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If you have been to any of our properties and would like to share some of your photos with us,
please send to info@adventurecampstz.com and we'll put them here for everyone to see!

Photos in Selous and Ruaha in June 2016 by Denise Cottam

Rufiji Sunset by Denise Cottam

Selous Impala Veranda

Elaine Cottam

Denise and Gerard

Denise Cottam in Ruaha

Selous Elephants

Elaine and Denise Cottam in Selous

Selous Elephant


Giraffes in Selous by Denise Cottam

Masaai at Selous Impala camp

Selous Leopard by Denise Cottam

Selous Leopard by Denise Cottam

Lake Mzizimia in Selous

Selous Impala staff

Hyena by Denise Cottam

Mloka children

Lions in Ruaha

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Photos by Rebecca Phillips - Jan 2016 Ruaha

Rainy Season

Storm approaching - Ruaha

Solanum flowers - Ruaha

Wild flowers, rainy season Ruaha

Foxglove, ruaha

Pretty Lady Cleome flowers, ruaha

Citrus Swallowtail butterfly, Ruaha

Ruaha Butterfly

Ruaha Cheetah

Serval, Ruaha

Elephants enjoying the shade of a baobab tree

Ruaha Elephants

Vervet Monkey

Male Agama lizard, Ruaha

Male Agama lizard, Ruaha

Leopard Tortoise, Ruaha

Brown Parrot, Ruaha

After the rain - dove, Ruaha

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Photos by Andreas Krogh in Ruaha

Ruaha wild dogs

Ruaha wild dog

Ruaha wild dog

Ruaha wild dog

All wild dog photos above by Andreas Krogh

Lions mating

Ruaha lions mating - photo by Andreas Krogh

Lion hiding, Ruaha
Ruaha lion hidden by thick vegetation - Ruaha rainy season - photo by Andreas Krogh

Ruaha lion, rainy season
Ruaha lioness (blind) - rainy season - photo by Andreas Krogh

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