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March 2016 News


Carmine Bee-eaters

Selous wild flower

Now that the season is ended, we can reflect on the happenings at Lake Manze camp over the past months.

Walking into the unknown at Lake Manze Camp at the beginning of the season was a revelation as we were greeted with enthusiasm and a well oiled machine. A team that was geared up to satisfy all our guests needs and to exceed their expectations wherever possible. We can all say thank you to the Essential Destinations teams on a job well done.

Laygos through the fence


Laygos napping by the camp restaurant

Laygos napping again

Laygos napping

Laygos has been a hit and his antics and photos will be on all guests lips for a long time to come. Thank you Laygos for gracing us with your presence and may you be around for a long time to entertain us. Hopefully many more naps in camp.

film of lion cubs playing near lake Manze

Selous lioness

Lion cubs playing in Selous

Lion cubs playing in Selous

Lion cubs playing in Selous

Lion cubs playing in Selous

Lion family - Selous

Selous lion cubs playing

Lioness and cubs in Selous

Selous male lions

The new additions to the Manze Pride are showing themselves more and more and are a delight to see when spotted in the open areas with their mother. So cute and adorable. The two male lions responsible have also been spotted on a couple of occasions and can be proud of their new offspring.

We say thank you to all our past guests and those still to come for affording us the opportunity of hosting you here in the Selous. May the memories of your visit linger for a long time. We envy the guests who have never travelled to Africa as they have so much to look forward to.

We bid you a safe lifes journey till we meet again in the month of June for the reopening of the camp.

Safe travels
Shaun, Milli and the Lake Manze team


Guest comments

We had an absolutely wonderful stay. It has been an unforgettable experience. To be honest, I have no idea how I will fall asleep without the comforting rumblings of a Hippo nearby. Thank you all very much for a wonderful time. Every part of our stay was great. Milli and Shaun were particularly attentive and accommodating. Hats off to the chef for always delighting us.
Love from Bahrain. May and Foris

Excellent. No complaints. This was the best safari I have been on. I hope to come back and if given the chance I will. Excellent staff and a great time.
Jim Hopper USA

Thank you Shaun and Milli and all the team. We have had a wonderful experience, much better than any expectations. You did great in all aspects, the atmosphere, the place, the service. We will come back and will suggest that this is the place you need to come at least once in your life.
Pierfrancesco and Stefania from Rome

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