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If you have been to any of our properties and would like to share some of your photos with us,
please send to info@adventurecampstz.com and we'll put them here for everyone to see!

We are fortunate enough to have had a visit from a very talented photographer - Ruth Greenfield, from UK.

Here is a selection of photos taken in Selous and Ruaha:

Part 1: Selous

Selous Bee-eater

Selous Giraffes

Boat Safari on the Rufiji

Selous Impala Breakfast

Rufiji and Selous Impala Camp

Selous Impala Camp Pool

Selous Wild Dog

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Part 2: Ruaha

Ruaha Elephants

Ruaha Sunset

Aerial photo, Great Ruaha river

Ruaha Buffalo


Ruaha Elephant

Elephant and baby, Ruaha

Mwagusi sand river, ruaha

Elephants drinking from holes in a sand river, ruaha

Ruaha landscape

Ruaha landscape

Ruaha lion

Ruaha landscape

Ruaha landscape

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