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November 2015 News


Sightings of the month


Laygos has been his entertaining self with the shaking of the Doum palms for the delicious fruits,
even though his stocks are nearly diminished.

The start of the small rains in November. Well, maybe not yet. Although we have had some small thunder storms during the month it seems that the follow up rains are threatening and will hopefully arrive soon to help the new growth of the green patches of grass that are forming.
A much needed source of food for the many herbivores in the area.

Giraffe in Selous

Hippos near Lake Manze

Hippo near Lake manze

African wild dog, Selous

African wild dog puppy

At last we have had sightings of wild dogs. The first pack which consists of three dogs, two females and a male, which the guides believe is a formation of a new pack.

African wild dogs, Selous

African wild dogs, Selous

The second sighting was about 25 kilometers from camp consisting of six adults and nine pups. Again a new pride in the area which had given the guides and guests many a hour of pleasure with some great photographic opportunities.

Beho Beho pack of wild dogs, Selous

A couple of days ago the Beho Beho pack which now boasts six pups and twelve adults was sighted .Exciting times ahead.

New elephants come through Lake Manze camp

We were lucky enough to have a new group of 24 elephant dance through camp on a couple of occasions stuffing themselves on the plentiful Doum palm leaves. This group has three new born calves in their midst which is really good news and bodes well for the elephant population in the Selous.

Elephant mother and baby

Mother elephant with baby

Elephants in Lake Manze camp

When the bush babies keep on screaming for hours during the night something is happening. Our first leopard kill next to tent number eight.

Young lionn in camp

Lion in Selous

Two young male Lions walking through camp unexpectedly. The baboons are the best warning signal. The Selous is still wild and unpredictable.

Cardinal woodpecker

Martial Eagle in Selous

White-fronted Bee-eaters

We are enthusiastically looking forward to all our December guests to enable us to show them the splendor of Lake Manze camp and the special areas around the Selous. Thanks again to all our guests over the last month and we hope to see you all again soon.

Safe travels.

By Shaun, Milinda and all the Manze Team.

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