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ILake Manze Camp Layout  I  Tent Plan


video of lioness climbing down from a tree near Lake Manze, by Shaun O'Driscoll


Manze tent with Impala 

Tent 6

The tents are "meru style" canvas with double zip locking and mesh windows.
There are two family tents - an extra room with twin beds is zipped on to the front of the tent, in place of the veranda;
the bathroom at the back of the tent is shared by both rooms.

the extensive camp area 

Tent 6 vie  w

They are carefully placed around the extensive camp area, with the lodge and dining area in the central section, along the shores of Lake Manze and each tent has a view towards the lake.

Close encounter  Elephants

The tents are spread out in the shade of Doum palms and Acacias.
The animals can come very close - its not a good idea to go so close as  our guide here.

tent interior

The main bedroom of the tent - you can just see the dressing-room and bathroom area behind. There are double zip flaps (one of gauze mesh and one of tough canvas)
between the bedroom and bathroom, and also between the veranda and bedroom.
There is fan - powered by solar energy.

   tent interior 

tent interior 

Lake Manze Camp has all of the comforts that any of us might expect: Inside each large walk-in tent is a double bed with a wrought-iron frame
(or twin beds; or an extra bed may be added to make a triple tent)
There is also a lock-box (large wooden chest with a padlock) for any valuables and a simple frame with canvas shelves designed as a wardrobe.
Large mosquito-gauze windows on all sides of the tent allow the breeze to pass through, whilst keeping insects out.

water flask  

Boiled and filtered water is supplied in a thermos flask, as well as candles and a torch for night-time, as there is no electricity in the tents.

Camera batteries can be recharged at the bar (in the lodge bar area).

View from tent  View from tent

The tents are furnished with twin or double beds (or an extra bed can be added to make a triple tent) and each tent has its own stone veranda,
which has been beautifully built out of large stone slabs.
From here you can sit in a comfortable director's chair, making the most of your great views of the lake, and the animals that come down there to drink.

Bathroom at Lake Manze 
Shower at Lake Manze 

Through the back of the tent, protected by double zip-lock curtains, is an open-air en-suite bathroom with canvas and latticed wood walls for privacy.
There is a sink with running water, set into a large wooden surface, and a mirror.

Shower at Lake Manze  Shower at Lake Manze

Behind this, separated off by an inner canvas wall, is the flush toilet and hot-and-cold shower, in "skylight" bush style..
The bathroom is simple and practical – all you really need whilst in the middle of the bush. Soap and loo paper are supplied.

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