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01 Elephants crossing the river, Ruaha.jpg

02 Elephant in the river, Ruaha.jpg

03 Pietro with curious elephant, Ruaha.jpg

04 Elephant, Ruaha.jpg

05 Elephant eating grass, Ruaha.jpg

06 Elephant foot, Ruaha.jpg

07 Elephant after dustbath, Ruaha.jpg

08 Elephant head, Ruaha.jpg

09 Elephants, rains, Ruaha.jpg

10 Elephant profile, Ruaha.jpg

11 Elephant charge, Ruaha.jpg

12 Elephant mother and son, Ruaha.jpg

13 Elephant suckling, Ruaha.jpg

14 Baby Elephants, Ruaha.jpg

15 Elephant synchro, Ruaha.jpg

16 Elephants digging for water, Ruaha.jpg

17 Three Elephants, Ruaha.jpg

18 Elephant digging for water, Ruaha.jpg

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