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Fanjove News August 2016

Sundowner at Fanjove Island

This month comes with great progress.
After a long decision made to cut down on the use of plastic bottles to help save our environment and the oceans, we’ve now shifted to producing our own drinkable water using a reverse osmosis to desalinate water.
The operation is a success thanks to all those involved in the process.

Juvenile male Amethyst sunbird on Fanjove
Juvenile male Amethyst sunbird on Fanjove

Our Conservation Project is helping to tackle lots of environmental issues.
Early this month, we had 8 new buoys chained and morred to the ocean floor to help secure a non-fishing zone, part of protecting the corals and marine life around the Island.

Skink on Fanjove
Skink on Fanjove

August has been a great month for sighting dolphins and migrating humpback whales.
On the 13th of August we participated in the SWWD (synchronized whale watching day) with no luck on spotting whales but the previous days we were lucky to see them.
A report came from Tofu in Mozambique where the majority of the whales are still calving so we hope they will keep migrating north for a chance to see more of them.

A beautiful footage of an octopus cleaning its den was collected by placing the GoPro around the perimeter of its new home.
We are still debating whether this is an ambitious octopus doing some cleaning or if it is a defensive behavior.
Watch the video here ….

Sunset on Fanjove
Sunset on Fanjove

Around sunset time, you can easily spot Jupiter and Venus and this is obviously the best time of the year to watch the milky way and other thousands of stars in the sky.

We look forward to the next month’s surprises.

Madagascar Bee-eaters on Fanjove
Madagascar Bee-eaters on Fanjove

Guests Comments:

"A huge thank you Hassan, Hakim, Athumani and the rest of the staff (especially chefs Michael and Paolo) for making our 40th anniversary so incredibly special. We've had an incredibly great time - relaxing, enjoyable, with plenty of great exercise and delicious food, and most of all the snorkeling!
Asante Sana!"
- Nancy & charlie Crane

"Thank you for an amazing 3 days here on paradise island that is Fanjove.
It was the perfect place for us to spend part of our honeymoon relaxing and yet taking part in so many of the activities.
Our candlelit lighthouse dinner was beautiful and unforgettable.
Fanjove will always hold a special place in our hearts."
- Barry & Gillie Fenelly

"It is so sad to leave this beautiful island.
We have spent a truly magical time here. We came looking for peace and a relaxing time and what we have found is a world of colors, sounds and amazing people to learn from and have conversations with.
Special mention to Hassan, an incredible eco warrior and Hakim for his never ending smile.
Of course the rest of the staff helped make our stay incredible.
Paradise has 7 letters.
See you soon Fanjove!"
- Ana & Felipe

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Fanjove News July 2016

Fanjove Dolphins

Hello everyone!
It has been a wonderful month here at Fanjove Private Island.
Thank you to Remy Simon for the many wonderful photos this month.

Fanjove Island clear water

Fish flying through the waters at Fanjove

Fanjove Beach

You know August is nearing when you can see the ocean’s floor from atop the deck. The clarity and quality of the waters here are what remains the exceptional part of the archipelago.

Fanjove new jetty

The Jetty is now fully operational and makes for an ideal checkpoint where we meet our guests for a boat trip to the island.

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

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Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove beach by Remy Simon

Fanjove birds by Remy Simon

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 Fanjove birds by Remy Simon

Fanjove birds by Remy Simon

Fanjove birds by Remy Simon

Fanjove birds by Remy Simon

Fanjojve caves by Remy Simon

Fanjove Coral by Remy Simon

The south wind had dropped down to a few knots, making encounters with bottlenose dolphins and migrating humpback whales more frequent.

Most of the erosion caused by the north wind from the last season has now recovered; a natural process that most islands endure with sea level rises and global warming.

Fanjove hammock by banda

We are redesigning a small portion of the bar area and adding new cabinetry and storage cubicles at the dive center plus guests can now enjoy their own private hammock in front of their private beach.

Keep telling friends and family about Fanjove Private Island and all there is to do here. 

Wild flowers at Fanjove

Guest Comments

Thank you to all at Fanjove who have made our stay here wonderful. It’s with heavy  heart that we have to leave but it’s been a blissful end to our honeymoon in Tanzania

Lettie and Charlie Stagg, 24th July 2016


It has been a unique experience, fantastic staff. Relaxing and fun at the same time. Would love to be back. Thank you

Charlotte, Giorgio from Dubai

28th July 2016


It was an experience that I will never forget. Thanks to the staff for an incredible birthday and for going out of their way to make it special. They never stop smiling. Thanks!! And the food was heavenly.

Christopher Lund, RSA

An unforgettable experience! Heaven on earth! Good food, good staff, breathtaking sea scape and sunsets. Definitely worth repaeating.

Linsday and Jess Lund, RSA

Thank you so much for the amazing experience! I will never forget it! Going to miss this place!

Erin Lund xx, RSA

15th July 2016


We’ve searched for a long time, found paradise at last. Everything was perfect.

Rose and Dave McDonald, RSA

15th July 2016


Grazie per il fantastic soggiorno che ci avete fatto trascorrere, per l’ospitalita’ piacevole e premurosa, per l’attenzione e la cura del manager e di tutto il personale. Complimenti anceh all’ottimo chef. Il posto e’ vermante stupendo e indimenticabile.

Maria e Riccardo

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Kayakking at Fanjove

Fanjove dolphins

Viewing Fanjove dolphins

Fanjove dolphins

Fanjove reef

Fanjove reef

Fanjove reef

Fanjove diving

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Fanjove News June 2016

Fanjove Sunset

We started a new season!

Yes, June 2016 sees the beginning of the fourth season at Fanjove Private Island.

Two months of rain have left us with lush green bushes and healthy coconut trees.
It’s the summer solstice and while the sun rises south east, we are having beautiful sunsets on the north west side of the island just in front of the dining area.

Fanjove full moon in June 2016

The Fanjove dhow at sunset

The Southern Cross, Jupiter, Mars and the Milky Way shine brightly through the night and meteorites shoot in the starry sky.
The south wind whispers stories from far away places; whales migrating, boats sailing and a fresh breeze that cools us through the night.

Fanjove migrating birds

Wildlife wise, a group of migrating birds from last year seems to be enjoying it here and we are also glad with their pleasant presence.
The same goes for the schools of sweetlips who have made one of the corals their permanent home.
Newborn batfishes get curious when swimming with snorkelers and the sardines come to visit us in the days around the full moon causing a feeding frenzy for the many egrets on the shore.
We had an early sighting of around 200 spinner dolphins with our first visitors on the first week of June.
At night, we have seen a few of what might have been newly born coconut crabs.
A turtle nest carrying 136 eggs has been safely relocated and we are waiting for the hatching to occur.

Fanjove diving pontoon

All in all, it’s new beginnings on Fanjove and we are proud of the achievements made and that the magic is still here around us.

Looking forward to meeting many of you this season!

Yummy crab dinner
Yummy Crab dinner at Fanjove

 Guest comments:

"Thank you for making a week in paradise possible. We have been so well looked after - the perfect combination of relaxing and activities. Hassan and the team are doing a wonderful job preserving and taking care of the island.
Many thanks."
Natalie Rose Rutherford.

"Beautiful and enchanting home on an island. We had a lovely stay. 1st visit in 5 years, wish we would have come before, but definitely another visit coming up this year."

"A very brief but wonderful stay. What a simply stunning spot!"

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Fanjove News March 2016

short film of a Barracuda scavenging off the reef

Barracuda at Fanjove

Barracuda off Fanjove's south reef

We have come to end to the season and since some of the best ambassadors for preserving Fanjove are those who have visited the Island, we are dedicating this mini-newsletter to you all, guests and visitors.

We believe that sharing the Island's wonders while providing information on current conservation efforts helps to ensure life-long supporters of Fanjove.

Squid egg capsules at Fanjove

Squid egg capsules on the reef at Fanjove


Maating squids off Fanjove Island - film I

Squid egg capsules at Fanjove

This month Fanjove has been chosen as honeymoon destination by a small population of squids: the warm shallow waters, where the sand is covered by a layer of sea grass, have been witness of this special mollusc love; couples were formed and as a result egg capsules were laid in clusters, each capsule containing 3/4 eggs and each cluster containing between 200 and 2000 capsules.

Squid egg capsules at Fanjove


Maating squids off Fanjove Island - film II

Fanjove's sea grass nurses at the moment a possible number of hundreds of thousand of baby squids.

Thanks for an awesome season everyone and for your continual support,

See you in June!


Fanjove Coconut Crab

Fanjove coconute crab

Fanjove Spotted flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher on Fanjove

Fanjove Crab plover

Fanjove Crab plover

Fanjove's Waders

Waders on Fanjove

Little Egret on Fanjove Island

Little Egret on Fanjove

Orange-striped Trigger fish at Fanjove

Orange-striped trigger fish on Fanjove reef

Fanjove Southenr Reef Squid

Squid on Fanjove southern reef

Fanjove Southenr Reef Squid

Squid on Fanjove southern reef

Fanjove Southenr Reef Squid

Squid on Fanjove southern reef

Fanjove Southenr Reef Squid

Squid on Fanjove southern reef

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Fanjove News February 2016

Setting up an example for future generations.

Fanjove Island from the air

Far off the eastern coast of Africa, a diverse ecosystem thrives.
In the Indian Ocean, restoration efforts are giving vulnerable native species a second chance on an island in Tanzania.

Fanjove reef

Octopus off Fanjove

Privately owned Fanjove Island was once commercially exploited for fish and coconuts but is now prized for its marine biodiversity and seabird colonies. In 2012 the island was made into an eco-lodge. Its conservation is managed by Essential Destinations together with camps in Ngorongoro, Ruaha and the Selous.


Humpbacked Whales off Fanjove Island

Among its biological treasures is abundant coral reef fishes, green sea turtles nesting, humpback whales calving, healthy populations of coconut crabs, migrating colonies of crab plovers and terns, the resident egrets and pied crows, pods of hundreds of spinner and bottlenose dolphins and more.

Coconut crab climbing a palm tree at Fanjove

On Fanjove, the staff live that connection daily, on sea, on land, even within their work shifts. Weavers build their nests on light fittings and shower rails, and steal the occasional necklace to decorate the nests.

This place changes your life, you see things differently.

Guests Comments:

"Amazing stay! The island is everything it promises and more. The water is so clear and the snorkeling wonderful.
Hakim is a wonderful guide to help you explore and all the staff are kind and courteous. Thank you to Hassan and everyone for a really enjoyable stay."
Geoff and Katie Lucas.

"All the staff on Fanjove have made our stay in paradise even more special.
Thank you to Hassan, Hakim, Fadhil and all the team. We have loved it all - the snorkeling, the birds, the peace.."
Sarah and Christopher Legge

"Amazing is what Fanjove is!
A great place for one to lose themselves at and forget the cares of the world.
A big thank you to the staff who made our stay magical."
Amy and Steve

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Fanjove News January 2016

Diving off Fanjove outer reef

We are excited to start 2016 as our 4th year of operation at Fanjove Private Island and our 6th year of providing conservation project support for the area.
It is rewarding to witness how we are growing in many ways as a marine conservation support entity.


Drone film over Fanjove Island

Fanjove birds

The migrant birds are back, we have observed huge colonies of shore birds including crab plovers, terns and sandpipers landing on the island, part of the yearly migration.

Fanjove dolphins

Dolphin sightings have been fantastic, with numbers reaching over 200 circling the island from dawn to dusk.

Fanjove cattle egrets

The resident egrets are done nesting and incubated roughly 2 eggs per nest. It is great to see that the birds are enjoying legal protection.

We also recently visited one of our colleague private island in Tanzania, Chumbe Island off Zanzibar, which has been carrying out similar values for conservation for over 20 years. We wanted to learn more about conservation issues related to Islands and about having minimal impact on the environment as well as to learn from their awareness. It was a very useful trip from which we gathered great new ides to improve our efforts and also we finally learnt how to differentiate male and female coconut crabs.

Fanjove coral reef

Fanjove corals

All in all, 2016 is promising to be a great year. We wish you every success.

Yours in conservation,

The Fanjove team.



Link to Fanjove Nature Boooklet

Link to Fanjove Private Esland 4-brouchre (8mb. pdf)

see more at: Fanjove Private Island at Essential Destinations

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