never forget our time here!
Danielle, Phil, Dan and Sarah, 15.6.09

• Thank you so much for your hospitality, lovely dinner, elephants and the great boat safari. Keep up the fantastic atmosphere. See you again soon.
Marjolyn and Marloes, 15.6.09

• This was a wonderful experience. Who would have thought that I would have to live in a tent without the comforts of home and have such a pleasant journey! You are all to be commended for your hospitality. Of course, the game drives and boat explorations are a naturalist’s dream. Thank you.
Dorothy, 15.6.09

• Have run out of superlatives! Fantastic stay. Would recommend Lake Manze Camp and staff to anyone. Many, many amazing memories to take with us. Superb hospitality.
Monica, Tony, Mike and Judy, 18.6.09

• Thank you for arranging such a wonderful display of animals and birds for us - wild dogs, lion, leopard, mongooses, wildebeeste, zebra, hippos, buffalo, etc., etc., etc. They all performed so well to cue. Do they know what time to meet the 4x4s? Best regards to all.
David and Edith, 19.6.09

• Thank you so much for such a brilliant stay, particularly a big thank you to “Rafiki” [elephant] for the extreme wake up call. The staff were perfect and so were the animals! Again, a big thank you for a fabulous time.
Anita and David, 19.6.09

• Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! The animals here are superb. We especially enjoyed the fishing.
Anna and Andre, 20.6.09

• Thank you for making our fist safari (and our honeymoon) such an amazing experience! We never imagined we’d get so close to the lions and elephants. Next time leopard!!!* This is a truly beautiful place with wonderful, hardworking people.
Ainsley and Martin, 20.6.09 *They saw leopard en route to the airstrip

• Thank you for a fantastic stay. Lake Manze is a truly incredible experience. I hope to come back again for a longer stay. All the best.
Ursula, 21.6.09

• Fantastic! From the moment we arrived till the moment we’re leaving a great experience. Thanks for everything and good luck.
Edwin and Rosa, 21.6.09

• Very nice experience. Friendly staff, good food and early morning visitors. The boat safaris are fantastic.
Monica and Peter, 22.6.09

• One of the most wonderful places we’ve ever been to! Thank you for everything. Great hospitality, breath-taking safaris!
Roland and Jessica, 23.6.09

• A wonderful, amazing place with such warm, friendly people. Our guide, Calson, and driver, Abuu, were brilliant. We asked to see “cats and dogs” and they expertly tracked a leopard and lion plus hunting dogs. Thank you so much. We couldn’t have hoped for a better safari experience. Thank you everyone!
Simon and Nicole, 24.6.09

• Thank you for an amazing African experience! It is something we shall never forget! Personal thanks to Malcolm and Richard, also Rafiki [the elephant] for the magical wake up calls!
Claudia and Alice, 25.6.09

• This is a truly magical place. To be so close to all the wildlife is magical. Thanks for a great experience.
Olly and Ella, 26.6.09

• One of the most beautiful places we have visited in Africa. Landscape, animals, birds, everything was great. And, moreover, the hospitality and the kindness of the people was a wonderful experience. A lot of reasons to come back.
Els and Gerald, 27.6.09

• We’ve been here just 2 days but I could stay for weeks. I really enjoyed the camp, the safari, the meals, the sounds.... and the effort to meet the other guests and create a good atmosphere. Thanks a lot.
Victor, Miraio and Marc, 27.6.09

• Thank you very much for a wonderful safari experience! We really enjoyed our safari trip and were truly impressed by your incredible knowledge of the nature reserves in Africa, the animals and the people. We will never forget waking up to the elephants casually strolling by our tent or by the bar in the evenings! Special thanks to Rafiki [the elephant] for being the friendliest elephant around! Also, Victor and Emmanuel were amazing for managing to show us 5 lions and the elusive hyaena! It was quite simply an amazing experience, one that we will never forget.
Paul and Churni, 27.6.09

• Thanks for the warm welcome. Nice place. Nice service. Best wishes to the staff and personally great thanks to Richard. We’ve really enjoyed our time being here. Thanks a lot.
Pavlo and Oksana (from Ukraine), 28.6.09.

• Our stay at Lake Manze has been fantastic – everything was an amazing experience whether it was falling asleep to the sound of elephants crashing around outside, the astounding diligence of the Maasai watchmen, the game drives & boat safaris or a delicious dinner under the canopy of southern stars. Ian and Salum tried their hardest to find amazing animal scenes for us – troops of baboons and vervet monkeys lounging on the plains, giraffes swaying gracefully from each hoof to the other, herds of elephants with the miniature baby one, or lions lying full-bellied by a dead giraffe, or dozens of crocodiles feasting on a hippo in the lake. Bebe’s knowledge of the birdlife was amazing and the barman mixed an excellent gin & tonic. My time at Lake Manze has been absolutely fantastic – I have no doubt I will return here again. Richard was an impeccable host and the staff combined to make an incredible experience for my mother and I.

Fabulous in every way – thank you all so much.
Sarah and Connor, 28.6.09

• We enjoyed a lot staying in this camp, particularly due to al the wild animals close to or even within the place!
Marika and Klaus, 29.6.09

• The animals and scenery here are breath-taking. Thoroughly enjoyed our time at the camp. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Take care.
Tomas and Norman, 29.6.09

• Thank you very much – wonderful stay and superb location. Very friendly staff. Would like to come again.
Mike and Jill, 29.6.09

• Richard, thank you so much for your hospitality and please pass on our sincere thanks to all your staff, for making our stay at Manze so amazing. Leopard, lion, hyena, jackal and wild dog – what more could you ask for? and such fantastic bird life.
Caroline and David, 30.6.09

• What an amazing stay – elephants running past our tent, hyena, wild dogs and leopard on safari, and great hospitality in camp. Thank you all so much.
Richard and Sophia, 30.6.09

• Thank you all for an excellent couple of days. The “up close and personal” experience with the elephants is second to none! Great host, great staff and great guides. Thank you very much. We shall see you again.
Inayat and Conrad, 30.6.09

• We have had a great time – amazing setting, great guides and good food!
Abi and James, 30.6.09

• To all our friends on safari! Enjoy. We loved it! And we will be back!
Lindsay and Marvin, 30.6.09

• Absolutely beautiful setting. Wonderful drives and boat rides. Nice variety of animals and birds. We will always remember this trip! Thanks to all the staff members.
Mary and Wayne, 30.6.09

• Asante sana for the great experience! It was a successful first safari and the staff are great. Nice to see 2 leopards on my first day!
Tak chin, 1.7.09

• After a warm welcome we have enjoyed the tranquillity and magnificence of this unspoilt site. All the staff have been informative and attentive. Asante sana!
John, Janet, James, Edward, Emma, 2.7.09

• A wonderful place, lots to see – the dog puppies were the highlight. All the staff are great – couldn’t ask for better. Asante sana.
Alan and Sandra, 2.7.09

• Thank you for all the good things in life. We enjoyed every moment of our stay. The food is delicious, the tents are pleasant and last but not least the very friendly and caring staff. The safari trips were successful. The first half hour we already saw a leopard! And later that first day again a leopard and lion during the boat trip. We can recommend it. It couldn’t be better! Thanks again and all the best.
Bart, Nienhe, Daan and Hugo, 3.7.09

• Thank you for 3 wonderful days! Everything was perfect. A great fun and relaxing way to end our trip to Africa. Seeing all the elephants wander past our tent and the dining area being only a few metres away is something we will never forget.
Scott and Mike, 4.7.09

• Thank you all for the wonderful stay at Lake Manze. We much appreciated the efforts of all to help as much as possible. A new experience in our safari going off road to see the animals.
Emma and Elwyn, 5.7.09

• This is a glorious place. We felt we experienced the real Africa. The staff were all helpful and friendly, most ably managed by Richard. An unforgettable experience.
Barbara and Steve, 5.7.09

• We loved our time at Camp Manze. The elephant Rafiki was a delight, and the game drives spectacular. We’ll definitely be back. Thanks very much to Emmanuel as well!!
John and Tracey, 5.7.09

• To all the staff at Lake Manze
Thank you for the most wonderful start to our safari and our honeymoon. We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect setting and such luck we had in seeing so many animals. The staff are wonderful, polite, attentive and always have a smile for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Perfectly amazing. I’m sure we’ll be back again.
Stephen and Veryan, 6.7.09

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July 2009:

  • Many thanks to Richard and all the staff for a wonderful stay at Manze. We look forward to returning again.
    Jan and Roger, 7.7.09
  • I want to thank all of the staff her at Lake Manze for an absolutely sublime experience over the last few days. From the hospitality to the field guide knowledge, to a cracking birthday cake, everything was absolutely fantastic! A+++. We will definitely never forget this place – the wildlife viewing and scenery were wonderful, all the staff charming and kind, and Richard the most gracious host imaginable. Many thanks,
    Michael and Natasha, 8.7.09
  • Thank you very much for this wonderful time! We enjoyed the atmosphere, the warm welcome and your perfect organisation. We hope to come back some time!
    Marc, 9.7.09
  • We had a wonderful time. Enjoyed the trips so much and learned a huge amount from our guides. Thank you to all the staff for all of their hard work to make our stay so good.
    Az, Alan, Liz and Vickie, 9.7.09
  • Dear Richard and all the team. We had a fantastic time and the experience exceeded our expectations. Great service, lovely good and such enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides and driver (Ally) made our stay here really enjoyable. Hopefully we will be able to return! Very best wishes.
    Sunara, Stephen, Joel and Elliott, 9.7.09
  • We have enjoyed a really special holiday together here, and have some wonderful memories to take away. Thank you all for making our stay such a fantastic experience. We have received so much good food, good service and friendly hospitality, and a fantastic guide in Emmanuel. We are very sorry to leave but thank you all. With warm regards,
    Tony, Sandra, Robyn, Ben and Lauren, 9.7.09
  • Our stay exceeded our expectations. The staff are very friendly and skilled (from guides and drivers to the bar/restaurant and manager and Maasai guards). We would be very glad to come back another time.
    Lars, Mona, 10.7.09
  • First safari, great experience! Selous is fantastic to see lots of animals and Lake Manze Camp is ideal to relax with friendly staff, the good meals, the friendly elephant coming around your tent.... Thanks as well to all the guides who made our trip memorable with helping us to understand better the beauties of nature. All the best to all and a big thank you.
    Aixelle and Geoff, 11.7.09
  • A great stay – thank you. From the wild dog running through the camp to great viewing of lion and cubs and wild dog litter.
    Eamonn and Nicolette, 12.7.09
  • Our stay at Lake Manze was wonderful – loved the close interaction with the animals right next to the tents and bandas, especially Rafiki and his pals were a treat. Wonderful wildlife – although we have the lions and leopard saved for a later visit. Thank you so much for pulling us out of the sand. Wonderful service, beautiful camp. Tutaonana.
    Terkel and Tine, 13.7.09
  • A fantastic time. Our first trip to Africa and we will definitely come again. Manze Camp is very comfortable and ALL the staff were very helpful, welcoming and friendly. We couldn’t speak more highly.
    Will and Kate, 14.7.09
  • A truly unique experience! Made so much more special by the location and the constant proximity to so much wildlife. To have elephants for company at breakfast time each morning was amazing! The game drives were awesome and also the boat and walking trips. We were very impressed by the knowledge of our guide, Calson. Thank you so much for an unforgettable 3 nights.
    Lucy and David, 15.7.09
  • Thank you very much for making our stay very enjoyable. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the game drives, boat and walking experiences with excellent guides and drivers. We are amazed by the amount of beautiful animals and birds we have seen over just 3 days, including a leopard on our first day, truly majestic. Thanks again for everything. We hope to return soon.
    Jenny and Jason, 15.7.09
  • We had an absolutely awesome time! Thank you very much for all of our hospitality. Truly unforgettable. Cheers! See you next year again!
    Claire and Ryan, 16.7.09
  • What a choice place. These “Kiwis” had an awesome time. A must see. Thank you Richard for being a gracious host.
    Barry and Heather, 16.7.09
  • We had a wonderful time here. Thank you so much for all your kindness and hospitality. The entire experience was certainly unforgettable.
    Daniella and Melissa, 16.7.098
  • We never expected to see so much in just 2 days, so thanks Victor and all the rest of the crew for a very amazing experience. Waking up with an elephant munch just outside your tent is a truly fantastic way to start the day. Thanks Richard for all your help we really hope to come back soon.
    Chiara and Luke, 16.7.09
  • A lovely unexpected experience. We really enjoyed every moment. Thank you to you all. Asanteni sana.
    Jens, Marianne, Jan and Simon, 17.7.09
  • An unexpected visit – great 3 days. The whole family had a brilliant time with many highlights, the wild dog pups being a first!!
    Gill and Paul, 17.7.09
  • Thanks for the lions, elephants, hippos and all the others! We enjoyed the experience here!
    Ellen and Matthias, 18.7.09
  • The camp in Selous is beautiful – special experience. The staff very friendly, the guides too. But in consequence is the trip too expensive in comparison with Kenya and South Africa.
    Astrid, Hildegard and Werner, 18.7.09
  • Our second visit to Lake Manze. Our experience was just as fantastic as the first. Great location, beautiful animals, attentive, knowledgeable staff. We enjoyed it so much we returned with parents and daughter! Now we are hooked! Once again many thanks.
    Derrick, Jane, Sheila, Malcolm and Robyn, 19.6.09
  • Thank you Richard and staff for a wonderful stay. After 24 hours the camp has felt like home and the park has given us many gifts.
    Jo and Neil, 19.7.09
  • Are there any words to describe this place....? (Maybe if you were Shakespeare) Thank you all.
    Max, 19.7.09
  • Thank you very much for all your good care. It was a relaxed time in a beautiful place!! Warmest regards to Richard and all the staff!!
    Hans-Andre and Reolien, 20.7.09
  • To say something original about this extraordinary place is a much bigger challenge than seeing all the amazing animals. We’ve met wonderful people, been served and educated by a courteous and intelligent staff and enjoyed every moment. We plan to tell all our friends who plan to visit Tanzania. Asante sana.
    The best thanks to everyone – we saw everything we asked for!
    We loved everything about the camp and the safaris. The tent was amazingly comfortable and also just plain awesome. It was interesting in the evenings to live without electricity. It was also very cool to have elephants right outside the camp. On our last day almost right before the end of our safari we saw a pride of 9 lions! All of the safaris were so great and all of the staff were very kind. We appreciated everything. Thanks.
    Ralph, Melissa and Peter, 21.7.09
  • Thank you all for a great holiday! Coming face to face with hyaena right outside our tent at 2 a.m. must have been a highlight! Wonderful guiding and game viewing – good fishing too.
    The Egerton troupe, 22.7.09
  • For someone who has not experienced "safari holiday" this clearly is a defining bench-mark - superb organisation in such a discreet manner. Wonderful trips, great food, incredible wildlife experience and top class "concierge" service from Richard. Many thanks
    It all far exceeded my expectations. Superbly well-run camp. Delightful staff. Vivid memories of walking back to our tents behind a Maasai, and above all the animals were superb. Wild dogs, lions, the ever-present elephants, hippos, etc. - the experience of a lifetime.
    Thank you so much for a fabulous safari experience. We both had a wonderful time. The variety and wonderful food was a real surprise. The staff were friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and created a fantastic experience. Thanks again.
    Rachel and Richard, 23.7.09
  • We had three very good days in this beautiful camp with its friendly staff! The boat trip provided many birds and we liked the wild dogs and their 7 pups. We hope to come again!
    Brigitte and Felix, 23.7.09
  • We really, really enjoyed out stay with you. Everyone, from Richard to our fantastic guides, all the staff in fact were so kind, friendly, and informative. Lake Manze is a perfect place to see brilliant wildlife in a beautiful, atmospheric setting. Cannot recommend it highly enough and will pass on to our friends.
    Cathy, John, Ann, Jack and Izzy, 23.7.09
  • What a fabulous four days. Everything it promised to be – and a little more. We didn’t imagine having an elephant join us on the verandah or bring us gifts in the shower! Thank you all for a very special holiday.
    Geoff and Anne, 25.7.09
  • We had an amazing and most memorable stay here at Lake Manze and wish we had more time to remain and soak in the atmosphere. Thanks to Richard and all the staff for a truly amazing stay. Hopefully until a future visit.
    Shawn and Freddy, 25.7.09
  • Selous has been the high point of our stay in Tanzania. The location is magical. Intense activities and moments of repose succeed each other. Everything is very well organised in an atmosphere both friendly and convivial. We have particularly appreciated the meals taken in common. The guides are competent and we have learned many things about nature and the animals. A big thank you to Richard for his sense of welcome and his great presence. The camp owes him a lot. Thank you also to all the staff who have served us with kindness and efficiency.
    Isabelle and Alfred, 26.7.09
  • We have had a fantastic time here at Lake Manze. The location is wonderful and having the elephants around was great. All the activities have been wonderful too – the guide’s knowledge is outstanding. All the staff have been fantastic too. Thank you again!
    Lizzie, Chris, Pauline and John, 26.7.09
  • Lake Manze is the perfect spot. It was the most amazing introduction to Africa and safari! Loved the authenticity of the place and eating by storm lanterns under the stars was such a treat. Very welcoming staff; felt right at home! The safari park is beautiful and we saw so many incredible animals including the ever-elusive leopard. Thank you so much for a fantastic time, I am definitely going to miss waking up to the elephants outside our tent. We will see you again in the future!
    Sophie and Joe, 26.7.09
  • What can we say that hasn’t been said before! It is a great camp in a truly beautiful setting. We have had such a relaxing time in our four nights here. We’ve enjoyed the company, the dinner under the stars, watching the world go by from outside the tent, the night sounds, the Masai “taxis” and of course the boat trips, drives and walks. Thanks to everyone.
    Juliet and Mike, 27.7.09
  • Fantastic setting and camp. Great service and wonderful place for a relaxing holiday.
    Sarath, 28.7.09
  • Wonderful experience. The early morning wake up call by the elephants will live with us forever. Thanks to all the staff for making this holiday so special. Asante.
    The Weedons, 29.7.09
  • An unforgettable experience – courteous staff, fantastic guides and incredible wildlife!
    Lisa, 30.7.09
  • Thanks for a really fantastic stay. We really enjoyed the variety of the activities and the good work of the staff. Our guides (Ian, Richard and Rashidi) were great and really provided us with much new knowledge. However, the most memorable moment was probably when we were under siege by three elephants one morning! That doesn’t happen every day in Stockholm. Many thanks.
    Magnus and Daniel, 30.7.09
  • We have had an excellent time. The wild dogs were the highlight – especially the puppies. Our guides on the game drives (Nahum and Emmanuel) were very knowledgeable and great fun to spend time with. The food has been fantastic, the animals were plenty. Lovely camp where all the staff are friendly. Enjoyed every minute. Many thanks.
    Lottie, Steven, Andrew, Audrey, 31.7.09
  • We have tremendously enjoyed staying at this beautiful place and learning more about the wildlife from your knowledgeable and friendly staff. Thank you very much for what will be a memorable holiday. (A special thank you to the Maasai askaris – we were very impressed with their skills at handling the elephants and felt well looked after in the camp.)
    Isabel and Alan, 31.7.09
  • Magnificent and truly memorable experiences that we will hold dear for many years. A wonderful start to our honeymoon and married life. Thank you so much to all of the staff here we were truly blessed with your guiding skills and knowledge. Everybody has played their part to make it a fabulous 3 days – a wonderful cook, very impressive and protective Maasai, and passionate and intelligent guides. Also thanks to Richard for sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge. Many, many, many thanks.
    Andrew and Cherrie, 31.7.09
  • Thanks to the staff. We spent a really good and peaceful time here.
    Maryline and Daniel, 1.8.09
  • Just incredible! We’d never been on safari and didn’t know what to expect – we didn’t consider ourselves “safari people”, so weren’t expecting much. But the camp, the staff, the wilderness – all amazing. We have been here only two days and wish we could stay a few more!
    Kelly and Ben, 1.8.09
  • Thank you for an unforgettable stay! The camp is outstanding with its friendly staff and dedicated manager. Thank you and see you again.
    Rolf and Julianne, 2.8.09
  • Our first safari and it is amazing. We have seen so many animals – too many to count. The experience of sleeping in the tents was brilliant along with hearing elephants, hippos, lions and hyenas close by. Thank you Richard and all the staff for your welcome.
    Lisa, Alex, Luke, David and Ewan, 2.8.09
  • We wish to thank you for all the wonderful emotions we experienced here, every single detail was perfect: from food, tents, hippo races to exciting elephant encounters; everything was simply amazing, special thanks to Richard and Malcolm plus the whole team for their kindness. Gloria and Enrico, 4.8.09
  • It was quite an experience: waking up see the elephants from our tent! It was a good stay at Lake Manze. The staff is friendly. Thanks! Marielie & Dries, Nyimeger, Inglis and Alex, 5.8.09
  • Thank you for 3 wonderful days. We enjoyed it very much. All staff were friendly and helpful.
    Hope to return some day!
    Simon, Matthias, Tina, Steen, Emilie, Rasmus, Gitte, Hans, Christian, 5.8.09
  • We have had a fantastic 3days here. Ole was a great guide and very informative. What a lovely camp we feel very privileged to have been here. All the staff has been friendly and helpful and the night time askaris are amazing. We never expect to see elephant so close again. Thank you all.
    The Morris family, 6.8.09
  • Excellent stay with superb game viewing. Boat trip was excellent down the channel. The guides Ali (driver) and Emmanuel were truly excellent very friendly and attentive. Camp staff were also first class. Thank you for all the hard efforts that were put into my strange food habits, the meals were excellent as was the whole experience, wonderful guides and friendly staff.
    Jim and Sally,6.8.09
  • Wow! What a great place! safaris were awesome and lovely, the variety on offer, and the boat safaris were also lovely. Favourite event was seeing the wild dog puppies which was magical. Our guides were very good and really enjoyed the whole experience! Thank you everyone!
    This is awesome; all animals are amazing and magical. I loved the boat safaris and the wild dogs were so cute and special. Thank you so much.
    This place is soooo good! You come in then and there are elephants wandering round, genet cats at dinner ............which is yummy!! Everyone is really friendly and the safaris are amazing...............
    Thanks so much!
    We have had a great time at lake Manze.The wildlife is fantastic and all the staff from Richard to our dream team of Emmanuel and Nahumu and all the bar staffs have been great.
    Asante Sana.
    Whitworth family, 6.8.09
  • Wow! Fantastic – exceeded all expectations. Animals brill, staff friendly, Richard great. Food lovely. Sad to leave.
    Liz & Howard, 6.8.09
  • Thanks so much for an amazing time; we could not have asked for a better start of our honeymoon! Richard plus all the guys are all so attentive, anything we asked was not a problem and our stay was a thousand times better than we ever thought it would be. But if you are reading this you already know. This is a place that I would want to come too time to time again. They have set the bar very high for the rest of our time in Tanzania.
    Matt & Sam, 6.8.09
  • Two days spent here and could have happily spent more. Lions, wild dogs, snakes, buffalo, hundreds of birds, hippos. And an amazing amount of close encounters with elephants. You can almost carry out a safari plan the tent perch amazing! Staff and food great whilst the Masai left you feeling confident that no matter how close the encounter you will still be walking away. Great trip, thank you!
    The Hunters, 8.8.09
  • A very intimate experience, with both wildlife and other guests, in a very secluded spot. Rugged days followed by dinner party alfresco dinning meant a very shared and enjoyable four days. All quarters worked hard to make it so good and it showed. All little haven for foreigners which is currently devoid of too many foreigners- we hope it remain that way.
    Very many thanks.
    Nick & Alice, 8.8.09
  • A truly memorable experience –and very humbling. We would like to give a big thank you to Richard and the staff at Lake Manze for making us feel so welcome and educating us. We shall have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lake Manze to anyone who has a sense of adventure. Best wishes!
    Rob, Julie, Amy, and Oliver,9.8.09
  • Beautiful Selous!
    She & Alistair
  • It has been a wonderful experience! The location is beautiful, the animals - can’t begin on that one, but the warm welcome was the best bit. Thank you especially to our guides Emmanuel and Ali. Best Wishes.
    I loved being here! Seeing all the beautiful animals was wonderful. I have learnt so much from our guides Emmanuel and Ali. It has been wonderful staying here, as well it has been great fun!!
    Staying here has been amazing! The tent was great, particularly the shower! Seeing so many different animals was a brilliant experience. It was also good learning more Swahili from our guides. Asante.
    I have loved every minute of our stay here! It has been a great welcome to Africa! We have been very lucky and have seen lots of animals, they are all so beautiful, thank you so much to Emmanuel and Ali, they found all the animals we wanted to see and told us so much. I loved the lunch when we went to the hot springs. Thank you!
    Well, what can I say that my girls haven’t already said but a very big thank you for such a welcome to Africa.
    Philipps Family, 9.8.09
  • Thank you so much it has been fantastic!
    James & Rheana.9.8.09
  • Fantastic time we had!
    Sara & Howard,9.8.09
  • Thank you for a fantas
    tic stay that we’ll never forget.
    Vic and Vicki, 9.8.09
  • Thank you Richard and all your crew for a fantastic day at Selous, the Paradise.
    Moltes gracies i molta sort.
    Sergi & Maria, 11.8.09
  • Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the Selous. Fantastic wildlife of course, but we really appreciated the company and expertise of all the staff. Great food!
    Helen and Ken, 11.8.09
  • We have had a wonderful stay at Lake Manze. Superb tent, location, service, wildlife. We could not ask for more. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends. Thank you so much to every one for their hospitality.
    Carol and Philip, 12.8.09
  • Lovely stay which we will remember for ever! Thanks so much!
    The Heneages, 12.8.09
  • Beautiful environment, living with elephants. Thanks to Richard and the Staff.
    Piergiorgior, Laura, Lanfranco, 12.8.09
  • A wonderful experience to sleep with elephants eating.... Thanks to everyone.
    Francesco and Alberta, 13.08.09
  • Jambo, jambo, top place, good game, great staff, good people. Mucho, mucho enjoy!
    Dave and Catherine, 13.8.09
  • Dear Richard and all the staff, thank you so much for your warm meeting. We enjoyed our stay in your hotel, it was new and beautiful experience for us! Best regards to night’s elephants!!!
    See you later! CIAO!!
    Victor, Elena, Anna, Zaxar, 13.8.09.
  • Dear Richard and staff crew!
    This has been an amazing experience. Thank you ever so much for your fabulous treatment. Your manners with visitors are beyond outstanding. I loved your food too, very creative and yummie! Thank you for looking after us while we stayed in the camp. Keep it real!
    Thank you very much. I hope we’ll keep playing our part in the development of our country. May God bless you, God bless Tanzania, God bless Africa!
    Maria and Amini Sinani, 13.8.09
  • Dear Richard and the team, I thank you so much for a wonderful stay. It was better than I could have imagined.
    John, 14.08.09
  • Richard and the ‘A’ team, perfect, even a kill to order! Thank you for all the personal attention. We have very much enjoyed sharing your country and wildlife.
    Wendy and Michael , 13.8.09
  • Dear everyone, thank you so so so much for a fantastic holiday, he BEST! The kill was great to see plus all the other animals. Not many people get to say that they slept and ate with elephants. The staff are amazing. (Keep it up!) Thank you so much. It was fantastic. The best bit was the kill. Thank you everyone, Samuel and Abuu. Fantastic camp, wonderful staff, delicious food, beautiful country.
    Love Sarah, Emma and John, 13.8.09
  • To Richard and the Lake Manze Team,
    Thank you very much for a fantastic start to our honeymoon. The guides and drivers have been excellent, to the point that they knew that one lone impala standing still meant there was something much more interesting close by. Thanks to Victor and Ali Particularly.
    A lovely camp with good service and we loved the roaming elephants.
    Stella and Alex, 14.08.09

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August 2009

  • We spent 1 beautiful day again at Lake Manze camp. Thank you!
    The Fluehmanns, 15.08.09
  • Lovely stay, very warm welcome ...... big kiss to Rafiki!!! Thank you so much!!
    Stephane and Natalie, 15.08.09
  • Many thanks to all the staff, especially Victor and Ali for a truly wonderful stay. Great safari and great company.
    Barbara and Bill, 15.08.09
  • Beautiful place, and beautiful people. Grazie.
    Barbara and Roberto, 16.08.09
  • What a wonderful place - great animals and birds and really lovely, helpful people. Thank you all very much!
    Neil, Sue and James, 16.08.09
  • We had a great time. Good food, great company. Watch out for the wandering elephants peering in the window.
    Mike and Jessica 16.08.09
  • A wonderful time. One we will never forget, great food, staff and guides. A class act!!
    Roger and Anne, 18.08.09
  • A truly wondrous experience, we will recommend this “real” safari highly.
    Ben and Suzanne, 20.08.09
  • Great boat safaris, good fishing, delicious grilled catfish prepared by cooks, friendly elephants in the camp, lots of other wildlife, very good guides.
    Michael, 20.08.09
  • Fantastic location, great company, very inquisitive elephant. Many thanks.
    Neil, Gail, Callum and Lewis, 20.08.09
  • What a fabulous place. Thanks Richard for everything. The early morning drives were fantastic. Memories will stay forever. Special mention to Victor and Ali, the A team, great guide, great driver.
    Jill and Chris
  • Had a nice stay at Lake Manze, enjoyed the boat safaris and the elephants around the tents. Also lot of natural sounds to enjoy. Thanks to all the staff.
    Jan, 21.08.09
  • We had two wonderful days in the camp. We saw a lot of animals during the boat safari and the game drive. We very much enjoyed the romantic atmosphere in our tent having a shower outside and the dinner with the other guests. Thank you very much,
    Silke and Timo, 21.08.09.
  • Lovely honeymoon, we really enjoyed our 5 day safari, staff were excellent, services and really enjoyed all types of safaris.
    Kelly and Joaquin, 22.08.09
  • We had a really wonderful time at Lake Manze. Thanks for making the first part of our honeymoon such a great experience and one that we will never forget.
    Louise and Ian, 22.08.09.
  • Thank you for an amazing time! It was the perfect way to experience Tanzania. The staff are lovely.
    Sasha and Frederik, 23.8.09
  • A wonderful time exceeding all our expectations, new experiences around every corner. Thank you for all your attention to details. Great for a 32 nd wedding anniversary!
    Pat and Martin, 23.8.09
  • To everyone of the staff of Lake Manze, a big THANK YOU! We had such a good time, we don’t even want to leave! It has been truly wonderful, and I am sure the feelings and emotions we’ve experienced here will stay with us for a very long time....
    Mariam and Martin, 23.8.09
  • From the second we arrived Richard and his staff have been extremely welcoming and accommodating. We have had such a wonderful experience and will certainly recommend Manze to anyone who is considering holiday in Tanzania. Thank you for the birthday cake! Best wishes.
    The Powell family, 24.8.09
  • Well, what can we say? The setting is beautiful, the staff are great and the activities really interesting, fun and informative. So, so, so pleased at the variety of animals we saw just in our short time here. The fishing was great and so kind of you to cook up our catch. The meals were great and a huge variety of things to eat. I will miss having the friendly elephants walking around the camp. The facilities exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much a wonderful experience, one we would high recommend to others. Thank you.
    Shannon, Aliana, Austin, Carly and Kim, 25.8.09
  • Thank you so much for a great experience. We enjoyed every minute of our stay and have realised that zoo and circus should be ‘outlawed’ as soon as possible. The whole concept was wonderful. Thank you.
    Shy, Jui and Shalene, 25.8.09
  • To all the staff!! We enjoyed it very much, even though we had a sick child. Staff very helpful and nice. Situation is great. Thanks.
    Marie, 26.8.09
  • It felt like we had stepped back in time, entering the spacious and extremely functional tents. How you organised the elephant arrivals is beyond me, but it definitely adds to the whole effect. Lovely to eat as a group and hear of everyone else’s adventures. Came here not knowing what to expect and we’re leaving relaxed and excited to explore the rest of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Thanks.
    The Jackson 5, 27.8.09
  • Surprisingly active and intense experience in an outwardly peaceful and beautiful landscape. The industry and organisation behind the scenes made it all the more satisfying. Will recommend to all who ask. Asante sana.
    John and Sue, 27.8.09
  • Our stay at Manze Camp was a magical start to our honeymoon. All the staff made us feel welcome and the service was nothing less than 5 star. We didn’t want to leave! We feel so lucky to have found this special place and hope to return one day, hopefully in the near future. Thank you so much.
    Corin and James, 28.8.09
  • We have had an amazing visit here in the Lake Manze area. To see all of the animals we did on each drive or boat trip was wonderful. And we particularly appreciated Ole and Emmanuel’s ability to find such different places each day – the lions eating the eland by the water, the overlook, the “little Serengeti” with the herds of zebra, wildebeest, and impala. Each of our boat trips was special – the birds, the hippos, the fishing. Thank you.
    Shelley and Katie, 29.8.09
  • Thank you so much! It has been fantastic and I’m sure we will be back as soon as possible. Good luck to everybody and keep on going in this way.
    Juan and Isabel, 30.8.09
  • Thank you, asante sana, for a lovely stay. Wonderful camp and staff, great wildlife and scenery. Safari njema!
    Phil, 30.8.09
  • Richard and team: our stay has been truly memorable. An exceptional place in the world, complimented with exceptional service and genuine warmth. We are very sad to leave! (The tale of the genet will be re-told again and again...) Thank you all very much. Our stay has surpassed all expectations!
    Sophie and Pete, 30.8.09
  • It was the best!!! Thank you for everything.
    Family Bekking, 30.8.09
  • Wow! What can we say! What a fantastic experience. The camp has a very special atmosphere and very special staff. Cannot believe what we have seen up close, so many wonderful things. Thank you to all the staff for looking after us.
    Sandy and , 31.8.09
  • Beautiful Selous. Wonderful staff. We will recommend to others.
    Doug and Cameron, 1.9.09
  • We wish to say thanks to all the staff. A special compliment to the drivers and Samuel, so competent, always kind and eager to teach us so many things about the animals. We enjoyed our safari and we hope to come back soon! Sara, you made us feel at home!
    Lavinia and Gioia, 3.9.09.
  • Thank you very much for your warm hospitality and for the exciting adventures!!! It was our first safari experience and it was a also a great start for loving Africa!!! The four days passed quicker than we could imagine!!! But now it’s time to say goodbye.
    Larissa, Alena, Bernd, Angelika, 2.9.09
  • Great safari, wonderful and helpful staff, lovely setting and a great experience for both of us. Thanks for taking care of us, enjoyed the river viewing and fishing and then to top it off we saw the wild dogs, lions and the leopard, plus our tent guests – the elephants.
    Bob and Delaine, 4.9.09
  • Thanks for a great time. All the staff have been great. We enjoyed the lake and river – nice change! The wild dogs and leopard were fantastic.
    Glenn and Reimin, 4.9.09
  • Wow! What a fantastic place! Tent 7 is the place to be – leopard kill, elephants from bed, and a short walk to yummy dinner and G&Ts. Thanks for having us to start our honeymoon with an amazing 4 days. Leopard, lion, hyena, all eating as well. What more could we ask for! Samuel and Robert were amazing and we never minded getting back late!
    Nicki and James, 4.9.09
  • As last year, we enjoyed our stay in Manze Camp very much. Sleeping to near to nature is something we miss in our country, especially in towns. Also the very competent and friendly managing of Manze Camp will stay in our memory.
    Annemarie and Thomas, 4.9.09
  • Fantastic time – a wonderful introduction to safari. Beautiful surroundings – elephants as well as scenery. And much fun had on our trips out – viewings of leopard, lions (including mating ones!), even wild dogs during a walking safari. And we enjoyed our fishing trip – even the huge catfish that got away! Keep up the good work.
    Ellen and Andrew, 5.9.09
  • We could not have chosen a better place for our honeymoon. To put the experience into words would be impossible. We had a truly fabulous time. We could change nothing about our time here, apart from how quickly it has gone! The staff and guides are of the highest standards. The passion of Samuel and Robert has definitely rubbed off. They been fantastic.
    Tom and , 5.9.09
  • Perfect start to our honeymoon! Thank you to Richard and his team, especially Samuel (our guide) and Robert (our driver) who have made us feel welcome and shown us some of the best wildlife we’ve ever seen. Thanks to David for all the Safari and Kilimanjaro – good beer!
    Amanda and David, 6.9.09
  • A lifetime experience. Just wanting to be back soon. Thanks for the perfect stay and the beautiful experience.
    Fabiola and Christian, 6.9.09
  • Simply excellent. Richard and his team have all been first class. To be in bed and see elephant, giraffe, hippo, amazing birdlife! We shall never forget this experience. Leopard encounter during dinner was perhaps the best moment! Thanks for everything.
    Ian and Stephanie, 6.9.09
  • To feel the real heart of African nature, this is one of the most beautiful camps I found in my 15 years of “being on safari”. I enjoy the last moments of being in this special area. I will take this with me to Holland and will have wonderful memories. Thank you so much for being here.
    Viviane, 6.9.09
  • Being an experienced traveller throughout Africa, I would rank Lake Manze and its camp in my top 3! This in terms of nature, wildlife and the beauty of the scenery. Thanks for hosting us so kindly and hope to return one day.
    Robert, 6.9.09
  • This has been unexpectedly beautiful! The safari guides and staff have been wonderful. The highlight of my trip has been the small snake eating the somewhat larger frog! I regret I had only one night at the camp, but I look forward to coming back with my husband. Asante sana.
    Audrey, 7.9.09
  • Many thanks to Richard and all the crew for a wonderful welcome on this our first trip to Africa. This experience will live with us for a life time.
    Jacky and Dick, 7.9.09

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September 2009

  • We had a wonderful time in this beautiful environment. Very friendly and helpful staff. We will never forget our day safari, where we managed to fix the brakes with a toothpick – just to show you creative you guys are. Thanks for everything.
    Family Fransen, 7.9.09
  • Had a great time here, with the best part the close encounter with our ‘trunked’ friends. Service and staff excellent and the boat trip a pleasant respite from the vehicles. Loved the morning birdsong and hippo bellows. Thank you for everything.
    The Guards and McRae’s, 12.9.09
  • We came from Germany and had a dream of Africa. We thought of nature, animals, friendly people, good service and the special atmosphere. All that became true in Lake Manze Camp. Thank you for everything.
    Wulff, Hedrik, Uwe and Ulli, 13.9.09
  • What an amazing experience!!! Thank you to the entire staff of Lake Manze Camp for making our trip fun, comfortable, and truly memorable. We will never forget David’s smile welcoming us to the bar each night or Robert and Ian’s tireless efforts to track down the hunting dogs - and, of course, Malcolm gets top prize for introducing us to ‘Bush Bowling’- HaHa! There are too many memories to recount here and they are all spectacular. Thank you!! We hope to be back some day!
    Jennifer and Kelly, 13.9.09
  • Great experience. Beyond expectations. Thanks to the total staff who bring their wildlife knowledge over. Service and help friendly, and you feel safe in their hands. I hope to return.
    Hans, 14.9.09
  • Excellent camp and staff. A great safari experience.
    David, 14.9.09
  • A rare gem in the Selous. A true Africa experience but all the comforts anyone can need. Excellent host and staff. Would definitely come again.
    Elizabeth, 14.9.09
  • Spoilt by the safari experience. First time for us. So many animals. We will come back to find the 5 th of the Big Five, the rhino. Thanks to all the staff, especially Calson who tried and succeeded in making this a magical trip.
    Mary and Jon, 15.9.09
  • This has been our first safari experience and it has been truly fantastic. Our guides have been great and every day a new experience. Cannot wait to come back.
    We’ve had such an amazing and unique experience. If only we could have stayed more than three nights! Superb guides and drivers with 1 st class knowledge of flora and fauna. And, of course, faultless service in camp. Thanks for everything.
    Stuart and Monika, 16.9.09
  • A most wonderful experience. Close up to lions, crocs and hippos. The food is good, the service excellent. And knowledgeable guides at all times. We will be back.
    Larry and Marjorie, 17.9.09
  • Thank you for a wonderful time, extremely enjoyable. Everybody was so friendly and very helpful. We had a great time. A holiday of a lifetime, we will treasure it forever. Thank you.
    Jenny and Alex, 17.9.09
  • Thank you, especially to Malcolm who looked after us brilliantly and to Sarah who was very friendly and attentive. The guides were excellent and we couldn’t have enjoyed our first-ever safari more.
    Damer and Judy, 18.9.09
  • Thanks to everyone for a superb break at this great place. Lots of animals, birds and good company and food. Highly recommended. We will be back sometime.
    Andrew and Liz, 18.9.09
  • Thanks for 3 wonderful days at Lake Manze. And special thanks to Victor and Robert for finding porcupines, leopard, wild dogs and lions with cubs and kills for us! We still don’t know how they spotted the porcupines and the leopard! Thank you very much. See you again! And thanks to David for always remembering my cocktail!!!
    Sue and David, 18.9.09
  • Thank you so much for everything! We had an amazing time and will never forget Rafiki and the other elephants visiting the camp. We lost count of the number of animals we saw and are especially happy about everybody we met as well. Hope to see you all again soon! Please take care of Rafiki!!!
    Ivana and James, 20.9.09
  • Thank you for a wonderful, comfortable and rewarding stay at Lake Manze Camp. A warm welcome from Richard, who is an exceptional camp manager, being charming, knowledgeable and articulate. All the staff are well trained and helpful with marvellous smiles. Great game viewing area too. I will have no hesitation in recommending Lake Manze Camp to my friends and clients alike. Hope to return one day.
    Susan and Thomas, 20.9.09
  • Thank you to all the staff at Lake Manze Camp for a truly exceptional and memorable experience. Nothing was too much trouble. Perfect in every way.
    Peter and Christina, 21.9.09
  • Thank you for a lovely stay at Lake Manze Camp. We loved the Malachite Kingfishers and lots of hippos.
    Kate and Ian, 21.9.09
  • This place is truly epic, by far the most exciting and interesting holiday I have been on. I never expected to see so many different animals and at points some of the views from the landrover were truly breathtaking. On the last day I asked to see hyena and Nahum expertly tracked not only one but four! The staff have been brilliant, especially David, Nahum and Elton. It’s just a small shame that I didn’t see a honey badger!!
    Nik, 22.9.09
  • This has been the best holiday ever. The amount of animals I have seen is amazing. It’s been a great experience.
    Hannah, 22.9.09
  • Simply fantastic! The staff, the camp and the animals exceeded our expectations. Many thanks.
    Brilliant, fantastic holiday with wonderful, varied views and incredible animal life. Thank you all.
    Roy and Lindsey, 22.9.09
  • Thank you for an absolutely wonderful three days. For our first safari, we couldn’t have wished for a better experience. We definitely made the right choice in coming to the Selous, and Lake Manze has been a fantastic place to stay. There have been so many ‘firsts’ for us that it’s had to single out a best moment, but we’ll certainly never forget tracking a leopard and upsetting a hippo! Thanks so much to Richard and the whole team for their hospitality. Sorry for forgetting all of the bird names – we’ll look them all up before we come back!
    Simon and Liz, 22.9.09
  • We had a fantastic time – a truly different experience – in the wilderness! Lake Manze Camp was great – relaxing, and the food was excellent. The safari was awesome – seeing the leopard was a highlight!
    Shreekesh and Shivani, 22.9.09
  • We really enjoyed our stay – your chef is wonderful as we enjoyed the food. We found all the staff to be very accommodating and genuinely friendly! We also managed to see so much wildlife which was fantastic. We’ll miss this place!
    Karen and Benoit, 24.9.09
  • Thank you to all at Manze. We have had such an amazing start to our honeymoon and all down to you. All the staff have been wonderful, great to meet and get to know. I can’t believe how lucky we have been on our drives, seeing a leopard on the way from the airstrip was a massive highlight! Thank you to all.
    Tom and Tara, 24.9.09
  • We stayed at the camp for 3 nights and loved every minute. The guides and drivers were absolutely brilliant as well as all the serving/restaurant staff. They made our stay really special. Thank you! An amazing experience. Asanta sana!
    Brian and Laura, 25.9.09
  • Everything I expected and more. A very well organised and friendly camp. Thanks.
    Paul, 25.9.09
  • Fantastic organisation! Really enjoyed all the activities – especially the fishing, and the boat safaris! Very relaxing atmosphere and good food. Thanks to all the staff!
    Jamie and Gill, 25.9.09
  • Stayed for 2 nights, 3 days. Looked after superbly. Safaris excellent. Would come again.
    Ken and Lynn, 25.9.09
  • First time on safari. Had a wonderful time and saw more game than we could ever have imagined. 4 nights of great hospitality and thoroughly recommend fly camping. Thanks to Richard, Sarah and the team at Lake Manze.
    Alan and Louise, 26.9.09
  • Thank you for these great memories. Hope to come back soon!!! I am sure we are the first Romanians to visit here.
    Vlad and Moia, 26.9.09
  • Great place, wonderful wildlife. Thanks for your excellent care of us.
    Alice and Hal, 27.9.09
  • We had a great stay at the camp. We were lucky enough to see wild dogs, which made our time here even more memorable. Thank you very much for good food, outstanding atmosphere and wonderful game driving and boating.
    Verena and Thomas, 27.9.09
  • Thank you for these great memories, we have had a great experience here.
    Kurt, Annette, Hans and Inger, 27.9.09
  • Fantastic camp. Thank you so much for everything. We loved every minute and could have stayed a week longer!!
    Janicke and Yavan, 27.9.09
  • To all the staff at Lake Manze, thanks for a memorable stay. Calson and Abuu are animal magnets, and the Maasai keep us entertained. All the staff were friendly and will definitely recommend back home. Fingers crossed for some rain and look forward to seeing you all soon.
    Tom, 28.9.09
  • Perfect! An amazing experience and a huge thanks to everyone at Lake Manze Camp for making my stay such an enjoyable one.
    Joe, 28.9.09
  • Thank you to everybody at Lake Manze Camp for an indescribably amazing few days. This place and the people here have far exceeded our expectations. This really has been the experience of a lifetime. Asante sana!!
    Rachel, 28.9.09
  • We have absolutely fallen in love with Selous. Thank you for memories that will last our whole lives!
    James, 28.9.09
  • Thank you for making a very memorable experience for us both here at Manze Camp. Thanks for all the great food, enthusiastic guiding and very friendly atmosphere. We look forward to being back in Tanzania and the Selous again soon – hopefully to see that elusive leopard!!
    Jane and Paul, 30.9.09
  • My first safari experience and certainly not my last. Thanks to Emmanuel and the other guides, and the rest of the team for making this a truly amazing holiday. Hopefully we will be back very soon.
    Jen and James, 30.9.09
  • Thanks for everything and your hospitality as well as your co-operation. We liked staying here very much.
    Ton and Lia, 30.9.09
  • Dear everyone, we will really miss all of the wonderful activities and birds and animals. We’ve learned so much and met some lovely people. Make sure you feed the birds for me.
    Kirstie and Stephen, 30.9.09
  • Very enjoyable few days here. Good wildlife and camp.
    Brian and Karen, 30.9.09
  • This is finally the real safari feeling. We enjoyed it VERY, VERY MUCH! Thank you.
    Melanie and Stefan, 30.9.09
  • This has been a brilliant experience and one that will give us lasting memories. A honeymoon in Africa was definitely the right decision and we’re very glad our tour operator recommended Manze – it’s a special place. Beautiful setting, great range of activities and lovely staff, in addition to cracking food. Thanks for everything – we very much hope to come back.
    James and Sian, 1.10.09
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October 2009

  • This has been a brilliant experience and one that will give us lasting memories. A honeymoon in Africa was definitely the right decision and we’re very glad our tour operator recommended Manze – it’s a special place. Beautiful setting, great range of activities and lovely staff, in addition to cracking food. Thanks for everything – we very much hope to come back.
    James and Sian, 1.10.09
  • The big four in less than 4 hours plus a baby leopard. This safari could not have been any better!
    Thank you!
    Pierre and Nathalie,2.10.09
  • What an amazing start to our honeymoon, Manze rules!
    A huge, massive thank you to all the staff here, you guys are truly fantastic and the food is up there with the wildlife.
    We have some great memories here.
    Larry and Eva, 2.10.09
  • Thanks for a beautiful wild experience, fantastic wildlife, great guides, great trips, couldn’t have asked for more.
    Joe and Manuel, 3.10.09
  • Everything above average. A special taste of Africa.
    Peter and Freda, 3.10.09
  • A wonderful experience! Spectacular scenery and wildlife, good company and first class food.
    Many thanks,
    Wendy and Phil, 3.10.09
  • Dear Richard, Samuel, Bakari, and all,
    Thank you very much for all your efforts and fulfilling our wishes.
    Had great sighting and hope to come back!
    All the best to you
    Mardina and Peter, 3.10.09
  • Thank you for a lovely experience, all the staff/guides were very wonderful. May be one day we’ll be back again.
    Brian and Christine, 5.10.09
  • Thank you so much for a fabulous start to our holiday. We had a great time and saw some amazing animals. Special thanks to the guides and to Richard who have made our stay so enjoyable. We will be recommending Lake Manze to all our friends.
    Jane and Andrew, 5.10.09
  • A really fabulous 3 nights – fantastic!
    Thank you very much!
    Robin, 6.10.09
  • To all the staff, thank you so very much for an amazing and unforgettable experience for our first safari. Truly shining sights and amazing game. Special thanks to our guides and driver Emanuel and Salum who found some great game and activities for us, and many thanks to Richard for all your hospitality and help.
    Karl and Laetitia, 7.10.09
  • A great holiday with some great sights (lion stalking a leopard was a highlight) thank you so much, best of luck with the rains. Only my first safari and feeling completely at home, thank you very much,
    Leonor and Iain, 7.10.09
  • Jambo, lovely lodge, lovely people, very relaxing. I would definitely recommend to all my friends. Also excellent food.
    Anna and Simon, 7.10.09
  • What a fantastic camp –everyone was so welcoming – we had amazing drives, and the guides and driver went to great lengths to make sure we saw everything we wanted – many amazing memories to take back home
    Gilly and Jeremy, 7.10.09
  • A great and wonderful camp from the top of staff until everyone they know what to do at which time talking to every guest nicely and advising everyone properly, am sure I will advise Tanzania and every one in the world about Manze Camp is very nice, I like the place and all the staff.
    Joseph, 8.10.09
  • Absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful surroundings, people and animals! We have had an amazing honeymoon and I have had a fabulous birthday!
    Thank you for such an amazing time, we will be back,
    Many thanks again,
    Janina and Nick, 9.10.09
  • Brilliant, we have had a fantastic time. Thank you. This was our first safari and we are so glad we came here. Excellent food, tents, people. The drives were amazing and thank you to Calson for guiding us around the past four days.
    The romantic sunset drives rounded the experience perfectly
    Thank you,
    Andrea and Tristan, 10.10.09
  • An amazing experience for the Lafontaine family. The highlights included seeing a leopard and a pack of wild dogs. The game drives were excellent, especially the lake safari. I know that these few days have made a lasting impression on our boys, one that will last a lifetime.
    Bill, Laura, Patrick and Mathew, 10.10.09
  • We had a wonderful time not only on the game drives but also around the communal areas discussing what had been observed by each group. We were extremely well looked after. A great experience to relay to our Aussie friends back home, no embellishment needed!
    Thank you,
    Mary and Allison, 10.10.09
  • Thanks a lot for giving us an impression of the wild and the hospitality live in Tanzania.
    Kirsten, Christian, Gavan, 10.10.09
  • To all of the Lake Manze Camp team
    Thank you for a fantastic experience. I will definitely return to try and see a rhino- the only animals that I missed!
    Everyone was amazing – friendly and professional service………..see you next time.
    Amanda, 11.10.09
  • We had a great time, saw everything and extras, the walks were great. Lion, Hyena, Kudu, very near us.
    Thanks to everybody …… has been a fantastic holiday, never to be forgotten.
    All the best
    Scotty and Kathy, 11.10.09
  • Excellent stay at Lake Manze Camp. Lions and hunting dogs were a good bonus. Thank you too to all the staff who made my stay so enjoyable.
    Marc, 12.10.09
  • What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for a fantastic 3 days that surpassed all our expectations. The staff are amazing – attentive, helpful and extremely informative. We have seen so much – lions, wild dogs and even a leopard – a rare find indeed! We would recommend this place to anyone we know and hope to be back some time. Very sad to be leaving.
    Sam and Jonathan, 13.10.09
  • Peaceful, relaxed, informative, flexible, how a true camping safari experience should be. Thank you to everyone who make this place special and I hope it retains its charm and character in its future. A special thanks also to the rangers and drivers who hunted hard for a leopard, which escaped me. However, we saw everything else, including the endangered dogs, and Egyptian cobra and a hare! Thanks very much.
    Sarah and Adam, 13.10.09
  • Thank you for a great experience. Each safari was unbelievable and I truly enjoyed the experience. Great location and excellent accommodation and customer services.
    Dee Ann, 13.10.09
  • We have had a wonderful three days here at Lake Manze Camp. Truly relaxing, peaceful and flexible. All staff from rangers, drivers, chefs, bar, etc. etc. were here to help. Nothing was too much trouble for any of them. Where else can you have breakfast with the elephants! A truly amazing experience. We hope the rains come soon!!! Thanks also to management for a very well run camp. Thank you all.
    Mike and Jane, 14.10.09
  • Thanks a lot for 2 wonderful days. We had a very relaxing time, and game is fantastic. Loved the wild dogs!! Keep up the good work. Hoping we can come back some time.
    Valeria and Guido, 14.10.09
  • A super night’s stay and very welcoming staff and manager. The highlight was the evening boating. Lovely, mellow camp – will be back!
    Gina, 15.10.09
  • Thank you very much, Richard. This is a lovely camp, fantastic game and extremely well managed. Hope to be back.
    Nella, 15.10.09
  • To Richard and all of the fantastic staff at Lake Manze Camp.
    Wow!! What a superb five days spent here. We were able to see so much game and birds but not forgetting the vast array of other animals and insects. We were spoilt with seeing lions every day! Even when I was taking a shower and 3 of them walked through the camp!! The leopard remained elusive until the very last day but we “tracked” a beautiful specimen just after seeing lions make a quick meal of the buffalo. The staff are really attentive and very helpful and without them our holiday would not have been the same. A truly special holiday in a truly special place. Long may it continue. Best wishes,
    Martin and Helen, 15.10.09
  • Richard, Sarah – thanks a lot for everything. The place is amazing, the food is delicious, and you are attentive and flexible. We will recommend this camp to our friends who intend to go on a safari.
    Maya and Benoit, 16.10.09
  • Thanks for everything. Great experience and all the staff have just been fantastic making sure we had a great time. We were off to a nice start spotting a leopard about 1 hour after landing. Well spotted by the driver and guide who were amazing. Thanks again.
    Stephanie and Martijn, 17.10.09
  • Spectacular views over the lake. Lots of animals. Guides really try to show us the animals. Kept us very busy, Thank you so much!!! Keep it simple!!!
    Pedro and Vinghra, 18.10.09
  • A long trip [from Scotland] but worth every mile. Asante sana.
    Lindsay and Charlie, 19.10.09
  • Thank you for a great few days, the whole staff have been excellent, especially the extremely knowledgeable and friendly guides. A special thank you to Richard who has helped to make this very special. Thanks.
    Jon and Becky, 19.10.09
  • It is a very special place – with special people too. Thanks for a wonderful end to my holidays.
    Karin, 19.10.09
  • It was really very, very fantastic. Everything. No exception! Thank you very much.
    Erik, 19.10.09
  • Many thanks for your assistance and very warm service during our visit to your camp.
    Guests from Russia, 19.10.09
  • Thanks for a fantastic few days in Manze. I have not been to any other camp where the wildlife is so close and even comes to check you out in your tent (Rafiki). You guys have something special. The right location with the best staff. Thanks again.
    Aaron, 20.10.09
  • We have enjoyed our stay here! Thanks for everything. It was great to have 2 tents next to each other. To look for the animals was lovely.
    Martin, Marike, Marc, Mirande and Marit, 20.10.09
  • Thanks for three perfect days! It was fantastic. The food was really good, the place was very beautiful, the accommodation was very nice and the ‘staff’ was really friendly and helpful. We saw a lot of beautiful places and animals. Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Kudu, Gnu, Zebra, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Hippos, and especially the wild dogs, we saw them kill a young impala. The all day safari was nice but a little bit boring. You must sit so long in the car …..All other things of this all camp we fantastic! And Rafiki was very sweet. Thanks again!!!!
    Marit, 20.10.09.
  • Hello everybody of the Manze Camp! I found it here Fantastic! The staff was really friendly! I like that! We saw a lot of animals and the animals are beautiful and the elephant Rafiki is so cute! We like Rafiki! It is here a fantastic place very beautiful. The guides and the driver were very nice! Thank you for everything everybody! The food was also nice; the hot peanuts were very nice I like them.
    Everybody had 3 fantastic days! Thank you very much! It was very hot but very nice!
    Miranda, 20.10.09
  • Dear staff members of Lake Manze camp,
    I enjoyed my time at your accommodations. You were so friendly! Really enjoyed the game-drives and dinners! We where very safe with the Maasai watching us.
    Hope to see you again! I specially liked Lions, Rafiki, Wild dogs, Hyena,
    and all the staff. Best wishes,
    Marc Boekeloo, 20.10.09
  • Dear Manze Camp all staff!
    Thank you very much for a wonderful two days! This is just a fantastic place, unforgettable experience and memories.
    Anna and Sylvia, 22.10.09 P.S we hope to be back soon…..see you!
  • The game viewing was excellent, with lots of animals wandering through the camp. The camp is wonderful, the food was a bit repetitive and unimaginative, overall a good experience.
    Zoe and Martin 22.10.09
  • An amazing 4 nights (days) here. Staff so helpful, kind and polite - a very different safari to those we have done before. The flexibility of activities was very, very good. Needless to say we saw lots, lots of wildlife and enjoyed many different guides, drives each day. Hope Impala, Ruaha as good. Best wishes to all, thank you!
  • What a fabulous three days - superb viewing from leopard with cub to the wonderful elephants wandering through the camp. The staff were great. A big thank you!
    Harriett, 22.10.09
  • I hardly felt like leaving the camp as there is so much to see here but all our trips was fabulous – great guides and drivers. Thank you for all your hospitality.
    Sally and Nick, 22.10.09.
  • Everything was fantastic all the staff is good. Keep it up!

    We have been on safari before but here is so different from our previous experiences. It has been very leisurely, but informative and we have been very lucky with the company. The dinners in the evening have been very jolly affairs not to be missed. We will return again if possible when there has been some rain to see the difference. We hope you have some soon for all your sakes.
    A big thank you to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable.
    Lynda & Peter, 24.10.09
  • What an amazing place!! The staff are so friendly especially Sara, Malcolm, Victor, Manuel, David, and everyone else - you have been amazing and helped making this trip very special!! Rafiki is priceless, we are going to miss waking up next to him, the evening meals have been set up with a lot of thought and very special. We are really going to miss this place and the people. Sara – keep up with the star watching!! Victor – Good luck with the baby! Lots of love,
    Sian & Nick Brook, 23.10.09
  • A huge elephant-size thank you for an unforgettable experience. It was our first time in Africa and we have seen the most beautiful animals and learnd so much from the very knowledgeable guides - during the walking safaris, game drives and boat safaris - they are friendly, amazing guides. We loved the way Sarah manages the planning - so chilled and flexible it enhances the feeling of being on holidays. The way the lodging and meals settings are integrated with nature is truly special and got to love the handicraft details in the room! We’ve travelled a lot and can tell you its difficult to find such amicable, polite, and cool staff -Tanzanians are the best! Best wishes and good luck (and rain) for the future.
    P.S Sarah, keep it up , it was a pleasure.
    Beli, 24.10.09.
  • An absolutely unforgettable experience. It is hard to describe how natural and beautifully the camp has been set up. Completely relaxing, wonderful staff. A definite must!!
    Sam and Vish,24.10.09
  • These are the lions we saw. One tried to crunch an impala but missed, my favourite I saw was a leopard. Great to be back in selous,
    Luke, Alice, Mathew, Christine and Alexander, 27.10.09
  • Lovely visit - memorable in many ways. The lovely warmth, shower in the open and elephants eating the trees just outside the tent. Nothing like Newbury! Thank you very much for a lovely time. Such friendly staff.
    Richard and Pam, 28.10.09.
  • Stunning-only way to describe it!
    Beautiful, relaxed, excellent service, super food and drink – Oh, and the animals! Thank you for showing us the majesty of Tanzania and its warm people.
    Julian, 28.10.09
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay we feel very fortunate to have come to this special place. We saw virtually everything we hoped to see, and almost as much from our veranda safari. Tent no. 1 was very beautiful secluded, just perfect, everybody has been warm and friendly and we hope to return sometime
    Pennie, 28.10.09.
  • It has been wonderful enjoying nature in this beautiful place. You have thought of everything and nothing seems to have been too much trouble. Amazing animals, trees and birds. Ever to be remembered. Thank you all very, very much.
    Isobel and Jerry, 30.10.09
  • This has been a wonderful holiday and we are so happy to have experienced the wonder and beauty of this amazing place. Everyone here has been wonderful and the attention to detail is perfect. The Big Apple of New York says hi! and we hope to return one day. Animals are all amazing!
    Marcus and Dora, 30.10.09
  • We have had the most wonderful time here in Lake Manze. This was our first safari and it couldn’t have been better. Thank you so much to all the staff, guides and drivers. You have been so welcoming. Hope to come back one day.
    Debbie and Andrew, 31.10.09
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Guest Comments, Manze Nov. 2009

  • Thanks to Sara, Ole, Ian, Salum, Daniel, George and the whole team for a wonderful stay. We saw everything we wanted and more, and even better our time at camp was tranquil, and with the number of animals wandering past our tent we were on 24x7 safari. Our thanks for making our first safari such an experience.
    Adam and Janice, 1.11.09
  • A great three days on our tour of the country. Loved the wildlife on the lake and along the shoreline – especially the variety of bird life, being so very close to the hippos and watching the elephants cross and stay in the waters early morning. Peaceful and restful during the heat of the day when we chose to stay in camp, read and play with the kids. Evening safari drive was a great experience – the animals and birds heading for home, the hyenas waking up and the beautiful sunset over the mountains, and the full moon lighting up the landscape on the way back. Thank you for the experience. A very big thank you to all the staff for making our stay so enjoyable. Asante!
    Simon, Paulette, David, Peter, 2.11.09
  • What a fantastic introduction to safari! We have loved every minute of our stay at Lake Manze – an exciting honeymoon experience. The staff, guides and management were so attentive and made us feel very welcome and made our time here very special. We have seen so much, learnt so much, had lots of fun and truly had a brilliant time. Many thanks. An amazing experience we will remember for a lifetime! Asante Sana.
    Tabitha and Alex, 3.11.09
  • Beautiful spot for a tented camp – we loved having the animals walk by our tent in the night. Thanks to all of the staff for making our stay as enjoyable as possible – you will be seeing us again soon.
    Joslin and Sterling, 4.11.09
  • Thank you for a wonderful 4-night stay. Everyone so helpful, polite and happy. The early morning drives will always be remembered, experiencing some of our ‘firsts’. The best was saved to last, following the pack of 10 dogs at sunset. Beautiful setting, which will always be remembered.
    Shirley and Gill, 5.11.09
  • Africa, Tanzania, Selous, Lake Manze Camp, Richard and all the staff, the sounds, the atmosphere. Thank you very much indeed for the way you having been waking me up every morning and the way you have made me sleep every night.
    Roberto, 5.11.09
  • Thank you to Richard and all the guides, drivers, Maasai and all the staff for making the beginning of our honeymoon and first safari so special. We have had an amazing time, which has even exceeded our expectations hopefully we will be able to return one day. Many thanks. Asante.
    Steven and Yvette, 5.11.09
  • Thanks to all in Lake Manze Camp for a very nice time. We enjoyed basically everything, early morning drives, trips by boat, not to forget the dinners in full moonlight. The whole staff has been very friendly, helpful, also with our Kiswahili lessons. We are looking forward to our return.
    Ursula and Manfred, 6.11.09
  • Thank you for all your hospitality, Richard; your staff is a credit to you. The guides we had, Elton and Calson, were brilliant – knowledgeable and friendly. A wonderful experience in the African bush. Thank you.
    Sandi and Willie, 8.11.09
  • This has been a wonderful experience thoroughly enriched by the warmth, hospitality and professionalism of the staff. Perhaps the most magical experience, of many such, has been the regular wanderings of the wild elephant, Rafiki, through and near the camp. These are things one cannot put a price on. Thank you.
    Andy, Margaret, Dick and Yvonne, 10.11.09
  • Thank you to all at Lake Manze for such a wonderful, beautiful and relaxing experience. We have loved our stay here and look forward to our next visit – please reserve tent no.1 for us! Take care!
    Natalia and Louisa, 10.11.09
  • Our group of Belgians, the majority former residents of the Congo, have highly appreciated the welcome and organisation of Richard and his colleagues. The different possibilities offered for coming close to the animals has allowed us to live fully in touch with wild nature.
    Paul, 11.11.09
  • A big thank you to all staff here, you made our stay very special. Lake Manze will remain in our hearts forever, the animals, the land, but most of all the people.
    Des and Theresa, 13.11.09
  • I really don’t have the words to express how much I loved it here ….. and I will be back! Thank you to everyone for making our trip so special….I’ll forever carry this place in my heart.
    Brittnai, 14.11.09
  • What a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The staff is kind and attentive, and Richard is a thoughtful, wonderful manager. Thank you for the memories.
    Robin Aylesworth, 14.11.09
  • Thank you very much for the excellent services throughout our stay at the camp.
    We enjoyed most of part of the activities such as game drives, boat safaris, fishing. It was worth enough seeing wide spread of animals all round Lake Manze. Fishing catfish was a great experience. The staff at the camp were just too friendly. We felt as if we are staying in a family and making our honeymoon trip so special.
    Thanks to Richard and Sarah for the wonderful reception throughout our stay, not forgetting other staff from Drivers, Guides, Masai, and so on.
    Finally many thanks to the management in general of Lake Manze and last but not least, thank you very much to Nicola Colangelo for this complimentary trip to Lake Manze Camp. Asante Sana.
    Hussein Jivajee and Shirin Jivajee, 14.11.09
  • A wonderful experience - memories never to be forgotten. All the drives were amazing, and the walk was very informative. A big thank you to all the staff for their hospitality and superb service. We enjoyed every moment - even the loud noises in the night!
    Julie and Vanessa, 16.11.09
  • I had been once in selous, but how fantastic this place is! I love the informal atmosphere, the lack of electricity (!), the incredibly beautiful location, the smallness of the place, and so much more. As for the staff, they are perfect! Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable!...... And thanks to Richard for the welcome, depth of information on the wildlife and nature. One of the greatest game safaris I have experienced!
    Isabelle, Olivier and Josy,16.11.09
  • It was our first safari, and we loved it. Everybody was friendly and the safari’ lovely. Thanks to all staff. Rafiki is the best! We love the elephant!
    Steve, Conny, Manou, 16.11.09
  • We arrived in style and felt at home ever since for our four days in Selous.
    The wildlife beat our expectations and we took amazing pictures. Your staff treated us like gold and we felt at peace all the while in country. We are looking forward to the sister camp for the next 5 days!

    Many, many thanks for making our honeymoon extra special - loved a custom-style sunset! David gave us excellent service, Elton scared the crocs for us, and Emanuel found lions and wild dogs.
    Paul and Kathryn, 17.11.09.
  • Many thanks for topping off our trip to Africa with a rear treat. The wildlife was great and beyond what we had hoped, and your hospitality and facilities just to our liking. You made us want to come back soon for a much longer visit.
    Thanks Richard.
    Richard and Jane, 18.11.09
  • Your camp is real natural Africa and very good for relaxing, even when staying only 3 days; wonderfully impressive days and very friendly service, let me say many, many thanks.
  • Brought my wife here for her birthday. Proved to her a very memorable one. The staff even made her a birthday cake in the shape of the camp boat!! We especially enjoyed the cruises on Lake Manze. We have been well looked after by Richard and his team in all departments i.e. food, accommodation, walking, boating and jeep safaris. A special mention for Nahumu for his comprehensive knowledge of the bush and patience in his explanations. Best wishes.
    Quintin and Louise, 22.11.09
  • Returned to Lake Manze camp to find it better than before! Good food, comfortable tents, good guides, friendly staff. Good game viewing, even from the dinner table! Great drives to Lake Tagalala, and swim in hot springs! Thank you all for making our trip to Selous special.
    Peter and Anne, 22.11.09
  • Having been on several trips in Tanzania, this was by far the best. It’s strange being so pampered, and yet feeling like you are truly away from civilisation. Seeing lions within the first 2 hours of your safari certainly doesn’t hurt. I begrudgingly go home after one day, but I hope to be back soon.
    Samir, 23.11.09
  • Thanks a lot for your hospitality. We enjoyed our stay very much. Beautiful scenery and many animals and birds in the camp. Asante sana to everybody.
    Marlene and Jef, 25.11.09
  • I have been looking forward so much to my trip to Tanzania since March when I booked it, and I have loved every moment. We have learnt a tremendous amount about the wildlife from Nahum, and so enjoyed being in the heart of this beautiful reserve. We’ve also met many very interesting people while we have stayed here. A big thank you to all the staff. Oh and finally, we saw the lion!!!!
    Annabel and Lyn, 26.11.09
  • Thank you very much for a lovely stay, nice safaris and good food. All staff were very service-minded and did their best in all situations to make our stay even more memorable. Asante sana!
    Annika, Eva and Jan, 26.11.09
  • Thank you so much for a very relaxing stay in a great place!
    Liz, 26.11.09
  • Thank you very much for a very good safari. Accommodation and food very good. All the staff very good and professional.
    Silvia and Max, 26.11.09
  • Thank you all very much for making our 3-day stay perfect! We enjoyed everything and every second especially your warmth and friendliness. Asante sana.
    Catherine and Marcus, 26.11.09
  • I can’t believe I have seen so much in just 24 hours (and some of those were spent sleeping). I have really enjoyed it – food and hospitality were great.
    Diana, 26.11.09
  • Fantastic. It is a dream come true, like being in the animal TV-shows, just waiting to hear the voice of David Attenborough. But here we found a new, very good replacement: Richard. Thank you for all the information (and that you didn’t get tired of our questions). We had a great time, more than great. Thanks to everybody who works here. It is much more than we expected – now we’re looking for our next adventure, a game-drive until we have to take the flight back to Zanzibar. We’ll be back!!
    Beate and Patrik, 28.11.09
  • Wonderful food and service. A short but enjoyable visit.
    Rob, 28.11.09
  • Thanks for the hospitality and the great service. It has made us an unforgettable stay. We enjoyed very much the boat tour and the safaris in this wonderful landscape. Really amazing – we won’t forget these days.
    Helma and Hubert, 29.11.09
  • Three amazing nights with three days of amazing safaris. The hot springs were well worth the visit for the swim alone, never mind the wildlife we saw on the way. The boat trip ….. you run out of superlatives. Thank you for a brilliant introduction to Africa at its very best.
    What more can I say?
    Angela, 30.11.09
  • Thank you Lake Manze Camp for an unforgettable first safari. The tours, the guides, food, service and guests made for a wonderful Tanzanian experience.
    Richard and Jennifer, 1.12.09

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Lake Manze Guest Comments December 2009

  • Thank you all for making our holiday with you so memorable. We have seen so much game so close up and on more than one occasion maybe too close up! Our stay exceeded our expectations time and time again…. Well done.
    Deborah and Rupert, 2.12.09
  • Thank you for a fantastic stay at Lake Manze. The ‘local’ visitors of elephants were amazing as were the guides and daily game drivers and boat trip. Would love to re-visit at some time in the future. XXXXX
    Paula and Thomas, 2.12.09
  • Lake Manze beautiful place and nice people. The wild dogs were gorgeous thanks to our guides we could follow them long time. All the best!
    Sylvia and Hans-Peter, 3.12.2009.
  • Thank you all so much for this great and beautiful experience. One of the things we for sure never forget is the elephant eating the grass in front of the camp. Once again thank you all. Take care!
    Monique and Daan, 3.12.2009
  • I had a wonderful time here for the past 2 days! Thank you very much to a fantastic team. Special thanks to the guides and drivers that made my experience here an exceptional one!
    Priscilla, 4.12.2009
  • Asante Sana. Thank you for your welcoming and for the safaris. It was really fantastic. Thanks,
    Nicolas, 4.12.2009.
  • Thank you for a lovely stay! So peacefull!
    Arista, 12.12.09
  • I had a very, very pleasant stay with you all. As a Tanzanian it was my first trip out to be sure, that SITASAHAU! I do not know whether I should recommend the place or just keep this for me! Thank you and see you soon, soon, soon!
    Suzie, 12.12.09
  • Thanks to management and staff for looking after us the best way.
    Natu and Mike, 12.12.09
  • Thank you so much for this amazing experience. It was the perfect end to our time in Tanzania. Everything was exceptional and we have learned so much from your knowledgeable guides. Thanks again!
    Jane and Valerie, 12.12.09
  • Thanks for giving me the perfect holiday experience, everything was absolutely amazing!
    Diana, 12.12.09
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay and incredible memories of Selous!
    Nasim, 14.12.09
  • Thank you Richard - exquisite hospitality, thank you to the super professional staff, thank you to the place unforgettable and wild. Until the next time…..
    Isabella, 14.12.09
  • It was not the first “bush”, only hope to come back in future with my sons, the only “things” I wanted to have here! Thank you Richard, you are the right person for this beautiful place.
    Ciao! Marco, 14.12.09
  • Its fantastic: Tumefurahishwa sana na safari, nikumbukumbu isiyoweza kusahaulika ktk maisha yetu.
    Tumefurahishwa na staff ikiwa kuna shule za hospitality MANZE CAMP ni University of hospitality,
    Ahsanteni sana, karibuni sana Paje Zanzibar.
    Vuaa and Mboja, 14.12.09
  • My thanks to you all. Fantastic hospitality and drives. All the guides went out of their way to make each trip as informative as they could. Also thanks for the game viewing in the camp. Elephant, Hippo, Impala, Baboon. Will be sure to return.
    Mike, Sue and Chris, 16.12.09
  • Thank you so much for everything - we had a wonderful time, your staff is lovely and really makes it a joy to be here. An amazing experience, made even more so by the Maasai guides, the bar staff and particularly Emanuel and Bakari!
    Thanks again,
    Chloe, Sam, Charlie, and Gary, 17.12.09
  • Thank you for your hospitality. A truly amazing experience to be close to the wildlife - particularly the lion at night. The trips are fabulous - the lake trips really stand out.
    Anne and Brian, 18.12.09
  • We have had a wonderful time, not sure whether we could single out a highlight but the walk was truly memorable. We were told buffaloes are aggressive but were not prepared to be followed for 500m by a very cross one! The camp has a beautiful setting and we loved our tents. The staff were very kind and did a great job for us.
    Jane, Claes, George, and Hugo, 18.12.09
  • Thank you very much for this inspiring place full of nice people. I enjoyed the hot springs and the game drives. I will miss Sarah’s noodles and Richard’s expertise on so many things. I wish you all the best!
    Cornelius, 18.12.09
  • It was a wonderful experience being here, fantastic trip, professional management and staff, especially Richard, one of the most interesting persons I have ever met. I would like to be back ASAP, for a longer period, the camp is more than awesome - will recommend to guests and friends, will put a very good review on Trip Advisor.
    Ahmed, 18.12.09
  • Last night when I was asked about what I liked best about my stay at Lake Manze, I could not choose one specific aspect or experience. The entire time from arrival at Siwandu through to my departure was truly unforgettable. The setting is idyllic, the staff are professional and conscientious - clearly dedicated to the guests’ well being. My heartfelt thanks to all.
    Paul, 21.12.09
  • Dear Friends,
    Coming from Italy to Zanzibar we didn’t expect to have a safari. Now coming back from Lake Manze we have got much more than this! First of all thanks to Sarah and Richard for their lovely attention to our needs and comfort, second compliments to the staff, especially to the guides who drove us through these magic lands (Victor), and lakes (Rashidi), so careful of nature and humans into it.
    Third and overall, thanks to the wonderful landscapes, animals and spirits of Africa, that here in Selous Reserve entered our hearts and won’t disappear anymore for the life.
    Sergio, 21.12.09
  • I loved this Safari more than all the other ones. Very pretty, peaceful, and friendly. Thank you for your hospitality! Bye
    Sincerely, Nate 10 years old!
    Truc, Nathan, Chris, 21.12.09
  • Thanks a lot to all the friendly staff, and to Sarah and Richard for this great place and the wonderful time. I can really recommend this place to everyone. Hope to come back in the future! Best wishes.
    Johannes, 22.12.09
  • Today we leave after 4 days in this camp. It was a memorable stay. The atmosphere is so relaxed here, and it’s very impressive to see the animals so close. Thanks to everyone, also the Maasai for bringing us safe to the tent. Best wishes,
    Piet and Eva, 23.12.09
  • Since I visited already some famous national parks in eastern Africa, I could make a comparison. Selous offers everything that you can find wherever in Africa. But there are three things which I never experienced in this area:
    1) The chance to get so close to Hippos and Crocs on the boat safari.
    2) The ‘‘home delivery” of animals, without the necessity to be shaken all the day in the deep under the burning sun, in the dust, the animals coming to visit you at home.
    3) The very familiar atmosphere without the side effects of the mass-tourism with very well educated polite staff, good service and a professional management.
    Best wishes and Merry Xmas.
    Gyula Bond, 23.12.09
  • Thank you for everything, it has been amazing and so much fun, you have a beautiful camp!
    Merry Christmas!
    Gabriella, 25.12.2009
  • We spent an unforgettable Xmas with Richard, Sarah + Manze team including Rafiki, the camp local elephant. A big thanks to all for making the experience unforgettable. Exceptional wilderness subtly coupled by warm and knowledgeable staff. The walking safari with elephant mock charge and Richard’s extraordinary and enthusiastic explanations of nature were the highlight. Happy 2010 to all.
    Michelle and Emmen, 26.12.09
  • Too early in the morning to write in English, sorry: wonderful, unforgettable and many many thanks to Sara and to everybody.
    Rose and Sudice, 27.12.09
  • Had an amazing time in the camp with fishing trips, seeing first porcupine and being in the midst of a wild dog chase. It was fantastic being so close to everything. Thank you everyone for making the stay as enjoyable as possible.
    Dominic, Gabi, Anneke and Max, 29.12.09
  • Thank you for such a wonderful time!, All our trips, meals, guides, drivers were fantastic. Hope to come back soon.
    Emily, 29.12.09
  • Everything was truly wonderful. Especially the relaxed community atmosphere.
    Justine, 29.12.09
  • My visit exceeded my expectations. The beauty is overwhelming, the animals were exciting. I could not have had a better time.
    Thank you,
    Brooks Sullivan,29.12.09
  • Best experience of a fantastic 3 days: Absolutely wonderful - saw so much more than I expected. One of the best sitting outside my tent watching a line of hippos charge from the water to trudge over to the bushes. Lots of adventures. Terrific thunderstorm which knocked over the childrens’ wardrobe and getting stuck several times in the mud. Lots of laughter!
    Adele Radice, 29.12.09
  • Wonderful hospitality from Richard + Sara – always meeting us after a trip – but all staff so friendly and helpful.
    Henry, 29.12.09
  • What a fantastic Camp, the wildlife was beautiful and the food was out of this world (especially the vegetarian stuff!)
    Natalie and Jon, 29.12.09
  • God’s beauty is everywhere, just open your eyes, sense it. I thought I had become blind, and lost all my senses to the concrete world….Thanks to nature, the animals and everyone at Lake Manze, I can see, I can feel again…I will always remember the night storm, sleepless in my tent, spotting the lions from afar, catching my first-ever fish, and meeting nice people like Adele’s family, this has been my best adventure for 2009.
    Souad El Hadri, 29.12.09
  • Here to celebrate for McDowell’s 80 th birthday-with her husband, her daughter Anne, Grand children Katie + Chaplie, what a fantastic Location, great walking safari, boat trips and the drivers were fantastic.
    It was amazing to see so many animals in only 3days! Great place to be and definitely on the list of recommendations, Thanks!
    Well played Ally, ‘‘the stig’’ and Emmanuel ‘Eagle eye’’ for spotting hyena and lion cubs – Made the trip
    Katherine,Jane,William,Anne,Marlin, 30.12.09
  • Our special thanks to Emmanuel, Ally, and Rashidi for being such excellent guide, and to all the staff for their kindness and consideration, we give you our thanks. You are special people in a very special place in the world.
    Bill MackDowell, 30.12.09
  • What a wonderful start to a very special trip. Thank you so much!!
    The trip of a life time!, Everyone was so kind to us all, many many thanks.
    Bibi, 30.12.09
  • Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to this adventure. It was just amazing! Thanks to the cook, the rangers and everybody who is a member of the camp. We really had a great awesome time!
    Helmut, 31.12.09
  • Beautiful people, Beautiful country, I wish I could stay longer! Thank you for your kindness, Knowledge and courtesy. Hope to return one day.
    The Jamaican, 31.12.09,
  • A very special thanks to Samuel, you are a very special person, so knowledgeable, so kind, so giving, to Abuu, a wonderful driver, we did not have the same language but we sensed your eagerness to make our experience so special, you are both amazing people, we thank you very much, everybody at Lake Manze you are fabulous, we have had a life changing experience here.
    Love to Maasai, Animals,
    David, Christopher, 30.12.09
  • We have had a truly life changing experience here, we absolutely loved it and it was more than we even expected, on our first Safari.
    Thank you to all the staff-fantastic Food and Hospitality.
    Ray, Kay, Conno, Davy, 31.12.09
  • Fantastic time, you were all wonderful, we will be back. I feel I have been to heaven!
    Anita and Clive, 31.12.09

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Lake Manze Guest Comments January 2010:

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful stay, you have a truly magical place and very happy, helpful staff. The meal last night was fabulous.
    John and Bee, 01.01.2010
  • Our Honeymoon has been just amazing, thanks to selous and the wonderful camp. We have loved every minute. Very relaxing start to the holiday.
    We managed to see the wild dogs with their puppies and also the lioness with her 5-day old cubs which was a fantastic sight to see ( I really wanted to take one lion with us). We woke up to 3 elephants grazing outside our tent which was lovely. Recommend the full day safari and boat safari, we will try to return one day once we can save up again.
    Nicole and Jonathan, 01.01.09
  • An excellent experience. Food quality particularly outstanding. Long driving safaris excellent. Guides very good. Facilities very good.
    Dean, 2.1.10
  • We live in Dar and have been on several safari holidays around Tanzania. This was easily the best overall experience. The combination of service, ambience, experienced staff, friendliness and professionalism combined with such a beautiful place …. Well, it was just wonderful.
    Ben and Benieke, 3.1.10
  • We enjoyed the tents, the food, the staff and the safaris. Wish we could stay longer. Thanks for the excellent service. Thanks very much for the birthday cake.
    Guido and Sigrid, 3.1.10
  • We enjoyed our experience here very much as we find the tented camp experience more in keeping with safari than the “built” lodge. But of course staff can make or break the enjoyment. Here there is good staff and friendly service readily, but unobtrusively, on hand. Good guides and excellent drivers. A very well rounded operation that is a credit to all. We shall be back.
    Fred and Elizabeth, 4.1.10
  • Fantastic scenery, amazing wildlife, beautiful situation, outstanding service and about the most authentic African experience available today. Outstanding holiday.
    David and Natalie, 4.1.10
  • We are all infinite love!! It’s been real. Peace and love.
    Ben, 4.1.10
  • I had a great time in the camp. Very nice staff. Impeccable service.
    Michelangelo, 6.1.10

    What could we ask more? Beautiful scenery, adventure, wonderful hospitality.
    What a nice place, kind people and wonderful scenery.
    Daniele and Silvia, 5.1.10
  • We’ve had much more than we could expect! Thank you for your great hospitality.
    Marta and Roberto, 5.1.10
  • A very nice stay. Loads of animals.
    Kristian, 6.1.10
  • I run out of vocabulary to tell what beauty we felt here. Nature, kind people, fine guides and all the rest made this stay unforgettable for us. Happy New Year.
    Nesselfeld Family, 6.1.10
  • Wonderful time. Dogs fantastic.
    David and Christine, 5.1.10
  • My wife and I had an amazing time and a truly unique experience. The nature was spectacular. The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. We gladly recommend Lake Manze to our friends. Thank you for making our honeymoon so special!
    Moyeen and Camilla, 7.1.10
  • We arrived on the morning of 6 th January 2010. It’s been a wonderful 2 nights. We’ve seen lots of animals and experienced a rainstorm. The dinner in the evening was a nice end to memorable days. Thanks.
    Camilla, Joachim and Mathias, 8.1.10
  • What an amazing place! We stayed for 3 nights. Service was excellent and the game drives were great – with friendly, knowledgeable staff. An experience to remember. Many thanks to all.
    Richard and Patricia, 8.1.10
  • Excellent stay, excellent welcome, unforgettable experiences.
    Bertrand and Veronique, 8.1.10
  • We have loved this lodge very much and we are looking forward to coming back soon. Thank you very much.
    Hussain and Amina, 10.1.10
  • Lake Manze Camp was great. The staff and management were very courteous and helpful. We had no complaints at all, but if were to offer some suggestions, they might be put pavers in the main dining area and spruce up the grounds a bit. Otherwise, fantastic!
    Brian and Katie, 10.1.10
  • Everything perfect. Staff, management, elephants, everything!!!
    Excellent stay, attentive staff, we have much enjoyed this stay.
    A brief moment of paradise with staff who are dedicated and attentive. We hope to return one day.
    Picciotto party, 11.1.10
  • Back to our origins …. A fantastic trip…. Thank you to all the staff for this gift.
    Gabriele and Valentina, 12.1.10
  • Lake Manze experience …..Wide-ranging, enlightening, stimulating + rewarding. Expertise of the drivers, encyclopaedia wildlife knowledge of the guides, the friendly attentive staff have contributed greatly to enjoyment of my stay. The animals everywhere. My thanks to everyone!
    Fred Richmond, 12.01.10
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay! Everything from the staff to the food to the leopard was excellent. Hope to come back soon.
    Nils and Veronica, 14.1.10
  • Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Lake Manze. I have had an incredible experience and have been made extremely welcome. Thank you very much
    Carl, 15.1.10
  • Thank you to everybody for a fantastic holiday, an unforgettable 70 th birthday and a wonderful cake! Thanks again to all.
    Grace, 15.1.10
  • These last three days have been among the most extraordinary, thrilling, inspiring and moving of my life! Thank you for making such an experience possible.
    David, 15.1.10
  • Many, many thanks to everyone for a wondrous, magnificent experience.
    Alan, 16.1.10
  • Thank you to all the wonderful staff for a great experience here over the past three days.
    Inger, 16.1.10
  • It has been such a privilege to enjoy a 3-night stay here at this lovely, well-managed camp. Everyone on the staff has been wonderfully helpful and we had an excellent visit. Thanks and best wishes.
    Monica and Donna, 16.1.10
  • To all the staff at Lake Manze Camp, thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience, one that we will never forget. The last few days have surpassed all expectations both with what we have seen and learnt, and with the service we have received. Thank you for making us so welcome. All the best.
    Tom and Cat, 16.1.10
  • You have all made us feel so welcome and have made sure we have had the best experience possible, thank you – we’ve really had a great time. Best wishes to you all for the future success of the camp and your individual careers and lives.
    Jane and Peter, 19.1.10
  • Our experience here has been wonderful and memorable and exceeded all our expectations. Thanks to everyone and especially our guide and driver for their efforts to track down those elusive wild dogs.
    Brenda and Paul, 19.1.10
  • Thank you for a great stay. The tents were comfy and the game-viewing was excellent. Most pleasant was the superb welcome and attention from the staff (all areas). Good fortune to all for the rest of 2010.
    Morag, 19.1.10
  • We stayed 4 nights in this wonderful camp and we had a fantastic time, everyday was a new adventure, full of excitement and beauty. Victor, our guide and Emanuel, our Driver, were absolutely wonderful, not only because they are lovely people but also very knowledgeable of the area. Thanks to them we saw lions, wild dogs, etc. Also the staff in the camp, Sara, David, Dani, the Maasai, all made our stay very enjoyable! Thank you so much to everyone, we will miss you and hope to be back soon!
    Carla and Simon, 23.01.09
  • What an adventure we have had! From the time we arrived and Sarah and staff greeted us, we have enjoyed every minute of our Safari. Each of our two days came with unexpected surprises including the 4:30 am parade of animals by our tent. We saw plenty of game including a small pride of lions with week-old cubs during our game drive. Perhaps the highlights of our stay were enjoying the boat safari where we had the opportunity to photograph the crocodiles and hippos. This indeed was a great start to our extended holiday in Tanzania. Thanks for such a memorable time and your gracious hospitality!
    Thank you. Danny please take care.
    Jimmy and Cynthia, 25.01. 2010
  • This was a wonderful experience! Very friendly staff and a superb location. I recommend the boat safari.
    John and Elliot, 25.01.2010
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay, it was very nice.
    Anne-Marie and Hans, 27.01.2010
  • We have been planning this trip for quite some time, and looking forward to a genuine safari. Our expectations were exceeded from the moment we landed at the airstrip, and the experience just got better and better. Wonderful staff rounded the whole trip off, ASANTE SANA. CALSON AND ABUU are the top team of heroes. Thank goodness for digital cameras, 500 shots.
    Anne and Doug, 27.01.2010
  • I had a truly wonderful time here. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and I hope to be a repeat customer sometime in the near future.
    Cameron, 30.1.10
  • A brief interlude but a truly exceptional experience. Excellent food, friendly and helpful staff.
    Anita, 1.2.10
  • A really special few days and very enjoyable amongst friendly, helpful people.
    Irene, 1.2.10
  • Excellent, attentive, professional, courteous, friendly staff. Fantastic experience. Kudos to the chef for the wonderful meals.
    Sabrina, 3.2.10
  • Our first safari! A great one. An amazing experience into nature. Lake Manze Camp offers us a unique experiment of being part of nature. We were in! Cooking was quite good, people all pleasant, global atmosphere very sympathetic and friendly. Some special thanks to our guides Nahum and Elton. They both have pleasure to share their knowledge of the Selous with us. Maybe one suggestion: a “welcome” cocktail at arrival giving rules and what to do or not in the camp, could be helpful. We hope to come again once more the pleasure to spend time with Sarah, Richard and all the staff. Thanks for all. Asante sana.
    Muriel and Stephane (France), 5.2.10
  • What a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the staff for making our trip special. Sorry to leave you. Love to you all.
    Barbara and Trevor, 5.2.10
  • Superb. As near as you can get to experiencing the wilderness without the inconvenience of being attacked by a wild animal. Thank you Richard for being a great host.
    Joy, Peter, Yvonne and Derrick, 7.2.10
  • We had the most amazing time, very nice and relaxing! I especially enjoyed watching the elephant right in front of our tent, and all the lions, giraffes and hippos – and the stars at night! Thank you very much.
    Julia and Paul, 7.2.10

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Guest Comments, Manze June 2010.

  • We all really enjoyed our stay at Lake Manze. The accommodation and food were excellent. The attention to detail impressive and the staff friendly and informative. A holiday we will remember for many years to come.
    Asante sana. The Hestridges, 5.6.10
  • Living, breathing, eating Safari!!
    Our stay has been wonderful and we can’t believe, we have only been here for few days. How it is possible to combine little luxuries with the raw and very real experience of being out in the wild. The staff was wonderful as well sincere, willing and beautifully gentle. I can’t believe we were lucky enough to see a Leopard right next to the jeep as well - amazing.
    Dinner with elephants, showers with millipedes, fishing with crocodiles and just generally living life amongst the most amazing examples Mother Nature has to offer has just simply been indescribable. Thank you.
    The honeymooners, James and Tracey, 5.6.10
  • Though a short stay, I enjoyed the hospitality of your Camp and the friendliness of all the staff - Thank you, I will be back for a longer stay.
    Jeanne, 5.6.10
  • Asante sana for an amazing stay experience. We have never been to Africa before and it has blown our mind.
    A big ASANTE to the staff who were very friendly and looked after us well (particular thanks to masai for rescuing us from hippos and elephants) Can’t believe we saw every animal we had hoped to see (including Leopard). Guides and staff were all very knowledgeable and interesting.
    Andy and Kim, 05.06.10
  • A fab fab surreal moment of my life. Natural at its best. A definite must to come back
    Thank you very much.
    Mustafa Hassanali, 05.06.10
  • Coming from my safar park to the real safari was quite an experience. A place you wish you never had to leave and a place certainly I will always keep in my heart.
    lots of love
    Philipe, 05.06.10
  • Thank you for everything; it was a real pleasure to be with you at the park. Great experience!
    Stephen, 06.06.10
  • Lake Manze is magical. Thank you for everything. The staff is all great and the Masai really added to the experience.
    Wayne and Lynn, 07.06.10
  • This is our first safari and it certainly won’t be our last, we have had an amazing time and everyone has helped to ensure this was an experience we will never forget.
    Vicky and Tom, 07.06.10
  • Thanks a lot for the really great time in selous, it was wonderful time and we collect many stories.
    Claudia, Hellen, Werner, 07.06.10
  • Thank you very much for a wonderful stay. You truly have a spectacular camp. Wonderfully, intelligent and experienced staff.
    Thanks for the warmth.
    Sherard and Sargun,08.06.10
  • Were not leaving
    Staying forever….thanks for everything
    Maria and Nuno, 08.06.10
  • This is the best honeymoon I believe for me and Rafael, this is the paradise, and I want to give you my congratulations for being so nice with us. Thanks a lot.
    See you!
    Rafael and Rosalie, 10.06.10
  • Dear lake manze team,
    Thank you so much for your great hospitality and the extraordinary experience, we enjoyed it very much and will never forget it.
    Hopefully we can come back soon.
    Kentaro Team, 10.06.10
  • A beautiful place, wonderful people, and great animals. Truly, a unique location. Asante.
    Bryan and Sarah, 11.6.10
  • Many thanks for all at Lake Manze for maintaining such a wonderful camp within such a perfect environment. Great mix of activities and superb game viewing everywhere. Have a good season
    Many thanks,
    Nick Jenkins, 10.06.10
  • Dear team,
    we have had a fantastic time. Thank you for a most memorable honeymoon adventure. Keep up the good work.
    Jo and Ed, 12.06.10
  • Thanks for a lovely stay, we especially enjoyed the boat safari, walking tour and fishing trip. Waking up to elephants and hippos is quite an experience too.
    Becky and Rob, 12.06.10
  • Asante sana kwa huduma nzuri sehemu ya kulala nzuri, chakula nzuri, staff nzuri sana, game park natembea na boti, nafurahi sana sevisi nzuri sana, nimeona tembo na mamba na nyati na kiboko na kenge na twiga na swara.
    Hongera Sana.
    Makwana, 13.06.10
  • We had an amazing stay at Lake Manze camp – we saw such a wonderful array of animals, plants and wildlife and we loved our cozy tent in which we slept very soundly after such delicious meals, friendly staff and eventful safaris. Thank you very much and hope to see you soon.
    Livia and Benoit,13.06.10
  • Thanks for an amazing adventure, everything surpassed our expectations: the array of animals, the attentiveness of the staff, the accommodation and the food. What a wonderful special oasis that touched us both and seared unforgettable memories in our minds…and thanks for the elephant wake up call.
    Victoria and Charles, 14.06.10
  • Lots of fun showing guides the birds. Hope something will stick and you will think our stay as worthwhile as I think it is enjoyable. Very friendly and a great place to stay, thanks for the hospitality.
    Colin and Rachel, 15.06.10
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, everyone is so helpful and friendly. Food was great too, what more could anyone want?
    Neil and Wendy, 15.06.10
  • Our visit was an amazing experience. Our Guide Calson found many animals for us, and the walking safaris (2) were a really wonderful experience. We really got a sense fun in the bush. We went on the boat two times (with Mbago I Think) and saw a huge variety of birds, hippo, elephants, crocodiles and monitor lizard.
    The ambience of Lake Manze camp is perfect - as much creature comfort anyone would deserve, while preserving the natural experience. Each night there was an elephant near our tent and one joined us for breakfast this morning. The food was outstanding. We could not ask for more.
    I would recommend the experience to anyone and want very much to return myself.
    Susan, Chris, Katherine, Virginia, 17.06.10
  • Thank you to all the team for this magnificent stay. We have been amazed by all the fauna and flora which have been presented to us in which a manner with is both serious and shows a love of nature. Please keep this reserve as it is for as long as possible.
    Sylvia and Thierry, 17.6.10
  • Thank you everyone at Lake Manze safari camp, we thoroughly enjoyed our 2 nights here, first time to see African wild dogs, and lots more animals. We loved the “under the stars” dinners and appreciated the friendship of all.
    Fergus and Imelda, 17.june 10.
  • Anglo-Norwegian expedition to selous.
    We met at the airport, arrived together and saw a lot of wildlife together, even though Graham missed the rhino.
    Thanks to all drivers, kitchen, guards and guides that made the stay a memory.
    Tuseb takk for osso
    Erik, Kristine, Vilde, 19.07.10
  • Above says it all, it was a fantastic experience, everybody was so helpful and friendly.
    The best. Many thanks to all.
    Grahame and Carol, 19.06.10.
  • We had such a wonderful time at Lake Manze. It was a perfect place for our honeymoon. The up-close and personal experience with unspoiled nature, and the kind, friendly and helpful staff/guides made this a once in a lifetime experience. We will tell all our friends about this magical place and send them your way!
    Jo and Joel, 20.6.10
  • We arrived on the 18 th and had a splendid time. We had a great experience in seeing both 3 lions with a zebra kill under the tree with leopard on the top.
    Hilde, and Else, 21.06.2010
  • Inga, Kristel and Lisa enjoyed fruit and ginger honey, butter- a lot of it.
    Krister loved the hippos. Lisa and Inga were on the water all the time when there were no elephants nearby in the bedroom. Krister found the moral strength to work here. We come back.
    Lisa, Inga,Krister, 21.06.10
  • A brilliant stay once again. Thanks to the wild dogs and Ally. The camp and the staff were great.
    Kevin, Chris and Ann, 23.6.10
  • Our first trip to Africa and our stay at Lake Manze has been a wonderful experience, thanks to all the staff for making our stay so enjoyable.
    Maureen and Colin, 23.6.10.
  • What a terrific place! From the moment we were picked up at the airport everything went well. We especially enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the delicious food and the friendly staff. Our family tent was the best set up we had in Tanzania and the staff made our kids feel very welcome. Three fishing trips with Mbago will forever remain a special memory - especially the 3 TIGER fish that jumped into our boat without rods.
    Pierre, Lisa, Andre, Isabelle, 23.06.10
  • We had a fantastic stay here. The staff was very good and guides very knowledgeable.
    Drewes and Brigitte, 23.06.10
  • We were very warmly welcomed at Lake Manze, thanks a lot. It has been a wonderful stay with every day new experiences. Thanks very much to all the staff which made this possible. One would not believe that there is such unspoiled nature. We will come back
    Connie and Rudi, 24.06.10
  • Fantastic stay at Lake Manze!, this is our first safari and always will keep your memory in our mind. Thanks to all! Excellent people in excellent country!
  • Very good welcome, nice eco-friendly camp, good location.
    Darbar, 24.06.10
  • What a fantastic start to our honeymoon. Great animal spotting, wonderful scenery and friendly staff. We have really enjoyed our stay at the Camp.
    Rosie and Kerrin, 25.06.10
  • This has surpassed all of our expectations. Amazing trips with patient and knowledgeable guides. The animals in the tent added to the adventure.
    Jo and Nige, Julie and Alun, 26.06.10
  • Dear Richard, Elton, Carlson and all, thank you for a lovely short safari, we will return for a longer visit. Thanks
    Julie, John, and Mary, 27.06.10
  • In this remote, wild, beautiful country we found a place where we felt at home. Great people, great organisation,
    See you soon,
  • Thanks to all of you to make our stay in unforgettable experience. Exceptional driver and guide (Remsi and Msese) and perfect customer service.
    Everyn and Janet, 29.07.10
  • Thank you to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable! Lovely food and very friendly service. Our guide, Emmanuel, was very knowledgeable and our driver (also Emmanuel) who was very careful. Thank you all.
    The Kavanaghs, 29.06.10

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Guest Comments, Manze July 2010.

  • Fantastic start to our honeymoon! Staff all brilliant. Thank you so much. Thank you.
    Justin and Max, 21.7.10
  • Thank you all for a brilliant stay at Lake Manze. One night is too short for all the activities to do here, so hope we will be back to see some more of the Selous!
    Oystein, Erland and Even, 21.7.10
  • 4 wonderful days, staff great, accommodations great, wildlife spectacular. I can go on and on. My first safari and can’t think of what would have made it any better. Definitely will be recommending to friends and colleagues.
    Duane, 22.7.10
  • This has been a wonderful experience for us both. Spending time here was made special both by the people and the landscape. We learned very much during our time here and are excited for the test of our journey. Thank you.
    Idara and Danyela, 22.7.10
  • Thank you for a wonderful time. An incredible place to stay and experience the wildlife of Africa. We have had a tremendous time. Thank you for your friendly and welcoming hospitality.
    Jon and Jonny, 23.7.10
  • Wow! An absolutely wonderful place. Excellent service, great accommodation. A real experience made very special by the people, animals, and landscape. Whole experience exceeded expectations. Thank you.
    Brenda, Bob and Matt, 24.7.10
  • Thank you for an incredible holiday. This is a beautiful place and the staff have all been incredibly charming, helpful and friendly! We’ve both thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend it to our friends and family. Many thanks to all the staff.
    Ruth and Andrew, 24.7.10
  • Thanks for a wonderful couple of days at beautiful Lake Manze! I thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic wildlife, guiding, food and friendly service. Will definitely recommend. Asante sana.
    AnneMarie, 25.7.10
  • Wish we could have stayed longer. A beautiful, peaceful camp. Thank you.
    Liz and Joe, 26.7.10
  • Thank you to all the staff and Lake Manze Camp for such an enjoyable and interesting visit. The location and the experience provided have been overwhelming and the service from the staff exceptional. We wish you all the very best for the rest of the season.
    We’ve loved the personal approach here and the level of flexibility offered. It has been a very special start to our honeymoon and we’ll treasure the memories we’ve made here. Thank you.
    Martin and Katherine, 26.7.10
    P.S. We won’t be writing to complain about the lack of leopard viewing when we get home!!
  • Thank you so much for making our first safari experience such a fantastic one. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect but have loved every minute. The drives, the boat safari, the guides, staff and food were all fantastic and made our honeymoon extra special. Thank you once again and hopefully we’ll be back one day! All the best.
    Julie and Andy, 27.7.10
  • We have had a wonderful stay here. So many animals that we have never seen before. Thank you to all the great staff who have been so attentive and friendly. We have enjoyed all the safaris – never a dull moment! Thank you for a great holiday.
    Michael, Sigrid, Amelia and Lydia, 27.7.10
  • To everyone at Camp Manze. Thank you for the incredible experience. The service was wonderful. The jeep safaris and the water safaris were filled with amazing sights and emotions for me. The guides were very informative. The meals were good too. My first trip to safari was a success! Thanks for the visits Tembo! Sarah, thanks for the great conversation!
    Diane, 27.7.10
  • To everyone at Camp Manze. I have had an amazing experience here – from the hospitality of all, the wonderful homey feel at mealtime, and my encounters with all the animals of the savannah. It’s been an adventure and a dream to be realised. Thank you, asante.
    Christine, 27.7.10
  • What an amazing few days. Can’t wait to come back.
    Ann, 27.7.10
  • Absolutely incredible!! Most beautiful game drive and boat ride. Love to you all.
    Rosemarie, 27.7.10 for everything!
    Sue, 27.7.10
  • What an amazing place. My first safari and woke up on first morning with two elephants playing outside my tent and monkey in the trees! A wonderful start to our honeymoon! Great place, great food, great hospitality and to top it off an abundance of animals! Thank you.
    James and Liz, 28.7.10
  • Our first safari trip and it was excellent. The accommodations here at Manze suited us to a “T”. We tried all the trips and enjoyed them all. We found the staff friendly and helpful, the guides and drivers professional and well informed. What a jewel!
    Judy and Terry, 29.7.10
  • Thanks to all for a really special stay at Manze and the Selous. The setting is wonderful, wildlife great and the staff have been the key in making our visit so memorable. Thank you again.
    David, Amanda, Beth and Becca, 29.7.10
  • Absolutely amazing four nights. Great location and wonderful game. We won’t forget our trip in a hurry and are already planning our return. Thanks for a great time.
    Beth, Molly, Esmie, Jane and Andrew, 29.7.10
  • It is not what you see, it is how you see it! We had a wonderful time. The nights were great with the noise of the hippos and the wake-ups with elephants in our “front garden”. Thanks.
    Aad and Maria, 30.7.10
  • Fantastic stay – we enjoyed every minute. All the staff were terrific! Thanks very much.
    Colin and Maureen, 31.7.10

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Guest Comments, Manze August 2010.

  • Great staff, wonderful animals – especially wild dogs. Excellent food (shame about the water!). Thanks for a great time.
    Chris, Roz, and Anna, 1.8.10
  • Very helpful guides, good to see elephants at such close quarters. Good safaris and friendly staff.
    David, Zafu and Huw, 1.8.10
  • Thanks for a wonderful time. A truly memorable experience.
    Sharon and Carole, 1.8.10
  • A short but sweet visit. A truly lovely place that we would have loved to stay longer at!
    Claire, Andrew, Oliver and Thomas, 1.8.10
  • A fantastic visit. It was everything we dreamed of!
    Alex and Lizzie, 2.8.10
  • A lovely place – we should have stayed 3 nights minimum to full soak this place up. The rangers were impressive – special thanks to Calson. They could even turn me into a birder, being a fish/marine person. I really appreciate the efforts to have low impact on the environment (solar water heaters, no electricity) plus it gives extra charm and feeling of truly being in nature. I will be back, hopefully with family and other visiting friends. Karlyn
    Ditto on all this from my lovely wife. Camiel, 2.8.10
  • First safari, so don’t have a comparison but thoroughly enjoyed the time, especially the diversity of landscapes. Would like the option of an evening/night safari to the temporal diversity. Thanks much.
    Jesse, 2.8.10
  • We brought our son Dan (14) on his first safari and his comment is that it has been his best ever holiday. Our favourite memory will be the African hunting dogs which we were privileged to see on day 3 and our fondest memory will be of Rafiki the camp elephant coming to our tent every morning and evening! You have some wonderful staff. Thank you.
    Robert, Lucinda and Dan, 4.8.10
  • Our first safari and we have found the whole experience to be outstanding. The staff have been warm and welcoming. (as have the camp elephants!) Thank you.
    Rod and Bev, 4.8.10
  • Rachel, Lily and I had an incredible time at Lake Manze. All our expectations were surpassed. We could not have been happier.
    Stanley, Rachel and Lily, 4.8.10
  • What an amazing place you have here. We have all really enjoyed staying at your unique camp. Wonderful safaris and knowledgeable guides and great service, all very friendly. Thank you so much. We have many wonderful memories from here.
    Rebecca, Maia and Owen, 5.8.10
  • I had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed the boat trip. The birds were just beautiful. Everybody has been friendly and professional. Thank you to everybody.
    Martine, 5.8.10
  • Super time. Thank you. Special moment was the 8 giraffes crossing the channel. Thank you to all the staff.
    Jackie and Bob, 6.8.10
  • Thank you to everyone for making this a wonderful three days. Every single member of staff has been excellent and a pleasure to meet. We have seen and learnt so much. The boat trips have especially been a unique experience.
    Diane and Yvonne, 6.8.10
  • Thanks to everyone for all the hospitality. It has been a fabulous experience and will remain in our memories for the excellence of the staff and their expert knowledge and service. We hope to return one day to see that leopard!
    David and Judy, 6.8.10
  • Thank you for the wonderful time! We’ll be back for sure!
    Isabel and Stefan, 6.8.10
  • Thank you to everyone at Lake Manze Camp for making our first safari such a wonderful stay. The memories will live with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you.
    Adrian and Trudie, 7.8.10
  • What a wonderful introduction to safari – a fantastic camp with great elephant! Thank you all for a lovely stay and we hope to visit again soon!
    John and Abbie, 7.8.10
  • A fantastic safari experience! Wonderful staff, wonderful location, wonderful food. Thank you to everyone at Lake Manze camp for making our honeymoon/safari trip one that we will cherish always. Thank you.
    Ronan and Catherine, 7.8.10
  • A wonderful, calming place to stay. Excellent choice of activities. Thanks for the gorgeous food, especially nice for vegetarians! Thanks to everyone.
    Susan and Stuart, 8.8.10
  • Katrina and I loved our visit with you! The elephants were memorable – your guides and drivers are extremely knowledgeable and the food was fantastic. Thank you all for our first – but not last – Selous adventure.
    Katrina and Katherine, 8.8.10
  • Amazing, amazing, amazing! A fabulous start to our honeymoon and definitely the best camp to start it at. The game drives and boat safari have all been excellent and the guides have amazing knowledge and eyesight!! The walking safari was also great although slightly more scary!! The food, staff and welcome were all excellent and we would definitely recommend this camp to anyone coming to Tanzania.
    Bryony and Neil, 9.8.10
  • A wonderful experience for us all. We loved the tents, the food and, of course, the animals. The service was excellent, as were our guides, Victor and Abuu. Many thanks.
    Emelia, Richard, Noah, Jake and Riley, 9.8.10
  • We found your camp very interesting and the staff highly sympathetic, very good food! Our first visit to Africa has been a success. Elsa and Nathalie.
    It was very great to stay in your wonderful camp for a couple of days. We’ll remember for a long time the great moment.
    Frederic, 9.8.10
  • A very excellent stay. Friendly staff, great lodge, nice safaris.
  • Thank you for the really lovely stay. It was an amazing experience together the camp elephants. Special thanks to Richard and Sarah, and the friendly staff. See you again!
    Gregor and Yvonne, 11.8.10
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay at Selous. Our guides were brilliant, so friendly and very knowledgeable. Wonderful food and animals! We have had the most fantastic stay. Brilliant guides and awesome animals!
    James and Sarah, 11.8.10
  • We have had a truly special time. Excellent accommodation. Charming, friendly staff, superb guides and driver. It was a privilege and humbling experience to see the animals.
    Jane and Sheila, 11.8.10
  • We have had a wonderful time here! Our guides Calson and Ally were excellent and could not have been more informative, helpful and friendly! The food has been outstanding and plentiful! We’re leaving a stone heavier! The tents and general accommodation were also excellent and very clean. Overall this has been an amazing start to our honeymoon and we loved the evening meal outside our tent – thank you so much. We would definitely recommend Lake Manze Camp. Thank you to all staff for a wonderful, memorable safari.
    Claire and Rob, 11.8.10
  • This place is perfect. Great guides, tent, animals. Thanks Richard. Adam get well!
    Jane, 11.8.10
  • We have been here for three nights. It was really great and very well organised. And very friendly staff. Selous is a great national park and we were very lucky to see a pack of 10 wild dogs.
    Simone, Robert, Jack, Renske, Marja and Leen, 14.8.10
  • What a memorable stay. Short but sweet. We will always remember our first safari, not only because it was our honeymoon but also for the welcoming staff and welcoming animals. Thank you to all the staff and all the guides here at Lake Manze. We will never forget the 2 elephants visiting us at our tent. It was a truly breathtaking moment. Priceless. The experience we have had at Lake Manze is exactly what we wanted so thank you to all. Best regards,
    John and Eva, 14.8.10
  • What a fantastic time we’ve had on our honeymoon. It has all been perfect. Friendly staff and guides and lots of elephants – brilliant! The food has been delicious and all the guests lovely and interesting too. Off to relax in Zanzibar now – can’t believe we managed a 6.30 am drive! Thank you to Richard for being a fantastic host and to the animals! Best
    Kate and Stephen, 14.8.10
  • Just returned from watching the magical African sunset over the lake on the boat safari. A wonderful end to a great stay. Will always remember being woken by elephants passing so close to the tent one could almost touch them. Many thanks.
    Nicola and Simon, 14.8.10
  • We enjoy very much the stay in the camp. Everything was perfect (tent – food – people working here). We saw a lot of animals in a beautiful landscape! A particular thanks to Richard and Sarah for their kindness and professionalism. Grazie
    Spada Group, 15.8.10
  • We have had a wonderfully amazing time. Four days packed with exciting adventures. 20kg catfish (10+8), a first for Seth. Crocodile feast on a dead hippo. A pride of 10 lions possessive about their buffalo catch. 2 sightings of leopards and 60 species of birds. We loved the suppers by candlelight and were very impressed by the delicious fresh food. This experience has been made all the more enjoyable by the knowledgeable guides and skillful driver, and the unfailingly charming and friendly staff. Richard and Sarah run a fantastic camp. A special thanks to Omari (both), Emmanuel and Victor. We enjoyed it very much. We will see you again.
    Anna, Pete, Esther, Guy, Will and Seth, 17.8.10
  • We have had an incredible three days in a most beautiful part of the world. The scenery and animals and birdlife are amazing. Thanks to the wonderful staff for sharing their country with us.
    John and Lori, 17.8.10
  • We have enjoyed our stay here, especially the hunting dogs. Thank you to all the helpful staff.
    Gordon, Ruth and Dawn, 18.8.10
  • What an amazing time in a wonderful place. Only possible due to the hard work and dedication of the staff. Our guide (Nahum) and driver (Emmanuel) were excellent throughout and provided the right balance of fun, education and adventure. Richard made our experience even better. Many thanks to you all.
    Mike and Amelia, 18.8.10
  • This was the trip of a lifetime. The staff was incredible and the food was excellent. Our guide (Calson) and our driver (Ally) were quite simply unparalleled. We were able to see everything Selous had to offer and more. We will never forget our fantastic trip! Best,
    Manon and Danny, 18.8.10
  • To all at Lake Manze Camp. Thank you very much for a wonderful stay. The whole experience was fantastic and the layout and atmosphere of the camp was just perfect! We found having no electricity a little strange at first but soon found it just added to the relaxing and ‘back to nature’ feel of the place. The food was really, really good so thank you to all the that cooked it for us! Most of all we loved the Selous and all its wildlife – truly magical! Best wishes.
    David and Charlotte, 20.8.10
  • We had a magical two days here – experiences we will remember for a lifetime. Excellent service, food and guides (esp. Victor). We are sad to be leaving. Asante sana. See you again.
    Paul and Dawn, 20.8.10
  • We have had a wonderful time. We will miss waking up to the sound of elephants outside our tents! Thanks for a fantastic time.
    Spencer, Tash, Ella and Tom, 20.8.10
  • This has been a lifetime dream fulfilled. We have had the most amazing 4 days in Lake Manze and have been fortunate enough to see everything that has been on offer. Our guide Calson and our driver Ally enhanced our trip no end and we will forever be indebted to them for their expertise. A truly wonderful experience.
    Ben and Janne, 20.8.10
  • Our first time on safari, as an introduction this has been brilliant. It has been a real experience. I particularly enjoyed the lack of commercialism. All the staff have been great, particularly Emmanuel and Nahum (especially when he is on a mission to find a specific animal, a pity we missed the leopard!) Our thanks to Richard, Sarah and all of the staff who worked tirelessly in the background, the service has been faultless and very professional. Thank you all for making our stay something to remember.
    Sue and Keith, 20.8.10
  • We have had a wonderful holiday! Thank you. Highlights included watching a pack of hyenas devouring a wildebeest, lions mating and elephants wallowing in water pools. The boat safaris and walking safaris were also a delightful discovery of small wonders – malachite kingfishers, black heron, giraffe skeletons and of course lots of dung! In all we had a most memorable holiday. Thank you again (and the food was great, too! Thanks)
    Ruth and Damian, 21.8.10
  • This was our first safari experience and it was amazing. We were extremely lucky with the amount of wildlife we have seen, leopard, lions, elephant, hyaena…….. and of course the fabulous golden weaver and roller! We are definitely hooked on safari! The camp has been great! We loved all of the animals and birds that could be seen just out of our tent. We loved that the camp feel was kept. The service was amazing – everyone was so nice and so knowledgeable. The food was great! Thank you for making this holiday so amazing!
    Mel and Matt, 22.8.10
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. We have truly enjoyed discovering Selous wildlife in the company of very friendly guides! We would definitely like to do another safari! Especially as we have not yet seen the leopard…! But we were really impressed to see all the other animals. The camp is great! Food really good and we are glad the Maasai kept us safe! Thanks again to the whole team. Au revoir!
    Marina and Richard, 22.8.10
  • Our first trip to Africa and our first safari. What an amazing experience. What an amazing camp. To feel completely together with the environment, this place has been perfect. We only had two nights but we feel like we have seen so much. So thank you Lake Manze!
    James and Hayley, 22.8.10
  • Our third trip here. Wonderful as ever. Brilliant food, location and guides. We’ll be back.
    Tim, Anne, Paul, Jill and Paul, 22.8.10
  • We really enjoyed our time here. We have been to Africa a couple of times and it is fascinating to experience that each environment brings its own specialities. Here it is the nice combination of boat safaris and game drives plus the variety of landscape. The unpredictability of animals was demonstrated again. We went on a full day safari to track wild dogs and we finally got hold of them close to the camp just before dusk and this morning we find them just before our tent! Thanks for all the work done. People often underestimate what it takes to make things work. We will be back in Africa and perhaps also in your camp since we are trying to get a job in Tanzania. Thanks again.
    Harry and Jos, 23.8.10
  • We enjoyed our stay at Lake Manze Camp. We liked the game drives, boat safaris and walking. Thank you to Calson, Ally, Omari, Richard, Sarah, all the Maasai and all the kitchen staff. This is a really great place. Thank you!
    Bob, Nina, Zack and Max, 23.8.10
  • Thank you for making our stay here at Lake Manze Camp so lovely. Richard and Sarah you have both been so welcoming and friendly while we have been here and thank you for dealing so calmly with my burn! We have loved seeing the wildlife around the camp, particularly watching the elephant from our tent and the game drives – as our first safari – have been a wonderful experience. We feel privileged to have stayed here and it has been a great part of our honeymoon. Thank you again.
    Sam and Adrian, 24.8.10
  • Our stay here at Lake Manze has been the highlight so far of our trip to Africa. The wildlife has been astounding and our guide amazingly knowledgeable about everything. I only wish we were coming here again next year! Alex
    Living in those tents was far more comfortable than any other tent I’ve been in. The wildlife and the way they live, just watching only nature is brilliant. The guides were especially good for all the knowledge they know. I now think I have got a new favourite holiday.
    Verity and the rest of the family, 25.8.10
  • One of the best holidays ever!
    The Malin family, 25.8.10
  • Our stay here was fantastic. To us the right combination of blending in with nature and luxury. I never had such a view from my tent! The friendliness and expertise of all the staff was great, cooks, servants, drivers, guides, guards, Maasai, management – all great!! Thanks for a great time with all the wildlife, maybe we’ll meet again.
    Rob and Hanny, 25.8.10
  • Many thanks for a wonderful stay. The accommodations, the safari, and the meals were all very enjoyable. The staff were even better! Njema sana. Asante sana!
    David, Megan and Sven, 26.8.10
  • A very lovely place with great people. Thanks.
    Prospero, 26.8.10
  • You’re lucky…… This is a magical place!! Asante sana.
    Giacelli, 26.8.10
  • Dear Staff, We slept so well under the moon and stars in the wonderful tent. The nature is huge and beautiful. We had a wonderful stay.
    Lo and Karin, 27.8.10
  • Dear All, we had a great stay at this camp and we really enjoyed it. Thank you for everything and see you again – one day.
    Mariane and Bjorn, 28.8.10
  • Thank you everybody! It has been a fantastic stay and you all made it very special.
    Sarah and Dave, 28.8.10
  • A magic camp with wonderful staff and a top place to dangle your fishing hook. Thanks.
    Sarah and Paul, 29.8.10
  • We have had a fantastic stay – waking up to see elephants outside our tent is amazing! Will look forward to coming back again soon!
    James and Rebecca, 30.8.10
  • It was a great pleasure to be here and to have so many bush-related activities to do. Everything has been excellent.
    Simon, Hilary, Clair and Chris, 31.8.10
  • Thank you all very much for a marvellous trip. Really entertaining and convivial surroundings, comfortable and relaxed, good food and some genuinely excellent game. A really good experience and one which has got us determined to return to Africa soon.
    Reena and Jon, 31.8.10

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Manze Guest Comments Sept 2010

  • What an adventure. Black rhino totally unexpected!! Beautiful camp in great setting. We will return as soon as possible!!
    Ken, Helena and Wendy, 1.9.10
  • Fantastic location! Elephant every day in camp, what a thrill! Victor and Bakari make our stay unforgettable (painted dogs, lions, thousands of plains game!) Only down: the cuisine and staff service need improvements in comparison with camps Mdonya and Impala. But the overall feeling was amazing! Thanks again.
    Yolande, Chloe, Jean Pierre and Gregoire, 1.9.10
  • Thank you. A truly lovely spot.
    Guy and Lisa, 2.9.10
  • This is a very nice place to be. Good driver and guide!! Good ambience.
    Henk and Geertje, 2.9.10
  • Thank you for everybody! It was an outstanding stay here.
    Johannes, 3.9.10
  • We had a really fantastic start to our honeymoon. This is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed the nights socialising with all the other guests and swapping notes of the day’s activities and the food was always full of yummy flavours. On our drives we saw everything and the guides were very knowledgeable and experienced. Many thanks to everyone for making this a very magical experience, we will definitely be recommending this to our friends.
    Georgie and Neil, 4.9.10
  • Our visit to Selous and Lake Manze Camp was our final stop in a 3-week trip through Tanzania and turned out to be one of the highlights. We loved the rustic setting of the camp and the hospitality offered by all staff without exception. Great game sightings and enjoyable evenings all round. Thanks to all!
    Karin, Jochen and Nikolaus, 4.9.10
  • Thank you so much to all the wonderful people at Camp Manze. We had a fabulous time! Lots of adventure, beautiful sights and amazing food! Our compliments to all. With much appreciation,
    Kevin and Sherry, 5.9.10
  • Our honeymoon was made amazing by Lake Manze Camp, the animals and staff are amazing and we will miss it greatly! Thanks for making our honeymoon to memorable!
    Ella and Ricky, 6.9.10
  • Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. The safari tours were amazing and we couldn’t believe how many animals we saw.
    Dan and Ayo, 6.9.10
  • Richard and staff, Thank you for making our stay so enjoyable. The assistance to Nigel’s list of mammals was much appreciated even though we only saw the “bush babies” eyes. Our adventures on the lakes and river will be remembered.
    Geoffrey, Heather, Jason and Gail, 6.9.10
  • Richard and all the staff (and all the animals……) Not enough space here (or time before our plane!) to come close to summing up our joy and our thanks. Each day we’ve come across something more beautiful than the last. Emmanuel, Ally and Omari were all so knowledgeable and friendly. A time we’ll never forget here at Lake Manze. Thank you all for a real once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    Dan and Anna, 8.9.10
  • Richard and staff, especially Emmanuel’s enthusiasm. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so special and memorable.
    Jo and Mark, 9.9.10
  • Paradise in Tanzania. Wow. Thanks to Richard, George, Emmanuel, Peter, Elton and Boniface. We had a wonderful sojourn at Manze.
    Rod and Les, 9.9.10
  • A fifty-five year old dream realised at last. The wait was worth it when I encountered a family of curious elephant who looked me over with a lot less awe than I looked at them with. Thank you.
    Gordon, 10.9.10
  • Great service from all the staff. Lovely location and some fantastic animal sightings. What more could you ask! We’ll definitely be coming back.
    Sally and Shaun, 11.9.10
  • Thank you so much for such an amazing holiday. The service was exceptional as was the guiding and food! So many wonderful sightings – the elephants, buffalo, giraffes, leopard and I’ll never forget the killer pigeon! [shikra] Thank you so much.
    Kate and Simon, 11.9.10
  • Thank you for the beautiful setting, amazing wildlife, great drivers, guides and other staff. And community dinners……. It was great.
    Thea and Susan, 11.9.10
  • Wonderful setting, excellent service, hands-on management – everything perfect except the odd warm drink. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
    John and Gail, 12.9.10
  • Most enjoyable stay, wonderful meals and Richard runs the show like clockwork. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
    Jennifer and Tim, 12.9.10
  • What a great place! We enjoyed every detail. Thanks.
    Dave and Rose, 12.9.10
  • Everything I was told it would be…… and more. Fantastic, friendly staff, knowledgeable guides. Being woken by a lion circling our tent and seeing elephants while you shower were amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Not so sure about the baboon spiders though! Many thanks.
    Chris and Roshni, 12.9.10
  • Wonderful camp in a lovely setting. All staff most pleasant and helpful. The sighting of game covered a large range. Unfortunately we only saw the tail end of a leopard. So nice to see wild dogs which are considered a rarity.
    Colin and Birthe, 12.9.10
  • We had a marvellous stay in Lake Manze Camp and enjoyed very much the rich nature, the atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. Hope to come back soon.
    Norbert and Verena, 13.9.10
  • We loved this camp – a real feeling of being in the bush. Great game drives, boat rides, etc. Staff excellent. We’ll be back.
    Lyn and Jack, 14.9.10
  • The hospitality, attentive staff and enchanting camp were surpassed only by the magnificent wildlife in the area. Thanks for everything.
    David and Tracy, 14.9.10
  • A really great few days. The staff are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Game drives and boat safaris are magical and beyond our expectations. A lovely end to our stay in Africa.
    Graham, Rosemarie and Louise, 14.9.10
  • Amazing wildlife. Not enough time to see all. Very much want to come again and thanks to all. Marvellous.
    Vince and Sue, 15.9.10
  • Have had a fantastic time at Manze – great staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful, and a wide variety of wildlife. There is nothing better than having breakfast at camp while the elephants stroll past. Wonderful!!!
    Sarah, 15.9.10
  • We chose Selous to finish off our safari holidays with some different experiences to those lived in the north. And indeed we lived different things!! Boat safaris were excellent and the full day to the hot springs was something completely unexpected: a bath in the middle of the savannah!! Thank you for the care, the cleanliness and the very good food!
    Antonio and Marta, 15.9.10
  • A wonderful stay in a most comfortable camp.
    Merve and Alice, 16.9.10
  • Thank you for providing us with another wonderful memory of Africa. Thanks to the staff for their help and sharing their knowledge.
    Dick and Terry, 16.9.10
  • Richard and Sarah – words cannot really express how I really feel about Lake Manze, the staff and guides! It has been a fantastic 3 days. I loved every minute of every adventure. Thank you.
    Judy, 17.9.10
  • Thank you for hospitality and the beautiful stay in your camp-. We will never forget the fantastic trips on car and boat.
    Stefan and Kershin, 17.9.10
  • We spent three very nice and interesting days in this camp, friendly people. The game drives were excellent with a very competent guide, Nahum. Thank you for everything.
    Ursula and Alex, 17.9.10
  • Wonderful wildlife experience!
    Helge, 17.9.10
  • Mind-blowing wilderness, great staff and good decorations of the camp. Thanks for your welcoming feeling. Hope to see you soon.
    Jeremie and Miriam, 18.9.10
  • This was our first safari and it has been an unforgettable experience. We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful warm welcome to Tanzania. Your camp is beautiful and your staff is amazingly kind and welcoming. Thank you for all your attention. We enjoyed the amazing sights and great food and hospitality. We are excited to tell our friends about this place. Hope to see you soon…..
    Diego and Janeth, 18.9.10
  • Great camp with resident elephant! Game viewing wonderful – my first lion kill – from start to finish. Richard and Sarah are very welcoming. Nothing too much trouble. We loved our stay. Thank you.
    Julie and Graham, 18.9.10
  • Thanks for the wonderful welcome and environment. We will recommend to our friends in Italy. All the best.
    Cristiano and Daniela, 19.9.10
  • Your hospitality has been incredible, with fantastically knowledgeable guides and a lifestyle second to none. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and being awoken by an elephant is an experience neither of us is likely to forget! We will certainly return. Thanks again.
    Duncan and Cheney, 19.9.10
  • Thanks for an amazing time. Very well done convincing the lions to do a kill just for us! Whole thing very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable! We couldn’t have made a better choice of lodge!
    Rob and Sarah, 20.9.10
  • Wonderful three days spent at Lake Manze, really how an African safari should be. Great company and good friends were made. Many thanks.
    Justine and Chris, 20.9.10
  • We had a lovely time here. Lovely staff, and excellent food. Tents were lovely too. We made good friends including a beautiful elephant. Thanks for everything.
    Yeliz and Andy, 20.9.10
  • Richard and staff: thank you for the kindness, courtesy and an unforgettable experience. Marvellous.
    Brian and Linda, 21.9.10
  • A huge thank you to all the staff for making this stay here so wonderful. Thank you very much.
    Glyn and Jo, 21.9.10
  • Small is beautiful. Keep it that way! We enjoyed our stay very much and loved the “eyes for details”. Try to avoid mass tourism in Selous! Thanks for the hospitality, the warmth of the staff, and Italian influence in the kitchen/menus. We will always remember Selous with Lake Manze Camp. Many thanks.
    Annelies, Tom, Karin and Jack, 21.9.10
  • Lake Manze has been much more than we could have expected. The staff were always on hand and extremely attentive. We couldn’t change a thing nor would we want to. Everything is very well organised and the food is delicious. Thank you for making our stay so special.
    Nicola and David, 21.9.10
  • Great experience/game/food. All good even though Sarah caught more fish than I did. Lovely place and we will recommend it.
    Patrick and Sally, 22.9.10
  • Words can’t describe what a wonderful place this is – lovely, chilled out atmosphere, excellent staff, wonderful food (my veggie tastes very well catered for). All the drives, boat trips and the walk more than exceeded our expectations – would definitely recommend. Thank you for everything.
    Sally and Phil, 22.9.10
  • Amazing sightings. Nahum and Sadique are absolute stars. We had a wonderful time on our drives with them.
    Susan and Anthony, 23.9.10
  • Nice camp, nice settings and tents are very comfi. Nice area to stay in. Very friendly staff. Did not like the group dinner at night. Overall good.
    Janneke and Martin, 23.9.10
  • We had a wonderful experience in your camp. Very wild and atmospheric! Enjoyed everything, especially the channel boat drive. Very recommended staff, food and animals. Thanks for this fantastic experience in another world. 1 st timers on safari.
    Magda and Audi, 23.9.10
  • Fantastic camp. Lovely people and attentive, friendly staff. Safari was awesome too. We hope to visit again soon. Thanks to all.
    Stu and Kath, 23.9.10
  • Thank you for a great safari. A beautiful setting, excellent knowledgeable guides and really friendly staff. Thanks to you all for making this such a wonderful trip.
    Pete and Lucy, 23.9.10
  • And again for the second time. A wonderful camp with very friendly staff in a perfect setting, guiding with that certain touch that makes your safari special. My thanks to everybody of the management and the staff.
    Erik, 24.9.10
  • To Richard and the team. What a wonderful experience!! It’s been the perfect start to our honeymoon in every way. Superb staff, extremely knowledgeable guides and drivers, fabulous food and amazing accommodation. Oh, and the animals were all right too! Thanks for everything!
    James and Gemma, 24.9.10
  • To all at Manze. Thanks for a lovely stay. Friendly people, good service, knowledgeable guides who go the extra mile.
    Henry and Jackie, 24.9.10
  • To Richard and all at Lake Manze: We can’t say enough about our experience at the camp. Wonderfully friendly and helpful staff, knowledgeable guides, delicious food, relaxed atmosphere and good laughs! Thank you for 3 days that we will never forget. All our best.
    Sarah and Andrew, 25.9.10
  • To Richard and the team: How can we thank you enough for a wonderful start to our honeymoon. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!!! The food is lovely and the tent experience was amazing. We saw many wonderful animals and enjoyed catching the catfish on the lake. We also enjoyed the evening meals with good company!! Many thanks,
    Sophie and James, 25.9.10
  • Thank you very much to all at Lake Manze – we had a wonderful stay – a great way to start off our honeymoon. It has been a memorable stay and we will miss you all very much.
    Su Lin and Jonathan, 25.9.10
  • To all at Lake Manze: thanks for a lovely staff, a wonderful camp, friendly staff… Thank you everybody…..
    Stanislav, 25.9.10
  • Fantastic time – many thanks for everyone. Achieved goal of seeing will dogs and lots more. Hope to come again soon.
    Ed, 26.9.10
  • What an amazing place! Thanks to all the staff for making our stay so great!
    Kate and Jake, 26.9.10
  • A good first venture into the bush of Africa. Thanks for a great stay.
    Neil, 26.9.10
  • Thank you for a great safari. The staff are great. We appreciated all their help.
    Frank and Laurie, 27.9.10
  • What a wonderful place. An incredible first time safari adventure for Hugo which will be difficult to ever match. A long-lasting memorable thing with unbeatable game, camp experience and lovely people. We will miss our excellent bush guides Victor and Emmanuel.
    Hugo and Millie, 28.9.10
  • We have had an incredible holiday. Saw far more than we expected. The accommodation excellent. We will definitely recommend the whole experience to all who ask. Thank you.
    Kathy and Ian, 28.9.10
  • We came to the Selous to see the wild dogs and were very fortunate to sight them on two occasions – definitely a highlight on our East African trip. Thanks to all the staff and Richard for a wonderful stay and special thanks to the guides who took us out to see these wonderful, special gods.
    Heather and Murray, 28.9.10
  • A fabulous few days here in the Selous! Alex and I loved our stay right in the middle of the wildlife. Very romantic and lots of fun! Thank you all for a fab. Time. Alex will be talking about his legendary catch that broke the fishing rod for years to come!
    Annie and Alex, 28.9.10
  • What a wonderful camp in a fabulous location to experience our first safari. It truly lived up to all expectations and beyond. Thank you to all the staff who made us feel very welcome.
    Shaun and Lindsay, 29.9.10
  • We have had a wonderful safari. The camp is so beautiful, the wildlife so plentiful and the staff so friendly. Thank you for making our time here so memorable.
    Olivia and Jamie, 29.9.10
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay. This was our first safari experience and we have been amazed by how much we have seen – even just around the camp area!
    Heather and Andrew, 29.9.10
  • What a wonderful place. We loved our stay here, with the elephant for company. Everyone welcoming and helpful, and our guide and driver were fantastic.
    Jill and David, 30.9.10
  • To all at Lake Manze Camp – thank you all so much for your friendly welcome during our stay here. It has been wonderful! Our guide and driver, Nahum and Ally, managed to find everything we asked so well done! Thanks again.
    Becky and Rich, 30.9.10

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Manze Guest Comments Oct 2010

  • Thank you all at Lake Manze Camp for such a wonderful stay. We came to see and we saw!! Everything about our stay here was fantastic – the hospitality, the quality of the guiding and most of all the wildlife.
    Alison and Neil, 1.10.10
  • Had a wonderful three days. Very rich. Fantastic animals and birds, and lots of nice memories. Made some good friends, and learnt loads. Well run, and friendly staff. Thank you so much.
    Philip, 1.10.10
  • Fantastic experience. The staff and service were wonderful and the animals were amazing. Thank you.
    Leandra and Louis, 2.10.10
  • Thank you for everything. It has been an absolute dream. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Wonderful staff. I shall miss it all very much.
    Olly and Jo, 2.10.10
  • Magical place – friendly and knowledgeable staff. Wonderful place – animals come into the camp – very surreal. Loved our stay and would hope to come again.
    Hank and Pam, 2.10.10
  • Many Thanks to You Richard, Sarah and all of guys, cooks, trackers & drivers in making my first African Safari such a memorable one. The accommodation, food and service was first class and all of the house guys made sure nothing was too much trouble! The knowledge and skill of the trackers and drivers  to locate and to get to the game action and position the vehicle to allow me to see and photograph what was happening gives me hard copy of the memories for years to come. After this experience I have the 'bug' so you may see me climbing down from one of the Land Rovers in the future. Again Many Thanks for a fantastic experience.
    Derek, 2.10.10
  • A marvellous stay with staff completely charming and always attentive. Some marvellous experiences, particularly on the channel. Thank you to everyone. We shall be back!
    Caroline and Philippe, 2.10.10
  • A fantastic end to our safari holiday – enjoyed every minute.
    Christine and Richard, 3.10.10
  • Thank you for a wonderful time! Far away number one!
    Jouke and Ineke, 3.10.10
  • We have had a most wonderful time. Nothing was too much trouble. Very helpful guides and staff. Thank you so much.
    Reg and Sheila, 4.10.10
  • A wonderful experience, walking and driving safaris, boat safaris and fishing. Beautifully looked after by Richard’s happy and very efficient team. Hope that we will be able to come back.
    Gavin, Pippa, Anthony and Mary, 5.10.10
  • A magical place – very gentle and beautiful. A lovely last 3 days in Africa. The accommodation was perfect – but it was the people that made our stay special. Thank you to all for looking after us so well.
    Diane, Trish and Donal, 5.10.10
  • Thank you for everything. You made our first safari an unforgettable experience. We’ll return for sure! Thanks again.
    Dorien and Melanie, 5.10.10
  • Thank you all so very much for such a special stay. We have enjoyed every minute of it ands I still cannot get over seeing elephants in camp so close to our tents! The game viewing was fantastic and the morning breakfast in the bush was wonderful. Thank you all for taking such good care of us. I definitely have to come back!
    Jane, 6.10.10
  • I will miss this place so much! Sleeping next to elephants and hippos is quite magical. This camp is very special. We have seen some very memorable sights on our game viewing, including lions at a kill. All in all, our holiday here has been very special and I am sad to be going. We will be coming back! Thank you to all involved in making Lake Manze what it is.
    Emma, 6.10.10
  • We had a wonderful time. The trips on the channel and lake were beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful stay.
    Janet and David, 6.10.10
  • We loved getting so close to the resident elephant! And such a beautiful lake trip. Thanks very much for a memorable stay.
    Bridget and Kristian, 6.10.10
  • We have had a tremendous stay her at Lake Manze. The wild dogs were awesome and thanks to Peter and Omari for being such good guides and to everyone for looking after us so well.
    Dave and Sue, 6.10.10
  • Thanks for the wonderful experience. We saw the beautiful wild dogs, so we were very happy.
    Jos and Petra, 6.10.10
  • Thanks for such a wonderful safari. Amazing wildlife and all very well organised. Looking forward to your periodic diaries on your website.
    Colin and Lisa, 6.10.10
  • Thanks for everything in our brief but wonderful stay. We’ll have great memories.
    Kirsten, Alex, Helga, Terry, Shauna and Chris, 7.10.10
  • Thank you so much to all at Lake Manze Camp. It has been a wonderful and memorable experience. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and informative. We have learned so much about the wildlife and conservation problems. We’ll miss the elephants. We hope all goes well here.
    Jenny and Carol, 7.10.10
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful stay, the food and hospitality were excellent and very much appreciated. We will take away some wonderful memories of our time here. Asante sana.
    Nick and Lesley, 9.10.10
  • Thank you! We loved every minute – elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebra, wild dogs – we have lost count of all the wonderful things we have seen. We will never forget our honeymoon meal on our veranda under the stars. Thank you for your superb hospitality, knowledgeable guides, skilled drivers and a dream stay in every way. We take away many, many happy memories and hope to return soon. Much love and laughter,
    Jon and Laura, 9.10.10
  • We have had a ball!! One word ‘fantastic’. Thank you so much for making our stay so enjoyable. You have all worked so hard to make our stay fab!! We will recommend your camp to all our friends. They must come and experience your camp. All the ‘boxes’ were ‘ticked’ +. Best wishes and thanks.
    Mike and Pauline, 9.10.10
  • The best honeymoon we could possibly have. The guides and staff very helpful and friendly. Tents are amazing. The whole experience was far more than we ever imagined. So many animals and birds to see in a stunning environment, long may it continue. Thank you all so much for a perfect safari. It’s been unforgettable!
    Fergus and Lea, 10.10.10
  • Had a wonderful time. The sightings of the animals have been fantastic – wild dogs, lions and more. Tents comfortable and the food is good. Just need the ice for the G&Ts and we would have had everything. Thank you.
    Joyce and Steve, 11.10.10
    [They commented on the lack of ice for Gin and Tonic. We did have problem with an earth wire which meant we could not refrigerate any drinks properly or make ice for a couple of days.]
  • Thank you very much for your friendliness and hospitality. We enjoyed seeing all of the animals and going on the different types of safaris. We appreciate everything!
    Erin and James, 13.10.10
  • We have loved it. A huge thank you to everyone who has made our trip so special and looked after us so well. Every day was full of adventure. The highlight was this morning’s early boat trip. We sat in the same place for 2 hours watching 2 kills – one 3 lions and the other 2 crocs, both with baby buffalo. Amazing. Thanks again.
    Richard and Sue, 13.10.10
  • We finish our Tanzania adventure at Lake Manze Camp – we saved the best for last!! The staff and fellow guests enhanced our visit. Loved the community dinner under the stars. Victor and Emmanuel were amazing as our guide and driver. Too many sights to list – but all remain in our memory forever. Grazie!!
    John and Irene, 13.10.10
  • Very good start, wild dog 5 minutes from the airstrip. Next day, lions making a kill in the morning and a baboon snatching a young impala in the afternoon. So game viewing very good!! Staff very friendly and helpful. Camp comfortable. Enjoyable stay.
    Alison and Simon, 14.10.10
  • Thank you for an enjoyable stay. Full day game drive was excellent. Thanks.
    Kath and Chris, 14.10.10
  • Thanks for a lovely stay! What a great camp and safaris outweighed all expectations. Fantastic.
    Lee and John, 14.10.10
  • Thank you for everything. It was a great experience. The food was great and very delicious. Wake up call in the morning with an elephant.
    Thank you all. Was a very nice stay, and all was very well organised. Good luck.
    Christop & Beatrix, 15.10.10
  • Dear Manze, A fantastic experience. Thank you. And thank you for such a warm reception.
    Paul and Penny, 16.10.10
  • A truly wonderful experience. Thanks for everything.
    Barry and Barbara, 16.10.10
  • What a glorious place! Thank you.
    Bryan, 16.10.10
  • Exceeded our expectations – just too short. Thank you so much!
    Mary, 16.10.10
  • I can honestly say this has been a wonderful experience for us. We have enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere, in the evenings around the moonlit dining room, the friendly efficient manner of all the staff here, the knowledge we take away. Thank you Richard, Sarah and team! It’s all perfect!!
    Miranda, David, Tina and Christine, 17.10.10
  • What a brilliant camp. Tim and I have spent 4 wonderful nights here – a privilege to stay in such a beautiful environment. The atmosphere is superb, and Richard, Sarah and the whole team work tirelessly and are so friendly and helpful. But the stars of the show are the animals and we had such amazing guides in Bakari and Peter, and saw all we hoped for and more. A truly amazing experience and start to our safari holiday. Thank you all so much.
    Tim and Barbara, 17.10.10
  • We had a great time at the camp, in particular the boat trips and game drives. Also the food was excellent, especially the vegetarian meals. Accommodation comfortable, with lovely communal area. Staff are attentive at all times. Great to see animals around the camp and of course the wild dogs. (We could have had a guide with the driver). All in all a lovely stay. Thanks.
    The Patels, 17.10.10
  • Before leaving we had not been on safari. The travel agent strongly encouraged us to go for it. After spending 3 days in this fantastic place, we could say that having a safari in this camp was a fantastic choice. Thank you very much to the staff beautifully led by Sarah and Richard, and for the fantastic dinner by the tent. Good luck.
    Gianluca and Louise, 18.10.10
  • We will never forget our most fascinating, thirilling, gorgeous and wonderful stay at the Lake Manze Camp! Asante sana, kwaheri.
    The Ferretti and Gross families, 19.10.10
  • Coming from Argentina, this was a very different experience. However, it was the best time we have ever had so far. We will never forget this nice time and we will try to make all our friends come and enjoy as much as we did. Thank you very much for everything!!
    Florencia and Nicolas, 19.10.10
  • We had a really good time here. Enjoyed all the activities, seen most of the animals, great time all around. Asante sana for everything. We are sorry to go and would love to come back. The animals, food and staff, including the guides and drivers, were wonderful.
    Linda and Iva, 21.10.10
  • This was our first safari and it was an amazing experience! Lovely staff, good food and of course the animals!! A fantastic time, thank you all so much for making it such a lovely 4 days.
    Ed and Emily, 21.10.10
  • We liked everything. The landscape is marvellous. The staff very friendly and nice. Good food. We saw lots of animals and guides explained us lots of things about their behaviour. Our stay here was wonderful. Thanks very much.
    Margarita and Juan, 21.10.10
  • We had a lovely time. Elephants at the breakfast table! What an experience! Thank you to everyone.
    Alan and Kirstin, 21.10.10
  • Thank you so much to Richard and all the staff. We have had a fantastic 4 days on our first safari. It’s a real privilege to be here and see nature at its best. An experience we will never forget.
    Neil and Carina, 21.10.10
  • Absolutely amazing!! What an experience, we will certainly never forget our time at Manze Camp. Thank you to everyone for making our time here so enjoyable …. Still waiting to see a leopard though – maybe next time! See you soon!!
    Tom and Leanne, 21.10.10
  • It was marvellous. Very good activities. We liked it very much!
    Peter and Arita, 21.10.10
  • Thanks to you all for a wonderful time. Great game, great food, great staff.
    Geoff and Kay, 22.10.10
  • We came with very high expectations and even they were exceeded daily! Marvellous drivers and guides. Wonderful hospitality! Unbelievably beautiful location and fantastic wildlife! We hope to return. Thanks to everyone for making our stay so special.
    Steve and Ginny, 22.10.10
  • Lake Manze is a wonderful place. We have seen so much animal activity. Thanks to all the staff for all your hard work and for the expertise of all the guides. Diolch y fawr (Welsh for thank you).
    Kit and Gaynor, 23.10.10
  • We had a wonderful time at the camp. Very great staff and great activities. Very much enjoyed.
    Rob and Chris, 23.10.10
  • Many thanks for a great safari experience. Great lodge and great guides, drivers and personnel. We have had a wonderful experience and already long to come back!
    Family Mitteregger, 23.10.10
  • We all four had a wonderful time in Selous Manze camp. The entire staff are very polite and co-operative. The guides and drivers were very informative. We all had a wonderful time and wish to come back. Thanks.
    Abid and Azra, 23.10.10
  • Aloyce B.Kimaro and Ravid Galili enjoyed their stay at Manze Camp. We are quite satisfied, for sure all is quite well organised. 24.10.10
  • Lake Manze is a beautiful and special part of magical Selous. I look forward to returning to see everything green and wet. Thank you Richard, Elton and all of the staff.
    Rob, 24.10.10
  • Dear camp Staff, We have had a wonderful time here and we hope to be back soon. With love from Belgium and Paraguay!
    Bettina, 24.10.10
  • I thank the staff and guides for these 4 wonderful days here in Manze camp. We see each other soon back.
    Kurt, 24.10.10
  • Don`t tell anyone, keep it wild and secret. It`s a paradise. Thanks a lot to the very friendly staff.
    Jerome, 24.10.10
  • Wow! What can we say! It`s exceeded our expectations, an amazing 3 nights. Thank you to all the team for making it so special and memorable. The food, guides, friendly team, natural setting, exclusivity and sheer beauty, not to mention the spectacular wildlife are breathtaking. Special mention to Nahumu and Bakari – your enthusiasm and knowledge is phenomenal, also Bonny and Issaya – thank you for being so friendly and welcoming. Richard – thanks for the patience to answer all our questions about the history, area, etc, etc.
    Marios and Koula, 24.10.10
  • We have spent two exceptional days in this camp; but above all two nights during which elephants came within only a few metres of our tent. It was exciting and impressive. It is a good experience in nature.
    Alain and Sandrine, 25.10.10
  • Great stay, great animals, nature is so fine-turned. It`s incredible. Learned a lot.
    Bente, 25.10.10
  • An incredible stay, amazing scenery, wildlife, etc. The guides and all were knowledgeable and above all friendly. I have nothing but praise for the organisation of activities and the general running of the camp.
    Steve and Gisi, 26.10.10
  • Fantastic experience, everyone so helpful, loved it. Now addicted. Thank you for everything. Anne, 27.10.10
  • Thank you for all your attention to detail. Wonderful informative guides working at a pleasant pace. The food and presentation are delightful. We enjoyed eating in the evening at the long table. And we enjoyed the alfresco shower! Best wishes.
    Natalie, Gordon and Phoebe, 28.10.10
  • Thanks for the lovely stay, watching elephants whilst showering was a particular favourite, the food was delicious and the variety of nature and drives very impressive. Lions galore!
    Will and Alex, 28.10.10
  • We had a wonderful 3 days, thanks to a stunning environment and an equally outstanding crew. Great sights and stories, and fine food and company. Thank you all.
    Susan and Ian,28.10.10
  • Ahsante sana! I have enjoyed my stay very much, like seeing the lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys and many more. Although it was hot I enjoyed very much. Thank you.
    Many thanks for your hospitality and services. We have found you staff and guides exemplary and thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you. Best wishes.
    Amanda, Leah, Chloe, Jade, Jes, Sheila, Bruce and Sany, 28.10.10
  • Ahsante sana for the amazing service and hospitality. Every one of the staff member were absolutely amazing. Great scenery and views. Keep up the great work. 29.10.10
  • Thank you to everyone at the camp, chef staff, maasai, guides. You provided a wonderful bush experience, even the elephant at the dinner! Ahsante sana, kwaheri.
    James, 29.10.10
  • A wonderful situated camp with wonderful, friendly staff. We enjoyed!
    Halvard and Grit, 30.10.10
  • We have had a most enjoyable 3 nights stay at Lake Manze. This was our second visit and we were certainly not disappointed. Game drives, boat safaris, walks and veranda safaris all excellent. All staff charming. Thanks so much.
    John and Rosemary, 30.10.10
  • Ahsante sana for this wonderful stay! All the staff, tents and food were wonderful. We went fishing and some wonderful catfish were caught. So if you want a combination of ‘safari on water’ and serious action, bring your fishing gear and enjoy!
  • Thank you for the great experience! We enjoyed it a lot. Best wishes for the future, keep on going.
    Tamara and Wolfgang, 30.10.10

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Lake Manze Guest Comments November 2010

  • We have had a wonderful stay here in Lake Manze, great wildlife, great guides, altogether a fabulous few days.
    Denise and Alan, 01.11.10
  • Such a wonderful place and location!! I will not forget each and every evening here especially the nights spent under the stars, and the showers too!
    Monnie , 01.11.10
  • It’s been an amazing experience at Lake Manze, very comfortable stay, excellent tents, fantastic service and truly exceeded our expectations. The flexibility in scheduling the place offers an added advantage. Needless to say the food was good as well. We had a lovely experience and hope to be back soon! Thanks for the hospitality!
    Nikhil and Greeshma, 01.11.10
  • An amazing trip! Highlight was seeing cubs and fishing for catfish. A great stay and we have lots to remember.
    Katerina and Bruce, 02.11.10
  • Wow! What amazing place! Just 30 minutes after stepping off the plane we had seen a number of giraffe, large family of elephants and 3 hunting dogs. Previously we weren’t that interested in birds, but our stay here at Lake Manze has changed that as we have seen so many beautiful ones! The staff are a credit to the place, extremely knowledgeable and friendly guides, drivers and camp staff, thank you. Highlights were the three lion cubs and the visit from the elephant during dinner on our last night. A big thank you to Richard and all of the staff here for a fabulous experience which has made our honeymoon so very special. Love,
    Jonny and Alex, 02.11.10.
  • We leave Manze with many special memories of the birds and animals we have been privileged to see with the assistance of pleasant and helpful staff, kindest regards,
    Carol and Greg, 4.11.10.
  • We arrived to Lake Manze camp after visiting Tarangire N.P., Ngorongoro and Serengeti to relax a bit. Wow! We were more busy than expected and didn’t relax at all. What a lovely place! Highlights …..Safari with roaring lions on a horizon, two lions passing by the tent and watching 7 lions on the bank of lake at 8 am. This place exceeded our expectations by all means. Beautiful camp, very knowledgeable guides, great vegetarian dishes, kind staff. Thank you all for making our stay unforgettable!
    Roman & Irena, 5.11.10
  • Upon waking up on our first morning in camp, we were greeted by elephants noisily having breakfast right in front of our tent. This was just the beginning of a truly wonderful stay at Lake Manze. We sampled all of the activities available to us and would be hard pushed to pick a favourite. Our driver Ally and guide Adam proved invaluable additions to our stay, proudly displaying their expertise in the field and a sense of humour, made the days very enjoyable. The meals provided were excellent and we found all of the staff very pleasant and helpful. A wonderful time was had by both of us.
    Gab and Kellie, 06.11.10
  • A lifetime experience! Thanks a lot for the warm welcome and fulfilling some special requests. My guests will feel themselves like a lion king out here! Kurt, 07.11.10
  • Dear all, just to say we had a wonderful, wonderful time with you. I am so impressed by the service, standard and the kindness and skills of the staff. Good luck and hope to come back again soon! And Sarah, see you soon in Dar at my place, bring your bikini and dancing shoes! Big hugs,
    Asa and Dad, 07.11.10
  • Thank you for making it such a memorable holiday in a truly traditional setting with such helpful and cheerful staff.
    Derrick and Sue, 08.11.10
  • Thank you for all; it was a very good time here! We hope to come back.
    Ursula and Gerd, 08.11.10
  • Asante!
    Fed and James, 10.11.10
  • Amazing experience. Quite different from the northern parks. Warmer and very interesting. Nice people and, last but not least, very good food.
    Letizia and Irene, 10.11.10
  • Thank you so much for a fantastic stay. Everything about this place is amazing. The food was perfect and all staff, guides and everyone were so helpful. Thanks for the memories, Ahsante. Yvonne & Andrew, 12.11.10
  • Excellent staff and drivers. Many thanks to them for all their assistance.
    Adrian (Dick) & Elaine, 13.11.10
  • This is the start of our honeymoon and we are leaving here refreshed, happy and with so many wonderful memories already. Big thanks to all the staff who made our stay so relaxed and so memorable. Let’s hope the next place is as good as here! P.S. Top food!
    Mark and Ann, 13.11.10
  • Thank you so much for your hospitality. We have had a great time on the water, in the jeeps, on the walks and I can’t believe in the hot springs. Everyone’s dedication, skill and friendliness make Manze camp a very special place indeed. Best wishes to all of you.
    Jacqui and Phil, 14.11.10
  • Ahsante sana sana for an unforgettable weekend among wilderness and luxury. Thank you for experiences never felt before, and unlikely to ever feel again. Asante sana!
    Jessica, 14.11.10
  • Thanks for a fantastic stay, everything was perfect, animals, location, food, hospitality and welcome from everyone. Ahsante sana! Anne, 14.11.10
  • Asante sana to spend a beautiful 2 days with my love in this paradise.
    Alex, 14.11.10
  • Excellent. Very good food and beautiful surroundings. Lovely in all respects and beautiful scenery, particularly the birds.
    The Swedish safari team, 14.11.10
  • Thank you Lake Manze Camp, staff and the animals around. You have given me a lot of good memories during the last 3 seasons. You will always be in my mind.
    Joergen, 18.11.10
  • What an amazing stay we have had here at Lake Manze. Thank you to all the staff. Particularly our guides and drivers without whom we would never have spotted so much of the wildlife here. It will be difficult not to book a flight straight back here on arriving home. Thank you all.
    Charlie and Phil, 18.11.10
  • Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience. We have so many wonderful memories and never imagined we would see so many incredible animals and at such close range from wild dogs, to civets, lions (12 in one day!!) to elephants greeting us first thing in the morning at our tent. Staffs were all so friendly, welcoming and attentive. Thank you for looking after us. We learned so much about the animals from your guides. Their knowledge is infinite and they made the experience fun as well – especially Calson, Omar, Mbago and Davis. Thank you all so much.
    Siobhan and John, 18.11.10
  • I had a wonderful time in Lake Manze with very professional staff and very caring as well. The sceneries are beautiful and I enjoyed a lot sleeping in the middle of the animals’ territory. Thank you so much.
    Nathalie, 19.11.10
  • Thanks for a wonderful stay in this beautiful camp.
    Peter and Zulu, 20.11.10
  • First ever safari, so no benchmark - but thought Lake Manze was absolutely fantastic.
    Robert and Lorna, 21.11.10
  • Thank you for some wonderful dogs. Nice camp, good food, nice game drives/boat trips and very friendly staff!
    Julie and Eva, 21.11.10
  • We had a wonderful time here! Even if the wildlife hadn’t been so cooperative (lion family eating 2 zebras!), we would have had a wonderful time at your camp. The tents and dining area were beautiful, the food delicious and all the staff were friendly and generally excellent. Thank you.
    Danny and Taylor, 23.11.10
  • It was a wonderful time in this extremely well managed and thoughtfully styled camp and we had a perfect wildlife sightings Alois, 24.11.10
  • We are in Tanzania for the first time. A wonderful country, particularly the people and the wildlife. Your camp offers excellent service, wonderful atmosphere and extremely good food. We really enjoyed our stay. Thank you so much.
    Elisabeth and Martin 24.11.10
  • What a wonderful introduction to Africa! Thank you.
    Clare, 25.11.10
  • Great location, wonderful terrain and wildlife, super guides.
    Saul, 25.11.10
  • The walk of elephants beside the tent for waking up early was very well planned. Thank you to have accepted us despite our nocturnal and unannounced arrival.
    Marjolaine and Xavier, 27.11.10
  • This was the experience!!
    Anna-Lisa, 27.11.10
  • 4 th/5 th visit to Lake Manze Camp. Guaranteed top quality hospitality and wonderful safaris. We’ll be back. Very happy. Thanks to Sarah and her team.
    Tim and Anne, 28.11.10
  • Wonderful food! and extremely flexible and helpful management and staff. We really felt at home with friends.
    Waverly, Clare and Chris White, 29.11.10
  • 6 days and 5 wonderful nights at this great camp. Staff very helpful and it’s so good to see the animals close up to tents. May be we would liked to see more game but highlights were lioness with three young cubs, leopard and wild dogs (twice). Fantastic birds on the channel and lake. Thanks.
    Bob and Ros, 29.11.10

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Guest Comments, Manze Camp, December 2010

  • I am from Turkey. Now in my country is winter, but I found the very hot summer day here . Everywhere and everything were wonderful. This is a well experience for me. I am not a real camper but I’ve decided to be.
    Ufuk, 06.12.10
  • Thanks for a memorable experience. As we only stayed one night we tried to get most of it, and we were not disappointed. Excellent boat safari, plenty of animals and a good guidance. The tents are very comfortable and we just love the close encounter with the animals in the camp. Real wilderness experience. Thanks again.
    Jan, Puitta and Mattias, 06.12.10
  • Thank you very much for an unforgettable stay. We have been to feel extremely comfortable, the atmosphere in the camp was magical and the guides very knowledgeable and friendly. Hopefully we will see you again in the future.
    Andy and Sally, 07.12.10
  • Awesome place. So deeply immersed in nature! I love it. It’s going to be hard to be back home! Thank you very much.
    Lori, 7.12.10
  • Beautiful landscape, beautiful kindness, beautiful everything! See you soon. Arrivederci.
    Clione and Carmelo, 8.12.10
  • Thank you all for a wonderful stay in a very special place. Zealously good.
    Jonathan, 9.12.10
  • We greatly appreciate the staying in this elegant, well organised camp. Also the whole staff service was extremely polite and professional.
    Matovic, 11.12.10
  • Thank you so much for everything! We loved staying in the wild and really enjoyed the hospitality! Greetings.
    Thomas and Kamal, 12.12.10
  • Thank you so much for everything. I had a fantastic time and the staff were all superb. Everyone was enthusiastic and friendly and the food was amazing! Thanks again.
    Laura, 13.12.10
  • Had an absolutely fantastic time here. Thank you to everyone from the cooks, to the guides and the escorts to and from our tents. We’ve seen everything we wanted to see EXCEPT those elusive leopards! Keep up the good work! Thanks again.
    Pete, 13.12.10
  • Thank you for providing us with a great safari experience. It was more than we expected; the tents were comfortable and well kept, the service was excellent, the food was delicious, and the guides very knowledgeable and enthusiastic! Lovely relaxing atmosphere, and would love to come back. Asante sana!
    Sam and Jovan, 13.12.10
  • The camp and activities were everything we hoped for and more. Thanks so much for hospitality, top notch meals, comfortable tents, experienced and friendly guides. And shared sense of wonder. Excellent. Mark and Jordan, 15.12.10
  • A beautiful place with very nice people. The safaris being enjoyable especially along the river. Special thanks to guides and Maasai who are so friendly.
    Thibault, 15.12.10
  • Wow. What a safari! We couldn’t believe the amount of wildlife we have seen. Highlights: the 5 lion cubs and the resident elephant peering in through our window at 3am – 6am this morning! Brilliant! Would definitely recommend. Thanks to all the team who made this experience even better!!
    Allie and Kat, 15.12.10
  • A great getaway and relaxing break. Staff and camp excellent
    Kate 16.12.10
  • A wonderful place in a fantastic setting! Really liked the tents and noises at night. Game drives were superb as was the afternoon lake safari. We will never forget the sunsets. Saw everything except Leopard and Dog. Even saw porcupine! Staff knowledge also very good. A great start to our honeymoon, off to Zanzibar now for X-mas.
    Emma and Tom, 14.12.10
  • Beautiful place, beautiful stay, great team. And all around Africa as I would like it to be. Thanks for a great time.
    Laura and Lucilla, 18.12.10
  • We had a very good time and were very happy with the amount of animals we saw. Our guide Nahum and driver Bakari were territic. It was informative and fun for us and our children. Would highly recommend Lake Manze to others. Thanks for the great safari. The Dode family, 21.12.10
  • Great time and we saw many and diverse animals. We were especially pleased to see the wild hunting dogs! Our guide Nahum and driver Bakari were superb, very knowledgeable and friendly. Our guide for the water safari, Mbago, was very informative as well, and introduced us to the beautiful wildlife in Tanzania. All in all, a wonderful time. Oh! And the food was great. Thanks.
    Bob & Kathy Sheahan, 21.12.10
  • Thank you for a fantastic stay at this beautiful camp. We loved everything, the rustic setting, lovely guides, drivers and staff that were so friendly and informative. Each person in the camp went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable and we really do not want to leave. Hopefully we will be back again soon! All the best and Thank you!
    Davinia and Graham, 22.12.10
  • Wonderful time, enjoyed everything, in particular picnic breakfast and fishing. Hope to be back some time.
    Tina, Denmark 23/12/10.
  • Jambo. Had a beautiful time here at the camp, the people were really very nice and open. Don’t want to go, will be back soon!
    Chloe, 24.12.10
  • A fantastic place, with wonderful views, so many things to do, so much to see, not enough time. Staff and camp are excellent, the real Africa! A return trip a definite. Christine, 24.12.10
  • Jambo, incredible and wonderful scenery! (Nini) what a safari. Everything is as it should be! The wild life is amazing! The staffs are brilliant. Just perfect. Thanks
    Amelia, 24.12.10
  • The staffs and experience were indescribably wonderful.The bush is breath takingly beautiful and moving. Lake Manze camp is a must to come see. Thank you for the experience. Rodney Taylor 25.12.10
  • Many thanks to all the team, to Richard and Sarah. Good place especially for the lake, the birds and the water life. I love Selous. Happy New Year to you.
    Benoit Feron, 26.12.10
  • Had a fantastic time swimming with hippos and riding on the elephants.
    Igor, 27.12.10
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay! The place is gorgeous.
    Family Andre, 28.12.2010
  • Best place for our next program. Tanzania safari sub and bush. Cammelli, 28.12.2010
  • Thank you for a fantastic 3 days in the bush especially to Calson, Omary and the mechanic for rescuing us from getting stuck in the gulley. Penny and Vaughan, 29.12.10
  • Loved our stay! Nature just keeps on surprising you; just listen to the story about the whistling thorn acacia. Thanks to all and like Penny and Vaughan, a special thanks to Calson, Omary and brothers!!
    Peter and Jeanette 29.12.10
  • Wonderful camp, very friendly staff and a great base. Highlight the lion(s) with the five cubs. Many thanks.
    Paul and Gwyneth 30.12.10
  • Thanks for a fun time. Really loved safari.
    Love Oli, 30.12.2010
  • The birds, bugs, beasts were great but not as good as the Dung! Bestest safari ever. Thank you.
    Izi, 30.12.2010
  • I loved finding the dung and the boat safari! Also the outside showers are great!
    Love Oli and Charlie, 30.12.10
  • We loved the safari. Really memorable and …. Endeavour. …. Loved the ….. Safari
    Julia, 30.12.10 (not all legible!)

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Lake Manze Guest Comments 2011

As I wait for our driver back to the plane, I am planning our next trip back to Manze Lake Camp. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for a beautiful 2 days that I will remember forever.
Leslie Marcello, 3.6.11

A fantastic visit.
Thanks for all the excitement and for a wonderful hospitality and stay.
Charles, 3.6.11

Another wonderful visit to this magical place.
Thanks to all for the warm welcome and a special thanks to Emmanuel and Adam for the great game viewing.
Anne and Tim Clarke.
This is paradise and we do not feel like leaving but hopefully there will be a next time. We are lucky to find you.
Thanks to all the wonderful staff and to the lovely Sarah. Great job!
Ian and Ivia, 4.6.11

Beautiful drives, fantastic landscape and great animals.
Thank you for the staff to make our holiday really nice.
We are sure that we come back.
Birgit, 5.6.11

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay!
For both of us it was our first Selous safari and one we won‚t forget!
The staff were always smiling and made us feel very welcome. Hopefully we will be back.
Paul and Cambi, 6.6.11

Had a great three days here at Lake manze. Every trip, whether game drive, boat trip or walking safari + worthwhile + e saw all the wildlife we wanted to + more.
We were here on honeymoon so was a really nice idea to give us our last dinner just outside our tent by candle light, an amazing experience.
Will definitely recommend to anyone coming to the Selous.
Thanks again.
Claire+james, 6.6.11

What a beautiful place and staff.
We had 3 great days and saw a lot of animals. Specially, the birth of a giraffe was very unique. The driver and guide Adam and RogaRoga were very skilled and showed us everything we want.
But even they were not able to show us the penguin! So we need to come back!
All the best
Andreas, Lugia, 6.6.11

From Luise, Swe, Chris,
Thank you to everyone at Manze for a wonderful 3 days, animals behaving perfectly, right until the last minute, with waterbuck, impala, baboons eyeing up our lunch! The mixture of game, boat safari is perfect. Have a great season Sarah.
Ciao! 6.6.11

Thank you very much for a wonderful wildlife experience. We really enjoyed our time here especially the boat safari and swimming in the hot springs, and seeing wild dog!
I hope the rest of the year goes as well as it has started
Team parker, 7.6.11

Great food, great camp, knowledgeable guides. Thanks so much
Erin, Jer, 8.6.11

A wonderful experience in the bush, the wild and the water with the animals and birds. We enjoyed our time here. Staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Good food. Thanks for everything.
Danie and Nitsi Louw. 10.6.11

Thank you so much for a lovely stay at Lake Manze. The staff were so knowledgeable and brilliant at finding the animals. There was great food and company. Really great to find an elephant outside the tent in the morning. Thanks.
Jemma and Colin. 10.6.11

We are going to miss this place so much! The guides drivers and camp staff are all very professional and the animals of coarse are the jewel in the crown. Nature is genuinely present at all times.
Jori and Titta. 11.6.11

We had a wonderful time, we loved all the animals but especially the staff.
Mc Arthur.11.6.11

Thanks a lot for the fantastic team. You realized one of my dreams in the best possible way.
Geoffrey from Belgium, 12.6.11

Many thanks for 4 great days in a wonderful surrounding! A great team and staff that are taking care of everything. A place to go back!! And last but not least a romantic dinner in front of our tent! Thanks for everything!!
Kem and Maryn, 14.6.11

A wonderful place you have. Peter and Bakari showed us lots of animals. And Bakari also showed us his big belly in the hot spring! A lovely experience. Thanks
Simon and Klaas van der Spek, 14.6.11

Dear Sarah and the big team! Thank you again so much for a super stay, lovely food ambience and game drive plus boat safari! Ahsante sana
Flo.Claire, Michelle and Luke. 14.6.11

Thank you all for the most wonderful time, great people great food and great experience
that I will be telling friends about for many years to come
Alex, 16.6.11

A beautiful balance between comfort and real safari has been perfected here. Massive thanks to all friendly staff, especially Ally, Victor and Elton who made our stay so enjoyable. We‚ve had a wonderful time, thank you.

We have all had a truly wonderful time, the camp is warm and friendly and very well managed and our safaris were great and we met some lovely people. Thank you so much.
Caroline, Alex and Nicholas.

Even if it was a very short stay, I really enjoyed every minute, especially the boat safari.
Great hospitality and friendly staff. Sarah is doing an excellent job.
Many thanks. Marion, 19.6.11

Thanks for the wonderful experience at lake manze. It was the perfect get-away from dar for the weekend. I hope to bring my husband back if we move here. It is very refreshing that there are still true safari camps in existence. Brooke- USA, 19.6.11

What a tremendous experience. The staff is great and made a difference between a good and a perfect stay. I hope we can come back some day.
The best to all.
Raul and Ingbrid,19.6.11

We have had a fantastic stay at lake manze. The landscape is stunning, lots of animals and such a good camp atmosphere. Highlights were the lake trip, pride of lions and our honeymoon dinner by our tent. Sarah looks after everyone so well. We hope to return in the future.
Katie and Chris Powell, 20.6.11

The best of Africa and the best of Italy. Simply the best.
Alistair and Saskia Forbes. 23.6.11

Thank you for the wonderful stay here in your camp. Thanks for the friendly support.
Weiss, 24.6.11

Lake manze, a beautiful place. Thank you for nice accommodation and food service. Beautiful nature.
Frohn, 24.6.11

What a wonderful exciting place for and family to enjoy. We had a great time and the driver and guide and fishing were awesome.
Mahoney family, 24.6.11

Thank you for the excellent hospitality and amazing adventure. I hope we can return soon.
Batty. 26.6.11
Wow!! What a perfect place to spend our first few nights as a married couple! Fantastic guides:- Elton, Giovanni and Daniel were all great! Learnt sooooo much and saw so much! The food was amazing too! All in all a truly fab experience-one. We will treasure the memories from forever.
Loadsa love
Claire & James Hill, 8.7.11

Amazing! We have had the best time ever. All the staff have been great, very friendly. Extreemmly knowledgeable. We have seen nights we will never forget. This was the perfect way to start our honeymoon.
Thank you making this a wonderful experience.
Sam & Mike. 9.7.11

We loved our staying here! Such an interesting & beautiful place. Very well run, appreciate the variety of activities & how accommodating you were. The food was delicious, bed comfortable, elephant & hippos walking by the tent exiting & family-style meals were wonderful. Thanks for everything – we will recommend Lake Manze camp to others.
Jerry Sue & Bernd Bassalleck
New Mexico, USA, 19.7.11
This was a very special adventure at Lake Manze. The closeness to, and the abundance of wildlife was spectacular! All the guides and rangers were knowledgeable and very helpful. The staff member were all match. I am especially grateful for you remembering that we were celebrating our 10th wedding annivessary. We will surely recommend Lake Manze to others, and hope to return in the future!
John Nelson
Ann Mitra
Potomac, MD USA, 19.7.11

Thank you for the wonderful time! We had sooo much fun during the game drives, boat safari and walking safari! The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly and helpful.
All of the guides we had were full of good information and interesting stories! Seeing an elephant first thing in the morning when you wake up, listening to them eating around the tent at night time and watching the lions eating their prey like two meters away from you are unique experiences which we will definitely come back for more!
Love from Turkiye, 23.7.11

Thanks for a wonderful time, it’s been amazing to see all the animals and taste the African food here. The tent was awesome, and the wild elephant walking around the tents in the evening and morning. The service has been as good as it could be.
Thank you for a time to remember.
Felix, Mathilda & Stefan, Ourebro, Sweden, 2.8.11

Posto spettacolare con tende bellissime! – con gli elefanti attorno – Personale gentilissimo, guida esperta, safari stupendo… e poi, bhe’, la fantastica sarah a gestire il tutto con l’altrettanto fantastica Micol
Ritornero’, mi e’ piaciuto troppo!
Martina, Torino (IT), 9.8.11

Thank you so much. We have had an incredible experience. Seen so many wonderful animals, learnt so much from lovely Giovanni.
Thank you, your friendlier and hospitality will become legendary!
Ella, Jeremy, Nicholas, Katherine, Michael, 9.8.11

How to put into a few words the experience of lifetime? We will take with us treasured memories – not just of the extraordinary wildlife, which, of course, are truly trendier in their beauty + variety but of the landscape. But our most precious memories will be of the Tanzanian people, especially Roger and Bakari, and thank you…. For everything. Until we return, may God hold all who live and work in the Selous in the palm of his hand.
Nicholas Steve, Chapman Hay-on-way, 12.8.11

What an incredible place! We have had such an amazing place couldn’t even dreamed it would be like this! The staff has all been so friendly & welcoming and may our stay even more enjoyable. The camp and the area are just stunning. Thank you so much for everything! And thank you Davis & Bakari- you were amazing!!
Katie, James, Linda & Bill, 12.8.11

This has been the best week of my life!
Josh, 12.8.11

We have had the most wonderful time here and way beyond all our expectations. Seeing animals going about their way of life unhindered by man has been a very emotional experience. We had wonderful guides in Giovannni + Elton & we have learned so much. All the staff + masai guides have been a pleasure to meet & we will treasure their welcomes & kindness forever.
With thanks to Sara & everyone,
Karen, 13.8.11

Thank you so much for all the breath taking moments you allowed us to have. It has been the most incredible experience & my life and I couldn’t thank you enough.
Olie, 13.8.11

It’s very strange for one who spent most childhood holidays camping in Scotland or France to have such a marvelous holiday as this. We feel like we’ve had special treatment since we got off the plane. Amazing bird songs to wake up to, and friendly elephants wandering about- the tent was comfortable, food delicious and everyone here so attentive, charming and kind. It’s a fairytale place! We’ve seen almost every animal you have here and I was surprised to see such abundance everywhere you look – this place is teeming with life! It was wonderful to see the birds too- our favorites were the golden weaver and malachite kingfishers. I had my birthday here and it was lovely- I got a warthog, a hyena [pregnant!] and lots of hippos! We’ve learnt such a lot from guides- so knowledgeable [and very good eyesight! We want to say very special thanks to Victor, who took us on a lot of jeep rides and walks, and knows everything about the animals! And also to Ally, who drove us out of a lot of tricky spots; and to Omari, who got us some wonderful views of animals drinking by the lake. We have loved it so much, and we’ll always remember it here.
Rose & Zoe, 14.8.11

It’s quite amazing how close you get to the animals. I used to imagine seeing them and now I have. I thought the whole experience was rather scary but I loved it all. The puniest moment was waking up to an elephant rite outside our tent, that was slightly odd yet extremely exciting. I thought it was amazing that after getting off the small plane into a jeep we already see some giraffes walking on the runway so plane couldn’t land. I had never been on a safari or even to Africa so the first time was amazing and we were lucky enough to see a Leopard!! Thank you very much, it’s been amazing!!
Anna Kovar, England, 11-14.8.11

Manze Camp in Selous has been an unforgettable experience as well as an opportunity to meet some fantastic people who have treated us with an outstanding professionalism and most importantly with love.
It’s been a great experience, which I will definitely try to recommend to everyone.
Thanks to all the team of Manze Camp!!! ASANTE SANA.
We really enjoyed our stay here. The co-existence of the human camp with the animal kingdom was great to see and experience. The professionalism and knowledge respect for nature shown by the staff was exemplary. Arrangement for trips showed great flexibility.
The Jewell family, UK & AUSTRALIA, 16.8.11

It was a real bush experience. Big difference compared to the North! Not so many people and cars and more respect for the animals and nature. We loved the morning drive with the bush breakfast; a breakfast with a view. Tents are nice. We had a lot of meeting with the resident elephants.
Greetings from Ruud & Morga, Udenhout, The Netherland, 16.8.11

We have so enjoyed our time here – our first safari and it has been amazing! Samuel and Bakari showed us so many different animals and kept us safe!! The accommodation and food has been fantastic and all the staff have looked after us so well. Even had elephants and hippos come to our tent to make sure we were ok!!
We will recommend you to all our friends.
The Thompson family (x6), London, UK, 19.8.11

Our first safari and what a way to start! Beyond our wildest dreams. Disappointed only by the fact I wasn’t allowed to water – ski on the Lake!!! The staff here made our stay all the more pleasurable. Happy memories.
PS. Thanks for the birthday cake!!!
Bob & Jackie Dix, Cambridge, England, 14.8.11 -19.8.11

We have had a truly special family holiday – our best ever. This is a magical place and we have loved being here. Really knowledgeable guides with so much to tell us and we have learnt so much. Thank you everyone for looking after us superbly. We have wonderful memories to take home with us.
Cal (Alphonse), 20.8.11

On a 21 day safari & Lake Manze was our final destinstion. This is without doubt our favorite place. Great place, great staff, excellent food. The manager Sarah is wonderful. Can’t say enough about how wonderful this place is.
Sheldon & Laurie Pike, The Halliday family, Nottingham, England, 23.8.11

We have all had a wonderful time here and life at the camp has more than live up to our expectations. We’ve seen nearly all the animals we hoped to see (only exception-Leopard!), including a spectacular close-up of Lions killing and eating a baby wildebeest. We also greatly enjoyed our two fishing trips and appreciated Omari’s reassuring “no problem” when a Hippo came too close for comfort! The tent was very comfortable, the food delicious (the catfish, especially!) and the environment peaceful and beautiful. So, a big thank you to Sarah and all the many staff who looked after us so courteously and efficiently, especially our excellent guide Roger. Many happy memories!
From the Cope family, 25.8.11
Thank you for the hospitality. The quality of guiding was great and enjoyed the opportunity to see several new species. Not to mention feeding Lions.
All the best
Brent Sanders, London/Oklahoma, USA, 3.9.11

Thanks so much for giving us such a fantastic safari experience. Lake Manze is amazing and we cannot believe how much we have seen in the short time we have been here.
Thanks again.
Alastair & Maddy Barrow, UK, 5.9.11

A small sure of heaven in a beautiful reserve. Fabulous helpful staff, great location, and the resident wildlife are a pleasure. Our daily elephant wake up call is a treat we will never forget!! Sarah is amazing! We will recommend the camp to all who ask.
Hopeful we see you again!
Cindy-Marie & Paul,London – England and Phnamphen – Cambodia, 12.9.11

Choz and I have spent a wonderful three days at Lake Manze. The staff have been unfailingly helpful, the guides informative and enthuastic and the food excellent. We shall be recommending Lake Manze camp to others.
Many thanks.
Harry and Choz, London, 15.9.11

Thank you Lake Manze team for a wonderful 5 days. The camp has been even better than we imagined. Great food, relaxed atmosphere, lovely people and lots of wildlife right on our doorstep. The game drives & boat safaris were fantastic. Thank you especially to our guide Davies and our driver, Abuu, and to our boat guide, Elton – you were all brilliant!
Challotte & Rich, Balham, London, 15.9.11

We have experienced at first safari at the most amazing camp with lovely, helpful staff surrounded by animals of all sizes. The game reserve is amazing and should be protected for other generations to enjoy and learn from.
The tent we stayed in was perfect and we enjoyed watching the elephants eating infront of our tent lit by moon light- very special moment. Thank you all so much for making the start of our honeymoon so amazing!
We hope to be back!!
John & Lisa (Mr. & Mrs. Box), 17.9.11

The candlelight, the shavers under the star, the fishing at dawn: a lovely simple, unfussy and enjoyable experience- plus great game. Thanks to all neice
Be recommended it!
Lisa Grangers & Moyd Anderson, UK, 20.9.11

An amazing experience. The staff are excellent, the game viewing exceptional (wild dogs, Leopard, countless Lions) the food delicious, the camp beautiful and the camp elephants in little scary! (in a good way)
Elliott & Chrissic Bromley, London, England, 21.9.11

Fantastic experience! Lovely place, very friendly and and helpful staff. Delicious food. So enjoyed the romantic dinner for 2!
Guides are great; friendly, knowledgeable and entertaining- we would recommend this place to others- no doubt!
Thanks very much for a brilliant first safari holliday!
Richard & Kelly on Honeymoon, London, 26.9.11

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“Mum, this is the best day of my life!”
Tom, (age 8), 5.10.11

Un posto che va oltre ad ogni aspettativa…
Mi mancheranno i suoni intorno a me, l’esperienza della doccia all’aperto, il chiarore di una tenda illuminata solo da una candela….e la cortesia di uno staff impeccabile.
Un’ avventura che ti resta nel cuore!
Grazie Lake manze!
Roberta, Italy, 6.10.11

From my experience, every time I’ve goos expectation from an adventure I often get disappointed. This was not the case. There few days were incredible! I loved everything of this place, the accommodation is a dream, food very good and the staff is great! My only real disappointment is leaving Lake Manze.
I’ll come soon again!
Francesco, Torino, Italy, 10.10.11

We don’t want to leave! We loved our experience here from beginning to end and have really enjoyed the variety of excursions that your camp provides. We particularly want to thank Jabba for the personal and friendly attention at mealtimes, to the wonderful guides and to all the staff in general. This is a very special place, and we will be recommending it to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful honeymoon experience.
Lisa and John, 15.10.11

Grazie dal profondo del cuore per averci mostrato la vera Africa. Grazie anche per il buon cibo, per la gentilezza, la cortesia e la professionalita' di tutto lo staff. Una grande e forte esperienza. We love you Tanzania. Asante sana.
Rita e Angelo,20.10.11

Fantastic stay, amazing experience seeing the elephants and lion cubs. Beautiful setting for the camp and we loved the elephant that wandered through camp at meal times. A very special place, and wonderful, friendly staff. Thank you for looking after us.
Love, Emma and Steve, London, 23.10.11

Absolutely excellent stay, thank you.
Plenty of action in camp with elephant and lion. Great boat trips, very good birds- thank you Victor! Topped off with wild dogs. Could not have asked for anything more. Wonderful!
Noah, Rachel, Richard, Debbie, 28.10.11

Once again , Manze has left me in awe.
The fabulous staff are first + foremost mentioned. Sarah and Phil, you have made me feel most welcome + accommodated my wishes most perfectly. Adam+Ally, thank you so much for the spectacular + informative drives. The wildlife, what else can I say. I’ll be back.
Gabrielle Clarke, 29.10.11

Masai are very great! Animals are very attractive.
Stefan, 11 age, Estonia, 30.10.11
We had an absolutely wonderful time during our 4 day stay at Manze. The staff and guides were so friendly, helpful and informative. Thank you for your fantastic hospitality and lovely accommodations’. Thank you especially for our special honeymoon dinner for two. We will always fondly remember our time here and surely recommend Lake Manze to others.
Taryn Hyman, 1.11.12

Thank you so much for the wonderful adventure we had staying with you. This was surely the trip of a lifetime, and provided many lasting memories. The staff was fantastic and only made the stay more enjoyable. Please know that I would gladly recommend this location to anyone.
Chad duffin, 2.11.11

To all the staff, Asante for the most amazing three nights of my life. Being so close to nature and in the middle of African wildlife has been an experience not found elsewhere. The staff has gone over and above to make the stay pleasurable and the wealth of knowledge showed at every turn has been amazing.
Hakuna matata – Robin calica, 2.11.11

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. Our stay exceeded our expectations in every way possible.The guides were amazing, able to answer all of our questions plus more. The tent was fabulous, as were the meals and the overall service. The staff were wonderful all day and night, we couldn’t of expected or wanted more. A special thank you to Samuel and Bakari- they were great!!!
Simon Brennan & Lauren White, 2.11.11

Had a fantastic stay at lake Manze. It is a very special place, and you cant beat breakfast with an Elephant! The staff have been excellent and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our adventures in the bush with Nahumu and Danial. They even showed us a leopard! Thanks to everyone for such an enjoyable stay.
Helen and dewi, UK 6.11.11

Our first ever safari, a wonderful camp. The tents are fantastic, very comfortable and a personal elephant! The drivers and guides are very knowledgeable, we saw so much in only a few days- especially on the river. Our every need was taken care of. Thank you,
Tom & Alice UK, 13.11.11

Fantastic stay for 4 Days at Lake Manze. Well observed reputation. Staff very friendly and helpful, good food and great wildlife- including the breakfast elephants. Sorry to leave.
Doug and Jane, Scotland, 19.11.11

Thank you to all members of Lake Manze Camp. We spent 3 days in a wonderful area and we were very happy to be here. Special thanks to our driver and guide, they explained the wonders of nature very well. Thank you to the kitchen team, the food was excellent. And we won’t forget the Masai people, they helped us to our tent every night. Greeting from Germany,
Dietlinde and Ernst, 20.11.11

This was just amazing! spent only two days, but will never forget.
Great food, accommodation, not to speak about the incredible nature.
Bea & Gabriela

To all the staff at Lake Manze camp,
Thank you for a great experience in Selous for the past 3 days.
The safari drives were great and I was able to see many more animals than I could think of.
The hospitality was excellent as well and I never felt unsafe when the Hippo's groaned at night.
It was an incredible experience.
Calvin Siow, Washington DC

My sister & I left ours hearts here.
I wish some day to come back here again,
thanks for all the wonderful moments that you made for us in Lake Manze camp
From the first Iranian guests at Lake Manze.
Khamlasi Simin

Asante sana.
We had a wonderful. time here at Lake Manze & it far outweighed our expectations.
It was fabulous value for money, we had an amazing safari experience and saw just about everything.
We would highly recommend Lake Manze and I'm sure we will return in the future.
Sara Winchester

My sincerest thanks and appreciation for an absolutely fabulous adventure.
We could not of asked for a more wonderful experience.
The staff were all very professional, informative, courteous and welcoming.
We will highly recommend you to all our friends and family.
Mahir Meghji

We all very much enjoyed our stay with you.
Staff efficient and friendly, food and rooms excellent.
Camp setting tranquil yet full of interest.
Thank you for making us so welcome.
Peter, Gill and Mark Rennison

From Wild dogs to swimming Elephant, we had an excellent stay.
The organization, food and hospitality were excellent.
David Awtrey

Lake Manze has been an exceptional experience!
This was my friends first safari and it couldn't have been any better an introduction to Africa and the wild.
We saw a wide variety of game, the guides were extremely knowledgeable and engaging- special mention for Samuel who took us for most of our drives and Elton for his entertaining style driving the boat rides.
It has been a great ending to the year and beginning of a new one.
Thank you to the wonderful staff for the hospitality and yummy food!
Happy new year. Asante sana
Rita and Punya, India

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Lake Manze Guest Comments 2012

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful time! The staff are all fantastic and we had an enormous fun on all the game drives, walk and boat drives. Our guide and drivers Adam, Mbago and Daniel were brilliant. With fondest love and warmest regard for such a beautiful trip, thank you Sarah and Phil and all the staff.
Jane and Craig, 2.1.12

Non lasciateci partire!
Grazie a tutti per tutto, in particolare a sarah e ai ragazzi per l’entusiasmo, l’allegria e, soprattutto, la pazienza.
Continuiamo a credere che questo posto non possa esistere sul serio…sara’ un set montato ad hoc?
Leoni domati, elefanti addomesticati,licaoni ammaestrati?..
E’ stato un sogno.
Valentine e Paolo, 3.1.12

Breve ma intenso, qui si respira l’Africa! See you soon.
Really life changing trip Al di sopra di ogni aspettativa!
Un’esperienza immersiva e coinvolgente che rimarra’ sempre nei nostril cuori.
Complimenti a sarah e a tutti (la guida Peter in particolare)
Antonella, Pietro, Mattia, Andrea

La gentilezza e la disponibilita’ di tutto il personale e’ il vero valore aggiunto di questo posto meraviglioso

Thank you to all the staff for being so pleasant, helpful and attentive.
The food is excellent.
We have enjoyed our stay with you, in particular the dawn chorus of birds and the elephant which visited the dining room posing for photographs.
Anna and Mike, Scotland, 18.1.12

Four nights at Lake Manze Camp has been a lovely end to a superb holiday. Food excellent, staff and guides excellent. He trips on the water made a good change from the game drivers.
Thank you
Sylvia and Roger, England, 19.1.12

Thank you to all for a fabulous experience. The game drives were amazing. The boat trip were good, to. The nights were unforgettable, would highly recommend staying here.
Brenda and Craig, England

The fishing duo would like to thank all at Lake Manze for the most memorable trip-esp. Giovanni for his excellent hunting dog tracking skills and Elton for fishing enthusiasm. We can’t wait to come back and visit again for tiger fish!
Thank you,
Sarah and Craig, South Africa

Jambo! Asante sana, everyone at Manze Camp was wonderful. The dinners under the stars (and dinner for two by our tent) were incredibly special.
Asante for Giovanni, Daniel, Sadik, Mbago and Devis for guiding and going seriously “off road” to find wild dogs and lioness. Amazing knowledge and eyesight! Would have loved to stay longer. A fantastic camp.
Viv and martin, London, 23.1.12

Thanks so much to everyone for giving us such a lovely stay. We loved thee whole environment here, so peaceful and really feeling part of the nature. All the staff were delightful- so friendly and professional. The food was also delicious. A special mention to Davis and Ally who found the hunting dogs for us, took us to the hot-springs, and took care of us with great stories and says when we were delayed with three punctures!
We felt safe and well taken-care of.
Best wishes to all and asante sana!
Kate and Charles, UK, 25.1.12
What a magnificent place – we’ve had a wonderful time.
Thanks too all of you who’ve made it possible
Many many thanks
Asante sana
Tommy and rich,London UK

Thank you all so much for a amazing experience—very special.
We will take away very happy memories of a unique place and warm kind people.
Du Bois- London

Tent 1 was really an adventure!
Thank you very much for your personal attention Sarah!
The drives and boats were excellent!
We learned a lot.
We loved every moment of the 4 days we were here!
Thank you to all the staff.

Wonderful experience. Everyone has been so kind and helpful.
Wonderful food!
Thank you!
Hope to be back in the future. Well done. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes.
Sonia And David Woods
Devon – England

We have had a wonderful stay here.
Everyone has looked after us so well. Food good ad the position of camp is out of this world.
All the safaris are excellent; we have seen so many birds and animals.
We hope to return.
Pat and Nigel
Nottingham- England

Amazing way to discover Selous, the camp is really comfortable. The tent are luxurious better than expected. Nice way to take a shower under the stars. Staff is really fine and your guide are interesting. Thanks for your hospitality
Sovad and Pascal, Belgium

L’elefante che fa colazione con te, la cena sotto il meraviglioso cielo africano, il canto dolcissimo degli uccelli, il tonfo degli ippopotami nel lago………tutto questo unito alla grande professionalita’ di tutto lo staff ha reso questa esperienza indimenticabile! Grazie a Sarah e a tutte le persone che sono qui.
Claudio, Letizia, Milano

Ciao alle guide, tutte bravissime e pazienti, grazie all’organizzazione. Gli elefanti hanno pranzato davanti alla nostra tenda, cosa dire di più’? siamo estasiati per aver visto questo posto
Ilenia e stefano

FAB weekend! (4 days) saw plenty: Giraffe, wild dogs, grunting hippos and elephants to name a few.
Ate lovely food, served by lovely people.
Tents were brilliant despite the lizards and a frog!
Its been a memorable holiday and its only just begun!
Thank you for making our trip so wonderful- when I’m old and wrinkly, I will come back
Chris, Gill and Cecily- Cornwall, England

Asante to Phil and Sarah and all the staff, we had a fabulous stay here and enjoyed every moment.
The accommodation is lovely, we felt close to nature and very special to wake at night and listen to the animals.
The food is delicious and the service is charming.
A special asante to Giovanni and Elton our terrific guides, who told us great stories about all animals we have seen.
A perfect break from cold London
The Clyde family

Grazie per averci dato l’opportunità’ di ammirare un posto così’ bello da sembrare quasi finto. Abbiamo apprezzato l’inserimento di questa struttura immersa nel cuore dell’africa della savana e di un numero impressionante di animali. Raccomanderemo questo posto a chi piace l’avventura.
Grazie, un ringraziamento particolare alle guide per la loro disponibilità’ e cortesia, ed alla nostra padrona di casaSsarah, persona veramente squisita.
Reggio Emilia, Italy

Tutto meraviglioso, al di sopra di ogni aspettativa! Gentilezza, disponibilità’, professionalita’, un mix di alto livello! Cucina meravigliosa, tutto buonissimo.

A true adventure! Fantastic in everyway, staff and other guests were truly memorable. We had a wonderful time too short! We hope to return, 3.3.12

Brilliant game drives, boat safaris and guidance a long the way. We learned a great deal about the ecology, animals and birds. Lovely accommodations and staff are wonderful, Beautiful place!4.3.12

An amazing stay in this truly fantastic place which outlined our expectations in every way. We have learnt so much about the wildlife and especially the birds here. A privilege to stay here. Thank you
Ali and Rob, 5.3.12

Thank you for having our last days in Africa such a wonderful and peaceful time. We will miss manze and the bush
Steve and Briditte Oliver, 6.3.12

Thank you for a great experience. Wild dogs, sleeping lions and giant lizards. Excellent caring, knowledgeable staff and some very friendly hippos. Great fishing too! Hope you enjoyed the catfish! Thanks again
Jave and Andy Lee. 12.3.12

Thank you very much! Had a wonderful time especially with animals nearby the tent.
Ciao, Zahra, 18.3.12

Thank you all for this unique experience of wildlife you allow us to live. We really appreciated the knowledge of the guides and the kindness of the team.
Jeff and Cicile,France

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I really enjoyed the peaceful camp, very friendly staff, great food and of course incredible animals that call Selous “home”. It was a very special experience. Thank you,
Vanessa Strauss, Cape Town South Africa, 4.5.2012

We feel completely spoilt to have stayed here and experience Tanzania in such a beautiful way. Thank you so much to the wonderful guides and staff, and the amazing chefs!
Hamal and Alex, London UK, 5.6.2012

What a fantastic experience we enjoyed every minute and the service here was exceptional. Very relaxing. Thank you for it all.
Debbie Daley and Luke Daley, Lincolnshire

We spent our 20th anniversary here and it was the …… yet! The staff were superb – friendly and knowledgeable. Best service ever- loved all. The animals around the tent, a truly memorable holiday! And we had 2 leopards ….. our tent. Thank to all – Kwaheri!
Rebecca USA, 6.6.2012

We had an amazing time here. The staff were wonderful and we’re going to miss the wonderful service. We will absolutely recommend this camp to all our friends and family. Thanks so much for everything.
Venderhoffs, 7.6.2012

Tumefurahi sana safari yetu kuanzia siku tuliyofika hapa mpaka dakika hii ya mwisho ya kuondoka. Huduma zenu ni nzuri, ni wakarimu na wacheshi, mandhari ni nzuri sana na ya asili. Ahsante sana na Mungu awabariki.
Horombe and Beatrice, 7.6.2012

Had a fantastic trip here for the second part of our honeymoon. Really enjoyed the game drives and the boat trip. Swimming in the hot springs was really fun! Staff were super friendly, guides and drivers great and the food excellent, loved listening to the hippos at night.
Nicola and Peter, Vancover Canada, 10.6.2012

What a loved place! We wish we could have stayed longer. The boat safari was amazing! all the staff were friendly accommodating. We hope to return! Many many thanks.
David and Jaci Malmud, san Francisco, USA, 10.6.2012

We’ve had a wonderful start to our honeymoon at Lake Manze camp, the staff and other guest have been really friendly. The guides and drivers were very knowledgeable and shared us lots of interesting things. We loved the fishing and all the other activities we did. Thanks for to all for making our stay something we will remember forever
Kim and Rob, UK, 11.6.2012

One morning I was visited by 14 elephants at my tent. For almost an hour they entertained me as they ate, and posed for photos. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
Kalen and Long Ciad, 11.6.2012

I enjoyed fishing and boating on the lake and ….. were my highlights staff were wonderful
Pat and Bill Hartnett, 11.6.2012

A wonderful 2 days! Leopard, wild dogs, hyena on a fresh kill. All beautiful, plus a chance to walk
Virfinia, USA

What a fantastic, charming place. Our first safari experience and this was a camp and park that has certainly made us want to come back for more. Thanks to Phil and entire team for making our honeymoon so perfect. Victor and Abuu were fantastic!! Thanks for getting us so many good close ups!!.
David and Gemma, UK, 12.6.2012

A wonderful place, but the very best are the elephants in the near of my tent NO.8
Gun Group, Austria, 15.6.2012

Had a great visit, friendly atmosphere. Rashid was great on our boat trip, and Bakari was a star spending so much time driving us around. Thanks everyone for a wonderful stay.
Jane and Dave.

Our family had an amazing stay here, we enjoved the amazing wildlife and the beautiful setting. But we`d like to thank you the most for the wonderful hospitality and delicious food. There were so many nice things to do here and I even caught my first ever fish, a 7 - 10kg catfish and enjoyed it so much I was very happy and I loved having the opportunity to fish, but of course to also go on safari in the trucks [and by boat] Overall, our family had the most wonderful stay here, and we enjoyed all of it, from taking pictures of lions and mongoose, to relaxing in our tent, thank you guys for an amazing stay!
From Lynne, Colm, Anna and Seani

Thank you all at Manze for your wonderful hospitality and genuine friendliness! The camp is …….. natural and integrated! The food is delicious. We will back for a third dose! Thanks.
Sun & Jan, Namibia, 20.6.2012

Thank you foe a great stay, your hospitality was excellent, food great and we have seen so much. Adam and Ally are great team, Adam’s knowledge is fantastic and Ally’s driving amazing. he has eyes like a hawk! Thank you again~
Tim and Charlie – UK, 22.6.2012

We had three lovely days here! It is so beautiful and so many amazing animals. Thank you so much for your delicious food, your kindness and great guiding (special thanks to Samuel and the driver). We will recommend this place to other Norwegians, your service is great! 22.6.2012

This place is magic! It has exceeded all our expectations. Our game guide and driver were amazing too. Davis was very interesting and knowledgeable about animals and habitat. Emmanuel was an excellent driver. Together they made a super team and they spotted so much animals and interesting things. We will never forget this place. Phil was helpful and manages this place well.
David and Amy – USA, 23.6.2012

Thank you for a lovely , relaxing weekend, so much better than the weekend working in Dar! Highlight for me was hundreds of beaters at sunset on the boat safari spectacular!
P.S – met the previous guests (David and Amy) here at lunch at Lake Manze it turns out we are neighbors and live on the same street in small world indeed.
Chars and Lauren –Seattle, WA, 24.6.2012

First time in Africa, wonderful. Lake Manze Camp was amazing. The stay was so very helpful and cheerful!
Paul, Sweden

This was our first safari ever, it was fantastic! We saw an amazing amount of animals and everyone we met was friendly. The staff, drivers and guides are knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects.
Snalia & Anish Patel

Thank you so much to everyone at Lake Manze Camp. I t was fantastic and we ever saw wild dogs on the first time which was very special. Hope to see you again
Leane & Lewis South, Australia

Thank you for a great safari experience. The atmosphere at the camp is wonderful, the great mix of kind staff, gregarious guests and curious wildlife makes for a perfect getaway in the bush.
Sean Kane, NY, USA, 25.6.2012

We stayed here for 3 days and had a very good time. We have seen a lot of animals including hunting dogs during the several safaris we’ve made. Also the food was good as well as our stay in your camp, we enjoyed every day! Thanks a lot.
Jannie & Karla, Netherlands, 27.6.12

Ahsante sana sana (Thank you so so much) for an absolutely fantastic time at lake Manze. It was a perfect mix of trips and relaxing combined with delicious food, what amazing variety too. All the staff were so welcoming and were happy to help us with the Swahili phrases. The guides were absolutely brilliant, their knowledge knew no bounds and they were happy to answer our hundreds of questions!. Thank you so much.
Ramani & Steven, London, UK, 27.6.12

A really fantastic experience! Beautiful scenery and very friendly staff. Thank you very much.
Angus, Africa Odessey, 28.6.12

We have waited 20yrs to be able to visit Tanzania in style and are so glad we did wait. We have an absolutely amazing time. We love other choice of walks, Boat and drives, and there is always something different to see. We are so glad we stayed so longer than the most (6 nights). The staff and the guides and the guards are all friendly. And the drivers will stop whenever we want to stop to take photos as often as well liked ( as long as it’s safe). So many memories but probably the best was being charged by mother elephant and jackal. Many many thanks … we hope this will not be a last visit.
Marie Manhood & Clinton Barbary, Stanford.UK

Lovely camp, such a great location. Elephants right outside and superb views! Many thanks for my stay.
Liberty, UK, 28.6.12

It was a true privilege to stay at such a wonderful camp (3nights) It was a perfect end of “safari part” of our honeymoon. We feel we have experienced here what a real safari should be. We loved every thing about this camp, the staff was extremely full of attention and welcoming, and the guides very knowledgeable. We loved the diversity of activities offered here especially fishing …. Catching 3 fishes, that`s a something I will remember for a long time.We hope to be able to come back one day. Asante sana!!!(thanks so much!!!)
Villani, Canada, 30.6.12

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Excellent safaris both on land and lake with very informative staff, not forgetting those in and out of the kitchen. Many many thanks to all including Maasai men
Ian and Maureen Small, UK, 2.7.12

Fantastic safaris and location, I only stayed one day and saw so much, fantastic!
Fredrick Lou, USA, 2.7.12

Ahsante sana(Swahili), Thanks so much for everything. A truly unique and extremely pleasant few days. We can not believe and did not expect the number of lions! All of the staffs and guides were extremely helpful and the trip was run so well. Thanks again for everything! We hope selous does not change.
Samuel and Nafisa USA & Zanzibar, 4.7.12

Asante sana! This is a lovely place with lovely people and awesome landscape and wildlife. Thanks to our guide Victor and our driver Salum, we were witness of a lion chase and kill. But even without the lions, it would have been awesome enough. Thanks again, keep up the good work!
Vivioune, 5.7.12

An enjoyable stay! Really great. Guides are experienced and knowledgeable and more than willing to share their knowledge. All drivers especially Daniel were excellent. The variety of activities were a bonus. A well run camp all round, great food , great staff and the wildlife behaves as expected. Thanks
Adrienne, 5.7.12

We have had a great two days with lake manze and the team. Our guide victor was brilliant and we saw everything we had hoped for all in one morning. It has been a fantastic end to our honeymoon. Asante sana!
Alice and Tom, 7.7.12

We’ve had such an amazing time here and the staff have all been so amazingly helpful and so friendly. The safaris seemed to get better every day and we are sad to be leaving so soon. We will recommend it to all our friends! Thanks again and good lick for the bufuture.
The Dickson family, Buckingham, 7.7.12

Thank you so much for a great stay! Dancing hippos , lion kill and lots more, what else could we ask for?! The staff have been fantastic and we will never forget sitting outside our tent and watching an elephant walk past.
The Walkers, 8.7.12

Fantastic time on safari, everything that we could have hoped for (and more). Particularly enjoyed breakfast in the bush and the visits by elephants. All the staff were great and very knowledgeable. Thanks to everyone at the camp, we had a great honeymoon!
Dan and Sarah Greenwood, 9.7.12

Wonderful first taste of safari, fantastic array of animals and especially birds. To see a leopard on our first morning was a special treat. All the camp’s staff are welcoming and charming, a glorious glorious experience. Thanks to masai for diverting elephant that was feeding near our tent
Alan and Julie, UK, 9.7.12

Thank you for looking after us so well on our selous safari! We have loved the different activities especially the boat. Our guides and camp staff have been very friendly. The food is delicious and the bush breakfast very impressive. We would recommend the camp highly! Drinks, nibbles and supper all together by the fire exchanging tales from the day with occasional visits from elephant, monkey and bush baby is a memory we will treasure. Enjoy the rest of your season!
Helen and John, England, 10.7.12

Brilliant, could not hoped for more. Staff were great, manager very organized! Great place and we saw fabulous game. We had a fabulous time as a family. Enjoyed a team Ally and Adam, and really appreciated how everyone went at their way to make it a holiday of a lifetime.
Daig, Anna, Lex, Jan and Ryan, 10.7.12

Had an amazing time and all the staff have been great. Thank you and hope to see you all again.
Claire UK

Thank you for the fantastic time, unforgettable moments and the friendliness of everyone. Special thanks to Davis who taught us a lot and who tried to satisfy all our wishes. Thank you so much.
Birgitta and Samar, Germany, 12.7.12

We have had an amazing experience, the best honeymoon anyone could hope too! All the staff at the camp are lovely, the camp is beautiful, the food is great and the safaris are stunning! We would like to give a special thank you to Samuel and Ally, they are the best knowledgeable , friendly, funny and you can see their cool love and passion for their jod and country.
From Chris and Diana, UK, 13.7.12

Thank you for the wonderful trip through the African wildlife, too wonderful days with a lot impressions!
Florian and Christina, Germany, 13.7.12

Thank you so much for making our safari so special! We have loved every minute here. The staff have been fantastic and so friendly. We especially enjoyed the amazing shower! Extra special thanks to Samuel and Ally they really know their stuff, Samuel gave excellent explanations in perfect English! We would definitely consider coming back and would recommend lake manze to all our friends. Thank you so much.
Wendy and Tom, UK, 13.7.12

What a wonderful oasis plus so much wildlife to see. Everyone is so friendly, even the elephants wondering pass the tents! Loved the birds too.
Marianne, Martin Ben and Zoe. UK, 14.7.12

We had a great stay here. This is an adarable place with a relaxed atmosphere. The safaris were great and the guides did a very good job. We will recommend this place to our friends and families.
Ben Talbot(12yrs old), UK, 14.7.12

Wonderful varied landscape and habitat great staff and guides. Bird life amazing and good animal viewing , hope to come back again. Loved the wild dogs and lion cubs! .Thank you to all our guides and camp staff
Peter, Max, Anna and Harry Collins, 15.7.12

What an amazing first experience of Africa! Lake manze camp has been fantastic. The staff and guides have been excellent, thank you for a wonderful time. Special thanks to Samuel and Elton who both took us out three times each and was knowledgeable. We hope to be back.
Amanda, Jonathan, Alex and Tommy (Clegg family), 16.7.12

This was my first time in Africa and it has been my favorite experience ever! Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly that really made me feel at home. I will take …… with me some awesome memories , new knowledge and even some new friends! Special thanks to Jabba for teaching us some Swahili words and all the staff and to Samuel and our driver who looked after us. Thanks so much!
Rachel Farago, 17.7.12

I can’t thank you enough for making this safari experience so wonderful. Everything was perfect and all the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Special thanks to Samuel and our driver for the wonderful game drives and to Phil for taking care of us all. I truly hope to return.
Caroline Farago, 17.7.12

We left UK in pouring rain and arrived to a wonderful camp with wonderful weather. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic 3 days where everyone went out of their way to make it a great holiday.
Maitland family, UK, 18.7.12

We have had a truly wonderful time from the start to finish, and are deeply grateful to everyone at lake manze camp. Special thanks to Adam and Ally for their brilliant spotting and guidance. Thank you so much.
The Pugh family, 21.7.12

To all at lake manze
A great big thank you to all of you wonderful people who have worked so hard to make our stay so enjoyable. The tents were lonely and comfortable and every single drive or boat safari has been way beyond our expectation. The guides were informative and great at spotting and helped us to see some incredible sights! A trip that has gone above and beyond what we expected and a FABULOUS start to our honeymoon. Thank you again
Miranda and Sam, 21.7.12

A truly excellent safari experience here at lake manze. The feeling of being in the wild together with the comfortable tents and friendly staff make for a really good holiday. We had a great spread of activities and lots of wildlife including elephants, lions and even a guide look at a leopard. Thanks to all especially Giovanni, Daniel and Mbago on the boat and for his knowledge and fishing tuition. Thanks for amazing stay
Fiona Eldred, 22.7.12

An awesome start to our honeymoon. It was more than we could possibly have imagined. We feel incredibly privilege to not only see the wide variety of wildlife but meet so many wonderful people as well. Asante sana (thank you so much)
Lee and Rachel langridge, 22.7.12

Thank you to everyone, we had an absolutely amazing time and it was the perfect start to our honeymoon. A special thank you to Giovanne and Daniel, our guide and driver for getting us right into the heart of everything. We were incredibly lucky to see such amazing things.
Daniel and Vanessa, 25.7.12

Thank you for an amazing start to our honeymoon, we have had a great time, the game drives were better than we ever could have dreamed of, the highlight was the lion kill. Our guide Giovanne was fantastic and can spot a lion a mile away whilst I struggled with binoculars! Daniel our driver was brilliant. Service, food and the camp have all been amazing. Thank you
Mike and Hayley Hollidge, 25.7.12

We had such a great time here at lake manze. It was beautiful, the animals were awesome and the people were so nice. We can’t wait to come back!
Abby and Ben Blachman, 25.7.12

Victor is a great swimmer! Thank you to everyone for making our stay so good. Victor and Emmanuel were great in safari and all the staff around the camp were very friendly. Also enjoyed the walking and boat safari.
Adrian, Diane, Sian, Niall Darrah, Northern Ireland, 26.7.12

Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay at lake manze. I loved every moment and it has exceeded my expectations from the animals I saw, the food and the hospitality of the staff. I will recommend to anyone I know coming to Tanzania. Many thanks
Melissa, Australia, 27.7.12

Thank you so much to each and every staff member for making this stay so memorable. I will never forget this stay, simply because of this fantastic hospitality of maasai, to cooks, bar tenders, game rangers, guides and camp managers etc. everything was just wonderful, and the elephant walking trhough camp just topped it off. Asante sana!
Laura Eady, 27.7.12

Thank you very much for the wonderful stay and safaris. The placement of the camp is really exciting. The staff is really gentle. Hope to come back as soon as we can.
Jos and Silvia, Spain, 27.7.12

Thank you for a very enjoyable stay. We were made to feel very welcome and the atmosphere is lovely. The animals were plentiful thanks to Ally and Samuel guiding us in the bush. The highlights were wild dogs and their kill, the lions and their cubs and Omary helped us to spot an elephant on the channel. Thank you again for an unforgettable experience
Suzy, Sim, Chris and Ben Richard, 30.7.12

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We have both had such an amazing time. This camp is a sparkling jewel next to Lake Manze. The staff and guides are superb, very personal service in such an informal manner. We had enjoyed every second and are sad to leave but would like to return one day. With many thanks.
Lucy and Stimson, 1.8.12

Thank you so much for an incredible stay at lake manze we have had an amazing and couldn`t have asked for better - wish we could stay longer! The service has been exceptional, with all the staff making us feel completely at home and always smiling! I hope we can come back.
Millie and Luke,1.8.12

Excellent services thanks for helping me with my Swahili. The trips were exciting, did not see the leopard but did see the hippos out of the water and elephants playing stuck in the mud. I can`t recommend this place enough, thank you for making it a great experience for us
Gipe, Freya, Peter and Roger, 2.8.12
Beautiful setting, wonderful staff, everyone is incredibly warm and welcoming (which is probably why the animals are not scared to enter the camp). Would absolutely love to return one day, so fingers crossed.
Nicolas, Jeri, Katia and Oscar. London, UK, 2.8.12

This place is seriously stunning! A wonderful experience for our first safari despite the lack of kill!! Girami is a legend! Thank you.
Jenny and Richard, UK, 2.8.12

Thanks so much for a wonderful stay! It has been excellent on all fronts! Thanks
Elisabeth and Vibelee, UK and Dar, 3.8.12

An amazing experience in a wonderful place! We will go back to France with very beautiful pictures in our heads, many thanks to the kind team of the Lake Manze Camp.
Deschamps family, 3.8.12

Great place, great people, good foods everything first class.
Terry and Tina, 2.08.12

We enjoyed everything here! The good service, the nice food, the safaris, the nature, the people and animals. We are very sad that we have to leave today! Thank you for all!
Sabina, Michael, Bettina, Maria, Justin, 4.08.12

Best place ever yet in Selous! Everything perfect thank you!, 05.08.12

Thank you all for making our stay so wonderful. We have loved being able to share your corner of paradise we are very sorry to be leaving. Farewell looking forward to our next visit. Laura and Alasdair, 6.8.12

Lake manze camp has been the perfect start to our honeymoon. Thank you all! We will be recommending the camp to all of our friends when we show them the photos. Thank you.
Rob and Hannah Smith, 8.8.12

Thanks for the adventure, the place was wonderful and everything simple but very comfortable. Everyone nice and helpful. Great holiday!, 10.08.12

Amazing camp fantastic boat trip, loved the elephants, staff were fantastic, super place to spend. my last night in Africa.
Christina Brown

Arrived not knowing what to expect and it was perfect. Great safari especially boat and car trips. Walking was a real education on dung! Thanks to all the lovely staff sad to the leaving. Thanks
Angel, 12.8.12

We have had a wonderful bush experience at lake manze. The atmosphere here is so calm and peaceful, and we have been spoilt with wild dogs and lions. Thanks everyone and Emmanuel for great guiding
Rosmary, Jefy and Adam Capel,London UK, 12.8.12

This place is perfect, thanks for an amazing two days, just love the elephants by the tent. Awesome memories of Africa and its people. Sad to leave
Wendy Burton and Steve Travella. Newzeland, 12.8.12

Wheeler Family
I have been dreaming of Africa for years. Thank you for opening my eyes and looking after us all so well. Sophie,
It has been so wonderful having such great people and in a beautiful location to experience my first proper safari. Everyday I was always interested to learn more. Thanks. Tom
Everything has been absolutely amazing, the sight , the animals, the tent and the people. Everything went really well.
James Wheeler
Wonderful experience that has allowed a busy family to spend time together learning and seeing so many new things. The people were fabulous, the beation idyllic and each day better than the last. Many thanks
Stu, London, UK, 13.8.12

Absolutely wonderful stay! Very competent guides, lovely staff, delicious food, brilliant atmosphere and wild environment. Delicious!!
Gaelle and Antony, 14.8.12

Thank you for a great stay, Very helpful staff. Also thanks to elephants for extra thrills. Thank you so much, 15.8.12

It is difficult to express in words what a wonderful time we have had at Lake Manze, simply the perfect start to our honeymoon. The staff and guides could not have been more helpful or welcoming, the food was delicious and the accommodation very comfortable despite the early wakeup call from the elephants! Thank you all so much.
Russell and Anna Scott, 15.8.12

Thank you all for an amazing experience here at Lake Manze. We have had elephants, hippos, and of course baboons running past our tent everyday. You really gave us the safari feeling. Brilliant safari great animals. Thanks to guides who are very skillful and the very thoughtful camp staff.
Stephen, 16.8.12

Thank you for such amazing experience. Very sad to leave! We have loved every minute of our stay. The staff, accommodation food and activities have all been brilliant.
Emily and Dave, 17.8.12

Excellent, beautiful, stunning, very helpful staff what more can we say. Thank you very much.
Craig and Naomi, 17.8.12

Thank you all the staff for such a wonderful experience and the guides, Samuel and Emmanuel for going the extra mile to ensure we got to the more elusive animals.
Tom, Joanna, Toby and Oliver, 20.8.12

Fabulous, Emmanuel and Salum were fantastic. Thank you to all.
Jane, Paul, Billy and Joe, 21.8.12

Awesome! A word we criticize our 11yr old for using but it sums, 22.08.12

Thank you for an absolutely marvelous holiday. All the staff have been really great, Davis so knowledgeable and Daniel obviously the best driver in Africa!
Thank you for everything
Kuwar, Sue, Jo and Kat
Amazing holiday and the staff were incredible and so friendly! Asante Sana!
Staff were great and so friendly, I loved trying to learn Swahili, and the off-roading driving with Daniel and Davis. Thanks for such a great stay, we will miss everything here but you can keep the lions!
Jo and Sue, 23.08.12

An amazing time. The guides and staff were fantastic . We can’t believe how knowledgeable the guides are. It was everything we expected and more. Thank you to everyone for making our stay so memorable
Tim and Holly

The perfect start of our trip to Tanzania, we enjoyed our stay so much, it is hard to imagine it can get any better. The safaris were great and the food incredibly delicious. Thank you for an amazing time.
Carolin and Sophie, 22.8.12

My stay at the camp was too short, but Iam so grateful to all the staff for helping me pack as much in as possible and learn a little about this beautiful reserve and the wildlife that lives here. I hope I can return sometime. Thanks
Nikki, Ireland, 22.8.12

We stayed in tent 4, and thoroughly we enjoyed our stay here, the staff is very friendly, the accommodation is very superb, the game drives are amazing. We saw an incredible amount of game in such a short space of time and the boat ride was magnificent. We will be recommending Lake Manze to everybody!
Lilian, Wyclieffe and Cyril, 23.8.12

We have had such an amazing time at Lake Manze! We loved everything, the tents, the food, the game activities and most of all the staff! Thank you to everyone for making our stay so incredible. We will never forget it! Giovanne and Bakari were a fantastic game drive team.
Wendy and Andy, 23.08.12

Fantastic experience. Loved our guide Peter he was brilliant as was our driver Mtandi. Good food, especially the fish!! We can’t praise the holiday highly enough.

Thank you for a magnificent stay, we have loved every minute and everything. The setting, the tent, the food, the drives, boat, walks, the hospitality, all amazing. I would and will recommend lake manze. Thank you again. P.S. Good luck Pippa in your studies and in your safari career.
Jess and Anthony, 24.08.12

Had a lovely time. Food was good and staff and the drivers were brilliant and the boat.
Joan and Jenny, 24.08.12

Great hospitality, great people and great animals. Thank you! Giovanne would be a fantastic biology teacher.
Emily and Jimmy. UK, 24.08.12

Wonderful stay, sight-seeing and care. Thank you
Andre and Diana,24.08.12

Thank you for making our first safari experience so enjoyable. Very impressed with the guide, keen eyesight and knowledge. The food and hospitality has been excellent.
Penny, Mark, Debz and Joe, London ,Uk, 25.08.12

Wonderful staff, wonderful place, all the trips were all different and all so enjoyable!! Loved the elephants joining us for breakfast. Food was fantastic and tents so homely Amazing first safari!! Thank you
Govier and Exeter, UK, 25.08.12

Fantastic trip, wonderful location, we will be back
Peter and Margret, 29.08.12

Fantastic and peaceful place to stay. It`s a great experience to be here.
Rene and Yvonne, 29.8.12

Thank you for making our first trip to Africa such a wonderful experience. Such a beautiful setting abundant wildlife and warm welcome
Andre and James, 29.8.12

Thanks for a wonderful stay! The staff is very helpful and friendly. We saw a lot of animals and the scenery is so beautiful!
Smeets family, 30.8.12

Thank you for a fantastic first safari, it was an experience safari which we will remember forever. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, especially our guide, Peter and Elton. Thank you.
Michael and Rachel, 30.8.12

Thank you for making our first safari such a success. Everyone made us very welcome and kept us safe! We were impressed with everyone’s knowledge and the enthusiasm was contagions. We have learnt lots! Thank you.
Tara and Olly, 30.8.12

Beautiful place, beautiful landscape, wonderful people! The experience of seeing a group of 10 wild dogs (4 cubs!) was really exciting! Many thanks for everyone
Michele, Sarah and Angelo, 31.8.12

Sadly, I thought 3 nights would be enough but we are so sad to the leaving. It was a terrific experience and the staff in particular made it extraordinary. Emmanuel and Salum went to great lengths to ensure we saw and understood so much. Thank you so much.
Jane, Dan, Emily and Josh. (Ellens), 31.8.12

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Wow!! What an incredible experience, thank you for such hospitality service. Your guides and drivers were amazing. Your maasai are genuinely gentle!! It is incredible to have seen so much for such a short time. I will remember this experience forever. I will also bring my daughter here to have this experience.
Chantale Wong, 2.9.12

Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience. This was my first time to Africa, first time to Tanzania, first safari and I will certainly be back as soon as I can. Thank you for giving me a weekend, I will always remember!
Christina Killingsworth, 2.9.12

What can we say, everything has been fantastic! food, tent! but importantly the staff who have made our stay so memorable. All our safaris boat and vehicle have been eventful and hunting dogs were an added homes. Thank you all so much and five nights here it has been enough, special thanks to Pippa and Malcolm, we will miss you but hopefully will be back.
Susan and Jeffery Bray. UK,3.9.12
We enjoyed this visit ever more than our previous one. The boat trip up to channel was brilliant again and it is true that the camp is in the best game viewing area in the selous. Unquestionably the best located of the five safari camp we have visited.
Summerscale, 4.9.12

What a wonderful first safari experience! Everything has surpassed our expectation and we have loved every minute. The camp is wonderful, the tents and food are great, but your staff are fantastic and the trip we did were all fabulous. The guides are all brilliant, both entertaining and knowledgeable and always finding the right spots. We have the big so hope to be back one day. Thanks for wonderful stay.
Howard and Alison. UK, 5.9.12

Asante! (thanks). Two days of absolutely magic views and experience. The professional, but also kind relation of the staff helps to enlarge the experience. Giovanni and Elton + maasai Lion were my gang. I wish you all the very best.
Olof, Sweden, 6.9.12

Fantastic! What can we say? The whole trip has been absolutely amazing. The A-team that is, Samwel and Ally found all the animals we wanted to see and more. They explained all about the different behaviors and types etc. Samuel is a fountain of knowledge, he is the best guide ever. Ally is brilliant driver and a fantastic animal “spotter”. They are the best. All the staff here are brilliant so friendly and helpful. We have had the most wonderful time. This has been our best holiday ever.
Jacquie and Ken, 6.9.12

Thank you for a wonderful stay, we have met a great bunch of fellow travelers. The `A-team` of Ally and Samuel have gone the extra mile to make our safari special. Pippa, Malcolm and all their staff have been great. Fantastic food and the tent was amazing. Our special thanks most go to the animals. we are still concerned with A-Team family of these female lions and the cubs, who we feel are our own. Once again we can not thank you enough. Bets wishes to you all.
David and Kalt Oates, 6.9.12

We want to thank everybody for the fantastic time we had! Thanks so much
Philip and Monique, 7.9.12

What a wonderful stay!! Enjoyed every second. Thank you to all the staff/guides for making us feel so welcome. An experience of lifetime!! Thank you.
Lucy and Michael Bott, 7.9.12

Africa, like we imagined. Night sounds, beautiful view from the tent. Very friendly staff, good (and abundant) food. Had a very good stay.
Bleeker, 8.9.12

Our first safari and also our honeymoon and it has really been so much better than we could ever have dreamt up! So many animals in such a natural but very close environment. We hope to be back soon. Thank you.
Dominic and Amy Koy, 8.9.12

The animals sightings were beyond compare with our exceptional guide
(Adam) and driver (Salum). We were treated to lengthy viewings to observe behavior never felt rushed. Loved the noise in the night. Staff could not have been more friendly.
Vicki and Richard Wilford, 10.9.12

Surprise where we would go. Every minute was amazing and a new experience. Many thanks to all of you staff and Davis especially! Warmly
Manse and George, 10.9.12

Wow! This was a wonderful experience. Thanks to all of you for making this a magic and peaceful place. We had truly unforgettable trip on our honeymoon. Ahsante sana (Thanks so much).
Brigite and Jerry. Luxembaurg, 11.9.12

It was a wonderful experience. The most special night of our life, sleep under such a sky with animals off around and then wake up by lions and the naughty elephant is a unique emotion. Thank you, you will remain in our mind forever!
Roberto, 11.9.12

It was a fantastic experience. The camp is very unique, simple and original. It gave us a very relaxing experience with some real adventure, seeing lions and elephants just passing by the tents. We will never forget our special experience, hopefully you will manage to keep things under control in terms of safety, 11.9.12

We have loved everything about lake manze camp. The people have been helpful and charming, the view from the tent amazing, elephants passing as we woke up on the first day and the lions the next! Dinner under the stars and the fire will stay in our memories for a long time. This is all as well as excellent knowledgeable guides and fearless Drivers. The wildlife has been amazing! Thank you everybody.
Richard and Penny, 12.9.12

Are there even words to describe what we have experienced here!? No need to summarize the dozen of species we have encountered on our daily trips. They are simply in such huge numbers that whatever we write wouldn’t do them justice. It was a truly memorable experience to discover Africa through lake manze camp’s awesome team and feel both the animals and the local people’s heartbeat. We leave with tears in our eyes, and will cherish forever the 4 days we spent in this earthly paradise. Our sincerest thanks to Phil’s extensive team for making this all happen!
Veronique Chardome, 13.9.12

3 nights, 2 full days at lake manze camp what all awesome experience!! Very nice people excellent service delicious food, romantic atmosphere with candle light dinner and cozy tents, what a treat! Selous game reserve shows the wildlife at its best. Everyone in our group of 15 would very much love to come back soon!!! We surely will recommend the camp to our friends in Germany.
Rainer Dierkes and Party, 14.9.12

From landing at the air strip our amazing trip started as we saw lion and wild dog before we got to the camp. The rest of our stay has been fantastic helped by Giovanne our guide, his driver and Elton the boat man. Thanks to all of staff at the camp. Thank you to the chefs and waiters who gave us the recipe for passion mousse. It was delicious.
Marcia and Mike Rodgers, Aberdeon Scottland, 16.9.12

Thank you to all at Lake Manze. This has been the most wonderful and exciting stay and a perfect first safari experience. Thanks to Giovanni Elton, Devis and our talent driver Zahor. Also to Pippa and Phil and the lovely staff. Our guides were so knowledgeable and the waiting staff so friendly! We saw beautiful scenery and so many animals! I can`t think of a better way to have started our honeymoon! We hope to return some day
All the best and thank you!
Katie and Gianluca Guicciardi,17.9.12

The position of the camp is so close to all the wildlife it was a joy to see. The wildlife was wonderful and we were amazed by the swimming elephants crossing to Island (see from the boat). Boatman Rashid showed us many birds and Emanuel and Daniel were very good. Concrats to the cook and logistics handling of all the friendly staff and Maasai guards. So happy to see the dogs, so special,
Linda and Vic, 18.9.12

The drive from the airport to the camp was amazing saw pride of lions just missed a kill, Daniel and Emanuel were both excellent driver and guide, wildlife superb, saw wild dogs and glimpse of Leopard, Will return again.
Sandra and John, Scotland, 19.9.12

Thank you to all at lake manze camp for what has been truly memorable safari experience. As our safari and honeymoon. It is something treasure forever as we have so many amazing memories. Everything from our first arrive on stepping off the plane has been superb, the food, the tent, the staff, the scenery and the animals. We ever loved the walk to tent one! We were amazed to see so many animals like lions, wild dogs giraffe, hyenas, zebras, birds and of course impalas! Special thanks to our wonderful guide and driver Emanuel and Daniel who were so knowledgeable, friendly and fun! Also thanks to Phil and Pippa for their hard work. All the very best for the rest of the season.
Phil and Lyndsey Rogers.UK, 20.9.12

Fantastic sightings,excellent guiding. Great stay, so pleased to see wild dogs. Thank you
Vivian Kite, 20.9.12

Everything perfect!! Lovely stay, special thanks to Peter.
Christina and Andrea.Italy, 21.9.12

We really enjoyed our wonderful stay here, very hospitable people, great food and beautiful nature. Thanks a lot.
Peter and Mercy. Holland, 23.9.12

Many thanks for a wonderful stay, my first safari experience had been everything I hoped for and more. Frances and I have not felt this relaxed in a long time! Extra special thanks to our guides , Victor Daniel and Elton. Thank you too for the personal service and experience you have given us
Massimo and Frances. London, 23.9.12

After this first incredible experience in Tanzania (and Africa) we really believe that everybody should come to africa at least once in their lives. Take care of your country as much as you can. Thanks for the great hospitality!!
Sarah and Berend, 23.9.12

Our heart felt thanks to all at lake manze camp for a really special safari in selous, we saw many magnificent animals including wild dogs, and leopard close up and lots of fantastic birds! Special thanks to Adam, Abuu and Elton for helping us to see all the wonders, and to Phil so charmingly assisted by Pippa or such a professional and friendly operation!!
Sarah and Berend Van Baak, 23.9.12

It was a fantastic experience we’ll be back one day. Coming from north Manyara and Ngorongoro, etc. it was nice to discover a different environment. We will come back.
Sebastian and Karen. Canada. 24.9.12

As our first experience we can say that everything has been amazing; place, food and people (staff and customers). We will see you very soon! many thanks for your hospitality.
Fiona, 25.9.12

First time, great experience and a very natural place, beautiful blending into the environment. Thank you to all the great staff. Keep looking after your country, it is beautiful.
Charles, 26.9.12

We have had 4 wonderful days excellently looked after by a very tentative staff. Victor and Daniel showed us over 100 birds and every animal except a wild dog. Their eyesight is miraculous!!
Spencer and Wrangham, 27.9.12

A wonderful experience hopefully to be repeated. Our guide Devis and Driver Zahor went out of their way to show us a wide range of animals and birds, superb. We were very looked after and had a fantastic time. Thanks.
Ginny and Nick, 27.7.12

This has been an experience of a life time. Seeing animals in the natural habitat has been wonderful and quite a moving experience. The guides, drivers and staffs have been exceptional and made it altogether a very special holiday. I will never forget.
The Gebauer’s, 27.9.12

Amazing camp, great staff and the tents were fantastic. don`t need to go on game drive they pass near by your tent.
Habiba de Lioning, 28.9.12

It has been a very good experience, we saw a lot, we learnt much more. The tour guides were very pleasant and the staff did an exceptional job of making our stay comfortable and enjoyable. This was a trip of lifetime that we will always remember.
Cody and Irisn Holme, 28.9.12

Amazing experience. We have been very well taken care about and the guides were excellent. I will recommend this camp.
………………… Sweden, 28.9.12

I have wanted to see African animals in their natural environment for a long long time, my dream has been realized! Thank you to the wonderful team! We enjoyed an afternoon trip between the airport and the camp and were amazed by animals, 3 minutes after arriving we enjoyed the sunset on the afternoon boat ride. Amazing meals under the stars and next to the fires caught 5 fish in the morning fishing trip. All the staff have been wonderful and very professional. Thank you!
Mary and Ryan. Melbourne, Australia, 29.9.12

Manze October 2012 Guest comments

Lots and lots to see, an incredible amount of game, friendly atmosphere and all welcoming! Thank you for a wonderful stay.
P and J, London, 2.10.12

Thanks for a great time in the bush. The game viewing was amazing, including the resident elephant. We had a lot of fun.
Junein and Derrick. Boston, USA, 3.10.12

Wonderful stay! LOVED THE ELEPHANTS! Excellent guides. We had Saloum, 3.10.12

First day and saw lots of animals, so that was good. Jeep stalled would`t start, that wasn`t good but Salum fixed it by calling for another jeep. Lots of animals in camp visiting regularly. Accommodations could use more lights. But slept well all four nights here. Would recommend to others definitely.
Floro Chrisostomo, USA, 4.10.12

Thank you very much for a great stay! It was wonderful. Great staff, great environment, a wonderful place! Asante.
Katrin and Andre, 6.10.12

What a lovely situation for the camp and how well it all works!! Well done to all the staff. Your guides and drivers are excellent I’m glad I don’t drive on tracks like these! Thank you Daniel and Victor. The water safaris are marvelous .Keep up the good work, I would like to see it green, after the rains!
Christy and Terry, 7.10.12

We have had the most wonderful time here at the lake, Malcolm runs a brilliant camp where everything is just perfect, thanks to our great guides on the river and drivers especially. We would love to return one day. And our waiter Rashidi was also fab!
Buckley, 8.10.12

Thank you lake manze camp for a spectacular stay. Wild dog, leopard and much, much more. Truly wonderful.
Neil Thomas, UK, 8.10.12

This was the most exciting part of our honeymoon trip. We have seen most of the animals we wanted to see and the elephants visit on the camp was amazing. I will recommend the camp to anybody planning a trip like that. Thanks for all
Yvonne and Michael, Germany, 9.10.12

Thank you, for a lovely stay at your camp. It completed our trip to Tanzania (starting with safari in the north) and showed us the beauty and hospitality of the south.
Conny and Heres Berlin, Germany, 9.10.12

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Love the rustic feel of the camp, the staff are all so friendly and helpful. We have been made very welcome. The setting of the camp with the close proximity to the Lake provided access to such wonderful diversity in landscape, animals, and birds. Thank you all so much, and thanks to the ‘A Team’ – Adam and Emanuel for finding wonderful things for us to see. Vicky and Justin, England.

We have had an absolutely fabulous first experience of safari here at lake manze camp. We loved the atmosphere and ambiance from the moment we arrived., you have got it just right don’t change a thing!
Ian Anderson, 10.10.12

Beyond all expectation!!
Absolutely without a doubt the most amazing experience of our lives! The animals, the camp, the food and most importantly the staff and guests have made this is a week we will never forget!. This is Africa as you should see it and we are so privileged to have experienced it! Thank you for everything.
Jason and Tatie Poushby. USA, 10.10.12

What an amazing experience we have had! Currently writing this with 2 elephants who have joined us for breakfast! Truly a great place, fabulous staff, excellent activities and yummy food. We hope to be back very soon.
Sally and Hanish. UK, 11.10.12

The last 4 days have been a wonderful experience. From arriving to see lions with a fresh kill, to swimming in the hot spring, and seeing so many animals it has been a trip to remember. Fantastic service, luxurious camping we will tell everyone back at home.
Justin and Caroline, UK, 11.10.12

What a fine experience of wild life in their own environment with people who have been so gentle, knowledgeable and thoughtful both with us and with regard to the world they live and work in themselves. I will be telling lots of people about it all and encouraging some of them. Thank you all and best wishes.
Iain, 11.10.12

Thank you to all of you for welcoming me to Africa, for being so kind and for teaching and showing me so much of this beautiful place and its wild life and very good food. It will never be forgotten, Asante sana.
Andy, 11.10.12

This was our first safari and chase it as it was our honeymoon. We had the most amazing time and can not believe how close we came to all of the animals. We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff within the camp and all the tour guides, they were all very polite and attentive. The accommodation and food were all excellent and would not have any hesitation in recommend lake manze to anyone. Regards
Jen and Rob, 13.10.12

We stayed here for 3 nights as part of honeymoon and was our first safari and first time in Africa. The experience far exceeded our expectation and the memories will live with us forever.
Amanda and Keith, 13.10.12

We, 5 happy Belgians are not in honeymoon but we enjoyed everyday of our stay. we were impressed by the competence and the kindness of the team. we were subject of ….. attention and we thank you for everything, we are very satisfied with everything, the whole set up, the tents, the meals, the service, the friendness of all the staff. Veery recommendable..
Missen, 13.10.12

Thank you for a absolutely fantastic time with my wonderful companion. We saw so much and were able to spend time looking. Thank you again.
Farnell and Kim, 13.10.12

What a fabulous lace! We had a great time. Thank you for your friendly hospitality and sharing your wonderful country. We loved the camp, lions elephants birds, baboons, all the wild life and friendly staff.
Linda and Randall Bryden, 13.10.12

Thank you for all the stories, birds ID’s, animal spotting and most of all wonderful smiles. Had a very relaxing and glorious time!.
Elaine, Canada, 14.10.12

We had a wonderful time at lake manze camp. The boat tours are so peaceful.perfect services, very friendly people.
Rosmarie and Andreas. Switzerland, 15.10.12

Brilliant 24 hrs, Ellies in the camp, mating lions, lions on a kill, 300+ buffalos, Hyena and so on. Excellent service and very clean comfortable, attentive camp. Thank you all. A great stay, sorry not longer.
Tessa and Peter Yarrow. UK, 15.10.12

Fantastic stay! Boat cruses and wild dogs some wonderful highlights. Hope to be back some day! Great people and company.
Sian and Hindy, London,UK, 16.10.12

Thank you for a very fine stay at lake manze camp. Excellent drives through different regions of the area with attention to sightings and information about species, adaptation and behavior all made the excursion so enjoyable. The guides and staff all provide attentive and professional service. The camp attracts a good range of clients and Iam eighteen, this will continue. Thank you
Ken, Canada. 17.10.12

A massive thank you to each and every member of staff for your kind and attentive treatment. We have enjoyed truly wonderful and natural experience here at lake manze and will remember this always. We enjoyed lovely hospitality and the food was excellent. We were particularly impressed with the professionalism of the drivers and guides who gave us interesting information throughout and kept us safe. We will be sorry to leave.
Christianne and Janet.UK, 17.10.12

We had an excellent stay. Thank you for your hospitality and warm welcome. The safari and boat trip were and impressive experience. Both the food and guides were excellent.
Thank you so much for all the kind attention and care. Thank you especially to Elton and Davis for your knowledge and information.
Magret and Bruce. USA, 17.10.12

We have had a great stay here at lake manze. Really enjoying all the activities. Special thanks to Emanuel(guide) and Emanuel(driver) for taking us on a mammoth bird watching trip, they are the best!! 18.10.12

What a wonderful and very special time. Thank you for looking after us so well. We are sorry to be leaving after such a short stay but we are leaving on a very good note having just seen a family of Ellies and all their babies. Quite a different wake up call to London.
Benji and Zoe Snell, 21.10.12

Thank you to everyone at lake manze for a great experience! We have really enjoyed every minute and just hope the rest of our trip can live up to these standard! Lots of love.
Zoe and Chi, 22.10.12

Thanks for hospitality. It was very amazing for us. To see all animals in their environment.
Hazek and Zarka, 22.10.12

we regret having to depart this paradise today, but we hope to return soon! It is our idea of a perfect camp setting, comfortable, but without all the being! Lovely staff, tents, outside dinner at night under the stars and incredible games. Loved every minute! With great appreciation.
Nancy Heitel and Brian Malk, 23.10.12

A truly wonderful experience. Too short. We found a small piece of paradise . thank you to all the staff who made us all so welcome.
Wolman, SA, 23.10.12
Thank you for fulfilling a dream I have had since a child. We have had a wonderful experience and seen so many fantastic animals and birds. The have all been excellent. It really has been a holiday of a lifetime.
Liz and Peter Gardner, 23.10.12

The best thing about this camp is the fact that we had baby baboons right outside our tent. The tents were perfect, they were well equipped and very comfy. The food was also amazing. everyone was so nice to us when we had dinner, as we had one hug table where everyone sat to talk about their day. The driver and guide were excellent. They were very informative and the driver stopped whenever we saw an animal.
The Anstis family.UK, 23.10.12

Thank you to everyone here at the camp for making our best holiday ever! We loved all of it.
Clare and James. UK, 24.10.12

Thank you for a great few days. All the staff were excellent. Highlight of the visit was catching the longest fish of the season.
Mandy Lawrence Mathew and Jonathan. Scotland, 24.10.12

Thank you for the very nice time in your camp. We have seen a lot and never forget the two days here. The safari was very interesting and we have learnt a lot about animals and vegetation in Tanzania.
Else and Mauro. Switzerland, 24.10.12

What a great place to spent with family and celebrate another birthday!! Thanks to all.
Dossett. 24.10.12

What an amazing time we have had. Memories that will last a life time. Nothing was too much trouble for all the staff. I feel peaceful and rejuvinated after staying at lake manze.
Su Lloyd (Furrar), worksop, England, 25.10.12

Wow! What an experience! A perfect four day adventure for our very first safari. Thank you so much for looking after us , particularly Adam and Daniel, our guides, who made every effort to the game drives both exciting and interesting. We will never forget the lion/impala chase and then the two prides breakfasting on buffalo. We don’t want to leave!
Glynn Farrar, Worksop, England, 25.10.12

Dear all,
Thank you for all of the wonderful food, I loved it. Thank you Phil,Tricia Daniel and Adam for making my time so special, I will treasure this forever.
Seren Farrar (11yrs old) ,Worksop, England, 25.10.12

We’ve had a fantastic few days here at lake manze. We have enjoyed every minute of it and really appreciated to warmth and efficiency of all the staff. great game drives and boat trips, and we’d also recommend the fishing trip, very exciting catching catfish! We’ve enjoyed the meals and have taken to Kilimanjaro beer. Be great to caome back here one day. Cheers
Len Bridget and Grace and Fiara Brown25.10.12

Hello! I’m Claudio, I’ve been in you camp for one night and two days and I will never forget this amazing experience. Nice excursion. Nice camp, nice food. Definitely I will recommend lake manze to my friends. See you soon.
Claudio Lonzafame, 25.10.12

Chamberlain family
Fantastic time, really don’t want to leave. Would recommend it to everyone. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and excellent service. Backed up by Phil and Tricia who were extremely helpful and kind. Hope to see you soon one day.
Simon, Jane, Emily, James and Izzy, 25.10.12

Have had a terrific time. Much to see, the camp and staff excellent. Guides very knowledgeable and wildlife plentiful and extremely. Would recommend the camp to everyone. John Wickins, 27.10.12

It was an excellent stay in the camp! Where can you get a wake up call from elephants, breakfast with a lion and dinner with a genet! We will never forget those amazing days
Gudrun and Tim, Austria and Luxermburg, 27.10.12

First safari and I will be doing another! Very friendly staff who know their stuff! Have probably seen more wildlife in 3 days than I have in my entire life. A very rustic camp which is the ultimate way to enjoy safari. Thank you very much and I will see you in the future.
Vassor family. UK and French, 29.10.12

This is the last stop of our almost three weeks series of experience in Tanzania and one of our favorites. Wish we were young enough to return again and again to the wonderful country and its outstanding wildlife. Mbago and Samwel were excellent guides and we appreciate their sharp observations and interpretive information. Have been waiting to come here since meeting Julius Nyerere in 1960. thank you for your hospitality, your skills in managing a diverse group of visitors, and your superb staff.
Laure and Fran Bruns.USA, 29.10.12

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Guest Comments November 2012

We are so envious of everyone coming here today as we are so sad to be leaving. This was our first safari and always said we wouldn’t return as there are so many places to visit. This is one exception like ….. We’ll be back!! Staff has spoilt us as well as Tricia and Phil brilliant hosts. Thank you so much for excellent food, experience and a brilliant time. Be prepared to be very busy this haven is being recommended to everyone! Thanks so much.
Hilary and Peter Cooney, 1.11.12

So wonderful and beautiful area, lake manze, a paradise of animals. Thanks
Jean Christophe, 3.11.12

What can we say? An utterly fantastic few days here. We have seen and done so much game drive and boat safaris, expertly guided, delicious food and wonderful services. Thank you, hope we‘ll be back!
Pappy and Andy, 7.11.12
We have had a wonderful time, the setting, the ambience, and the beautiful environment have created something very special. We are grateful to all the staff for the exceptional service and skills. Very many thanks.
Caroline, 7.11.12

The staff and food were excellent! The experience with the animals is amazing, you are truly a part of nature. The guides keep you safe.
Kathe Martine, 8.11.12

Our first safari, wow! Never dreamt it would be so fantastic even the storm. The staff are brilliant and we loved meeting new people. Thank you all so much.
Peter and Willow Cracrolt, 9.11.12

We had a wonderful time, from the arrival and pickup at the airstrip to the care taken to ensure a comfortable departure! The wildlife was spectacular and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with other guests and chatting with friendly staff! Thank you for such memorable trip.
Alan and Self, 9.11.12

The experience is amazing!!! we had a super time! Thank you so much! The stuff was so coop! but the safari was  wonderful, the camp has a good place so we can see many animals, so great 
Cheelay family, 9.11.12

Dear all, Thanks to all of you for making our stay here unforgettable. Fantastic service and food. Game is wonderful. Hopefully preserved. With our guides Victor and Emanuel, it was great! Thanks.
Horald and Julia.German, 10.11.12

Dear all, thanks for your kindness, we had a great time.
Mario and Alfons, Netherlands, 11.11.12

As it is here almost sharing my breakfast with an elephant Iam reminded what a great camp manze is. I’ve been here before and I will certainly come again.
Jim Hellerman, 12.11.12

Thank you for making our first safari so special and memorable. We didn’t want to leave our fly camp but are very glad we did! Good food, amazing outdoor shower, and fantastic staff. Big thanks to our ‘A’ team guide and driver Daniel and Peter who were very friendly and knowledgeable and found us everything we wanted to see.
Rachel and Simon Pike, 13.11.12

Thank you for making our stay here so very special our expectations were very high and we have not been disappointed. Animal viewing here fantastic, elephant and giraffe river crossing priceless! Staff looked after our easy need ……….. Thanks again. We would love to return.
Phil and Chim Banks. South Wales, UK, 13.11.12

A perfect safari experience having spent a fair amount of time in the bush in SOUTH AFRICA. ZIMBABWE. BOTSWANA. I can say this was definitely one of the top experience. Accommodation, food and camp are perfect. Guides and drivers are excellent, and game is abundant.
Paul and Sarah Robinson. Joburg,SA, 15.11.12

Thank you camp manze, it has been an amazing experience one we will never forget. A special thank you to the elephants for our early morning wake up call.
Ian and Jul Homerslay, UK, 15.11.12

Our first two day on safari ever. Thank you for a great introduction, watching the animals from our tent window, supper under the stars and some really interesting guiding. Thanks
James and Annike

Very satisfying stay, two days are right duration for the number of  activities we liked. Service number one, guides excellent, food average and accommodation good. Thanks to all the staff for a memorable stay and especially to victor, a soft speaking and knowledgeable guide.
Bach. Ottawa, Canada, 20.11.12

We have stayed just three nights, but in that time have seen all the wildlife we could wish for. And enjoyed every aspect of camp life (or at least every aspect we have encountered) Everyone we have met, staff and guests have been great company and this being my first open camp experience, I was surprised  just how relaxing it has been! We will hopefully be coming back next time to see leopard.
Andrew and Alistair Brightnell, 20.11.12

Dear all, It was so fantastic in this camp. The animals were great especially the lions at the safari, elephant and monkey in camp near the room. The people who work here are all very friendly and pleasant. Last but not least the food was also good.thank you for all animals and see you soon.
Jasmina and Stefan.Busel Switzerland, 20.11.12

This was the best and the most exciting safari. Many thanks to the entire staff for the great and friendly services especially the guides for their knowledgeable and interesting guidance. accommodation was great but it was very hot. Many thanks
Giffa and Nina, 20.11.12

We had a wonderfully time! The camp site and safari are great. The vegetarian food could be improved though, thanks!
Shriti and Adi, 21.11.12

Happy thanks giving!
What an unbelievable  time! The best experience we have ever had. The staff the guides the maasai and everyone made us feel welcome at home. Is there a better safari camp in Africa! We think not. Thanks very much for everything we will refer all to lake manze camp. You guys are the best
Self and Joan, 22.11.12

Enjoyed a fantastic day/night here. Great guides, food and hosts wonderful wildlife. Wish we could stay a little longer. Many thanks
Claire and Mark, 24.11.12

What a wonderful camp and the experience of my first safari here is unforgettable, thank you.
Elhe.Ffrankfurt, Germany, 26.11.12

Thank you so much for the great safari! It was so wonderful to me here.
Kalja, Finland, 26.11.12

Enjoyed the safari, ………… life in the bushes. Very excellent tents and the staff were at their best hospitality service. A very unforgettable safari trip.
Amar, 29.11.12

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Guest Comments January 2013

Happy New Year!
Thank you for a lovely stay, natural environment, great staff, lovely guide, Samwel and great driver Emmanuel. We loved your New Years Eve surprise evening!
Ziermans from Holland.

A great, big thank you to all the staff and especially our guide, Victor! It was a great experience with all the animals so close. A happy New Year we would like to wish you all!
Bronner Family, Sweden

Thank you for a great stay and all your help in arranging alternative accommodation in Zanzibar. The boat trips were excellent and special mention for Rashidi who is very knowledgeable. Loved the entertainment on New Year’s Eve.
Sam and Mike

Thank you for a wonderful 4 days. At first, I was concerned at the fact there was no electricity in our tent, but it didn’t take long to adapt. All that we really needed was provided. To shower under the stars was very special! I’m actually pleased we chose your camp and would certainly recommend it to friends. Our guides (Ali and Bakari) were exceptional – please thank them again for us.
Barbara and Peter

My first safari experience has been quite wonderful, despite feeling unwell. Everyone has been helpful and informative, and made my time here very relaxing. The animals are wonderful and I hope to return one day. Many thanks to Pippa for all her help.
Amanda Allan

Having been on several safaris before, this provided a very unique experience with animals freely roaming around camp. It was fantastic to have elephants so close to your tent, not phased by our presence. All the staff are amazing and Guides very knowledgeable. Both the boat trip and full day game drive to the hot spring are very worth doing! Thank you all at lake manze camp.
Leena, Reena and Priya

A wonderful stay at lake manze with animals wandering freely through camp. Staff were friendly and welcoming and guide and driver were excellent.
Sue and Alan, Harrogate, UK

Thank you very much for an amazing stay! The staff were all very friendly and made the stay so much more enjoyable. Big up, big up lake manze.
Laura Pigott

I had such an amazing time here. Thank you so much for having us stay! all the tours were fantastic and the hospitality too. All the best.

Thank you so much for such an amazing time and experience! Will camp more often if the tents are like this! Thanks again.

Our first safari as a family and it lived up to all expectation. Warm welcome, great hospitality and fabulous guides who showed us all lake manze has to offer.
Pratt Family

A marvelous stay, a beautiful place in a great setting. Our guide and driver were exceptional and we loved every minute
The Pigots

Had a brilliant last part of our honeymoon. Thank you for making it a time to remember.
Rebekah and Carl

Fabulous place, fabulous service and fabulous wild life.
Petrie vd Broek, Netherlands

Thanks for the great service and food! I had a really awesome time here. I would really love to visit again, Great safari.
Sasha Honda, Japan

Thank you for a wonderful safari experience! It has been our first safari and we have thoroughly enjoyed it, Samuel and Emmanuel in particular played a huge role in our trip. Thanks all. Jenna and Adam

Many thanks for making our first safari and indeed our honeymoon very special. Thank you to all the staff who are all so attentive to our needs. Big, big thanks to Samuel and Emmanuel for very entertaining drive! Thanks again
Lou and Tom

Asante Sana for an amazing safari experience! It was our first safari but we are already planning the next one, but then we want to stay longer!!
See you next time, thanks so much for now! Liv and Simone

Great experience!
Esperienza unica, tutti molto gentili e guide molto preparate. Speriamo di tornare presto!
Alessandro and Aldo

Thanks so much for the lovely adventure. This was our first safari in Africa and we will definitely be back for more.
Caroline and Mins, Sweden

A very happy four days, good company and wild life. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you.
Jeremy and Elizabeth, England

10.1.13 (my birthday)
We have had an amazing time hare at lake manze. All the staff are so welcoming and have been the perfect hosts. Our guides by car and boat were terrific, very knowledgeable and we saw all the animals we wanted! Including a tiny look at a leopard which made my birthday today. Also the food was amazing and especially my birthday cake! Big thank you to everybody.
Alex and Daniel

We have had an amazing 4 days here, loads of animals including seeing lions twice, made my day. Thank you so much for everything we have really enjoyed our first safari.
Kirsty and Zak

A great experience, amazing safari and guides and food! Brilliant chewy and simba. I think the Emmanuel x2 is the ultimate guiding experience. Loved our evening visit from the wild life. Do stay in touch.

Nick and Rich

Brilliant start to our 12 night  safari experience. Fabulous camp with great attention to every detail. Guides, Masai, waiter and staff very friendly. Definitely a tripadvisor 5*!

Nigel and Lesley

Had a fantastic couple of nights in an amazing place. Animals were out of the world, elephants and hippos night next to our tent, and food was great. Seeing six lions mate, and play on our own was just a great example of how special the place is. Staff were brilliant too. Thank you so much.
Claire and Andy

Thank you for all. Lovely place, perfect service. See you in dry season.
Dorota and Tomasz, Warsaw, Poland

Un’ esperienze mervaigliose ed indimenticabile. Gneltze vedere gli animali in liberte’ rimarre’ per sempre un bellissime ricordo per lungo tempo.
Willer, Shirley, Bianca e Silvania

Thank you for the great experience. The service has been fantastic, friendly atmosphere, centralized attraction. Seeing an elephant family in front of my tent was an exceptional experience.
Magda Lovei, from Hungary.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The staff, guides and drivers were great, and I look forward to share my experience with friends and family.
Stephanie, USA

As this is my 4th or 5th time at lake manze I think tells it all. Great place, great staff and super place to enjoy the game and the hospitality.
Jim Hellerman

Thank you very much for 3 wonderful days. We had very fine activities, two boat safaris with Rashid with lots of birds and huge crocodiles, fantastic! Very nice and interesting walking with Davis and a game drive to wild dogs, and just now the elephants visited us by breakfast! Wonderful place, wonderful staff.
Sabine and Hemming

This is most certainly not my last visit to Selous. It is the wildest place on the planet I have never been to. And what a superb bunch of individuals to share the experience with. Thanks infinitrly to managers, Pippa and staff.
Christine Franzel, USA

Very friendly camp, staff so attentive. The way out of the camp is excellent. This is our 3rd safari and by far the best. The drivers get so close to the animals and guides are very knowledgeable and if you don’t fancy going out the animals come to you. Thank you Pippa, Phil and Tricia for the surprise birthday dinner on our veranda. It was a complete surprise and in all the years going abroad for my birthday nobody (apart from my husband) has ever done this for me. It made my 60th very special.
Michael and Jane, UK

It is really a place where nature and people live so good together and of respect. Every thing is very well organized and the dinner under the stars is wonderful. Thanks for every thing.
Jacoba and Fred

Cool surroundings, friendly staff, well organized tents, food, safaris. Very relaxing and good place to spot different types of wild life. Felt safe and well taken care. Thanks for making it a nice stay.
Johan and Diana (malta)

Very nice sunset on the lake! We saw elephant baby, it was amazing experience! The guys were perfect. Thanks
Jana and Javda, Czech Republic

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Guest Comments February 2013

Had an amazing time, food and outings the best. All staff excellent and were the highlight of this vacation.
Don and Renny

Wow! what an experience from the maasai alarm clock to the sleeping hyenas, this place has exceeding every expectation, great food, peaceful nights, exciting days. We will be back for sure!
Naney and John Casserly, Wansant, Canada.

Love the variety of activities, so many animals in the camp, and a great setting. Thanks so much for a fabulous trip. Thanks Triccia for all your help, our booking for Zanzibar, good luck to your Tanzania adventures! Cheers
Calleen and Andrew
Great experience! Fantastic staff, guides, drivers maasai. lovely people! Simply the best. Will surely come back.
Coni and Luids

It was a life time experience. Thank you

It was amazing trip I love it

It was amazing animals and very nice people.

The place is unbelievable... won’t forget it.
Nicol and Jana, Czech Rep. and Slovakia

Our first safari but not the our last! Your staff are friendly and helpful, your guides knowledgeable and keen sighted. Our four days with you far surpassed our expectations. Watch out we could be back.
Liz and Andrew

Great camp, game viewing excellent and Selous extremely beautiful. Many many thanks

Many thanks. Short but lovely stay. Great location and friendly staff. Great food  too!
Rob Slater, Safari consultants

Thank you so much to everybody here at the camp for a wonderful couple of days. The food was exceptional, the tent was so comfortable even when hippos tried to interrupts our sleep! It is such a beautiful place to experience with animals around every corner. All of the above is made twice as enjoyable as we were looked after so well by everyone. The staff go above and beyond. We will be back
Matt and Daisy

It was very nice! It was amazing that you see animals while you are eating! I am going to miss it.

Best experience ever! Perfect guides! Nice staff! Incredible nature. I will recommend everybody to come here!
Michael. Belgium

Best vacation in my life. The people in the camp were very nice. A vacation that I will never forget.
Justine. Belgium

This has been a wonderful three days. More game than we dreamed of, delicious meals but above all such a friendly, welcome and excellent hospitality. A memorable start to our holiday. Thank you.
Chris and Cynthia Saunders

Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and care in this earthly paradise.
Karice. Netherlands

Special thanks to Patricia, anzi. Bravissima! Your Italian is almost perfect, don’t give up, go on! We think that we have found a very special place, with very special people. Also the guests are different, friendly and pleasant, could be there is something in the air down there. But we must say what others said: the guides are beautiful, BEAUTIFUL and we had a lot of fun with them, the Masaai are magnificent, we felt safe with them, and everything was fantastic. Is this enough? Thanks for all and happy valentine!
Elena e Paolo

Thank you for an amazing start to our honeymoon! We had a fabulous time and the dinner under the stars was magical. Bakari was so great and really made the drives special. Thank you
Devon and Bob Little. USA

Wonderful! My first time back in Africa in 48 years and what a marvelous place to relaunch! Manze staff - all of them - are attentive, caring and professional. The place is real Africa as it should be. Thank you to all.
Susan Buckmaster, London

This has been a marvelous experience with a visiting elephant, hungry lioness, giraffes and every other animal. I appreciate this camp’s conservation and ability to reduce carbon footprint! Thanks for this stewardship of the land.
Susan Scott Vargas

We stayed at Lake Manze for two nights and 3 days, and they were great! Having done the northern circuit we were looking for a more rustic safari. Of the two, Selous was our favorite, with the animals more ‘wild’ - it feels like you are taking a peak into their lives -as opposed to the animals of the north who practically stop to pose for pictures. It was the authentic safari we were looking for. 
We especially loved the variety of activities on offer and how well organized it was. The staff are brilliant - happy to help with anything to make our stay better, and the camp itself, beautiful. Thank you for unforgettable stay. We will recommend you to all our family and friends and would hope to return the day to see the elusive leopard! 
Best wishes.
Kumara and Taufiq, London, UK

Many thanks for taking such good care of us. We had some terrific sightings. “wild dogs” and of course the beautiful birds. Staff were polite and helpful. Thanks
Helen and Judy

An unforgettable experience! We loved the hospitality, friendly staff and lovely company at the joint meals. 
Tanzania and camp Manze will always stay in our hearts!
Many thanks, 
Sara, Malin and Elisabeth

We had a great time in the camp and during safaris. The hospitality and care from staff was very good and all guides, very professional and patient. 
Plenty of reasons to come back.

We stayed eight fabulous nights. Excellent hosting, service and food. Game drives were exceptional. 
Thank you!
Mark Eames

An amazing adventure in all aspects! A warm welcome from all including the elephant at our tent! The guides were fantastic – especially Davis who made our safari trips fun and very informative. My experience here has surpassed my expectation of my first safari. Thank you to all who made for a trip I will never forget!
Karen Roark

As always, a fantastic weekend at Lake Manze. Been here 10 times or so and will keep coming. Lots of game, great service, and staff is fantastic. 
Jim Hellerman

Muchas gracias a todo el staff! Estos dias maravillosos, por la atencion y la sonrisa que siempre tienen. Una experiencia inolvidable para mi retina, mente y corazon! Espero volver pronto! Asante sana! Magui

Many thanks for the kindness and lovely people working here! We enjoyed our staying and like activites and places. We loved it! Thanks for everything!
Gemma, Fabiola, Elena and Harpert

Thanks for the nicest two days in my life! Barbora, Slovakia
Amazing adventure, beautiful nature, animals, nice experiences. 
Patrick (Slovakia) and Tomas (Czech)

Fabulous four days. Emmanuel and Ally were the best; could not have had two better guides. 
Many thanks!
The Grays
Fabulous time. Magical camp. Emmanuel and Ally showed us an exciting time. Lions sparring as we have never seen before. 
Ros and Bob Pearson

This is a nice place to stay. We loved it. The animals we saw were unbelievable. 

This place is wonderful! Great location and everything from the food to the tents. I wish I could have stayed longer. 
Annelies Hanson

Wonderful, wonderful experience! So many elephants and hippo grazing around our tent at night! We did a lovely mix of drives and boat trips. Food was delicious. Staff all charming, helpful and knowledgable. Pippa is fabulous – friendly and fun! All guides went out of their way to find us what we wanted to see and hear about. Lake Manze Camp seems to have the perfect location in the park surrounded by so many animals. Thank you for the special birthday treat!
The Pendreds (UK)

Thank you to everyone at Lake Manze Camp. It is a truly magical place. We will most certainly be back next year! Hope Lyagus stays well! Magic! Perfectly run camp. 
Paul, Julie, Cameron and Ross Green

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Guest Comments June 2013

We had a wonderful stay here. I celebrated my birthday and have to say that I cannot imagine a better location for that. Everything was just perfect. Thank you very much for everything, especially for being such wonderful and friendly hosts.
Carolin and John, 04.06.13  

Thank you all so much for the best start to our honeymoon. We arrived very tired from London on 4th June and were welcomed brilliantly by Tricia, who settled us in before enjoying a fantastic meal and complimentary sparkling wine on our verandah, which was the perfect way to unwind into this stunning setting. We have had the most amazing three days, seeing all we could have dreamed of and meeting the friendliest, most lovely people. Thank you to every one at Lake Manze Camp for starting our honeymoon in a perfect way. You’re all fantastic.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Neil & Suzanne, 07.06.13

Our time at camp was wonderful. Our favorite was fishing for tiger fish with Rashidi –was great as were bird photos. The chef does excellent menu and presentation. We enjoyed the style and atmosphere of your camp, Tricia and Phil.
Blessings; Carol and Larry Crabill Arkansas, USA, 07.06.13

We enjoyed our holiday with a splendid environment rich with wild and wonderful animals [that we see only in television or in our dreams] and nice people, with special regards to Patricia that knows very well Italian.
Thank you very much [Asante sana]
Nicola and Roberta. 07.06.13

You did a great job here. Please leave it and preserve it like it is. Respect to the nature and to the people. We will be back for sure.
Roman and Bruno, Slovenia, 09.06.13

This was our first safari. A truly amazing experience, wonderful atmosphere and attentive knowledgeable staff making us feel very welcome. Thank you very much for all that you have done.
Ash and Dave—England, Cambridge, 09.06.13

Thank you for a wonderful experience and my mum definitely celebrated her birthday in style.
Jody, Dave and Shirley, Essex, England

Thanks a lot for 2 amazing days, especially for the lovely honeymoon dinner. This was very special and won’t be forgotten.
Carolin and Kristian

This place and its people are simply magical. It is stunning, perfect and a dream of mine came true as I wanted to see wild Africa. Driver /staff / guide are just amazing –will come back. Anne Simon [France]

Selous is just great and Lake Manze just the best location.  
Fred from Paris

Asante. Wonderful staff, great lake and river life .
Bec & Jess

Our first safari and what a wonderful beginning. Watching buffalo, hippos, giraffes, and an amazing array of birdlife from our tent’s verandah. And our guides, Adam and Zahor, on the jeep, and Omari on the boat were just fantastic, their depth of knowledge is fantastic. A truly wonderful experience.
Thank you.

We came on safari to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Breakfast in the savannah with giraffes and impala, champagne on the river bank with hippos and the most wonderful sunset. An anniversary I will never forget. Perfect. Phil & Tricia –brill hosts.  Peter and Mgoma, the best guides. This week has surpassed all expectations. Absolutely fantastic. Will be back.
Thank you all
Tracie & Paul Hunt, West Yorkshire

Our first experience of a safari has been so full of excitement and a great pleasure. Never imagined the amount of wildlife that we have seen so far on our first part of holiday. The camp is set in a moderate level but with some luxuries for camping as well as maintaining the basic living environment. It’s been a great overall experience.
Ray Finch and Usha Quinton. 13.06.13

Again, we have fallen in love with Tanzania. The graciousness of your staff is something rare in this world. We are indebted to them for keeping us safe and providing delicious meals. Their kindness and consideration for our every need are truly refreshing. Phil and Trish were knowledgeable and charming hosts. Our guides on the drive and on the boats know their plants, and animals and are excellent spotters. The setting is sublime. Altogether, we are now able to see the world anew. Tanzania has a precious, limited resource that we must protect. Thank you for opening our eyes and our hearts.
Jane and Richard Bialosky

Thank you. Have had a fantastic experience here in camp. Loved boat trip with lots of hippos, beautiful birds, Safari brill, very happy as saw elephants!
The Gunters – Edinburgh UK

Thank you for a brilliant experience, wonderful hospitality and Tanzanian smiles! Look forward to coming back again soon.
Trevor and Katya – Australia

As usual I’ve loved my stay here and it is a big thank you to all your wonderful staff who made it such a memorable experience. Memories keep me returning to Africa – long may it continue! Mary (Guy), UK, 14.06.13

I think we can say this is the best holiday (and honeymoon) we could have gone on. Oh to be charged by elephants every day… Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure!
Best wishes, Jackie and Adam x

Thank you for such a lovely safari, a great first experience. Lovely to see all the elephants and animals in their environment. Would definitely return!
Hannah and Jamie, 15.06.13

Coming back to Africa after 9 years was all we remembered it to be and more. Thank you so much for confirming that all our wonderful memories were not just in our imagination.
Glenise and Roger, 16.06.13

Thank you very much for an amazing experience. We have enjoyed a great hospitality and very good food.
Tosia and Dan

Thank you for your hospitality. Everything was good.
Sylvie and Daniel, 16.06.13

Thank you for all. The service, staff, carefully drivers, good informed guides, and the relaxed place to be. Thank you, we take all this with us.
Cornelis and Elly – Holland, 17.06.13

Only one word: wonderful!!! Thank you for the top service.  Nothing could be better!
Margrit Krohn  and Silke Bock, 18.06.13

We had a wonderful time! Service was friendly and great. We saw elephants in camp and leopards on our drive. Great time!
Renee, Corin and Diedre, 20.06.13

Thank you for a truly amazing time. A very special place to be and a great way to finish our African holiday. Thank you for the great welcome and service.
Mark and David, 20.06.13

Una esperienza bellissima! In una natura meravigliosa.  Tanta cordialita’ e bellissima ospitalita’.
Tante grazie per una bellissima vacanza
Arturo Barbi, 21.06.13

Thank you very much for a great stay. This is such a beautiful place and everyone was very friendly and helpful. We’re very sad to have to leave so soon!
Silvia and Trevor, 21.06.13

Thank you for a great stay. We have seen so many amazing things .The camp is beautifully run and the staff so friendly. I will miss having a Masai escort me along the paths. Claire Padel, 22.06.13

We have had a wonderful time, thank you! I hope we can come back someday, this place is so special and everyone so helpful and friendly.
Adam Padel

A pleasure to be vegetarian here, very friendly, cheery staff and cosy, well-stocked room made for an excellent stay. Really enjoyed all the themed furniture. Thanks! Sophia Padel

An incredible few days. So many unforgettable memories. Watching the sunset on the lake with a Kilimanjaro in my hand was a great experience . Thank you to all the helpful staff.
Andy Padel

A wonderful few days. Thank you for taking care of us, especially Tom when he was all.
We will never forget caching a crocodile or having breakfast interrupted by a lion hunt.
Kim and Tom, 24.06.13

Thanks for all the service. We had a great time and stay. All looking forward to be back.
Frans, Munu, Adam and Magda, 25.06.13

Thank you to all the staff and to Tricia and Phil for a wonderful experience. We particularly appreciated Iddy at the bar for his sharp eye and detailed tally of our activities and drinks. As well our guide Peter and driver Zahor were truly a pleasure to be with on the drives and Peter and Alfred on the walk. Finally – we loved our boat trips with Rashidi. He provided calm and interesting details about the lake and channel and the life and habits of the wildlife. This is a beautiful location – very different from the Northern Circuit. We are so happy to have had the experience. We’ll miss our front lawn with its baboons, elephants, impala and view of the lake and birds. Also we’ll miss our Hippo lullaby.
Judy and Neil

Thanks to you all – we had a wonderful time!
Steve, Karen, Tom and Adam

Thank you to everyone for making our stay here absolutely wonderful. A special thank you to our guide Emmanuel, for showing us all the beauty of this area. Christine, Stephen, and Chelsea. 27.6.13

Thanks fo your welcome. Congratulations for your organization. Wonderful! JP et RN Ginet

Super, friendly staff and neat organization! Thanks for the dinner under the stars! We’ll definitely recommend you.
All the best, Bertrand

What a wonderful trip – thank you to everyone for making it so! We will certainly be back to see you all –
All our best, Katie Boccacio and Brian Blatt

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Asante Nipetano.
Heike and Steve, Germany.

Thank you! We had an absolutely incredible time. The boys loved their guides and the staff were brilliant. The food was remarkable and we loved our family tent. Trish and Phil, thank you for making a beautiful atmosphere for our safari leg of our trip around the world.
Chris, Kim, Franklyn, Henry and Gabriel, 29 6 13

What a fantastic start to our honeymoon! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to see so many things. Your guides are brilliant, staff fantastic, and Trisha, you were a star! We will definitely recommend the camp to everyone we know! Thank you! Howie and Lucy

Thank you all for such an amazing experience and a wonderful start to our honeymoon. The camp is beautiful and it was amazing feeling so close to nature. We loved all of the trips we went on – the many jeep safaris, the fishing trips, boat safari and walking safaris. We have seen more animals than we ever thought possible. This was our first trip to Africa and we can’t wait to book our next! Thank you so much, it was truly wonderful, asante sana.
Zoe and Stu xxx

Thanks for the fantastic time! The food was delicious and the wildlife was sublime!
Neil and Peter, 30 6 13

Beautiful destination and thoughtful and kind people. Thank you for a wonderful time. Anthony

Breathtaking!!! Bruno

Great time at Selous. The food was great and the managers were very nice. I met a really good friend while I was here. I hope to come back.
Sincerely,  Cate Turner and family

Jambo! This is the best safari I’ve ever had in my almost 5 years in East Africa! Thank you very much. All the very best for many years to come!
Yayoi – originally from Japan, resident in Nairobi

anks for a wonderful stay! Vibeke Jensen

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Guest Comments July 2013

Great time at Selous. The food was great and the managers were very nice. I met a really good friend while I was here. I hope to come back. Sincerely,
Cate Turner and family

This is the best safari I’ve ever had in my almost 5years in East Africa. Thank you very much. All the very best for many years to come.
Tayoi ,Originally, Japan, resident in Nairobi. 1.7.13

Thanks for a wonderful stay
Vibeke Jensen

Thanks a million for this fantastic stay. It is a piece of paradise and all the staff and our guides truly made us feel like it is one. Our first drive from the airstrip to the camp was a 3-hour adventure full of incredible animals, including dogs chased by a male lion! What a drive! 1.7.13

The camp gives a true and vivid experience of the savanna, so we wish you all the best in carrying on and sustaining this place.

We will recommend it to our friends when we come back to the UK, after our world trip. A special thank you to Adam and Mgoma for making it so fun! And big thanks to everyone for our romantic dinner on the first night. We will remember our anniversary even more now.
Marie and Carlos, From France and Mexico

Thank you for a wonderful 5 days. Beautiful location, delightful and superb staff, great food, wonderful wildlife. We have been on safari in 6 countries and this was one of the beast safari locations we have ever had.
Richard, MJ and Emma

Excellent time our first time on safari and this has got us hooked for life. Firstly, Manze camp is beautifully run, staffed and located. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Secondly, wildlife! Even on the drive from the airstrip we saw more things then we imagined possible. To crown it all we were privileged to witness lion pride hunt, take down and eat a poor wildebeest. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are both so grateful!
From Lauren and James (Britain), 2.07.13

Thanks a million for everything! Such a wonderful place! Beautiful people! Thanks Tricia for being so nice and warm. I’m already Africa addicted
 Melissa and Massimo! 4.07.13

A beautiful location with incredibly friendly and kind staff made two wonderful days nights in Selous!
The boat ride with Elton (and his patience for our exigencies!) showed us an untouched part of Africa and its wildlife in a way that I have never seen in my three yeas of living in- and extensively traveling around- the continent. Thank you all
Phil Moore and Imma Vitelli, 5.07.13

We have had a fantastic time! The staff and guides have been wonderful and we have had many close encounters with amazing wildlife! Thanks especially to Daniel and Davies who were great with the boys. We will take many happy memories (and an awful lot of photos) with us. Many thanks! Rebecca, Tim, Tom, and Oli (Aberdeen, Scotland). 5.07.13

What a fantastic place! So relaxing, yet so much to see and do! You have thought of everything and we so accommodating. Nipeleke Africa did a wonderful job booking us here! Tutaonana tena! Kris Robinson- Maple Valley! WA,USA 5.07.13

My stay @ Lake Manze was exceptional! I book travel and depended on Abraham Mushi and Karaski Lorenzo of Nipeleke Africa. I am very pleased they chose this bush camp! Staff is above and beyond the call of duty! Our daily trips will always be discussed with passion! Asante sana! Dee Cella Renton,WA USA, 05.07.13

Bicknells and Twiggs:
We have had the best African experience and its because of the people who are so helpful and friendly! Organisation of brilliant activities are impressive. We all felt very comfortable-at home and loved every minute! Thank you all so much.
Mary and Martin, Jackie and john, 6.7.13

Thank you everybody for making our first safari the most wonderful ever! Thank you for accommodating my food likes and dislikes, for the fantastic company and wonderful staff. See you again
Denise and Darren, 6.07.13

We had a nice night. Sleep really late because it was so fun to sit on our terrace because an elephant came across close by and 2 giraffes. A very nice place with a really nice hot shower! And a perfect impressive boat safari! Thank you! W Vos, S Vos, 7.07.13

Wilson Family (Australia)
Truly awesome. Exceeded any expectation we had. All staff were so brilliant. The food amazing, and the guides and drivers awesome.

A big thank you, even the visit from the lions on our last night in the light of day now seems amazing rather than terrifying. Thank you! xxx    

I like the food, drinks and the safari, the boat ride & fishing! And driving the car!
Mitchell Wilson – 7 years old

It was truly a great experience. Hopefully we will be back!! Thanks to all who made this so nice!! Gail and Young Soo

We had the most wonderful time at Lake Manze – a massive thank you to all the staff who made our stay so special. We will never forget it. Saskia and Kojo (London)

Thank you to everyone at Lake Manze for making our stay magical. This was my first safari experience and I loved every moment. A special mention and a huge thank you to Samwel, our tour guide – a David Attenborough in the making. A stay I will never forget and will hopefully one day return. Sarah and Claire (Dubai and UK)

An amazing experience, once-in-a-lifetime. A massive thank you to all of the staff here. An unforgettable experience. A dream come true. Thank you so much. Lydia UK

Walking in after 18 hours of travelling to see baby elephant and matriarch nonchalantly walk through was the awesome start to an awesome holiday. Wow! Jane (Lancashire, England)

Waauuuaaah! Quell’ splendide endroit que a “Lake Manze” :) Thanks for these two marvelous days we spent with our four children!! Unforgettable! Diedre, Christian, Raphaelle, Arnaud, Orlane, and Laszlo (Belgium), 10.07.13

Asanteni wote kwa kutukaribisha vizuri! This was a FANTASTIC experience and the staff, driver and guides were beyond helpful and welcoming! Natumaini kurudi tena! Beti, 11.07.2013

More than I can have imagined!
Asante - Amani

Everything was better than I deemed it might be… and could not imagine it being any better…The animals and the people at Camp Manze are the best!!Asante sana! See review on trip advisor!
Nimeshiba sana!—JKills  
The Killian Family.  From Connecticut, USA and Mabibo. Dar es Salaam

Fantastic experience! Thanks to all of the staff for everything. Great learning and incredible memories. Keep up the good work!
Jim, Dorte, and Emol, Australia, 12.07.13

Thank you so much for a wonderful three nights! Excellent staff, delicious food, and stunning scenery. Special shout out to Samwell and Zahor, who were the best possible guides, so knowledgeable and amiable! What can you do?! Hakuna matata!
Linda, Annie, John, Ottawa, Canada, 12.072013

Our first safari, and we can’t imagine a better one! We have had such a fantastic time with everyday being very special. So many photos, and so many wonderful memories including the sound of the hippo padding around out tent last night and the elephant parading past this morning. Thank you to Philip, Tricia and Pippa for being such friendly enthusiastic and knowledgeable hosts. Like wise to our guides, Elton and Emmanuel, who were so  kind and made sure we saw everything possible. We will certainly be recommending you!
Anna and Steve, Cornwall, UK

We had a wonderful time here, the whole family. We loved to wake up with the wonderful sound of birds and animals! The staff are excellent, the food delicious. We could stay here a lot longer it is so beautiful.
Hulda, Siggi, Maggi, Raggi and Bjarni, Reykjavik, Iceland. 13.07.13

Thanks to all the staff for making our first safari so memorable. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful! Especially teaching us some Swahili and Masai. Emmanuel and Mgoma were fantastic guides and made sure we saw lots of amazing things. 14.07.13

Thank you to all for a wonderful time! I’ll be back as soon as I can afford it! All of the above-we have had a super stay and will be sad to go. Thank you all!

Don’t think there is a superlative that is adequate to describe our experiences over the last few days. Very helpful and informative staff- and good food!
Alistair, Kirstin, Gordon, and Carol McNeill, Biggar, Scotland, UK

We had a wonderful stay and only wished it could have been longer! All the staff have been amazingly friendly and helpful. Davis and Daniel were great as guide and driver. We hope to come back soon.
Mark, Tracey, Ben, Stephen  Essex. UK.           

Many thanks to Phil, Tricia, Pippa, George and all the other staff for another wonderful stay at Manze. Thank you for your warm welcome, superb accommodation and brilliant guides and drivers, especially Samwel and Zahor.
Grateful thanks from Babu and Bibi Chai [Jan and Roger]

Thank you for wonderful stay! Such helpful staff and knowledgeable guides who seemed to conjure the animals out of the land. Thank you to Masai for taking care of us! Our youngest, Meg (11) was wide-eyed with wonder at the sight of a baby elephant walking past the tent.
The Scotts (from Bath), 15.07.13

A place that stops time and leaves you without breath. Superb services. Asante sana.
Y. Madrid    

Very good service again! Thank you so much for some unforgettable days in the Selous! Sigrid and Dorothea, 16.07.13

Thank you very much for great service. Nice people, beautiful camp and a real adventure for our family. It was the first time for us but I’m sure we will come back again. Thanks! Family Bezar. 17.07.13

Thanks for the hospitality. We had a wonderful stay, felt really welcomed by all staff and wildlife in the park! :) Hope to be back! David (and Dennis)

Thanks for your hospitality. A dream is realized.. I hope to come back. Charlotte and Julian

Great place, very beautiful surroundings; we love it, especially at the end of the day with the great light of the sunset! Very nice that you have a feeling of nearly being alone even if the place is fully booked! Thanks for everything! Jon and Gwen, NL

4 brilliant days in the wilderness. We couldn’t have hoped for more from Lake Manze Camp. The guides and game drives have been excellent. Bakari’s knowledge and eye for animals always amazed us. The tent experience has been incredible, and unique with elephants and hippos grazing by our windows. We really enjoyed the food here, and the staff have all been very welcoming and looked after us well. George and Gemma Tebbutt, Bristol UK

Thank you so much for an amazing few days. This was our first safari and we’ve loved it!
Beautiful setting, fantastic staff and we saw everything on our ‘wish list’ and more…
Amy and Dean, 07.13

We had an incredible time at Lake Manze Camp! It was such a nice contrast with the busy lifestyle back home. We were really able to appreciate the beauty of nature and visit with people from all around the world. The staff and food were great, which helped make us feel more at home. We will definitely recommend Lake Manze Camp to friends and family.
Thank you, Patrick and Emily Grab, Erie, Pennsylvania   USA

We have many beautiful impressions. We have seen many animals [7 Lions!]. It was great.
Family Neese, from Germany, D Alicia, Jork and Dagluer, 20.07.13

Truly amazing experience! Having been on several safaris, Manze Lake would be our number 1 choice. Staff are friendly and very helpful. The choice of activities is extensive, our only comment would be a longer fishing session. This was a perfect way to and a day! Family Eyres. UK, 21,0713

What a beautiful place, lovely people and a marvelous experience! God our creator is All mighty. Eugene and Jeanne Pienaa.
South Africa, 21.0713

Thanks for these amazing days. The staff and the people around us have made of this time a wonderful experience. The Rodriguez Family, SPAIN, 21.07.13

Thank you for an amazingly special and breathtaking experience. Thank you for looking after us with so much attention and special care. We would love to bring the whole family one day. God truly created it perfectly! Johan and Esther Erasmus Pretoria
South Africa. 21.07.13

Ci portiamo a casa un pezzetto di Africa, e lasciano qui un pezzetto di cuore, che un giorno torneremo e prendere!! 22.07.13

Grazie per tutte le attenzione, per la vostra gentilezza e professionalista’!
Grazie a Patricia! Grazie a Victor!
Un abbraccio, Benedetta e Luigi, Italia

Incredible experience! It’s hard to leave. I’ve loved the natural feel of the camp, the warmth of the staff and the knowledge of the guides. The communal dining made the whole experience very sociable. Most of all, I will miss the elephants. I hope that this is the first of many experiences here. Thank you! Aisling, Ireland

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I spent amazing days and nights here in the camp. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my stay and would love to come back one day. Asante sana! Weibke from Germany, 23.07.2013

I have no complaints! Everything works so well, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and know what they are doing. Adam is a superb guide and not only is a wealth of knowledge but he explains in detail and with interest. Omari the boat captain, was similarly good as well as very helpful when we dropped a camera in the water! A fabulous setting with great staff, definitely somewhere I would come again.
Rafael from Peru (in Moshi)

Thank you for everything! The staff was awesome, really nice! No bad comments! It’s perfect here! I lived a great trip! Thank you!
Camille Briol, Belgium

Awesome animals, baby baboons, cranky crocodiles, daring driving, epic elephants, fab food, giant giraffe, hungry hippos… and so much more!

Had a fabulous time. Many thanks for the warm and attentive welcome!
The Norman family, Cambridge

A lifetime dream come true! Wonderful hospitality!
All my best
Sally Cattaneo, 25.7.13

We had an a absolutely fantastic stay in Lake Manze Camp. I will never forget this wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your hospitality!
Big hug for all of you.
Rob, Irene, Annick & Merlyn

We had a wonderful time here in Lake Manze. Watching elephants right out side our tent was really exiting. On safari, we saw all our favourite animals. We have no choice, we have to come back! Looking forward to see all of you again soon!
Amalie, Cecllia, Tanja, Annika, Rolf
Riise  Norway

An excellent location to see so much wildlife both on drives and when sitting at the tent. It’s a shame the walking safari is restricted to over 16s.
Thank you. Family Galbraith-olive, 26.7.13

It was amazing! The service is great and the experience of the staff is too. The effort put in to our stay was brilliant. Thank you for the lovely time.
Charlie, Newcastle, 07.13

My time in Selous has been unforgettable. I have never been to a place like this before, it exceeded my expectations. The game rides, fishing, boat rides were all amazing. I have loved every minute. The tents and where we eat has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, all of the staff are lovely and very helpful. Thank you very much for every thing.
From Jenna Davies, England, 07.13

A wonderful, wonderful experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.
Steve, Englahd

An experience made only in dreams. Billings, MT

We have had the most amazing time. The safaris and boat trips and the guides’ knowledge is unbelievable. Thank you to everyone for making this a wonderful experience.
Louise and Steve, UK, 07.13

Thank you so much for this trip, it was absolutely amazing! Wonderful place, people
Annie, 2807.2013

A magical place- never imagined any thing like this existed on earth.
Thank you.

What an amazing and magical place. The ride from the plane was more than worth the travel, the boat ride and dinner under the Milky Way. Magnificent.
Mike, Chicago, USA
Extraordinary experience, perfect organization, super nice and experienced people! 20/20! An amazing stay in the bush! Thanks for all!
Cedric and family from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

What a wonderful experience – we loved every moment. Many thanks to you all for making our adventure so memorable. I wasn’t expecting the wake up call to be a herd of elephants walking past the tent, but their time keeping was spot on! Albert and Bakari could not have been more informative and courteous. A real adventure with a style we love – all the more romantic for its lack of electricity and reworking of natural materials. A big thank you for the memories.

Non ci sono parole! Bellissimo. Torneremo ad presto! Massimo e Maria

We had a fantastic time – experience of a lifetime! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, great food, and knowledgeable staff. We won’t forget you!
Anne-Marie, John, Monica and Tom Snell, Bristol, UK, 31.07.2013

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Guest Comments August 2013

We came on honeymoon to Lake Manze to go on safari. We have had the most amazing time – have seen so much and many many animals! The staff here are fantastic – so so so helpful and the guides were excellent- so full of knowledge. Trish and Pippa were very welcoming and helpful. All in all a fantastic holiday – one we will remember forever! An experience of a lifetime! Thank you so much for everything! We will definitely recommend!
Dave and Lesley Dickson, 1.08.13
PS Bakari and Alfred were legends!

Thanks a lot. We enjoy it very much. ‘Dit was vir ons sooos hemel opacercle wat ons in ons heinte sal kaester’. Cheers!
Ben and Fies, 1.08.13

What a fantastic three days we had here at Lake Manze. Saw all sorts of animals includng a leopard today! We hope to be back one day.
Alex MacHorton, Surrey, England, 1.08.13

Thank you to the staff who have made this experience magical – so generous and attentive.Many thanks.
Marianne MacHorton, 1.08.13

We had a great stay with much very nice and special impressions. Our Selous Safari – Thanks for all good care and this wonderful experience.
Asante, asante sana.
Yanneke and Kees, the Netherlands, 3.08.13

Really a fantastic stay!
Between animals and wild nature we could (only could) forget our cities. Thank you for all. Maria and Maurizio Bruni from Milano
Thank you for the wonderful experience the last 3 days. We really loved the staff and guides. We hope to come back soon. Sven and Hanne Belgium, 3.08.13

When the website said there would be elephants wandering past our tent, we thought that was poetic license – but there they were! Amazing setting and knowledgable, friendly guides – safari perfection. Thanks to Pippa and everyone in camp for the warm welcome (and good luck back in the ‘real world’ Pippa, I can see how hard it would be to tear yourself away…)
Alice and Max, 4.08.13

Our first experience in safari and incredible! I hope we can come back one day… Very good and interesting information from the guide. Everything was so amazing. Thank you so much!
Celine, Ludovic, Daphne , Manon and Sarah from Belgium, 5.08.13

What an amazing adventure! We couldn’t have asked for friendlier people and a better view of the animals in and out of camp. Bush breakfast – got to be done. It may be a long day but the hot springs are definitely worth visiting. Great fun hunting for leopards, even if you don’t quite manage to see one. Fishing is a lovely relaxing morning – you might even hook the catch of the day! Yum! We will miss the sounds of the animals eating their dinner at night. We hope everyone else has an amazing time like us and we’ll see you again soon!
Tim, Kerry, Natalie, Lauren, Patrick and Keziah x, 5.08.13

Really sorry to leave. Would prefer to spend every early morning here with the hyena cubs. Think I will be back in a few years.
Fabulous two nights stay. I wish we could have stayed longer. Game through the camp was fantastic. Thank you to all the staff for making this such a wonderful experience. Thank you for a wonderful stay. It was a great experience. Thanks especially to all the staff for their hospitality and hard work of the guides when out in the bush! Some great memories to take away.
All the best, Laura and Ben Rogers, 5.08.13

Thank you so much for this great experience. The management and the staff are really great, the location is wonderful; all we had was excellent. We will surely come back.
Azzoni Family, 6.08.13

Another fantastic experience. Many thanks to all the staff for the wonderful welcome. Very sad to be leaving.
Ann and Ken Ryalls, 7.08.13

We have all had the most wonderful experience of Africa. Thank you for looking after us so well! The Thorp family, 7.08.13

Selous is really a must and Lake Manze Tented Camp a wonderful place. We enjoyed boat safaris, drive safari and the kindness and competencies of the staff!
Thanks so much, Rousseau family, 7.08.13

We cannot recommend this place enough!! It’s very special and everyone here has done everything to ensure that our stay was excellent!
Natalie and Chris, 9.08.2013

Thank you to all of the staff and guides at Lake Manze. Our stay has been amaing and the perfect start to our honeymoon. We shall miss waking up and seeing elephants and baboons outside our tent. We thoroughly recommend Manze and Selous!
Thanks again!
Mark and Meryl Raines, 9.08.2013

This place is amazing! After a disastarous start to our dream holiday with fires at the airport and no luggage, as soon as we entered the camp our stresses disappeared. Staff are so helpful and kind. Thank you for all you have done for us.
From Russell and Carol, 10.08.13

Our stay at Lake Manze was amazing! The tents are nice and situated in a beautiful place. Your staff and your guides are very friendly. The wildlife about the camp was amazing. Special thanks for the excellent guides Adam and Bakari!
Baratte Family, from Luxembourg, 10.08.13

Thank you for the hospitality. The tents were a welcome sight after 4 days walking in the bush – pure luxury! The staff has been wonderful from the guides, drivers, camp staff and chefs. Thank you for a wonderful end to a fabulous vacation!
Heidi Nelson, Chicago, IL, 10.08.13

Thanks very much for a great stay. The showers are amazing! The hospitality was wonderful and the game abundant. We will miss tent 12!
Stephanie and Marshall Mason, London, England, 10.08.13

Thank you for the most extraordinary, amazing and wonderful stay. We have enjoyed every second! Whether it was swimming with a snake in the spring; watching lions fight or even the fantastic food, it has all been terrific. We hope to one-day come back to this very special place with very special people. Everyone is so kind and helpful: you have really made our honeymoon. Thank you.
Sara and Carl Godfrey, 10.08.13

This has been the most incredible holiday we have ever had! Even the terrible start (fire at Nairobi airport) seems like a distant memory. We have been so well looked after from the second the plane landed and really appreciate everyone’s hard work – the food is astonishing, tents are immaculate and we always felt safe (even during our amazing dinner on the veranda). Everything about this place has exceeded our high expectations and we really hope we can come back again in a few years. What an amazing honeymoon! Thank you so much!
Penny and James Gilbert, 10.08.13
(Just as we finished writing this, the family of elephants including tiny baby, strolled past. This place is incredible!)

Asante sana for this wonderful stay! It was amazing! We will come back!! Au revoir!
Barbara and Philippe from Switzerland, 11.08.13

Absolutely brilliant!!
Sue and Dave, UK, 11.08.13

A very special family holiday… from breakfast on the plains to watching the baby elephants play around camp. Glamping rocks!With love,
Andrew, Karen, Anna and Phoebe
Surrey, England, 13.08.13

Asante sana!The camp is fantastic, the people are fantastic (guides, camp staff and everyone!). We enjoyed our time here very much, especially on the river and the elephants around the camp every day. Victor and Elton were almost like friends by the end of our trip. Thank you so much.
Martin, Tina and Roshni, 13.08.13

This has been a great experience for us. The camp is lovely, the scenery beautiful and the staff cheerful and helpful. Asante sana.
Sarah, Charlotte, and Helen Elliott, 13.08.13

What a fabulous place and a wonderful experience. The welcome, the food, the Maasai, everyone is so friendly and knowledgable. I’ve learned loads. The game is way more than I expected, and elephants in camp, what an experience!! And I even saw a hippo (Gloria!) running!
A brilliantly run camp. Thank you so much.
Kate and Karen, England, 13.08.13

Thank you so VERY much. We were only here for 2 nights, but had the best viewing and experience ever. Our trip was art of our honeymoon and just perfect. Everyone was so very friendly and welcoming. Thanks
Chloe and Adam (England), 13.08.13

We’ve had a wonderful time here, surrounded by elephants, lovely elephants, excellent dinner and breakfast, and very peaceful night. Thank you!
Rocio, Carlos, J. Carlos and Paloma, from Spain
PS The best, Trish and Pipa, 13.08.13

Thank you very much for the most wonderful stay. And an extra thank you to you all for making it the most unforgettable 40th birthday. The elephants outside the tent were perfectly timed! It’s a wonderful place. Don’t change a thing.
Andrea and Jan (UK), 15.08.13

Thank you to Philip, Tricia and Pippa for a wonderful time. I really appreciate your efforts and great stories. You went the extra mile to give Lang a great birthday! Cheers to Lake Manze and Selous and Tanzania!
Matt and Lang, 15.08.13

We both had a great time from the moment the plane touched down (3 giraffe and impala on landing strip) to the moment we left (2 elephants walking past our tent as we packed up on the last morning). We will be coming back to Africa.
Andrew and Eliza, 16.08.13

We had a wonderful stay at the Lake Manze Camp. Thank you for looking after us so well, and especially for all the specially prepared vegetarian food for Anna. Victor and Daniel were a great team as our drivers and gave us a wonderful introduction to the wildlife around the area. Rashid’s trip up the channel was a complete revelation, the birdlife here is stunning.
Thank you Pippa, Phil and Trish for your very warm welcome and helping us to make the most of our stay.
Greg, Rachel, Ben, Anna and Olivia, 17.08.13

It has been an AMAZING experience coming to Lake Manze Camp and we will always treasure the memories from this camp. Everyone from Phil, the manager, Pippa, Tricia, the drivers, guides and Maasai guides have been so welcoming, attentive and ensured we make the most of our stay, in a relaxed but adventurous way. Whatever we may have read or watched about Africa is nothing compared to coming on safari, especially to Lake Manze. We have learnt so much and it now ‘ all makes sense.’ What can beat seeing the leopard and watching the lion cubs play in the sunset on our last evening – sheer bliss! Thank you!
Julian, Bev and Amelia Long, 18.08.13

Thank you so much for making my first safari unforgettable!! I cannot believe how beautiful all of the animals/scenery were and I am looking forward to coming back again as soon as I can. Thank you so much Pippa and Trish.
Jason, 18.08.13

It’s been a great experience. We loved the tent and I must say that we hardly had to deal with any of the inconveniences that you would expect staying out in the middle of nowhere to entail. The food was always tasty and we felt well taken care of in general. Thank you all and good luck with all your endeavours.
Francesca and Alberto, 18.08.13
PS Thank you so much for allowing us to have dinner by our tent on our first night of our honeymoon. That was a lovely touch and very thoughtful.

The most exceptional experience. We have learnt so much about this beautiful part of the world. We will take this knowledge home and tell our unique story. Being welcoming by such passionate staff and experienced guides has made this our best trip. Feeling safe at every second we will highly recommend Lake Manze to all our friend and family. Thank you!
Dan and Murray, 18.08.13

A very beautiful camp with ‘added’ elephants. What more could you want! Very welcoming staff, knowledgeable guides and comfortable tents. The only shame was we could only stay for 24 hours! 19.08.13

The Drake Family
What a wonderful experience! We saw and recorded over one hundred species of bird, saw elephants literally a couple of meters from or tent in the morning, hyena and their pups, lion and their cubs, jackal, and a giraffe nursery, warthog, buffalo, crocs – the list is endless and each sighting unique and special. Many thanks to all the staff for their friendliness, and for teaching our children Swahili!
Thank you for an unforgettable visit!

The Crawfurd family
A holiday and experience never to forget. The safaris, boat trips, and fishing were fantastic. The ‘karibu’ and super friendliness and efficiency of all staff very impressive. Thank you to all at Lake Manze Camp!
Claire, Carl, Henry and Edward, 20.08.13

Best camp ever, every time you wake up an elephant will be staring at you. I wish I was 5 years older so I could have done walking safaris!
Rory Jones, England, , 18.08.13

We came for my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary for 4 nights. We had the most amazing time here; we have seen loads of amazing things, which I will remember for a long time to come. Some memories were awesome, such as when our guide Emmanuel saw some Impala and we spotted a female lioness, and so we followed her and she lead us to her cubs, which were so cute! Also, later on in the week Emanuel spotted a dead impala in a tree. So we stopped to see what was there, and out of the blue I saw a leopard staring straight at me. We stayed there for over an hour watching here and we saw her 2 cubs which were so, so cute. I am so so glad that I have experienced this. I would like to thank all the people here at Lake Manze! It’s been amazing. Thank you so much!
Bethan Hughes, Bristol, England, 18.08.13

What an experience! Well, umm, where do I start? How about the first day. We arrived to a welcoming atmosphere, and people enjoying their lunch. We went on our first game drive, we didn’t see any big cats, but it didn’t matter because we saw loads of other stuff.
Second day: started with a game drive and our first lions!!! It was great! We also saw some spooked impala and saw a lioness and followed it back to her cubs and they were so stinking cute!! On e was trying to climb a tree and the other was biting her or her tail, stopping it.
Third day: Can’t remember much about it, but we did see lions. … sorry!
Last Day: We saw a leopard, not only that but her cubs as well!! They were catching flies. We found her as well.
That’s it!
JJ Hughes, Bristol, , 18.08.13

Just the best experience we have had. Wonderful hosts and fantastic animals. Staff is great! Thank you. Shatz family. Good place to come back to, even better than last time.
Thank Bob, 21.08.13

We spent two days in this amazing camp. It was unbelievable how close to the animals we were. We appreciate the service and how friendly the staff was, especially the Maasai. Asante sana. Friedhelm, Julia and Gabriela, 21.08.13

I have had the most wonderful experience of my life. Despite the bees!
Rebecca, 21.08.13

We want to say ‘thank you’ to all the staff! You are simply the best! We will bring a piece of Tanzania in our heart! We are really happy to meet you! (In particular Victor, Tricia, Pippa, Elton and the Chef)
With Love, Serena and Bruno, 22.08.13

Thank you for making my stay so wonderful. I will never forget the amazing experiences and sights you have shared with us. The welcome was warm and inviting and that same warmth has remained throughout the stay. You are all wonderful!!
A great place for our 25th and a big thanks for our special dinner!
Tracey and David Capstick, , 18.08.13

This is an amazing country and this camp has been one of our most memorable. The wildlife put on a display every evening in front of the tent. Thanks to all concerned.
Stephen, , 18.08.13

Fantastic! In every way, we can’t wait to come again.
Lucia, 23.08.13

Amazing place and such good food! Thank you so much and I hope one day we will be back.
Catriona, 23.08.13

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! The food and tents were so nice. Seeing all the animals was just amazing like no other experience. Thanks again. Issy. Xx, 23.08.13

We have had a fantastic stay. Everything about your camp has been perfect – food, guides, company and of course the animals! Thank you so much!
Andrew, 23.08.13

Wonderful holiday! The animals were amazing. The service and guides and drives are fantastic.
Thank you x
Dawes and Botham Family, 24.08.13

Truly the holiday of a lifetime. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone was happy to help. The animals were brilliant – especially seeing them walk around camp. The food was lovely and the atmosphere was amazing. Thank you so much for an outstanding holiday – we want to stay forever!
Thanks especially to our guides and drivers!!
What an amazing place and fabulous experience our time here has flown past and it will never be beaten. Thanks so much.
Lorna x, 24.08.13

An amazing place and fabulous experience. All of the staff and guides have been very nice, polite and friendly. Thanks to Trisha and Phil for a trip of a lifetime. Thanks. Kris Cardwell, 24.08.13

Siamo stati benissimo in una atmosfera da sogno. La speranza e’ di rifarlo presto. L’Afrika e’ restera’ nel cuore! Dania, 24.08.13

What a fantastic place. I enjoyed everything. Thank you so much. Glen Driffill (Australia)
A wonderful weekend! Loved everything. Annie Brinkworth, Perth, 25.08.13

We had a wonderful time! Asante sana.
Sven and Jolina Bohnert, 25.08.13

Magical! Lifelong memories made. I will spread the love back home in LA and send some friends and family to experience the beauty, charm, and excitement of Lake Manze, Selous. Cheers!
Tanya, 25.08.13

Great experience and fantastic people!! We loved our time and we all look forward to coming back again
Emma, Osvaldo, Cristina, Antonella, 26.08.13

Great experience! Thank you so much for this! The management and the guides are so great. We saw a lot of animals and children are really happy! We’ll write to trip advisor that it is an unforgettable experience! Wonderful!
Ferdi, Sabine, Marie-Sarah, Loulou, Bruno Dahou, 26.08.13

Thank you very much for such an amazing experience. I loved a lot the experience on the lake. Our guide was a great guide. Thanks a lot! Many thanks to Tricia and her patience. See you ASAP! Giorgio, 27.08.13

Great place, which special people made amazingly pleasant! Thanks Patricia, your kindness, promptness and flexibility made our stay an experience to remember! Monica and Mario, 27.08.13

Enjoyed our one night stay. Happy, helpful staff, good boat ride. Sorry we are going home. V
iren and Rekha, Sydney Australia, 27.08.13

Wonderful location, friendly staff, knowledgable and helpful guides, good food. A superb experience, we are sorry to be leaving. Asante sana.
The Payne family, 28.08.13

3 jours inoubliables au lac Manze… en plein milieu de la savane savage, un vrai paradis! L’accueil a e’te’ tre’s chaleareux, tres profesionel. Un sejour tres agreeable! Merci per tout!
La famille Delisle (France), 18.08.13


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Guest Comments OCTOber 2013

Grazie per indimenticabile emozione. E’ stata un’avventura ricca di conoscenza ed io torno a casa arricchita nella mente e nello spirito. Organizzazione eccellente. Staff meraviglioso. Grazie a tutti. Sempre nel mio cuore. Silvie, Italy. 1 .10.2013

What a fantastic experience! Why did we only come for 2 ? days? Loved our stay, saw and learned so much, with the wonderful team at camp. Micol and others – thank you. Unforgettable. 
Iain and Carol, 1.10.2013

Great camp/food and people. I hope to come back. 
Martin Reed, 1.10.2013
Thank you for a wonderful few days! The camp blends into the landscape and seeing the animals wander through is a great experience. The Selous is fabulous as it is so full of wildlife and so quiet with other game viewers. Please keep it like this. A perfect few days!
Adrian and Sophie, Leamington Spa, England, 2.10.2013

We’ve had an amazing time here at Lake Manze. Our guide and driver were exceptional and made our trip very special. The elephants’ visit to the camp was extraordinary – a memory we will cherish forever. Hopefully we’ll be back one day!
Michael and Elisabth (UK and Austria), 2.10.2013

We were very impressed by the very friendly and attentive staff. The moment the elephants were visiting camp was magic. Thank you very much for these experiences and all the best for you all, 2.10.2013

What a privilege sharing so much of your African wildlife! Thank you to our boat and Landrover drivers for sharing your profound knowledge about the birds and animals that we saw. Wow! All fantastic- even the rain! (overnight 28 mls) Thanks to the cooks – we were certainly well fed. The bed in no. 7 was so very comfortable. Julie and Ken Wilson, 2.10.2013

A wonderful holiday, Thank you to everybody that made it possible, 2.10.2013

What an amazing experience! Saw everything we wanted to see including a beautiful leopard. Some daunting but unforgettable moments within the tent and camp as well. Guides and drivers had amazing knowledge. Lovely food as well, including a lovely bush lunch. Big thank you to everyone especially the guides and masais who helped us secure our tents from the many creepy crawlies the rain brought in.  The Tannas, 3.10.2013

Many thanks to everyone at Lake Manze for making our stay so special. The camp was lovely, the food delicious and the staff could not do enough for you. We were lucky to see loads of wildlife and our guide Adam was incredibly knowledgeable. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you. Kit and Helen, 4.10.2013

A real safari camping experience. Pity the loo is roofless when it rains – the umbrella was a godsend! Wonderful driver, Daniel, and guide Emmanuel – we’ve had marvellous game drives and seen so many large and small animals. What an experience! Mick and Nadine, 4.10.2013

Very caring hostess. Thank you so much. Rosemary Gunther, 4.10.2013

Great first  safari experience. Thank you to everyone and especially our guide Emmanuel and Driver Daniel who showed us such wonderfu wildlife. Thanks also to the catering staff who sent out such tasty bush breakfasts and lunches. Would have liked a rood on the toilet when it rained and hot water sometimes in the shower, but beds very comfortable and all staff really helpful at all times. Patience Cooper, 4.10.2013

What a fantastic introduction to the safari, weather was wet but we saw many of the large animals together weith multitudes of birds. The staff were excellent and helpful to a fault. Can’t wait for our next safari.  Sarah Kinder, 5.10.2013

 Thank you for the great experience, the hospitality and friendliness. We had a great time in and around the camp. It was an interesting and exciting experience to stay in the tents over ngiht surrounded by the animals. The tours were all very sepcial and the guides helped to make this a great experience, sharing their knowledge. Thanks also to the Masai who guided us safely through the camp and to all the staff in the catering tent that at all times were very friendly and attentive. We willl have fantastic memories of this trip. Thank you from Uwe, Marcella, Julie and Jawica, 5.10.2013

E’ stata una esperienza fantastica e voi dello staff cordiali e gentilissimi. Un compleanno cosi’ non si festeggia tutti I giorni. Grazie! Emiliano Peluso, 5.10.2013

We have both had a fantastic time surrounded by lovely caring people, really tastey food and of course an amazing selection of animals and scenery. Thank you very much. Harriet and Donald Kelly, 6.10.2013

Excellent stay and brilliant guides who managed to show us all the big 5 available in the area. Visit was topped off by an elephant visiting our tent as we packed to leave for Ruaha. The Voiseys, 6.10.2013

This experience was very nice! The boat safari was very good, Rashid was a bery good guide for the boat safari. The sunset was so beautiful and at the last boat safari we had elephants crossing. And also the game drives were so cool because of the animals. And everyday that we were at the bar Iddy was here with his great smile! Thank you very much. 7.10.2013

A wonderful time. Thank you so much! I enjoyed seeing Davis’ distant elephants too. I shall send various pictures though eventually! Excellent boating safaris with Elton. Take Care. Ian. 7.10.2013

Returning after 5 years and my first visit in 2008; it was like coming home. Some staff still the same, Elton especially. A reminder fo the true spirit of African hospitality and fun I treasured from 2008 both here and also at Mdonya Old River Camp. Many thanks – Trevor Blundall Godbless and have mercy on you all! 7.10.2013

Our first safari – and we don’t want to leave! What an amazing place; incredible accommodation, fabulous food, topped off by wonderful staff. Thanks to everyone for making our stay so special – we can certainly see why people come back again and again. Ellen and Alex, 8.10.2013

This was our first safari and it will not be the last. The staff are unbelievable, accommodation was amazing and for a tent luxurious. Thanks again. 8.10.2013

So amazing and surprising to experience a safari for the first time. We have learned to appreciate the big and the small here at Lake Manze. Wonderful kind and knowledgeable staff. We hope to return someday. Sandy and Ben Pearson, Maine, USA, 8.10.2013

We had a fabulous time at Lake Manze. This is a beautiful place and we are so glad we picked this camp for our first safari. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful and the guides are really knowledgeable. We have enjoyed ourselves so much and look forward to another safari in the future. Thank you so much for making it a holiday to remember. Paula and Phil Evans, South Wales UK , 8.10.2013

Un sejour unique et merveilleux qui restera a’ tout jamais grave’ dans nos coeur et nos memoire. Un paysage magique, des animaux sonptueux et si abordable… Merci a’ toutes les personnes qui se sont si bien occupe’ de nous et qui ont ete si accueillante. Les amies – Lea et Aline, 9.10.2013

A great stay with excellent hosts and guides! Saskatchwan Canada, 10.10.2013

A great stay and fantastic surroundings! Excellent hosts and guides throughout our stay. Thank you, Simon and Amy, Cardiff UK, 10.10.2013

Great stay! Thanks to all of you, Roddy R. 10.10.2013

Fabulous stay – loved every minute. Stunning setting and really enjoyed our game  drives. Thank you for a lovely holiday. David and Chloe, 11.10.2013

Wonderful stay in a thoroughly relaxing camp with faultless staff. We would love to come back! Natalie and Ollie, 11.10.2013

One word ‘Amazing’!!! What a fantastic 4 days – the lodge, viewing and service have all massively exceeded our expectations. The guides particularly went out of their way to find the game which we hadn’t seen. We loved the thoughtful little lovelies like the mosquito cream in the tents and the attention to detail around the planning of the days events the night beforehand. 12.10.13

Thank you so much, we absolutely will be putting positive comments on trip advisor as they are well deserved. 12.10.13

Best wishes for the future, Tanya and Paul Burgess, Bath, England, 12.10.13

We have had an amazing time in an amazing place! Thank you to everyone who has made our holiday/honeymoon so special. So many happy memories that we will take away with us. With very best wishes, Laura and Russell, 13.10.13

Thank you for a wonderful 2 nights. Your staff and team were so friendly, kind and helpful. The game drives, boat rides were relaxing, fun and a truly memorable experience. We will definitely come again and bring our families with us. All the best, 
Tamara Khoury and Tarek Al-Jundi, 14.10.13

All the superlatives have already been used, but all apply. The whole team have been excellent and ensured we had a memorable stay. 10/10 Crossen Family – UK, 14.10.13

Four great nights here in Lake Manze Camp. Tricia and Phil are an excellent team and your staff always friendly and helpful. Special thanks to our guide and driver Emmanuel and Daniel. They are fantastic. Tracey and Mike Ingham
PS The chocoloate crocodile made our special day even more memorable. 
Tracey and Graham Bell – Southhampton  UK, 15.10.13

Wow, everything has been beyond our expectation from first arriving at the airstrip through to the wonderful starlit dinner. The whole camp is beautifully thought out and we felt so safe and looked after every day. A huge thank you to Tricia and Phil for the excellent planning of our days; we can’t believe how much we fitted in. Your staff are superb and their smiles will remain with us. A special thank you for our wonderful guide Victor and our great driver Kamkumba; our drives were memory making and our rainy day was one of the highlights. We wil definitely safari again! 
Tom and Andrea Carver – Calgary Canada, 15.10.13

3 nights – Landed and driver had to chase a giraffe off of the runway so the plane could take off!! Saw a male lion sleeping 20 minutes later!! Elephants almost in the dining area great. Loved the rustic, no phone no wifi, this is what we came for. Philip and Tricia great hosts. This is our first stop and may be the best of our African adventure. Really enjoyed our stay. Staff always friendly, guides very knowledgable. 15.10.13

An absolutely wonderful experience! Excellent staff, fantastic wildlife! Brilliant guides! Murphys, Canada/UK, 16.10.13

A fanstastic experience – so wild! Thank you! Liz Murphy, UK, 16.10.13

Such a great experience for our first safari, thank you! Fanny and Kevin, 17.10.13

A fabulous first safari. The staff were so helpful and always greated us with a smile. We have seen so many animals and birds in and around the camp. Many more than expected. An experience to treasure. Thank you, Debby and Peter Picot, 18.10.13

Mother nature at her best! Lovely staff – a fabulous African Adventure! Asante Ange and Dave London, England, 18.10.13

Thank you for making our first safari experience so special! We had a fantastic time and managed to see so much! A special mention to our driver Hilary. What a dude! Leanne and Oliver, 18.10.13

Jambo and Asante!

Amazing place and amazing people. We have met and seen people and animals that we will never forget. Really nice personal and great service.  Perfect! Hakuna matata! Ida, Lina and Yvonne, 18.10.13

A fantastic experience. Thank you to all the staff, guides and drivers. Karen and Martin, 19.10.13

Thanks for the special and fantastic four day we spent in the Selous. Luca and Alice, 19.10.13

Thank you very much for the nice time we were allowed to stay with you. You have a wonderful landscape but I am sorry there should be some more animals in the bush. Edith and Ullrich, 19.10.13

Thank you for making our stay an amazing experience and a perfect ending to a 3-weeks holiday in Tanzania. We’ve been here for 5 days and seen and done it all! Ending with catchng a 6kg big catfish on the fishing trip 1 hour before departure!! Nice staff, nice food. Overall a very pleasant stay. Hope to come back one day. Love, Kristin and DagAndre – Norway, 20.10.13

Thank you for all excellent arrangements during our stay. My husband just would prefer more stable chairs… :) An elephant in front of our cottage this morning was a super bonus! Regards Marjo and 9 from Finland, 20.10.13

On our fourth trip to Africa it was here we finally saw wild dogs. We had a wonderful time. Thank you! Kevin and Virginia, Australia, 21.10.13

Great safari, nice guides, the place is beautiful. Thank you very much. Rajasna and Dessoulavey, 21.10.13

Wonderful hospitality! Here for our honeymoon. All the staff have helped to make this safari special. Also thank you to the Masai for keeping us safe! Yasmin and Gasser, 22.10.13

All the staff were very friendly and could not do more to make our stay enjoyable. The guides and drivers were all great and knowledgeable. Louvely part of the work and a great safari stay. Linda and Ian, UK, 22.10.13

Many thanks for the lovely birthday surprises. Thy were all wonderful including the sunset drinks, dinner outside our tent accompanied by your own elephant and personal guard. Many, many thanks! Ian, 22.10.13

Like any other place in Tanzania, our stay in Lake Manze Camp was wonderful. Great hospitality, everything well organised and last but not least a lion around our tent this morning as a kind of farewell show. Jean Paul and Marie, 23.10.13

Asante sana, sana! It was lovely to stay with you. Great time! All good wishes for everybody! Renata Meile, Switzerland, 23.10.13

Thank you for a fantastic trip! This was our first safari but certainly won’t be our last! The safari guides, drivers and masai have made our stay amazing, people couldn’t do enough for us. Especially Victor! The dinner on our veranda made our honeymoon extra special. Thank you for everything Luke and Claire Williams 
PS (something for the Bristolians and Phil) Our trip was Gert Lush!!!, 23.10.13

Thank you fro an excellent experience. The camp is wonderful and the all-day game drive to the hot springs was fantastic. Adam Nielson, 24.10.13

Thank you for an excellent stay in a beautiful setting. Great hospitality and wonderful animals. Sue and Neil Macpherson, 25.10.13

Thank you for our wonderful stay – we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect vacation – from the friendly and kind staff, guides and drivers to our accommodation. It far surpassed my expectations of what I envisioned. Loved the tents and waking up every morning to a beautiful view and sunrise. Senga and Tim (Canada), 25.10.13

Souvenir imperissable de Tanzanie: le camp dans un site a’ couper le souffle, du personel au petits soins, des safaris inoubliables… Et un petit-dejeuner comme on en voudrait tous les jours!!! Nadege e Francois, 25.10.13

We dreamed of Africa and our dream came true. Special our tent 12 with so many animals visiting us. The staff all included fabulous. The decoration simple/chic. Thanks. Yvonne and Wayne, 26.10.13

Lake Manze Camp certainly lived up to our expectations and more. The setting is wonderful, the tents perfect (especially tent 1 with so many nocturnal visitors!), the staff excellent and the guides incredibly knowledgable. All in all it has been a fantastic experience and we certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lake Manze to family and friends and perhaps even visit again in the future. Thank you for everything. Asante sana! Sarah and Steve (Hertfordshire, England), 26.10.13

Awesome lodge with very beautiful safari grounds. We have enjoyed every drive and the baot safaris are unique. David and Camilla, 27.10.13

The stay was excellent as was the reception. This camp is absolutely exceptional and everybody is unbelievably nice and welcoming. We highly recommend this as a destination for anyone with a love of nature. Wonderful! Mark and Anne, 27.10.13

Thank you! I love the tents, and the food. I had fun fishing. Stefan Bertram Asante!, 28.10.13

I love the game drives and the fishing and the boat safari! The guides were very knowledgeable and the safari trucks were awesome. Jacob Bertram, 28.10.13

Thank you for your excellent work and warm hospitality. Everything was very well done. Eric Bertram, 28.10.13

Your staff and guides are excellent. Asante sana for a wonderful experience in the African bush. We felt priviledged to share the camp with our friends the elephants, hippos and baboons. Christine 
Thank you. We are happy and we come next year. Tent 10. , 28.10.13

Alun and Jan –
Brilliant! We will be back and tell as many people as we know about the wonderful sights/guides/drivers/staff/food and general thoughtfulness. , 28.10.13

We’ve had an amazing time – thank you to all especially Tricia, Ally and Omari x 2! We loved the zebra, lion and warthogs.. Vicky and Paul Carpenter, Paul and Amy McBryde, 29.10.13

Andrea, Christian, Dorli and Vici – 
Thanks for all. It was a really great experience for us!, 29.10.13

Hu Kai (from China)
Thank you for all you have done for me. It’s really a very nice trip for me. You do have very delicious food and fantastic views and animals. I love this experience. Asante Sana Lake Manze, Asante Sana, all lovely people here. 30.10.13

Kutos, asante! Thanks for all of you here for you warm and kind service. Sari, Jari, Unna, Lenni, 30.10.13

The Good Things – Everyone and Everything!
The Bad Things – NOTHING!
Thanks for a great stay.
Chris (England), 31.10.13

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Guest Comments November 2013

1st November
Had a wonderful stay. All the staff were excellent. Thank you, Gill and Paul

To date, the best experience I have had. Your camp is beautiful, staff wonderfully welcoming and fantastic drivers. We wil never forget waking up to the elephants walking past our tent each morning. Jessie and Ryan

Fantastic – guides and drivers, and staff lovely and knowledgeable – love eating family style to get o know others. Thanks so much for the ‘African adventure’. Linda

Fabulous. The information the guides provided was invaluable. The drivers great and take their time over the bumps. The camp staff so helpful and friendly. I enjoyed every minute of my stay. Thank you. 

3rd November
Very pleasant – enjoyed it all! Desserts were especially tasty. Thank you . Glen and Betty

Very pleasant stay, great memories – we’d love to come back. Thanks a lot to the extremely friendly and helpful staff members. We’ve enjoyed all the little lovely arrangements (shells near the bed, soap wrapped up in leaves etc). Thank you! Kerstein and Markus

Our english is not so good, but I will give my best. It was the first time to stay on safari and I can say, we will do it again. It was so beautiful and that was an amazing time! Thanks for all, Justine and Daniel from Germany

4th November
For me the best possible safari. Everyone did their best to make it perfect. Jan Topley, UK

Very enjoyable stay! Better than I could have imagined before. I really want to come back and show my family this place. Sleeping next to an elephant that is sleeping was a great experience. We also saw a male lion the very last hour of our stay. Thank you! Linn and Ann from Sweden. 

5th November
This was our first stay in Tanzania. Thanks to all the positive comments in the Internet, we chose Lake Manze Camp. We’ve loved it here. Not only nature, but the many who have helped to make our stay so memorable we can’t thank enough. It’s so peaceful. The animals come and go through the camp as though it wasn’t there. Congratulations to Phil and Trish for keeping everything so spoilt. Well done everyone, and thank you. Ednis and Heinz

Our first trip to Tanzania and our first ever safari – thank you so much for everything. We’ve had a wonderful stay. All the staff (guides, drivers, etc) were excellent and we’ve learnt a lot. Ruth and Jodie (London)

Thank you for everything. It was so fantastic. We’ve got experience for lifetime. Thank you. 

6th November
An amazing 3 days on safari. Our first trip to Tanzania and what a wonderful first experience! The staff in camp have been brilliant, the guides and drivers wonderful, full of knowledge and nothing was too much trouble for them. Fantastic. Steve and Dot Behrend (Nottingham, UK)

Top notch, amazing, wonderful, amazing: we could keep going on and on. The service was impeccable, the food wonderful and the place in itself is a real gem. You have most definitely made our honeymoon very special and we will forever keep this place in our hearts. Thanks for everything. Geoff and Judith. 

7th November
Thank you so much for a lovely stay, great experiences, lovely food, good sleep. Hopefully back again one day. Best regards, Sara and Charlotte (Denmark/Liberia)

8th November
What can we say? An amazing adventure through the real Africa surrounded by incredible places, animals and people. We’ll be back! Marco and Alessia

Thank you for an amazing experience. The location and animals are outstanding but the friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff, all of the time made it even more special. Thank you so much. Peter 

I don’t know where to begin so maybe I’ll just do a quick summary: incredible. From the expertise of our guide Victor and our driver Daniel, we learned so much and were able to see so many unique things. The staff at the lodge itself also greatly contributed to our experience – from the delicious meals to the housekeeping staff and all the smiling faces, and especially the Masai warriors – we thank you all for making our first visit to Africa truly incredible. Maggi and Andy

9th November

We had a wonderful time thank you. Our guide Bakari was excellent. The elephants wandering through camp really made it. 

11th November

We spent some very nice days here! My wife and I, both we were impressed about this beautiful landscape, the animals, the kindness of the people and not the less, the competence of guides and drivers. Maybe we should try again. Monika and Otto

12th November

I had a wonderful stay. The tent was clean and comfortable, staff very friendly and the guides have been really knowledgable. Love the informal feel of the whole place – felt very welcome. I look forward to sending a lot more people here in the future and supporting the camp. 
James Denny – Expert Africa

13th November
Thank you for a wonderful stay. I am going to miss Lake Manze. The birds, the Masai, the emals at a common table, the staff, the animals. My heart-filled best wishes to all and to Africa, Russ Wolcott, CA

A fantastic place to see the Selous from. The camp is wonderful and magnificently managed by Phil and Trisha. Thanks for helping me reach my aim of seeing the Wild dogs. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. The staff were extremely efficient and well managed. I will return! Peter Stubbs, England

Great place and I’m happy to not miss it. Very calm and peaceful. Thanks to all the staff; I felt very comfortable. Matthias Horn, Germany

14th November

We have had a fantastic four nights in this magical place. Where else could we watch an elephant walking past whilst taking a shower under the stars.. we loved having no electricity, so no emails or mobiles. All the staff were so friendly and couldn’t do enough to help. The guides were very knowledgeable and helped to make the whole stay a truly wonderful experience. Andrew and Carol, England

Thank you for such a great 1st safari experience. I had a blast! Great food, friendly staff, unique experience. Thank you x infinity. Galina, Seattle USA

Durant 3 jours et 3 nuits ce camp restera a’ jamais grave’ dons nos esprita pour notre premier dejour en Africane. Nous avons rant vu et rant appris en si peu de temps… l’organisation du camp et la gentillesse de tout le staff est remaranoble. Merci pour tout cela! Christophe et Sandrine, Bordeaux (France)

Four days and nights of perfection: What a treat to spend time in such a beautiful location totally unspoiled by the camp’s presence. An incredibly laid back and relaxing environment backed up with great service, excellent attention to detail and the most fantastic and knowledgeable guides. We will take a multitude of life long memories away with us… Marcus and Lisa Gilman, UK

Thank you for a wonderful stay! Asante, Kate Washington DC

15th November

It was an amazing tour! The ice of the cake of our holiday. Thank you very much. Andrea and Peter from Rathenow Germany

16th November

This was an utterly beautiful experience. No other words! Thank you so much for everything. I shall come back. Steffi, Berlin, Germany

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Amazing place – wish I could have stayed a bit longer. Paul, Cambridge, UK

Thank you for an exceptional stay on a wonderful place. We will be back some day. Permorten – Sidsel, Norway

The most beautiful experience that I’ve lived. See you soon. Giorgia, Rome, Italy

17th November
Great guide and terrific driver. Got us to a lot of birds we seek. Great staff. Rivka and Shimel, Israel

Thank you for this amazing experience. The stay was very pleasant and thank you for the accommodation. Asante sana, Sebastien

Va charmant sejour aven un personnel charmant et disponible… Un endroit paisible pour se resourcer. Stephanie

18th November

Thank you for such an enjoyable experience. Selous is beautiful, and your boat trips are exceptional. We have been really well looked after here in this delightful camp. Anita and Gordon

21st November

Mr and Mrs Lucky had a fantastic time. Leopard and kill, wild dogs, lions with wildebeest kill. Fantastic river trip – lots of birds and elephants. Ended up with a heavy rain shower at the beginning/end of a rainbow!! Thank you!

Thank you so much for everything. It has been a beautiful and lovely stay, and all of you are doing such a great and brilliant job! I have no comments or suggestions for things that could be improved – just keep up the good work! Maria

I hope come back, it is a paradise. Thanks for a beautiful stay. Monte (Barcelona)

The staff was very friendly and outgoing. The tent was really clean and spacious. The  food was more than okay! Sometimes the wait for an activity was too long. The morning ride was quite long. In general was everything good. Sarah and Sarah

23rd November

Thank you very much for everything. I really love my stay here at Lake Manze, even if it was short. Staff are friendly and game drive, boat safari was amazing. All I can say is that everything was perfect and hope I will come back for a long stay for the next season. Mirene Sifa

25th November
Thank you all so much for such a brilliant holiday at Lake Manze! The safari, accommodation and staff have exceeded all expectations. We have felt so welcome, the guides, bar staff, waiters and all back of house have been so friendly. We have seen some fabulous game and have lots of memories to cherish. Many thanks!
Claire and Keir, Bristol

Dear All, a huge thank you to everyone at camp for making our trip a special one. It has been an absolute pleasure to be here at Lake Manze and have witnessed some fantastic sites; lots of amazing creatures – big and small! All staff at camp have been amazing: in particular our guides: Ali and Samson. Best wishes, Nick and Ally

27th November
A fantastic safari, we saw all animals. The guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. Neil and Brenda Robinson

Coming off the plane, was able to see ALL animals on first day. Every day following the first was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I will definitely be returning in the future. Thank you so much!! Prudence Fischer (Australia)

The safari was absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed the open camp setting, being able to get up close to all the animals and feeling completely safe, and learning some Swahili from all the friendly Masai and staff. I will definitely remember and cherish this amazing experience. Rachel Fischer (New Zealand)

Thank you for a fantastic safari 5 days. Management and staff excellent; absolutely no complaints. Animals, birds, reptiles amazing. So many intimate moments and great memories. Sandy Fischer (Kyrgyztan)

We had a wonderful time. We loved the tent and had a great safari experience, from seeing wild dogs and lions to fish jumping into our boat. The staff were kind and friendly. We will recommend this camp to our acquaintances. Many thanks! The Steens

Thank you for giving us such a great experience. It was our first safari and we will be sure not the last one. A very big thank you to all of you to make us feel at home. Martina and Alex

29th November
Again – a great stay at Selous Lake Manze. 10th time here and will be back! Great staff, great game, great camp! Jim and Karen

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Guest Comments December 2013

1 .12.13
E’ stata una bellissima esperienza. Grazie a tutto lo staff. Rochelle e Antonio

Wonderful although short visit. Terrific staff! Personal attention much appreciated. Carole Metour, Ann Setsen

Thank you for your company and for making this feel as our home, especially for all the great conversations at lunch and dinner. Asante sana! Alicia i Jordi

For us, it was an unforgetable, breath-taking trip. Thank you for all. Lena and Vinko, Slovenija

8 .12.13
Stayed for 4 nights here, had a great time. Food, accommodation and safaris were all top notch. Thanks, Aaron Stasuk

What an experience! We’ve enjoyed the food and hospitality. Thank you for looking after us and hope to see you again! Ian and Michaela – Berkshire, England

Lovely safari, both on land and through water – an absolute highlight. Thank you for an amazing stay. Ann Stake, Kigali, Rwanda

A wonderful place. Very wild. Fantastic boat trip at sunset. Thank you very much. Sophie and Didier Simonini – France

Thank you for the great service. Your staff was amazing. It was a wonderful experience staying in the tent with a bush-like experience. Asante sana! Mita Samat – IMF

Thank you for a fantastic experience, warmth, great service. Everything is at a top class level. Wish you god luck, no accidents, success! Thank you once again! Sabrina and Martin, Kazakhstan

Thanks for the really great safari experience that we had here in the Lake Manze Camp – our stay and all the game drives were amazing. We will keep a good memory of our trip. Anne-Laure et Benoit

Have had an amazing few days here, incredible first safari expereince so thank you so much for making it enjoyable. Lovely friendly staff, and guides. Will take some great memories! Lauren Longstaff

A magical place – loved every aspect. Thank you so much for a great experience – hopefully we will return. Best wishes to you all. Chris Longstaff

Excellent location and camp. P.A. Chambers UK

An amazing place o be. Excellent service, loveyto have animals so close to the camp. Thank you, Clare

Brilliant 3 days. Staff and hosts were excellent, in particular the guides. Tried most of the activities. Three teenagers all fully entertained and thrilled. Most excellent holiday ever. Kyle Family, England

Very spiritual experience! Such a lovely place, service and staff exceptional – an experience of a lifetime!  Gayle Houchin

I’m very greatful to have had the opportunity to stay with you all here! The staff, guides, and tents are exceptional! Thank you! Nashakuru sana! Erin Houchin

We have all had a wonderful experience here; we have seen and learnt so much. Our first experience of camping as a family was great fun – afraid they will expect real beds and wildlife in the showers next time! Elephants walking by our tent, baby crocs and 2 week old giraffe all highlights. Wonderfully attentive staf – thank you. Michelle, Jack, Luca and Kai Flipsen

A truly wonderful experience – there are not many places in the world where you are watched by monkeys while taking a shower! The amazing staff make it even more special, always happy to explain things and take the time to talk and even teach a few words of Swahili! Let’s hope this amazing environment will be around for many years to come. Steven and Debbie (Chubby) …

With Phil and Trisha driving this camp with talk and smiles,
The guides use their experience to track and spot with guile,
The warriors who take you safely to and from your tent,
All to ensure this safari is time so well spent,
The beauty and majesty that surrounds us is a gift,
Animals in the wild gives my soul such a lift,
May this land continue to thrive,
I know it truly makes me feel alive.

We had a beautiful experience! Safari was really great and funny and also the staff. The camp was comfortable and clean. Thank you!! Giulia, Luca, Barbara and Massimo

Beyond expectations. Staff went out of way to ensure activities went well. Guides were very knoweldgeable and explained what we saw very well. We will recommend to others. Brian and Nancy Wolfe.

Wow! What an amazing experience. We tried to list our top 3 highlights this morning, and couldn’t get lower than top 10! Watching two teenage elephants play fighting in the lake this morning was a wonderful way to end a faboulous holiday. Thank you to all the staff who made our stay so special. Asanteni sana. Amanda and Sandy

One of our best Christmas vacations ever! Thanks to all the guides, drivers, and staff who workedso hard to make our stay here very memorable. Definitely our highlight was close encounters with a herd of elephants! Steve and Sherree Francis, Chiang Mai, Thailand

An absolutely fantastic experience in this beautiful part of the world. The staff were just wonderful and we felt very at home for Christmas. Each safari brought a different experience or a new sighting, making each drive very exciting. The highlight of the trip – what can I say? There were  so many! Thank you so much for having us. Joyce and Abi Bugge

We enjoyed a fantastic stay at the camp with a friendly staff and very expereienced guides. I think I’ll never forget this part of my holiday. I especially appreciate the philosophy of the camp. Karin, Norbert, Germany

What a fantastic four days we’ve had – a huge thank you to the wonderful staff and especially Phil, Tricia and our outstanding guide Bakari! Our aim was to have a holiday of  a  lifetime, and we certainly had that with lots of small personal touches that made our stay comfortable and a real home from home. Thank you so much, David, Rosie, Charlotte and Adam


Thank you for this amazing four days! It was the best and most beautiful adventures of our life. The nature is gorgeous and living in the camp makes you feel part of it. You were all very kind. Asante sana,
Lucio, Maddy, Marta, e Elisabetta

We fell in love with this place. Splendid area, great ambiance and very friendly staff. Thanks to everybody with special thanks to Hilary and Ally who turned our game drives into a fantastic experience! Holiday of a lifetime! Hoogeveen, Denmark and Netherlands

Thank you for this amazing safari. We were very pleased by the warm welcome we received. We couldn’t have wished for a better first safari!! We hope to come back one day. Rossel Family

Thank you  for this magnificent safari experience. We were so warmly welcomed, the staff is absolutely wonderful and our tour guides so professional. All the best, Outi and Tuomas, Finland

Grazie di tutto! Spetiacolo meraviglioso. Speriamo di mautenerlo a dispozione delle prossime generazioni! Tende molto pulite e ben curate senza isetti. Veramente bello! Elena, Federico, Stefano, Laura

Our first safari has been an amazing experience. We have had some exciting drives with Emmanuel and Zahor, who impressed us greatly with their knowledge and tracking. Wonderful environment. Very friendly staff and excellent food, we were so well catered for as 4 vegetarians.

A wonderful time! The boating safaris were excellent as well – watching elephants swim across the river at sunset will stay with me for a long time!
The White Family, London.

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Guest Comments January 2014

Wow! We start the New Year’s book! Everything was excellent as usual! We are here for the 3rd time – thank you for all, Giusi and Roberto, 01.01.14

What an amazing camp complete with beautiful hides for comfortable living. The New Year’s celebration will be remembered always. However the people were all so helpful, welcoming and a joy to spend time with. Enjoy your time in this gorgeous reserve and we feel we can entrust it to your protection and safekeeping, 
Very best wishes for 2014,
Norman and Karen 
Tembo and Bushbaby, 01.01.14

Thanks for the amazing experience!! It was our first safari ever and we couldn’t have had a better start.
Philipp and Corinne, 01.01.14


Complimenti per la splendida ospitalità, l’ottima professionalità e il non facile equilibro tre rispetti della natura e le comodità della vita a ci siamo abituati. Grazie! Non vi dimenticheremo.
Margherita, 02.01.14

Grazie davvero per la disponibilità per l’accoglienza e soprattutto alle guide. Le escursioni sono fantastiche e devo dire che 2GG sono un po’ pochini per ci ritorneremo.
Grazie a tutto. Federico ed Elena, 02.01.14

Asante sana! This place is paradise kabisa! From the moment we got off the plane we felt welcomed and comfortable, despite the heat. We love the elephant towels, all the mats around the tent and even the complimentary water made a difference. Keep up the amazing hospitality and take a break when you get a chance!
Molly, Carla and Greg, Chicago IL, 02.01.14

Amazing time, amazing place, amazing staff. What else to say?? Thanks for everything.
Nicolas and Dieynaba, 02.01.14

We had a really wonderful time here! No words to say about it, just feelings! Thank you,
Olga, Daniel and Dimie, 04.01.14

Dear Phil, Tricia, all
Thank you for an excellent safari experience. Really enjoyed the animals, the atmosphere, the tent, everything. I’m really happy that I came to visit you guys as my last adventure in Africa – this time! :) Hoping to come back one day.
Heidi, 04.01.14

Asante sana for an unforgettable experience! This is paradise! 
Agnes and Will, 04.01.14

What a wonderful experience! We’re had a wonderful, eye-opening delightful time here, and we’re grateful for your friendly and professional staff, excellent service and lasting memories. Thank you!
The Fielder Family, Austin Texas, 05.01.14

We had a wonderful experience in Manze Lake. Thank you to all staff for your kindness and professionalism. 
Best Regards, Valentina e Federico, Luca e Bruno, 05.01.14

We had a wonderful, unforgettable time here at Lake Manze! Thanks to all of you for great and personal service, great guides and drivers!! Hope we will be back soon!!
Christopher and Lars, 06.01.14

This was my first safari experience. It was beautiful, deep and short. I would love to come back with my daughter. Everything was perfect, and we also had fun.
Pavla, Czech Republic, 06.01.14

Amazing and lovely place. Wish I could stay longer.
Sebastian and Karen – Germany, 06.01.14

Excellent experience – amazing place! Thank you – asante sana – dekyji –
Verra from Prague, 06.01.14

Friendly people, great organisation, awesome experience. Thanks! 
Mariano and Polpetta Italy, 06.01.14

Esperienza sensazionale assolutamente da ripetere; animali meravigliosi e nottata speciale. Grazie di tutto.
Lorenzo, 07.01.14

Lovely experience, just come, relax… and enjoy!
Estelle and Arsene, 08.01.14

Thank you for a memorable few days – every time I visit Tanzania I see something new and enjoy the brilliant knowledge of your guides. Hakuna matata!
Maggie MacCrimmon, 08.01.14

This is our last day in Tanzania after a 3 weeklong holiday. Thanks for a couple of wonderful days here! We got so many impressions and last moments prove no exceptions with a simple bull elephants inside the camp! Thank you very much! Peter, Sweden, 09.01.14

Second time on safari; first in Selous… Great boat run in the afternoon with amazing sunset at the end of it. Really enjoyed the experience. See you next time.
Michael, 10.01.14

Un moment unique et exceptionnel. Une aventure inoubliable – première expérience mémorable- dans un cadre naturel et magnifique.
Nadjia, 10.01.14

Four days were not enough! What a fantastic and well-run camp. We will elaborate on Trip Advisor!
Jan Willem and Marion, Netherlands, 12.01.14

Speriamo che valga io detto “non c’è due senza tre” in modo de poter tornare ancora una volta. Come sempre, luogo incantevole e atmosfera millanta. Grazie.
Azzura e David, 12.01.14

Absolutely fantastic! Amazing service and staff! Great accommodation. The game drives and boat trips were amazing – easily some of the best safari experience I’ve ever had – thank you. Wish I had more time – looking forward for a return visit.
Amy Leah Potter, 12.01.14

The tent was very good. I like the birds. Absolute the environment was fantastic and very nice and calm place.
Selvi and Delisha, 13.01.14

Accommodation and service was excellent. Dinner and breakfast super and wild nature very beautiful. Thanks a lot!
Richard and Petra, Prague, 15.01.14

Dear team, we had a wonderful stay! Good game spotting, experienced guides, friendly staff, very good food and Masai who took good care of our safety.
Anja, 15.01.14

Supernatural, very good staff, everybody very friendly and all extremely well organised by the managers. And let’s not forget the animals. Whoa!
Tjaart, Leo, Annake, Netherlands, 16.01.14

This was my first safari experience. Everything was beautiful, many thanks all staff, drivers and guides. We would like come back with all family. Nice place, beautiful animals, super tents. The elephant around camp is big surprise for both!
Aleka and Yarda, Czech Republic, 18.01.14

Wonderful holiday – saw everything we wanted to see and so much more. Each activity was made so interesting by our guide Adam and everyone was so smiley and friendly. Sorry to leave. Hope to return one day! 19.01.14

We had a wonderful time! Great guiding, fishing, and boating!
Bjorn and Grow, Norway, 21.01.14

We had the best time ever! Amazing place and staff! Will recommend this place to everyone.
Love, Mika and Tuulia, Finland, 21.01.14

I had a wonderful time here, great guides, excellent service, and pleasant and smiley people. Such a relaxing time after stressful period at work. Here, you forget about everything. Especially when you hear downpour hitting the top of your tent. What romance!
Martin, 21.01.14

We have had a wonderful time with all the animals around the camp. The boat trip with Elton was stunning.
Wilma and Jan, Holland, 23.01.14

Asante sana! The camp is very beautiful and magnificent location. The water safari was brilliant – Rashid was an excellent guide. Especially with regards to our interests in birds. Tutaonana baadaye!
Laurie and Michael Barr, Alberta Canada, 23.01.14

It’s time to say goodbye, but we definitely hope to come back some day in the future. We’ve stayed here for 3 nights and absolutely enjoyed every minute. The sounds of nature and all the animals, birds are fantastic to listen to and nice to wake up with this ‘music’. The staff- absolutely everyone is so friendly, helpful, attentive at all times. We’ve loved the activities and are amazed by what we’ve got to see from the minute we’ve landed until our last day. Big thank you to the good eyes of our guide, driver, boat driver, the Masai who have been wonderful guards. Without these eyes we would have never seen all the wonderful – sometimes well-hidden details (for our eyes). A big thank you goes to Trisha! You’ve always offered your help, gave us great information and advice. Compliment to chefs and kitchen staff – our meals were fantastic – but the portions were just too big! We try to come back – we love it here! Asante sana!
Flavia and Rolf, Switzerland, 25.01.14

Second time around Selous and the camp was as impressive as the first time. Super friendly staff, knowledgeable guides and skilled drivers, great service too. Many thanks for the great experience overall.
Magda, Hungary, 26.01.14

Absolutely amazing experience! The entire staff was friendly and approachable. Couldn’t imagine a more relaxing weekend away from Dar! I’ll definitely be back soon!
Dan (San Francisco, CA), 26.01.14

We are so happy to be here! We were very impressed by animals in this park.
Danuese and Vladimir – Czech Republic, 26.01.14

It was just as amazing: -slept really well; shower with the stars; lovely staff; beautiful animals; stunning boat trip; and a lot more.
Sylvie, Germany

This was a fantastic adventure for us. The animals, the organisation, and the staff were superb. Thank you so much. I hope, and believe, we will be back.
Ken Slaughter and Sue Price, 28.01.14

A wonderful African experience. The staff were really helpful, especially with our children. Our guide, Bakari was very knowledgeable and patient. Lovely experience with Lyagus the resident elephant. Feel very blessed to have been amongst the animals in their habitat, Rachel, Glen, Hannah and Noah McDonald (Perth, Australia), 28.01.14

What a fabulous experience!! Our whole extended family had a magnificent time. The staff are so very lovely and we felt safe and happy at all times. Excellent food, tents and safaris were amazing. Asante sana. Fiona, Shawn and Isaac, 28.01.14

When I said I would be back, I meant it – it is hard to stay away too long from such a beautiful place. It is not just about the animals – it is not even just the astonishing birds. It is about listening to the early morning chorus; sitting under the stars; eating delicious food and learning to live without the things we take for granted in Europe. Lake Manze reaches parts of the soul other places try to achieve. Thank you.
Marcus Rutherford, London, 29.01.14

Super. We will come back. All was very nice. Personel is the best. Thanks, 29.01.14 

Wonderful experience. It was great. Thanks very much.
Laurence, France, 30.01.14

Thank you so much for the good reception and the exceptional adventure. Very good guide and driver. So interesting and so, so smiley. We really enjoyed!
Cristina, Spain, 31.01.14

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