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Only You

Fanjove Private Island Hammock

What if we told you: Take off your shoes and learn to live off your own wit and skills!
Ah, we would be joking, but here you could learn how life would be without shoes! Oh, so comfortable! The sun, the crystal blue water, fishes and birds and a whole island to yourself, what else do we need in life?

Fanjove Private Island

And here your contribution has allowed us to keep a fantastic 11 km of intact coral reef.

Whale at Fanjove

snorkelling off Fanjove Island 

Fanjove Diving

Fanjove jellyfish

Thousands of migrant birds that rest and feed, green turtles that lay their eggs, hundreds of dolphins that roam the seas as well as humpback whales that pass through in their migrations have given the community an alternative to consumptive utilization of the resources.

Fanjove banda

Nobody lives on Fanjove, except you and our dedicated staff, as we have rented the whole island from the near-by village of Songosongo and also contribute 3% of our income to the social development of the community. We are proud of our achievement and we want to keep doing better and better and keep the island natural so that we can all learn what life is all about!

Dhow at Fanjove

You will fly to Songosongo island, and you will be able to explore the community life of the fishermen from the time “long ago”, and then you will have a short boat ride to Fanjove Private Island, accompanied by a pod of Bottle Nosed dolphins, if you are lucky.

Fanjove banda

Fanjove bedroom

Fanjove Bathroom

Fanjove dining

Fanjove Evening

Fanjove Lighthouse

Link to Fanjove Nature Boooklet

Link to Fanjove Private Esland 4-brouchre (8mb. pdf)

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